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Our top priority is your complete satisfaction with our product, and we have carefully designed our policies and terms of service to guarantee your full protection.

When you use our services, your order is fully covered by these guarantees. Please review them to understand why ordering a paper from Custom-Writing.org is always a safe choice.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

Our website utilizes the flagship plagiarism detection software developed by Plagiarism Analyzer. It's continuously improving to ensure your custom written paper is 100% original.

We are so certain that our papers are absolutely free of plagiarism that we are willing to offer you a 100% refund should you find any trace of it in your order.

Punctuality Guarantee

Our company stands out in the marketplace because we are confident you will receive your paper by the deadline.

Because we value your business and your time, we have implemented an effective order management algorithm that ensures every order is completed on time. Should any delay occur, however, we will compensate you.

Confidentiality Guarantee

Just as we value your time, we also value your privacy and confidentiality. All personal information is securely stored, and access is strictly limited even within our company.

We never share, sell, or otherwise disclose your information to outside parties, and we do not store your financial details.

Safety Guarantee

We are able to guarantee you full confidentiality because we take your safety and the safety of your information seriously. We use the most up-to-date encryption techniques to protect your data.

Our company is certified by TrustedSite®, an independent Internet security organization that reviews and monitors our website on a daily basis.

Quality Guarantee

We place your satisfaction above all else, and we would like you to be absolutely happy with your order.

To make sure that you are fully satisfied with our custom writing services, we have implemented a revision policy that guarantees you a completely free revision within 14 days of the completion of your order. Within this period, your writer will revise your paper free of charge, guaranteeing that the final product exceeds your expectations.

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