549 Excellent Globalization Topics for Writing & Presentations

Not everyone knows it, but globalization is not a brand-new process that started with the advent of the Internet. In fact, it’s been around throughout all of human history. This makes the choice of topics related to globalization practically endless. 

If you need help choosing a writing idea, this Custom-Writing.org article is for you. Here, you will find 549 globalization topics for various assignments and a helpful writing guide.

🔝 Top 12 Globalization Topics

  1. Archaic vs. proto globalization
  2. Political drivers of globalization
  3. Why is globalization inevitable?
  4. Music’s contribution to globalization
  5. Is globalization a problem in business?
  6. Advantages of economic interdependence
  7. Globalization’s effect on communication
  8. How is feminism related to interconnectedness?
  9. Does cultural homogenization destroy diversity?
  10. International recruiting as an effect of global networking
  11. Is the COVID-19 pandemic the result of globalization?
  12. Does globalization enhance teamwork in education?

🚀 Globalization Research Topics

  1. How has globalization affected women’s economic rights?
  2. Globalization’s influence on the women’s rights movement
  3. Research the challenges caused by the power of globalization
Globalization is the process of increased collaboration and interdependence between countries.
  1. The negative impact of globalization on Polynesian cultures
  2. Impact of globalization on the economies of the developing countries
  3. Study the contribution of global cooperation to the fight against serious diseases
  4. Global networking as a way of sharing experiences between countries
  5. How has globalization negatively impacted education?
  6. Evaluate the positive impact of globalization on education opportunities
  7. The relationship between globalization and discrimination
  8. Contribution of globalization to health policies and practices
  9. Study the relationship between globalization and concentration of wealth
  10. Basic concepts of the phenomenon of globalization
  11. Global migration as the end of multiculturalism in the world
  12. Explore how globalization affected the rise of migration
  13. Globalization as a means of human trafficking
  14. Impact of globalization on systematic conflict and state aggression
  15. Internationalization as a driver of discrimination in education
  16. Contribution of globalization to the music industry
  17. Global interconnectedness as a reflection on protests and revolutions in the world
  18. Globalization as a way of strengthening international communication
  19. Study the link between globalization and the sustainability of resources
  20. Globalization as a tool to inhibit small business
  21. How does globalization affect competition in the global marketplace?
  22. Globalization and work management in modern organizations
  23. Enumerate the threats to the existence of globalization in times of increased nationalization
  24. Can globalization cause wars?
  25. Modern globalization as a response to the World Wars
  26. Can specific legislation limit the adverse effects of internationalization?
  27. Study feminism through the lens of globalization
  28. The phenomenon of the global village in the modern world
  29. The development of arts in the context of globalization
  30. International sport as part of the worldwide interaction process
  31. The Olympic Games as an outstanding example of globalization
  32. Relationship between globalization and the development of technology
  33. How does globalization promote the use of artificial intelligence?
  34. Ethical problems of globalization in contemporary society
  35. The rise of anime as a product of cultural globalization
  36. The dissemination of environmental awareness as part of global interdependence
  37. Explain the effect of globalization on modern political systems
  38. Would COVID-19 have happened without globalization?
  39. The development of social networks in the era of globalization
  40. Review the historical issues of the globalized world
  41. Impact of globalization on the development of European countries
  42. How has globalization affected the US economy?
  43. The Russo-Ukrainian War as the consequence of global integration
  44. Assess the contribution of globalization to relations between countries
  45. Does globalization exist in the society of the future?
  46. Global connectivity as a driving force in the spread of body shaming
  47. The relationship between globalization and imperialism
  48. Transconglomerates in the worldwide market
  49. Study what characterizes partnerships in the international political arena
  50. Evaluate the influence of global interdependence on the emergence of economic crises
  51. The relationship between globalization and leadership in the workplace
  52. Attitudes toward cross-border interactions in the movie Captain Fantastic
  53. Consumer culture as a globalization phenomenon
  54. Global creativity in today’s world
  55. The positive impact of globalization on creativity
  56. Transformation of interpersonal relations within globalization
  57. How media hinders globalization in society
  58. Globalization and production as a threat to the environment

Cultural Globalization Topics for Research

  1. Study alternative ways of developing culture outside of globalization
  2. American influence on the rest of the world is too great
  3. Assess the waves of globalization in a historical context
  4. Autonomy and cultural identity: how to safeguard culture
  5. Can American dominance hinder the development of other cultures?
  6. Cultural globalization has changed the idea of world communities
  7. Write about current trends of smaller cultures moving toward globalization
  8. Digital communication is the primary means of globalization
  9. Do Europe and the US dominate the world market?
  10. Research the ecological effects of increasing globalization
  11. Freedom of movement as one of the rules of globalization
  12. Global exploitation of poor regions: effects and problems
  13. Globalization as the natural development of world communities
  14. International cooperation is needed to create a diverse world community
  15. Cross-border interactions help cultures get involved in economics and trade
  16. Study the historical experiences of countries opposing globalization
  17. How can we help developing countries integrate into the global community?
  18. How does globalization help some countries but harm others?
  19. Indigenous rights in international dialogue
  20. Institutionalization makes globalization grow
  21. International economics as the basis of globalization
  22. Is equality attainable in the context of globalization?
  23. Is globalization a consequence of European colonialism?
  24. Is the loss of cultural consciousness possible in the context of globalization?
  25. Lack of objectivity as a consequence of cultural globalization
  26. Threats to small linguistic groups due to the dominance of the English language
  27. Study the main features of media coverage of cultural stereotypes
  28. Migration of cultures is made possible by advances in technology
  29. National stereotypes are fading due to the globalization effects
  30. Study the possible negative consequences of cultural diversity
  31. Peculiarities of intercultural dialogue with developing countries
  32. Possibility of a conservative view of the world in the context of globalization
  33. Potential adverse effects of urbanization of smaller cultures
  34. Preserving linguistic diversity is the merit of globalization
  35. Reasons for the exclusion of developing countries from the international dialogue
  36. Study the resources for addressing the vulnerability of small cultures
  37. Shared consumer culture as a product of globalization
  38. Smaller cultures have become more visible thanks to globalization
  39. Sources of healthy nationalism for the preservation of a culture
  40. Assess the problems of cultural appropriation
  41. Corporate social responsibility as a product of global collaboration
  42. The current direction of cultural globalization
  43. The development of cultural communities is achievable through global introductions
  44. Study the distribution of goods and services in the twenty-first century
  45. Globalization and the spread of social justice movements
  46. The impact of international organizations on enhancing cultural visibility
  47. Research the ways of cultural imposition through the proliferation of products
  48. How does the openness of the world promote people’s autonomy in their choice of cultural symbols?
  49. The nature of social interaction between different nationalities
  50. Evaluate the need for communities to create a unified global cultural space
  51. Why the phenomenon of cultural diffusion is a subject of debate in globalization
  52. Study the effects of privatization of cultural structures and goods
  53. The problem of cultural competition on the global stage
  54. Write about the rate of growth of globalization throughout the world
  55. The role of group identity in cultural unification
  56. The spread of cultures is the merit of globalization
  57. Suggest tools to preserve national unity in the era of globalization
  58. Total isolation can lead to cultural degradation
  59. Trade links are the primary connection between the world’s cultures
  60. How transport technologies have brought globalization to a new level
  61. Trends in the changing state of culture today
  62. Ways of assimilating new cultural spaces and contexts
  63. What are the threats to the unification of cultures?
  64. Why is the perception of foreign cultures largely distorted?
  65. Why do modern people need instant communication with each other?
  66. Will anti-globalization do any good?

Negative Effects of Globalization: Research Topics

  1. Globalization and its effects on the exacerbation of inequality
  2. Job loss as an effect of globalization in the West
  3. Payment issues and related demands as products of globalization
  4. Tax havens exploitation due to globalization
  5. Assess the lack of fairness in multinational corporations
  6. Globalized setting and the risk of intellectual property theft
  7. Legal businesses and communities are affected adversely by globalization
  8. How globalization increased competition exponentially and doomed SMEs
  9. Internationalization and limited domestic institution options
  10. The exploitation of labor at the core of globalization-related processes
  11. Healthcare access in developing nations: unexpected effects of globalization
  12. Increased infection spreading in a globalized environment: lessons from COVID-19
  13. When globalization fails: the rise of the fake medications threat
  14. Inefficient resource distribution in global healthcare: current concerns
  15. Inconsistency in healthcare regulations in the globalized setting
  16. Globalization, the rising nurse-patient ratio, and workplace burnout
  17. When globalization hurts public healthcare: private sector expansion
  18. Global interdependence, developing countries, and resource leakage in healthcare
  19. Study the use of globalization to promote the status quo in healthcare
  20. Rising competition and one-company dominance in global healthcare
  21. Interconnected setting as the platform for escalating international conflicts
  22. Assess the prevalence of Western perspectives on politics
  23. Internationalization and leading states’ dominance in global politics
  24. Globalization concerns: the failure to embrace political diversity
  25. Evaluate the challenges of building international policies
  26. Increased external political control as the side effect of globalization
  27. Globalization and the inability to prioritize local citizens’ security
  28. Research the drop in security levels as a result of globalization
  29. Globalized political environment: an increase in surveillance threats
  30. Foreign intelligence intervening as an adverse effect of globalization
  31. Explain how globalization promotes consumerism
  32. Are globalization and Western ideas stifling the intercultural dialogue?
  33. Acculturation and globalization: threats to Indigenous cultures
  34. Globalization and the displacement of local populations
  35. How the globalized environment enforces cultural stereotypes
  36. Development of polarized opinions and the resulting cultural divide
  37. National identity erasure as a result of globalization
  38. Study the causes behind the global increase in mental health issues
  39. Personal space erasure as a consequence of globalization
  40. Focus on consumerism as the main globalization philosophy
  41. Stifled individualism in the era of globalization
  42. Challenges faced by ethnic minorities in the globalized context
  43. Poverty and inequality as increasing concerns associated with globalization
  44. Inequality in global resource distribution: side effects of globalization
  45. Failure of globalization ideas anywhere but the West
  46. The increasing threat of intellectual property theft and copyright infringement
  47. Challenges associated with controlling laws in the globalized context
  48. Evaluate the difficulties in identifying compromises between legal frameworks of different countries
  49. Challenges in developing a homogenous policy for the globalized community
  50. Globalization and the threat to minority needs
  51. Diluted priorities in the globalized environment
  52. Study the issue of control in the global economic context
  53. Legal concerns in the international setting: homogeneity issues
  54. Research the topic of incompatibility of diverse legal frameworks worldwide
  55. Exposure to cybersecurity threats as a result of globalization
  56. Cybercrime increase in the globalized context
  57. Challenges in negotiating legal collaboration in international settings
  58. The threat of terrorist attacks on a global level
  59. Evaluate the difficulties in negotiating legal policies as an effect of globalization
  60. Problems with introducing a unified academic approach within the global context
  61. Challenges adapting diverse educational environments to a uniform framework
  62. Globalization and the difficulties in controlling policies’ implementation
  63. Ethics as a control tool in a globally integrated setting
  64. Problems with challenging power structures within the globalized context
  65. Evaluate the threat of failing to maintain economic concerns on a global level
  66. Difficulties identifying business fraud in an international setting
  67. Globalization and problems negotiating political and cultural differences
  68. Polarization of opinions as an effect of forced globalization

‍🙋 Globalization Topics for Presentation

  1. What makes the Alibaba Corporation a business globalization pioneer?
  2. Smart automation as a feature of Globalization 4.0
  3. Explain how global manufacturing creates jobs in the low-GDP states
  4. Study globalization’s effects on the manufacturing costs of essential goods
  5. Current issues in global geopolitics: increasing non-renewable energy costs
  6. Explore the adverse impact of Westernization on Asian cultures
  7. The history of cross-cultural agility frameworks in retail business
  8. The Millennial generation’s attitudes to globalization: recent trends
  9. The globalization of football in the 20th century
  10. Cultural globalization’s positive and adverse effects on local movie industries
  11. The e-commerce ecosystem’s role in facilitating global trade
  12. Starbucks’s growth as an example of globalization
  13. Globalization’s adverse impacts on small retail businesses
  14. Business globalization’s negative effects on the deforestation issue
  15. Explain how the Internet has enabled globalized manufacturing
  16. The IMF’s stance on economic globalization: past and future
  17. Does the counter-globalization movement rely on empirical evidence?
  18. The early history of global interactions: Silk Road trade
  19. Study the history of the multinational corporation phenomenon
  20. Political globalization: the rise of intergovernmental organizations
  21. How global integration has catalyzed economic development in African countries
  22. The Spice Routes as an early case of globalization
  23. International investment’s role in business globalization
  24. The history of polycentric political networks during the 20th century
  25. How should the world respond to the “Coca-colonization” trend?
  26. Does globalization promote the exploitation of a cheaper labor force?
  27. How the Scientific Revolution of16th-17th centuries promoted global connectivity
  28. The British Empire’s contributions to globalization before the mid-1800s
  29. Intense railway construction as a catalyst of globalized trade
  30. Has globalization destroyed a preference for local products in India?
  31. Innovative sea transportation technology and global trade in the 1990s
  32. The WTO’s contributions to promoting global e-commerce
  33. Cultural globalization and associated threats, as seen by Generation Z
  34. How global connectivity removes jobs from countries with high production costs
  35. The Greater Arab Free Trade Area’s contributions to international commerce
  36. Does globalization make consumer goods more affordable?
  37. The Great Depression as a hindrance to globalization
  38. What led to the emergence of international sports organizations?
  39. Globalized business as a contributor to ocean acidification
  40. The rise of global governance in the 20th century
  41. The Cultural Globalization Index: methodology and takeaways
  42. Globalization’s effects on natural resource consumption
  43. 20th-century barriers to economic globalization: the case of the Iron Curtain
  44. The invention of intermodal containers and their impact on global trade
  45. How free-trade areas promote globalization in Asia
  46. The USSR’s resistance to globalization
  47. Study the effects of globalization of the football player market
  48. The pros and cons of polycentric networks in global decision-making
  49. Explain how the current trade facilitation agenda supports globalization
  50. Global decision-making and its long-term effects on nation-states
  51. Intergenerational and international differences in attitudes to globalization
  52. Is business globalization destructive to local cultures?
  53. Write about the anti-globalization movement’s arguments against trade liberalization
  54. Can we call free trade a revival of imperialism?
  55. The WTO’s achievements in promoting free trade
  56. The Internet’s role as a catalyst of global connectivity
  57. Globalization’s effects on cross-strait relationships
  58. Review the World Bank’s path to power in the globalization era
  59. Globalization’s impacts on gentrification in the US
  60. Review the key achievements of UN/CEFACT as a facilitator of global trade
  61. What characterizes cultural interactions before the 1500s?
  62. Religion’s role in the development of globalization
  63. Will globalization promote the cosmopolitan democracy theory?
  64. Cable technology as a facilitator of global trade
  65. Cuisine and culture-related globalization: the case of McDonald’s
  66. How the IMF promotes globalization in the 21st century
  67. Globalization’s reverberations on consumers’ purchasing behavior
  68. How does globalization advance women’s rights in developing economies?

🗺️ Globalization Essay Topics: Different Categories

Globalization Topics for High School

  1. The world’s interconnectedness and the processes of globalization
  2. The impact of globalization on culture and economy
  3. Globalization: confronting threats and opportunities for countries
  4. Globalization in the modern world: pros and cons
  5. How the global community is addressing the challenges of globalization
  6. The Internet’s role in worldwide integration and unification
  7. Study the central philosophical and ethical aspects of globalization
  8. How does the globalization of the world economy manifest itself?
  9. COVID-19 against the background of globalization
Globalization manifests itself in economic integration, cultural exchange, etc.
  1. How did the process of globalization change European countries?
  2. The leading causes for cultural diffusion in prehistoric times
  3. Globalization during the Industrial Revolution
  4. The role of the English language in global cooperation
  5. Analyze the central idea behind globalization
  6. Is globalization a cure-all for economic challenges?
  7. When did globalization really begin?
  8. Human rights in the era of cross-border interactions
  9. How does modern-day globalization differ from that during previous centuries?
  10. How does globalization relate to Americans’ public life?
  11. What are the worst long-term consequences of globalization?
  12. What can be called globalization, and what can’t?
  13. The continued existence of separate nation-states considering globalization
  14. Relationship between globalization and healthcare
  15. Ideological approaches to the concept of globalization
  16. Is globalization a generally positive or negative phenomenon?
  17. The impact of globalization on the formation of identity
  18. Can the era of global integration ever come to an end?
  19. What will eventually replace globalization, and what will become of humanity in this case?
  20. How does globalization affect young people?
  21. Does globalization solve global problems?
  22. Globalization of higher education: contradictions and innovations
  23. Study the main technological factors of globalization
  24. Global connectivity as the leading trend in world development
  25. Human society: from isolation to international collaboration
  26. Social isolation and loneliness in the era of global communication
  27. Sustainable globalization for the benefit of all populations
  28. Analyze controversial statements about internationalization
  29. Globalization and religion: what are the concerns?
  30. Economic interdependence as the removal of barriers to free trade
  31. Globalization and the problem of income inequality
  32. Who introduced the concept of globalization?
  33. Evaluate English as the language of diplomacy, business, and the Internet
  34. The information revolution caused by globalization
  35. Terrorism as one of the biggest obstacles to global collaboration
  36. The US and European states as the proponents of globalization
  37. Is the opposition to globalization political in nature?
  38. Global integration as the root cause of humanity’s gravest problems
  39. Functioning of society in the era of worldwide interconnectivity
  40. Research the dangers globalization poses to the world economy
  41. The main contradictions and conflicts of the internationalization process
  42. Globalization as a sociocultural process
  43. Study the social benefits of globalization
  44. How does globalization affect people’s purchasing behaviors?
  45. Global integration and its philosophical problems
  46. Globalization, human rights and laws: interconnection and interdependence
  47. Does globalization concern every person on Earth?
  48. Globalization and mass culture: trends and influences

Current Global Issues Topics for Students

  1. The War in Ukraine and the global food crisis
  2. Review the correlation between global warming and sea level rise
  3. Global greenhouse gas emissions and their atmospheric impact
  4. Advancing human rights globally: Qatar World Cup case study
  5. Global water shortage and contamination: solutions to depletion
  6. Global energy crisis and the Israel-Palestine conflict
  7. What are preventative solutions to global water shortage?
  8. The role of poverty on child labor around the world
  9. How can we stop the global issue of child labor in the fashion industry?
  10. Access to education and resources as a solution to the global child labor issue
  11. Accountability of multinational corporations for child labor use
  12. What is the correlation between child labor and global Islamic extremism?
  13. Global violence and discrimination against women and LGBTQ+ members
  14. Evaluate the role of social media in preventing global violence
  15. Global violence and human trafficking
  16. Military interventions to address global violence
  17. Analysis of effectiveness in current approaches to global violence prevention
  18. Evaluate the international poverty line and its implications
  19. Global poverty and food crisis
  20. Address the lack of food and shelter caused by the rise in global poverty
  21. Effectiveness of homeless shelters to address global poverty
  22. International poverty factors and causes of variation in wages
  23. Current international initiatives in addressing global poverty
  24. Study global wealth in relation to income inequality
  25. Global inequality in health and healthcare
  26. International stability, development, and global inequality
  27. Global inequality in social relationships
  28. Health disparities as predictors of global inequalities
  29. Global wealth inequality: crime and violence manifestations
  30. Global terrorism and Islamic extremism
  31. Prevention of terrorism with military interventions
  32. Global radicalization and immigration issues
  33. The role of international networking in recruitment in terrorist organizations
  34. Conduct a geopolitical analysis of ISIS as a global terrorist organization
  35. Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism: what are the implications?
  36. Global terrorism and geopolitical power vacuums
  37. Global practice of child marriages: insights from Afghanistan
  38. Legislative solutions to child marriage practice
  39. Evaluate current international initiatives to address child marriage
  40. The role of cultural isolation in child marriage practices
  41. Study the global correlation between inequality and food
  42. Global population increase and the impending food crisis
  43. Agricultural solutions for global food shortage: technologies and fertilizers
  44. Global supply chain vulnerability assessment
  45. AIDS prevention: effective means to address the epidemic
  46. Research the effects of climate change on global air pollution
  47. The correlation between global warming and fossil fuels
  48. Assess the impact of electric vehicles on climate change
  49. The effect of the carbon footprint of animal agriculture on global warming
  50. Global warming as a threat to food production
  51. Analyze the climate change’s impact on the shift in weather patterns
  52. Global temperature increase and agricultural output
  53. Continental evaluation of climate change and biodiversity
  54. Extreme heat waves in the Global South: climate change implications
  55. The effectiveness of the UN initiatives to promote human rights
  56. Evaluate the UN initiatives on clean water access
  57. Technological solutions for global hunger and malnourishment
  58. Marine plastic pollution and its effect on human reproductive health

Topics Related to Globalization & Global Economy

  1. Research the history and evolution of globalization
  2. How will jobs change in the context of a globalized economy?
  3. How does globalization impact economic development?
  4. What is the role of multinational corporations in the global economy?
  5. What is the effect of increased financial inclusion on the worldwide economy?
  6. The Eurozone crisis and its implications for the global economy
  7. How do global capital markets influence the national economy?
  8. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of worldwide free trade
  9. International Aid and its role in alleviating global poverty crisis
  10. How does global networking affect labor markets?
  11. Do international organizations contribute to shaping global economic policy?
  12. The role of technology in driving economic interdependence
  13. How does globalization impact small businesses?
  14. The issue of modern trade wars and protectionism
  15. Study the relationship between globalization and economic inequality
  16. How does global climate change affect nations’ financial well-being?
  17. The role of immigration in the global economy
  18. The relationship between globalization, economy, and national sovereignty
  19. Is education important for the global economy?
  20. How do digital technologies transform the global economy?
  21. Can a global financial system shape globalization?
  22. Why is energy consumption increasing?
  23. How do exchange rate dynamics affect the worldwide economy?
  24. Old age pensions as a social welfare policy affected by globalization
  25. What is the role of international trade in driving globalization?
  26. How does globalization increase international investing?
  27. Why is the crisis in the housing market a result of globalization?
  28. Has globalization increased the risk of corruption?
  29. The role of transportation and logistics in globalization
  30. Suggest strategies for sustainable development of global economies
  31. Analyze China’s global economic initiative
  32. Does the tourism industry benefit from globalization?
  33. The role of international taxation in shaping globalization
  34. Is globalization beneficial for the education sector?
  35. Globalization as a cause of social mobility
  36. The role of international monetary policy in driving globalization
  37. Are international relations connected to globalization?
  38. Benefits of globalization of financial markets
  39. The impact of globalization on the fashion industry
  40. Does globalization increase medical access?
  41. What is the role of global governance in driving globalization?
  42. Positive and negative effects of media globalization
  43. Why are global trade agreements vital for globalization?
  44. How does globalization impact the tourism industry?
  45. Does globalization contribute to poverty rates?
  46. The role of international migration in driving globalization
  47. What is the impact of globalization on the transportation sector?
  48. Compare and contrast globalization vs. urbanization
  49. How are international institutions shaping globalization?
  50. Does globalization negatively affect the energy sector?
  51. What is the importance of international organizations in driving globalization?
  52. How can we prevent the negative effect of globalization on the housing market?
  53. What does globalization mean in international relations?

Essay Questions about Globalization

  1. How does the War in Ukraine affect globalization?
  2. What is the role of the Middle East countries in global collaboration?
  3. Is globalization dependent on global supply chain networks?
  4. Are there ways to address nationalization through globalization?
  5. How does the rise of dictatorships affect global cooperation?
  6. What is the impact of globalization on local cultures?
  7. Did globalization bring improvements to poorer African countries?
  8. Has globalization already reached its end?
  9. Are there any disadvantages of globalization for rich nations?
  10. How will the development of AI affect global networking?
  11. Did globalization rates increase or decrease during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  12. Who will lead globalization by 2030?
  13. What is the 4th Industrial Revolution’s impact on globalization?
  14. What were the major phases of globalization?
  15. Did Globalization 4.0 end in the 2010s?
  16. Will globalization create international equality?
  17. Did the global integration process start with silk and spices?
  18. What are the disadvantages of globalization for poor nations?
  19. How did the global pandemic affect cross-border interactions?
  20. What are the benefits of globalization?
  21. Has China become the centerpiece of globalization?
  22. How is the global food crisis affecting economic interdependence?
  23. How is the Russian government halting globalization?
  24. What are the key drivers of universal connectivity?
  25. Does economic interdependence improve trade efficiency?
  26. What characterizes the first wave of globalization?
  27. How is the global energy crisis affecting internationalization?
  28. Is globalization vulnerable to human rights violations?
  29. How will water shortage impact the international community?
  30. Is democracy a prerequisite for globalization?
  31. What role did Great Britain play in globalization?
  32. What was the role of Islam in globalization?
  33. Can worldwide collaboration solve the issues of global hunger and poverty?
  34. Does globalization need capitalism and free markets to function?
  35. What is the impact of globalization on the US?
  36. How did globalization lead to the development of modern China?
  37. How does globalization affect greenhouse gas emissions?
  38. Is globalization possible without cultural elements?
  39. How can we find a balance between globalization and cultural heritage?
  40. Is the rising nationalism a response to globalization?
  41. Can globalization alleviate health disparities between nations?
  42. Does worldwide collaboration centralize international power?
  43. Does globalization only benefit the powerful nations?
  44. How did COVID-19 expose globalization vulnerabilities?
  45. Are cryptocurrencies part of Globalization 4.0?
  46. Is globalization possible without military interventions?
  47. What is the role of oil in globalization processes?
  48. Is global terrorism a byproduct of global interconnection?
  49. What is the possible future direction of globalization?
  50. How can we balance national autonomy with global collaboration?
  51. What is the end goal of globalization?
  52. Can globalization proceed without liberal democracies?
  53. How did globalization shape the current geopolitics?
  54. Will the Russia-Ukraine war permanently stop internationalization?
  55. What is the role of OPEC in globalization?
  56. Is Davos culture undermining global cooperation?
  57. Is glocalization a new form of globalization?
  58. What is the functionalist perspective of global interdependence?
  59. What are the benefits and issues of cultural globalization?

🗣️ Globalization Topics for a Discussion

  1. How does globalization strengthen totalitarian ideologies?
  2. How does globalization affect developing countries?
  3. The connection between globalization and human trafficking
  4. How does globalization contribute to homogenization?
  5. The impact of globalization on the demand for autonomy
  6. Diversity as a consequence of globalization
  7. The importance of cultural diversity in globalization
  8. Research the struggle for resources in the context of internationalization
List of negative effects of globalization.
  1. Is total globalization inevitable in the future?
  2. Contribution of globalization to the field of advertising
  3. Discuss controversies associated with contemporary globalization
  4. Study the attitudes towards globalization in postmodern societies
  5. Transformation of the world system in the process of globalization
  6. The emergence of multinationals as a consequence of globalization
  7. How globalization reflects in the global exchange of goods
  8. How has the global market changed during globalization?
  9. Mutual dependencies of countries due to globalization
  10. Transcommunication as a product of globalization
  11. Review the favorable conditions necessary for the globalization of the economy
  12. Featherstone’s views on localization related to globalization
  13. Localization in the works of Friedman, Giddens, and Hannerz
  14. What dangers does globalization pose to ethnicities?
  15. Is globalization possible without the phenomenon of localization?
  16. How does time-space compression contribute to localization?
  17. Global and local contributors to the fragmentation of society
  18. What measures can stop the fragmentation of society?
  19. Does globalization cause local formulations?
  20. The contribution of globalization to Japan’s bubble economy development
  21. Differences in globalization between developed and developing countries
  22. Links between the universal and the particular in globalization
  23. Expansion of internationalization in Asia and Africa
  24. Is globalization a threat to hegemony in economics and culture?
  25. How can we prevent the US from subordinating other countries?
  26. Does global interdependence threaten the extinction of grassroots culture?
  27. Does worldwide connectivity contribute to the unification of the social order?
  28. How is society changing within the framework of global integration?
  29. The development of anti-modernist ideology under globalization
  30. Modernization of health care in globalization
  31. How does globalization impede the availability of health services?
  32. How developing states suffer from globalization
  33. Does globalization mean the end of the nation-state?
  34. Perceptions of the consequences of globalization in contemporary society
  35. Marginalization as an effect of internationalization
  36. Frans J. Schuurman’s research on globalization
  37. Why is globalization associated with the end of development?
  38. The role of privatization in the process of globalization
  39. The crisis of sociological theories in globalization

🤔 Globalization Essay Prompts

Globalization and Climate Change Essay Prompt

  • How globalization affects carbon footprint. Study the consequences of interconnected global economy on carbon emissions. Pay particular attention to the effects of trade and transportation on CO2 levels.
  • Globalization and environmental justice. In your essay, answer the questions: how does globalization worsen environmental inequality? Which regions suffer from the effects of climate change the most?
  • Local initiatives to address climate change. Explore what environmentally-conscious people do to stop climate change in their regions. How do their actions contribute to worldwide efforts.

What Is Globalization Essay Prompt

  • The early history of globalization. You can cover what factors led to worldwide connectivity and how it has grown ever since. Your essay may talk about the Silk Road, the spread of Islam, and global trade. 
  • The impact of globalization on modern society. Globalization has numerous benefits for the economy and business. You might explore what difference it has made for everyday people. 
  • The characteristics of globalization. Analyze what defines globalization. Cover not only the basic features but also more specific ones, such as global product standardization. 

Is Globalization Good or Bad: Essay Prompt

  • Globalization is good because it contributes to cultural awareness. Explore how it can strengthen the ties between countries, build cultural bridges, and improve the quality of people’s lives. 
  • Ways in which developing countries benefit from globalization. For example, thanks to globalization, resources such as technology and education were brought to developing countries. 
  • Downsides of globalization: unemployment rate. Due to technological advancements, many people in developing countries are left unemployed. Explain how globalization also plays a significant role in this process. 
  • Globalization’s negative influence on cultural diversity. This is one of the most dangerous threats in the globalized world. How can we prevent the extinction of Indigenous cultures and promote their uniqueness? 

Impact of Globalization on Culture Essay Prompt

  • Globalization contributes to the spread of racial stereotypes. Despite America’s ongoing attempts to overcome prejudice, the media still spreads the stereotypical image of non-white races. You can focus on specific examples of such stereotypes in your essay. 
  • Westernization of cultures. Western pop icons, brands, and lifestyles are spreading worldwide. What contributed to Western culture’s domination? What makes this influence harmful?
  • How globalization promotes the flow of cultural practices. In your essay, discuss how globalization may lead to more efficient management of international organizations. 

How Did Covid-19 Affect Globalization Essay Prompt

  • The mechanisms of the COVID-19 effect on globalization strategies. These include consumers’ attitudes, the government’s actions, business’ globalization economics, and the mindsets of stakeholders and executives of multinational companies. 
  • The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy. Your essay can touch on the change in capital input, labor market developments, and productivity growth. 
  • Globalization’s forecasts after the pandemic. Analyze the post-pandemic prospects in your essay. Focus on how different it will be compared to past flow patterns. 

✏️ Globalization Essay: How to Write

Coming up with a topic is just the first step. After that, you need to make an outline and write your essay. Not sure how to go about it? Check out the handy guide below. 

Globalization Essay Introduction

At the beginning of your essay, there’s always an introduction. It includes three main components: 

  1. Hook. Start with an intriguing piece of information that makes your audience interested in reading your text. You can cite some shocking statistics or tell a little-known fact. 
    Only 1 of 7 billion people on the planet live in comfortable conditions. 
  2. Background information. The next 1-3 sentences need to contain the necessary info about the topic the readers need to know before continuing with your paper. 
    It may seem like a small number, but it is enormous compared to the situation humanity faced 100 years ago. The world per capita GDP skyrocketed from $680 to $6,500 during this period. 
  3. After that, you write the thesis statement. Keep reading to learn what it is!

Globalization Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the key sentence of your essay. It serves several purposes: 

  • Structuring your whole work.
  • Setting your main ideas. 
  • Creating some room for discussion. 

The thesis also needs to be coherent and brief but not too short. Make sure to include all of your essay’s critical ideas into it.

Here’s an example:


Although it has some disadvantages, globalization is crucial for increasing the number of people living in comfort by creating comparable living conditions.

Globalization Essay Body

The body is the central part of your paper. These are usually 2-3 paragraphs, each explaining one of your points.

To build a solid body paragraph, you need to: 

  1. Present the segment’s main idea in a topic sentence. 
  2. Expand on it. 
  3. Use evidence to prove your point. 

Here’s a sample body paragraph for you:


One of globalization’s most prominent positive effects is its effect on people’s living conditions. For most of human history, comparing one person’s salary or social status to those of people living on another continent was impossible. Such personal information was not available to the public. However, with the rise of globalization, people started learning more and more about those living abroad. Citizens of countries with poor living conditions discovered that their lives could be much better. This discovery forced some governments to improve their citizens’ state of being by using rich foreign countries as an example. 

Globalization Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of your work. Nothing new needs to be added here. Just restate your thesis, summarize your body paragraphs, and finish with a memorable statement.


At the end of the day, people’s lives have improved significantly over the last two centuries. Much of these improvements are thanks to globalization. These positive changes suggest that it is possible to further enhance people’s quality of life through global collaboration. 

You can also use our free essay conclusion generator to save time.

And with that, we end our topic list. Make sure to let us know which topic you like best. Feel free to recommend this article to your friends, and good luck with your assignment!

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