348 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas for 2024

A proposal argument is an essay in which you describe a specific issue that needs fixing. It focuses on problem solutions.

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Are you interested in writing high-quality proposal essays? Or maybe you’re wondering what can make your writing truly outstanding? Here you will find answers to these questions as well as 348 brilliant proposal essay topics collected by Custom-writing.org.

🔝 Top 10 Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How to deal with job burnouts.
  2. The ways to deal with exam stress.
  3. Better methods of tree harvesting.
  4. Embracing cycling for the environment.
  5. Deforestation: raising awareness.
  6. Use of gamification in online education.
  7. Do positive affirmations improve one’s health?
  8. Community involvement for crime prevention.
  9. Grading system to encourage student development.
  10. Public transport use for air pollution prevention.

📝 What Is a Proposal Essay?

A proposal argument is an essay focused on an issue that needs fixing. In it, you propose solutions as a response to a problem.

The picture shows the definition of a proposal essay.

Before writing a proposal, it’s important to know that it’s a type of argumentation. Argumentation is the process of persuading the reader via reasoning and evidence. This means that your proposal essay’s aim is to influence the audience’s beliefs and actions. If you perform argumentation correctly, you can convince even the most skeptical readers.

Before you start writing, you need a topic to work with. If your instructor didn’t assign you one, you would need to do some research and brainstorming.

Want to save yourself some time? Then check the proposal essay topics list below.

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🌐 Project Proposal Ideas: Environment

The environment is degrading as globalization’s negative impact becomes increasingly apparent. That’s why it’s a good idea to propose a solution to this issue. For instance, you can focus on innovations that can help stop global warming.

  1. How can an individual change their routine in an environment-friendly way? Environmental consciousness is a crucial part of living in the modern era. People can adjust their lifestyle to bring more benefits to the world. List environmentally conscious practices that anyone can do.
  2. Who are the most significant contributors to climate change? A variety of factors lead to global warming. Some of them are minuscule, while others are much bigger. Knowing them will help us prevent irreversible damage to the biology of our planet.
  3. Which parts of the world will be most affected by the melting ice? Melting ice sheets are one of the consequences of climate change. The rising of sea levels leads to the additional release of CO2 into the air. Analyze these phenomena and become more aware of the issues.
  4. How can people emotionally cope with the irreversibility of climate change? The nature of climate change is difficult to reconcile with emotionally. Some may feel despair or dissatisfaction with human development. Write about techniques to understand one’s place within the world.
  5. Technological advancement: gateway to pollution or a solution to a problem? Technology is developing with the advancement of civilization. It’s facilitated by the need to solve problems that arise with the progress. Is further progress able to mend the mistakes of the past? Or will it serve to exacerbate existing issues even further? Answer this question in your essay.
  6. How do pet owners contribute to pollution, and what are environmentally friendly options for them?
  7. What energy sources can help reduce global warming?
  8. How can we battle famine and food waste excess at the same time?
  9. Ways to manage water resources in India during the summer.
  10. What is the most efficient energy type people can use?
  11. An action plan of how to wisely use coal resources.
  12. How can we protect woods in Australia from fires?
  13. What is energy conservation, and what are its benefits?
  14. The most effective solutions to land degradation.
  15. Implementing renewable energy technology in developing countries.
  16. Floating cleaning devices as a way to battle ocean pollution.
  17. Ways to measure air pollution in remote areas.
  18. Forest conservation as a method to preserve biodiversity.
  19. How can we reduce the damage that dams cause the environment?
  20. How can we stop desertification?
  21. Casual veganism as a way to manage food resources with a growing population.
  22. How should we educate students about environmentally-friendly behavior?
  23. Investigate the powers of new energy sources. How could they help us?
  24. What are the most effective ways to prevent deforestation?
  25. Biodegradable materials as a substitute for plastic.
  26. What is the best solution to the problem of plastic bags?
  27. How can countries promote bicycle use for short journeys?
  28. How can governments tackle the problem of electronic waste? Contrast export to developing countries vs. recycling.
  29. Using electricity from wind to reduce global warming.
  30. Evaporative coolers as green alternatives to air conditioners.
  31. What are the benefits of zero-waste living, and what solutions can communities implement straight away?

👔 Proposal Argument Essay Topics: Business

Business is a relevant topic that offers an array of essay ideas. From improving business performance to developing effective marketing strategies, you can easily craft a proposal paper that may be useful for your future career.

  1. The effects of lockdowns on consumer buying power. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that extreme circumstances are dangerous to the economy. It also offers insights into how to avoid making the same mistakes. Analyze them with this proposal topic idea in business.
  2. Personal qualities of a leader. Leadership is a challenging function to perform. A good leader is careful and daring, stern and understanding. To define a leader, take into account their personal qualities.
  3. A healthy work environment as a gateway to business success. While many other factors are essential to consider, cultivating a healthy environment is especially beneficial to a developing business.
  4. Customer satisfaction and communication styles: which approaches are the most beneficial? The way a business approaches communication greatly influences its brand image. Some strategies to speaking with clients are tested and true. Others are less valued in the corporate setting.
  5. Business and crime: the portrayal of corporate crime in the media. Companies often fall into the limelight for negative reasons. Some of these are related to executives’ individual actions. Or, it can be the decisions made on the corporate level.
  6. How can small businesses recover quickly after an economic crisis?
  7. Preferring local farmers to the international grocery chains to support the development of small businesses.
  8. What are the methods to eliminate the erosion of trust in business?
  9. When bankruptcy is coming, what are the ways out with minimum damage?
  10. Paid internships as a solution for youth unemployment.
  11. What are the benefits of keeping private emails available at the workplace?
  12. Overtime payments as a way to prevent qualified teachers from leaving.
  13. How should parents educate their children in finances?
  14. How can we reduce the underemployment rates?
  15. What should a customer do if they notice that a salesperson is lying?
  16. Ways to prevent misunderstanding with customer rights.
  17. Healthy snacks, corporate weekends, and gym memberships as ways to support employee motivation.
  18. What is the best way to create an ethical policy in a company?
  19. Discuss the benefits of advanced training instead of firing in cases of low performance.
  20. Volunteering at college as a way to boost the graduate’s CV.
  21. How should companies adjust their policies to attract talented students?
  22. What is corporate responsibility, and how can it be improved?
  23. Innovative ideas on creating more jobs with the help of social media.
  24. How can we make opening a business be more accessible for students?
  25. Suggest how small businesses can survive national riots.
  26. Outsourcing as a solution for backup business activities.
  27. What transformations does corporate culture need for more effective mergers?
  28. Training programs for effective assimilation of new employees.
  29. The use of performance feedback for retention of valuable employees.
  30. What e-commerce strategies can be used to attract new customers?

🎓 Project Proposal Title Ideas in Education

Issues in education are always high on the agenda. Many topics need closer inspection, from supporting teachers to improving students’ educational outcomes. Check out these school-related suggestions for your proposal.

  1. Punishment as motivation: effectiveness and consequences. Fear of repercussions is capable of influencing human actions. It’s often discussed in relation to rules. Consider how the prospect of punishment affects people’s incentive to learn.
  2. How effective is the process of learning among older adults? The pace at which people learn information can differ. Discussing how education among older people differs from younger people is an excellent proposal paper idea. Use it to further the discussion and bring about understanding.
  3. Education systems throughout the years: how the way we educate children has changed. Education is a field where changes are inevitable. We continuously discover more and more about the world. Meanwhile, we develop new ways to impart knowledge to others. What changes are more effective than others? You can focus the research on your school or college.
  4. Historical revisionism in education. A lot of what people know about history relies on accounts of the past. We process them through our current understanding of those times. In most cases, history is relayed somewhat accurately. Still, there are instances of intentional misinformation.
  5. Education in a non-classroom environment. Classrooms are a long-standing staple of the education sphere. They serve as the formal space where students learn and practice their skills. However, they’re not the most efficient environment for some situations. What approaches may be more suitable for different activities?
  6. Best ways to let educational shows have more airtime on TV.
  7. How can you improve the effectiveness of language courses?
  8. The benefits of implementing more foreign languages into the school curriculum.
  9. Effective ways for teachers to prevent bullying in schools.
  10. The best solutions for boosting reading comprehension in preschool.
  11. Why is sex education essential, and how do you convince schools to include it?
  12. Letting students learn from mistakes instead of failing them.
  13. The most fruitful ways for parents to get children interested in science.
  14. What methods can teachers use instead of grading?
  15. Psychological support for students coming from teachers.
  16. What psychological techniques can teachers use to motivate students?
  17. How can students prevent procrastination?
  18. Educating students about their health as a mandatory practice.
  19. How can students make the most of the time they spend on physical activity at school?
  20. Simple ways to talk on taboo topics with kids.
  21. Best ways to enjoy and benefit from a subject you don’t like.
  22. What are the advantages of separating classes according to gender?
  23. Ways to limit smartphone usage at schools.
  24. Should practical classes and debates substitute lectures?
  25. Self-esteem boosting practices for students and teachers.
  26. Programs encouraging students to do sports more frequently.
  27. Exercises improving students’ reading comprehension.
  28. How can you adapt standardized tests to the needs of ESL students and students with learning disabilities?
  29. What classroom activities can improve students’ motivation and involvement?
  30. Social support for young teachers in rural areas.

🏥 Proposal Essay Ideas: Healthcare

An essay on healthcare can go in various directions. One way is to explore patient-physician relationships. Alternatively, you could look at the system as a whole. Below you’ll find plenty of proposal topics to choose from.

  1. The use of music in therapy and recovery programs. It’s undeniable that music has a profound psychological influence on individuals. The use of music can open new possibilities for faster recovery. It can also make medical procedures more pleasant.
  2. Communication with patients as a treatment method. Communication plays a vital role in the medical field. Doctors are the main assistants and confidants for their patients. They can not only assist in overseeing treatment but also participate in healthy interactions.
  3. Mobility devices with increased accessibility and maneuver potential. Wheelchairs are a large part of many individuals’ lives. Still, the progress of designing other types of mobility devices is slow. How can we accelerate it?
  4. The stigma around wheelchair use among disabled people. The use of wheelchairs is generally accepted and understood. Yet, this trend is not fully translated to all of the population. Decreasing the stigma around the practice is a great medical topic for a proposal essay.
The picture enumerates the main components of healthcare.
  1. Private and public healthcare: pricing and accessibility. Healthcare is an issue that concerns everyone. Some may have the necessary resources to take care of their needs. Others are not as fortunate. In your essay, propose the most effective strategy to address the lack of readily available healthcare.
  2. How can we decrease the rate of in-hospital deaths among minorities?
  3. Organ donation: raising awareness.
  4. Physical education: how can we ensure positive sports experiences?
  5. The healthcare in minority groups: medical treatment and the LGBTQ.
  6. Does the patient’s privacy always need to be a priority?
  7. Income-related payments for previously uninsured citizens.
  8. Training programs for improvement of physician-patient relationships.
  9. Should pharmaceutical companies share their findings at pre-competitive stages to reduce research and development expenditures?
  10. A program for attracting more men in the nursing profession.
  11. Improving the integrity of interdisciplinary teams.

💸 Proposal Topics in Economics

The world revolves around money. It concerns individuals as well as big corporations. Due to this, economics is the perfect subject for proposal essays.

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  1. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. The world economy has seen an unprecedented decline in 2020. Describe the factors leading to the crisis.
  2. Impact of globalization on the economic development of various countries. The economy is affected by a variety of factors, including the globalization efforts of the world. Explore them in your paper.
  3. Economic development and the emotional wellbeing of people. Economic growth affects people’s ability to seek and receive the assistance they need.
  4. Mental health statistics and their effects of the economy on the mental stability of the nation. Mental health and the economy are two fields that may not be seen as connected but have an underlying significance to each other.
  5. The economic development of the country and the attitude towards minorities. Economic growth can be a signifier for many variables within a society. It includes its ability to understand and welcome people different from the perceived norm.
  6. Economic stability and the minimum income of a family.
  7. How the economy affects the way people make their purchasing decisions.
  8. Is economic development affected by the economy of other countries?
  9. The economy impacts the lives of every citizen in the country: is it true or false?
  10. Accumulation of wealth and monopolies are harmful to the economy.
  11. The scarcity of economic resources with regards to poverty, income gaps, and the distribution of wealth.
  12. The economics of death and disease: how industries impose unnecessary regulations to increase revenue.
  13. Agree or disagree with the following statement: there should be a limit placed on private property ownership.
  14. Has the 2008 economic collapse ended? What has been the impact of this crisis on the modern economy?

🎭 Proposal Argument Topics: Culture

Everyone expresses their culture differently. That’s why cross-cultural communication can be tricky. Do you want to explore how people with diverse backgrounds interact? This section is for you.

  1. What can communities do to facilitate integration for immigrants? The process is vital for every person moving to a different country. However, some individuals are often better integrated than others. Language barriers and cultural differences are significant obstacles on the path to integration.
  2. How can recruiters avoid an ageist bias when considering candidates? On the job market, ageism is a common occurrence. Hirers, especially in the IT sector, routinely deny interview requests from people above a certain age. Discuss this issue in your essay.
  3. How can one avoid falling for problematic nationalist promises? Nationalism is on the rise in many countries. Some leaders use populist rhetoric to fixate the population on their nation’s glory. What can be done about it?
  4. What is the best way to eliminate the gaming industry’s misogyny? Sexist clichés and anti-feminist sentiment are prevalent in this industry. In your essay, analyze this problem and propose a solution.
  5. How can one determine if culture is used to justify ignorant behavior? Cultural practices can encompass many things. Some of them might seem strange to an outsider, while others are outright hurtful.
  6. On what basis should states grant minority rights?
  7. Is positive discrimination a worthwhile practice?
  8. Think about how to make cross-cultural communication more efficient.
  9. What obstacles do couples with diverse backgrounds often face?
  10. Examine ways of to modernizing old-fashioned cultural values.
  11. The definition of cultural awareness: when does it become relevant?
  12. Simple ways to end the debate on stereotyping and cultural profiling.
  13. Racism and reverse racism in college campuses: how students deal with the ongoing discussion on race in light of recent cultural developments.
  14. The impact of extreme patriotism on the reputation of Americans in the international arena.
  15. Excellent questions to ask a foreigner to step away from cultural stereotyping.
  16. The long process of cultural accommodation: what to do and what to avoid when entering a foreign culture.
  17. Explain how the debate concerning racial profiling should be managed. In doing so, concentrate on the role of so-called “social justice warriors.”

🖊️ Proposal Topics List: Other Ideas

Proposal Essay Topics: Social Life and Social Issues

Our society is facing many challenges nowadays. Poverty, racism, and stress are some of the most prominent social issues. What can we do to improve our co-existence? You can answer this question in an essay with one of the following engaging prompts:

  1. Social workers and incentive to care. Social workers fulfill an irreplaceable role in society. Still, their work is rarely discussed. The struggles of social workers themselves are also often overlooked. You can dedicate your project to this issue.
  2. Crime rates and wealth distribution: a disparity fueled by desperation. Crime rates in low income areas are more prevalent than in wealthier places. The difference, however, is born out of the underlying conditions perpetuated by wealth inequality. Society can address them in specific ways. Explore them in your policy proposal essay. The topic allows various interpretations.
  3. Discrimination in the workplace and sensitivity training. This issue can be an interesting proposal essay topic. For example, businesses can combat disrespectful behavior via promoting relevant training among employees. Persuade the readers that it’s an effective way to tackle the problem.
  4. Harassment on social media and mass reporting. With the widespread usage of social media, thousands of people become famous for their presence on the internet. This trend is also accompanied by online harassment. In your essay, propose warranting methods of combating its spread.
  5. Environmentally-friendly ways to use modern technology. The questions on the sustainability of new technology are becoming more and more vital. Discuss how people can enjoy technology while making a positive contribution to the environment.
  6. Cleaning marathons as a way to engage citizens in keeping their neighborhood tidy.
  7. Safe driving educational materials as a preventive measure.
  8. Is there a way to make students more socially responsible?
  9. How can a person help orphans without spending money?
  10. Best ways to promote subcultures and manage their activities.
  11. What are the sexism-related issues at school? How can we solve them?
  12. Social programs for educating the general public about disabled people’s problems and needs.
  13. Installing book exchange boxes around the city to promote reading.
  14. Support groups for teenagers suffering from depression.
  15. Think of the most effective ways to help your friend if you suspect they are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
  16. Banning social media: can it be a solution to reduce suicides?
  17. What can you do to be less susceptible to advertisements?
  18. Choosing the right idols for teenagers to encourage positive lifestyle changes.
  19. Ways to support single-parent families in times of need.
  20. What should you do if you realize your friends are toxic?
  21. Ways to show how social media controls people’s lives and how to change it.
  22. How can you prevent daily information overload?
  23. Practical solutions for skyrocketing cybercrime rates.
  24. How can people preserve national identity in times of globalization?
  25. Reasons to implement more restrictions on legalized substances.
  26. Script for an educational film for enhancing population awareness of the hazards of excessive television viewing.
  27. Hate-crime laws as a response to increased violence against minorities.
  28. Propagating healthy eating habits to reduce obesity levels.
  29. Can cyber-bullying alerts decrease online harassment?
  30. Healthy alternatives to free beer parties to prevent the dangers of unrestrained drinking.

Proposal Argument Topics: Technology

Technological advancements have drastically changed how people live and communicate. That’s why these essay ideas are related to exploring the impact of progress in modern societies. Be creative: think about the role technology plays in your life and provide real-life examples.

  1. Technology accessibility for the disabled. For some, new technology is less accessible than for others. This category includes people with disabilities and impairments. Use this proposal argument topic to suggest a plan of action.
  2. Technology to make public spaces more accessible. The inclusion of disabled people and those who require further assistance is on the increase. How can technology make public spaces more accessible to people with impairments and disabilities?
  3. Technological advancements in study environments. With the use of technology, we can achieve more effective functionality in different fields. For example, by introducing technology to the educational sphere, we can improve its quality.
  4. Technology in the house: balancing privacy with functionality. Many homes are now using smart technology. It makes the question of confidentiality more prevalent. The issue of balancing personal space and the use of new technology is quickly gaining traction.
  5. Safety and security online: ways of controlling the online experience. Today, millions of people are using social media. Each of them has to manage the amount of private data they post online. Understanding what is safe to publish on the internet is a good proposal topic to explore.
  6. How can one keep up with the increasing speed of technological development?
  7. Digital detox as a preventive measure for depression and apathy.
  8. What is the optimal way to implement more technologies into the educational process?
  9. Child control applications for looking after children’s safety on the internet.
  10. What are the financial benefits of switching to wireless technologies?
  11. Effective ways to resolve the issue of online identity theft.
  12. Would implementing modern technologies in libraries encourage people to visit them more often?
  13. Online safety and personal data protection.
  14. Cyberbullying at schools: what are the most effective strategies to fight it?
  15. How can virtual reality help children with learning disabilities?
  16. How to preserve your imagination while using modern technology.
  17. Limiting the age of modern technology users for the sake of healthy child development.
  18. Implementing censorship in the media to stop the collapse of moral values.
  19. Does technology help college students in their performance? If so, how can they use it to boost their grades?
  20. Banning children from watching TV: is it the best solution for the development of inappropriate behavior patterns?
  21. How can one make the best out of technology in medicine for inheritance disease testing?
  22. Research current issues with mechanical reproduction and find the most appropriate ethical solutions.
  23. Technology and the food industry: using GMO to stop world hunger.
  24. How can technology solve some of the environmental issues?
  25. Recommendations on how to use modern technologies and preserve mental health.
  26. Machines have replaced people in many fields. Has this trend brought more benefits than disadvantages?
  27. Computers and smartphones make younger generations less sociable: is this statement true?
  28. How has technology changed the way modern businesses work?
  29. Develop a paper with solutions and recommendations for overcoming the gap between the rich and the poor that has been caused by technology.
  30. What problems do parents face when preventing their children from accessing the internet unsupervised?

Proposal Argument Topics: Law and Justice

Do you wish to make the world a more just place? Start with a proposal essay on law and justice. These topics will help you choose the right direction.

  1. Justice system and the lack of fresh talent: a need for change? Similar to other fields, the justice system needs to work within the boundaries of the current age. However, it isn’t easy to accomplish. Currently, high-ranking positions are occupied primarily by older people. Discuss the need to give way to new perspectives and promote young talent.
  2. Juvenile justice system: what is the best course of action for children? Juvenile justice is a complicated issue. Many people don’t know how to approach it. Right now, there’s a need to guide and reprimand youth for their illegal behavior. What other solutions can be effective?
  3. Rehabilitation of convicts: education as a betterment tool. It’s generally believed that criminals should be punished for their wrongdoings. However, it may be impractical to rely on punishment as a way of correcting unruly behavior. Use this essay idea to propose a more effective solution to the problem. For example, think of rehabilitation that helps convicts acquire new skills.
  4. Legalization of drugs and its possible benefits. The effects of using psychoactive drugs are well-known among the public. Most people find the risk not worth the benefits of addictive substances. In your paper, consider the decriminalization of some drugs as a way of combating drug use.
  5. Simple interpretations of the law as a tool a raising awareness. Law is a difficult subject to approach for an unprepared person. The issues presented by the justice system require knowledge that’s difficult to acquire for the general population. Adapting law into simpler terms may be useful in increasing awareness.
  6. Elimination of a judicial bias from the trial process.
  7. Social justice as an aspect of the legal sphere.
  8. Increasing the influence of law through societal encouragement.
  9. Law as a source of societal order and control.
  10. Punitive justice: is it an ethical way to prevent crime?
  11. Solutions for overcoming prison overcrowding and prison violence.
  12. Discuss some of the most controversial issues that persist in courtrooms: false confessions, mistreatment of evidence, and witness framing.
  13. The duty of care for senior citizens: who should be held accountable for the mistreatment of residents and wrongful deaths in nursing homes?
  14. “He said—she said”: is “innocent until proven guilty” still valid when it comes to sexual assault allegations?
  15. Arguments for and against police funding to increase neighborhood safety.
  16. Types of civil litigation cases everyone should know.
  17. Business and law: how to manage sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace.
  18. How to mitigate the negative impact of police violence on the reputation of law enforcement agencies.

Proposal Writing Ideas: Literature

If you enjoy reading, why not write about it? A paper is a perfect opportunity to show off your literary knowledge. Best of all, you can use these interesting proposal essay topics to practice for the ISC.

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  1. What are the central vices portrayed in Nabokov’s Lolita? Vladimir Nabokov’s novel deals with the subjects many people of today may find controversial. The novel’s main focus is on the main character’s sexually deviant relationship with a young girl. You can explore other characters’ vices as well.
  2. Is An American Tragedy a deconstruction of the American dream? Explore the novel’s main themes and plotlines in your essay. Consider looking at the nature of the upper class society and superficial human relationships.
  3. How The Yellow Wallpaper portrays emotional abuse in families. The Yellow Wallpaper is one of the foundational books to feminist literature in America. Its focus is on the inner struggles of a woman stuck with her thoughts for far too long. It covers a multitude of topics, including misogyny and emotional mistreatment.
  4. Literary trends that permeate modern literature. The number of books written in years and years of human development is incredibly vast. The conditions of the society during every epoch have an overarching influence on literature. Compare modern literature to other periods and say what makes it special.
  5. Objectification of women in literature. Writing compelling female characters is difficult, especially considering the discrepancies between men and women in societies. Across history, men were often unable to write about women understandably and respectfully. It’s further reflected in how people perceive female literary characters.
  6. Satire of propaganda in literature.
  7. The occult in fiction is a gateway to mysticism: is this statement true?
  8. Discuss the effect of classic literature on international outlook among counties.
  9. Does literature always signify the author’s personality?
  10. “Death of the author”: uses of the term and its consequences on interpretation.
  11. The most prominent symbols and motifs in The Great Gatsby and their influence on storytelling.
  12. Use of satirical dialogue in The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.
  13. How Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be?” became one of the most iconic questions.
  14. Meaningful lessons that readers can take from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five.
  15. Contemporary writers who have influenced literary trends.
  16. Discuss programs targeted at encouraging children and teenagers to read classic literature.

Creative Proposal Writing Ideas

Essays, short stories, and novels all come with their challenges. In your paper, you can find the best way to overcome them. If you need brilliant proposal ideas for your English class, this section is for you.

  1. Writing as a way to alleviate stress. Writing is a hobby for many enthusiasts. The creative process demands a lot of emotional effort from a person. Yet, it also gives them the ability to work through their worry in an artistic format.
  2. Chances for success in writing. Writing is an intriguing career. Depending on the type of content a person produces, their chances of succeeding in the literary industry vary greatly. Describe these and other factors in an essay.
  3. The importance of setting and background in writing. Characters and their actions are the most important parts of creating a story. However, smaller details are crucial for the reader’s engagement.
  4. Immersive writing: keeping the audience invested. Immersion dictates how much the audience will care about the events of the story. By establishing a setting, the author can retain audience investment. Explore how one can achieve it.
  5. Importance of negative emotions in response to written media. Writing is something people can do for entertainment. In many cases, eliciting positive emotions is the desired goal behind writing a story. But, that is not always the case. Negative emotions can create engagement and interest in the audience just as well. Present the reasons why it happens.
  6. How can we retain the context in translations?
  7. Discuss writing as an exercise in imagination.
  8. What are the possible pitfalls of pursuing writing as a career?
  9. Burnout is a consequence of long-standing authors’ success.
  10. Writing minorities: what’s the best approach?
  11. How to structure a research proposal: from the abstract to the list of references.
  12. Writing a 1000-word summary of a book: what to include and what to avoid.
  13. Recommendations on becoming a citation style expert (MLA edition.)
  14. Practical guidelines for writing an astonishing discursive paper.
  15. The quickest method to write a 5-paragraph reflective essay.
  16. Specifics of technical writing: how to differentiate between specialized and non-specialized text.
  17. Coming up with memorable titles for articles and research papers: how to capture the audience’s attention.
  18. The easiest way to develop a draft for any paper.

Proposal Argument Topic Ideas: World History

Much has happened since the dawn of humanity. Human actions have left their marks all around the globe. Check out these essay ideas if you want to dive into past times.

  1. Why was the Cold War one of the tensest periods in world history? The Cold War has signified the continued arms race between the two biggest nations of the world. While tensions were slowly rising, the world has come closest it has ever been to destruction.
  2. World history: effects of misinformation on communication. History is unique to each nation of the world. The approach countries take to recording their history is ultimately unreliable. Discuss why such misinformation is ineffective in bringing people together.
  3. The Iron Curtain and the years of hidden developments. The progress America and Asian countries made during the 20th century is impressive. Meanwhile, Russia, one of the major nations of the world, was uninvolved in the global trade and has chosen an alternative path for its development. Write about the factors that elevated the Soviet Union to the global stage.
  4. World history as a tool for understanding other cultures. History simultaneously unites and separates people all over the world. In many cases, working together with people of different upbringings may prove difficult. Explore how we can turn to history itself for guidance in such situations.
  5. Cultural separation between the East and the West. People usually divide the world into the East and the West. These culturally and historically different categories encompass several nations. Meanwhile, Europe is unique, as it displays a remarkable variety of cultures and traditions. You can discuss Europe’s place in the world between the East and the West.
  6. Write about the America-centric historical approach and its consequences.
  7. Discuss studying the mistakes of the past as a way to guide the present.
  8. Is the downfall of ancient civilizations a blueprint for understanding the development of modern societies?
  9. Assess the impact of conservative belief on how history is studied.
  10. Explore the effectiveness of non-location-centric approaches to teaching history.
  11. How did strong female leaders such as Jeanne d’Arc impact the development of societies?
  12. An introduction to the Paleolithic Age: the development of societies through fishing, scavenging, and hunting and gathering.
  13. A list of the most significant historical events that shaped modern society.
  14. Speculate on the basis of historical sources: What could have happened after WWII if the axis had won?

Proposal Essay Ideas: Religion

Religion plays an important spiritual role in many people’s lives. It’s also an interesting subject to study. If you want to explore it in your essay, consider any of these topics:

  1. Ways to fix the Catholic Church’s reputation. The Catholic Church is often at the center of scandals. Dedicate your assignment to finding ways to restore its good name.
  2. How can we raise money for church renovations? Churches are often considered architectural wonders. Sadly, many of them are now dilapidated. Discuss the ways to fix this situation.
  3. What can communities do to bring pagan rituals and beliefs back? Plenty of ancient traditions died out with the rise of Christianity. In discussing this topic, think about how the existing practices can be preserved.
  4. Multiple religious belonging: different approaches. Being a member of a specific religion often requires you to renounce other beliefs. Is it possible to simultaneously believe in different creeds?
  5. The virtue of modesty in the modern world. Modesty is a staple for many religions. What’s the best way to follow this virtue?
  6. How can you reconcile religious beliefs with modern science?
  7. Improving religious education in class 11.
  8. Suggest ideas to raise the popularity of Buddhism in the West.
  9. A life in monastic abstinence as the best way to find true peace.
  10. How can priests make young people interested in sermons?
  11. A short evaluation of current issues prevailing in the Catholic Church: what has changed and what has not?
  12. A factual analysis of the Bible: comparing historical facts with the descriptions of events given in the religious text.
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of religious education and how it influences children’s worldviews.
  14. The best solution for overcoming religious discrimination. A fruitful approach could be to explore the Christianity – Islam opposition.
  15. Different views on the importance of religion, including how it helps people and how it harms them.

Proposal Essay Ideas: Politics and Government

Surely, at some point, you wondered: “Why doesn’t the government just do this?” Now is the time to use this thought creatively! Whether you want to write about animal treatment or expensive engineering projects, these essay topics will inspire you.

  1. Voting as a tool of change: effectiveness and results. Voting is one of our fundamental rights. With its help, people can influence how their government operates. It also allows them to participate in making changes to society. But is it always effective?
  2. Political affiliation as an instrument in understanding personal character. The role politics play in the daily lives of many people is often understated. Explain what a person’s affiliations can tell about their values and character.
  3. Foreign intervention and the right to sovereignty in modern society. Any system of power should have the ability to make its own decisions unaffected by outside influence. It’s essential in the age when many countries are fighting for their personal political goals.
  4. The political power of the masses and the ways of displaying it. Technically, the government holds power in any given society. Yet, it’s true as long as people believe in its legitimacy. The public can take power away from the government if needed. Describe how it can be done.
  5. Refraining from voting as a form of political protest. People have attempted many forms of influencing the government’s deciding power. One of such efforts is the refraining from voting. Debate whether it’s a valid strategy for protest.
  6. Voting in a two-party system: is it worth it?
The picture shows a quote by Blaise Pascal.
  1. Government support for low-income families: a benefit or a vice?
  2. Government support of corporations and individuals during a crisis: difference in approach.
  3. Political alignment and the likelihood of donating to charity.
  4. Government persecution of political opposition: is it an effective way to prevent violence?
  5. Interesting insights into whether governments should make decisions about their citizens’ lifestyles. If so, what limitations are there?
  6. Subjects to discuss with your local government: its role in the economy, social equity, and the well-being of neighborhoods.
  7. Should the government be involved in controlling the internet and other media outlets for news?
  8. Problems in society that government intervention had caused.
  9. What role should politicians play when providing formal support for underserved and underrepresented communities?

Proposal Essay Ideas in Psychology

Studies in psychology and personal development can profit from both qualitative and quantitative research. Are you looking for interesting prompts in either direction? Check out the following sample topics:

  1. Self-improvement apps. Plenty of phone apps and programs promise you to become your best self. How do you find out which one is right for you?
  2. Discuss ways to use personality test results to your benefit. Personality tests claim that within a few ticks, you know what type of person you are. But how useful are these predictions?
  3. What can governments do to ensure everyone who needs it can get therapy? There are not enough doctors to satisfy the demand for psychotherapy. Waiting lists are endless, and many patients give up even before trying.
  4. Ways of reducing employee burnout. Nowadays, burnout is a common disease among workers. What can employers do to provide a less stressful environment?
  5. What’s the best way to stay stable in tough times? Depression has developed into a global public health issue. Propose a way to avoid it in times of crisis.
  6. What can you do to make getting up in the morning easier?
  7. How do you build resilience?
  8. The best way to document your habits and stick to them.
  9. Management and psychology: effective workplace organization.
  10. How can psychology help to make houses more intuitive to navigate?
  11. How harmful is the advertising industry to the development of a child?
  12. Develop a descriptive essay about the experiences that have shaped your personality and your sense of self-worth. Have you learned more from positive or negative experiences?
  13. What format should training courses and personal development sessions take when working with developmentally disabled individuals?
  14. To what extend do you agree with the statement that people’s genetic heritage predetermines their personalities? Is it true that it’s impossible to alter personality traits?
  15. Discuss the current theories about anxiety and the impact of this disorder on the development of individuals.
  16. Recommendations for managing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Proposal Essay Topics: Music and Art

It’s hard to make it in the music or arts businesses. How should successful people use their influence? How can we make arts more accessible for everyone? Keep these two questions in mind when researching for your paper.

  1. Music as a way of alleviating stress. Music has several positive effects on the brain and the body. It’s demonstrated by a variety of tests and research. The use of music is effective in addressing the problems that traditional medicine is unable to solve.
  2. Music instruments in the modern age. Music is an ever-developing and art form that attracts a variety of people. With the availability of new technology, many people start to use unconventional means for creating music. Outline them in your essay.
  3. The spread of music production-oriented software as a gateway to creating more music. With the introduction of the personal computer, software suited for making music has become available to a bigger public. The ability to create without the need for specialized tools allows many more creators to try their hand at making music. What does it mean for the future of the industry?
  4. The place of traditional painting in the digital age. The computer has made digital painting possible while streamlining the process for convenience. With the advent of drawing software, traditional art may be experiencing a decline in its quantity. Can it be detrimental to the art scene in general?
  5. People’s opinions on the value of abstract art. Abstract art is a divisive subject for many people. Some consider it to be a testament to human creativity. Others see it as a farce parading as meaningful creation. Give your opinion on this interesting proposal essay topic.
  6. Art as the means of channeling emotions.
  7. Can commissioned art be considered a work of true creative freedom?
  8. Do paintings reflect the personality of an artist?
  9. Can music effectively control the moods and emotions of people?
  10. Music as a tool of conditioning.
  11. Should the government invest in funding and grants for up-and-coming musicians and artists?
  12. Discuss the benefits of art for societies in juxtaposition to art for individuals.
  13. Which contemporary artists and musicians have had the most impact on you as a person, and why?
  14. Does rap music influence the behavior of modern teenagers? If so, is there a difference between the rap of the 70s and modern rap regarding their messages for society?

Proposal Essay Ideas: Globalization

It seems as if globalization has reached every last corner on Earth. Where should humanity go from here? Decide in your paper.

  1. Globalization as a way to increase income levels in poor countries. Globalization is an inevitable and quick process in the modern generation. It affects the way nations grow and develop. Global growth can foster particular behaviors among different populations, used for personal profit and public benefit.
  2. The effect of globalization on erasing local cultures. Globalization efforts have a variety of positive effects on how countries develop. Still, there can be a multitude of negative consequences. The erasure of local culture, language, and traditions are among the most apparent effects. Discuss how globalization is endangering small communities and the livelihood of individuals.
  3. Globalization and the spread of the English language. English has become the international language of the world through the colonial expansions of the British Empire. The ability to speak in a shared language is undoubtedly a benefit. It’s also important to understand the underlying reasons why the world has accepted English as a lingua franca.
  4. The effect of globalization on CO2 emissions. Climate change is one of the most apparent negative consequences of globalization. CO2 released into the air is harmful to life on Earth. Explore the link between these phenomena in your essay.
  5. Can globalization be stopped? Globalization seems to be an inseparable part of the human experience in the 21st century. Is there a way to stop it and its harmful effects?
  6. Globalization and the rapid development of the Chinese economy.
  7. How globalization affects the rates of growth among 3rd world countries.
  8. The impact of globalization on education levels and progressive outlook among the population.
  9. Is there a correlation between globalization and an increase in LGBTQ acceptance?
  10. Globalization as a tool for creating a unified culture.
  11. Discuss the negative consequences globalization has had on societies.
  12. What’s the role of globalization in agriculture?
  13. Explain the correlation between global wealth and the transfer of knowledge between countries and cultures.
  14. Has globalization affected you personally? If so, what did you do to mitigate the impact of this process?
  15. Based on the example of developing economies, investigate the relationship between globalization and democratization.

💡 How to Write a Proposal Argument Essay

Now, let’s see what you need to take into account before writing a proposal argument paper.

  • Choose a problem that interests you personally. It can be related to your school, city, or your hobby. Make sure the problem you’ve chosen is concrete and feasible.
  • Think about the potential readers of your essay. Consider whether they are already aware of the problem you’re describing. If not, make sure you provide enough background information.
  • Present various kinds of evidence. Naturally, you want your essay to be persuasive. Using credible sources is a must, but you can also add some personal anecdotes. Vivid real-life examples are a great tool in argumentative writing.

Making your essay well-structured is a part of its success. Like any argument, your proposal should consist of three parts:

  • A claim that proposes some action to solve a problem.
  • Evidence that illustrates the solution’s effectiveness.
  • Reasoning that proves that the proposed solution will work.

Here’s what your proposal argument can look like:


Claim: Reducing stress levels helps to improve one’s quality of life.

Evidence: Excessive stress leads to physical and mental health problems.

Reasoning: Managing stress helps to avoid health problems and thus improves one’s quality of life.

Keep this structure in mind while planning your paper and you will surely ace it.

Proposal Argument Essay Outline

Now, let’s take a closer look at each part of a proposal essay.

✔️ Introduction
  • Start with a description of the problem. Provide some background information and tell about its history.
  • Convince the readers that the problem is real.
  • Demonstrate the effects of the issue. Make it clear that something needs to be done about it.
✔️ Thesis statement
  • This is the claim that you place at the end of the introduction.
  • Formulate your proposal clearly and concisely.
  • If you expect your audience to be skeptical, add some rebuttals before the thesis.
✔️ Body paragraphs
  • Explain the proposal from your thesis in detail.
  • Present how the solution works as a step-by-step process.
  • If possible, compare your solution to something that has been successfully done before.
  • Give reasons why your proposal will work. Don’t forget to add credible evidence!
  • Present opposing viewpoints and respond to them. Convince the readers that your solution is the best option.
✔️ Conclusion
  • Summarize your essay’s main arguments.
  • Restate your solution in a concise way.
  • Persuade the readers to adopt your viewpoint.

Follow this outline to write an excellent proposal!

Proposal Essay Examples & Formatting Tips

Now you know how to write proposal arguments and have a topic to work with. In this last part, we want to give you some formatting tips. Depending on your requirements, you can choose either MLA or APA format.

Title page
  • Type your proposal’s title, your name, and your institutional affiliation. Then add the course name, your professor’s name, and the date.
  • The title should be written in bold and centered.
  • Make all the text double-spaced.
  • A title page is not required in MLA.
  • Instead, write the title on your proposal’s first page. Type your name, your professor’s name, the course, and the date in the upper left-hand corner. Don’t use bold or italics.
  • Add a running head with your name and a page number.
  • Start the abstract on the second page.
  • Begin with the word Abstract written in bold and centered.
  • In your abstract, summarize the problem and your proposal.
  • Add a running head with your proposal’s title.
  • Abstracts are usually not required in MLA.
  • However, for a proposal argument your instructor may ask you to write it. You can place the abstract right after the title. Briefly describe the problem and your proposed solution.
  • Your references should consist of the author’s name, date, title, and source.
  • Make the title italicized.
  • Your references should include the author’s name, the title, the container (in italics), other contributors, version, publisher, date of publication, and location.

Below you’ll find a free sample of a proposal essay. You can use it as inspiration for your own paper. Pay attention to the way it’s structured:

Topic How to Promote Draught Safety
Introduction Draught is one of the gravest problems humanity faces today. Even with all the technological development, people are still powerless when it comes to the power of nature. A drought can last several months or even years, and it has a substantial impact on the environment, ecosystem, and people.
Thesis Statement Taking some precaution measures and promoting draught safety is essential for avoiding severe consequences and casualties.
1st Body Paragraph The first step to promote draught safety is to educate people on the issue. Talking about the possible consequences and introducing drought safety tips will help spread awareness. It will also encourage people to make water conservation practices a part of their daily routine and teach them how to respond while in a drought.
2nd Body Paragraph The second step is to monitor and provide people with early warnings concerning the anticipating drought period. That will allow them to develop a plan of action, as well as do their own research on the issue. That way, everyone can take precaution measures and consider the consequences of the dry season.
3rd Body Paragraph Lastly, the third step is to focus on the study and identification of drought-related impacts. It will help reduce and consider all potential risks draught poses and improve resilience. That way, every next draught season will pose less threat than the previous one, and people’s safety ensured.
Conclusion In case there are no actions taken to promote draught safety, the consequences people may face later on are likely to be more severe. Educating people on the issue is the easiest way to reduce casualties and keep everyone safe.

You are welcome to use these proposal essay suggestions to write A+ papers. Choose a proposal essay topic idea that matches your interests. This way, you can enjoy the essay writing process and later reap the fruits of your hard work. Good luck with your studies, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

Learn more on this topic:

✏️ Proposal Essay FAQ

❓ What is a proposal essay?

A proposal essay is a description of a well-defined problem with a solution proposal and supporting arguments. A good proposal essay contains some elements of research and persuasive writing (explain why your solution is the best option.)

❓ How do you write a proposal essay?

The key to writing an outstanding proposal essay for college or your job are persuasive arguments. They should convince your readers that your solution is the best one. Try to make your paper impressive yet modest. Creating an outline might be helpful.

❓ How do you start a proposal essay?

Create an outline for your future thesis first. Start off with ideas to cover in the body part. Make sure to include relevant examples and supporting arguments. Then, add an appropriate introduction.

❓ What are some good proposal essay topics?

Any problem that might have a list of possible solutions to choose from can become your topic. Some ideas are “the optimal meeting format,” “the best way to celebrate something,” or even “finance allocation.”

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