Carrying out an investigation seems to be really exciting! This is exactly what you will have to do when writing investigative essays. By the way, we know that students like working on this type of essays. There is one major reason for that – you can take any problem or issue that you do not understand and investigate it!

However, the process of choosing issues to investigate usually turns into the main challenge for those who have to prepare investigation essays. There are so many interesting things around that you do not know much about! What exactly should you focus on when writing your investigation essay?

Let us present you several hints for writing investigation essays (don’t forget that you always can get an outstanding academic help with any assignment – just click this link).

Investigation Essays: Idea #1

If you are not afraid and interested in this issue, go to a local morgue and get a permission to investigate how exactly people work with dead bodies.

Investigation Essays: Idea #2

What if you want to investigate a medical problem, but do not want to go to a morgue? Well, then you can visit any local rehabilitation center and investigate how specialists help alcohol and drug addicts to recover.

Investigation Essays: Idea #3

Are you interested in business issues? Go to a nearby shop and investigate how its owners manage to run a successful business when there are so many huge supermarkets around.

These are just examples of possible topics. We want to remind you once again that absolutely different things, starting from volcanoes to building sky-scrapers can be the main focus of your investigation essay. It depends on the subject you are writing on.

The main rule you should keep in mind is that your investigation essay should be devoted to something you are really interested in.

Do you want to investigate social work or some prison-related issues? Reading our tips for writing essays on prisons and social work essays will be a good starting point.

This might be interesting for you:

✏️  Investigative Essay FAQ

It is a kind of structured report on your research project or another kind of investigation. In such a thesis, you describe the subject and the aspects under study, present your observations, corresponding hypotheses, supporting arguments, and make logical conclusions.
  1. Think about the aspects of your research subject that are worth describing.
  2. Draft the list of such elements with corresponding conclusions.
  3. Create an outline for your report.
  4. Write an introduction with a high-level overview of the topic.
  5. Structure the body part.
  6. Write a logical conclusion for the whole investigation.
In essence, it is the subject you are going to investigate, especially its particular aspects under study. There are specific criteria for choosing a research topic. Ideally, your investigation should be devoted to a problem you are personally interested in.
The choice of your research topic depends on multiple factors, e.g.:
  1. Your study level (school, college, doctoral research, etc.);
  2. The time you have for research;
  3. The specific task you get;
  4. The budget for research,
  5. Your personal interests,
  6. Technical facilities, etc.