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On this page, you can see a sentence rewriter. It’s a tool that will help you create a unique writing piece without putting too much time and effort into it. Copy and paste the initial text, press the button, and enjoy the high-quality work in several moments.

As you may know:

Rewriting can sometimes be even more challenging than writing a new essay. Yet we know how to save your time and nerve cells. That’s why our team designed this perfect tool for you and written this article. You can find the most crucial tips and insights on using the tool effectively in the sections.

Rewrite your essays or any other academic papers like a pro. Content creation has never been so easy.

💯 5 Benefits of This Essay Rewriter

In case you might be asking yourself why you should choose our rewriter tool, here are some valid reasons:

100% intuitive

Forget about putting much effort into receiving a new text. Now, you don’t have to conduct any complicated operations. Copy and paste the initial text and receive high-quality content by clicking a button.

100% automatic

How much time do you spend looking through thesaurus? Trying to replace a word or a phrase can be exhausting, just as waiting for someone to do it for you. Our innovative essay rewriter does not require form you any additional actions. It is entirely automatic and searches the synonyms from a database in seconds. Don’t miss this opportunity to complete the work fast.

100% free with no registration

“Register,” “buy a monthly subscription” – annoying, right? That is why our user-friendly rewriter tool does not require completing any registration steps. What is more crucial, it does not take money from you.

100% online

The lack of storage space can be one of the most irritating problems people deal with. But don’t worry! Our essay rewriter does everything online. As you rewrite online, you don’t waste your memory space on numerous downloaded documents.

100% original

Stressing out about the plagiarism issue? No need to! If you rewrite the texts with our tool, the content will be completely unique. Besides, you’ll have time to add something to the document, making it even more original.

🔧 Why Rewriter Tools Are Useful?

Now you know that our sentence rewriter is a perfect choice for you. So, it’s time to figure out why every student should know about it.

According to integrity rules, any academic work requires a 100% uniqueness. However, composing an original paper can be an incredibly tricky task. And when you should write a research paper with plenty of citations and rewriting, you may face even more issues.

That is to say:

Our tool is an excellent helper if you need to rewrite the content without losing meaning. For more insights, explore the following sections.

📑 Plagiarism

Plagiarism is unacceptable for any type of academic work. So, carefully structure your thoughts while taking information from the secondary sources. Rewriting may become a real struggle for students, especially in papers with numerous references.

If you are stuck with the synonyms search for an essay, paraphrase the text online with our rewriting tool. You will complete the task much quicker and more effective.

First and foremost:

There are two types of plagiarism – intentional and unintentional. If you strive to demonstrate high academic performance, you have to avoid any kind of plagiarism.

  1. Intentional plagiarism is one of the offenses that may result in dismissal from the college. Be extremely careful while using someone else’s works. Claiming other people’s ideas as yours without listing them as sources is unethical. You disobey the moral and academic rules. Thus, you will face the negative consequence of your reckless plagiarism.
  2. Sometimes, however, students plagiarize unintentionally. For example, they might forget to use proper punctuation marks to determine the quote. It can happen when you take notes and then insert them into the paper. Or it might be quite challenging for students to rewrite the paragraph, so they don’t change the wording properly.

What is more:

Imagine you managed to prove that you plagiarized unintentionally. Even then there is no 100% guarantee that you will omit the academic penalty.

Therefore, rewriting the essay, you should use online help or be as attentive as possible. Understand what to quote and how to format citations.

Consequences of plagiarism in academic writing.

You may ask yourself by now: “What are the consequences you might face due to the plagiarism in your paper?”

Well, there are several of them:

  1. Your academic standing will be affected. Depending on what type of plagiarism is detected in your work, the penalty will be assigned. Your professor can lower your grade as a result. Or you can face the failure of the assignment or entire course. In worse cases, the academic committee may put you on probation. You may be even dismissed from the college.
  2. You may get fined. It is crucial to understand that every intellectual property is protected by copyright laws. The violation of these laws is equal to a criminal offense and may result in huge fines. To avoid it, be a responsible student. Rewrite every paragraph that seems plagiarized, cite the information correctly.
  3. Your irresponsibility may affect the reputation of your university. Taking others’ work, you don’t gain knowledge essential for your profession. You devaluate your degree this way. As a result, your university produces weak professional. The more people plagiarize, the more economy suffers. It comes from a shortage of skilled individuals in each area.

As you see, plagiarism is a critical violation of academic integrity. It can lead to severe consequences for numerous people. Use our online sentence rewriter and be sure about the uniqueness of your paper.

🖋️ Style-Polishing

The style following is an essential element of any written work. Especially when it comes to papers that require taking into consideration numerous details.

The question is:

What are the distinctive features of the academic style? Take a look at the following section to find out!

The papers written in academic style should be:

  • Planned and structured

    Before writing an academic paper, outline it. Make a clear structure with an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Also, ensure your writing is coherent and follows the logical flow of ideas. Add proper transitions between the paragraphs and linking words between the sentences.

  • Focused on the main idea

    Your academic essay should have a core message in the introduction. To develop a thesis statement, understand what you want to say, and write it down or use our online tool. The rest of the paragraphs should directly correspond to your thesis. Make sure you support it with valid arguments and appropriate examples. In case you consider particular sections of your text lack relevance, delete them. Rewrite all the sentences that don’t fully support your claim.

  • Full of evidence

    The use of secondary sources is essential for academic papers. They provide the writer with valid evidence. However, citing information from might be tricky. You have to be careful with the sentence using if you didn’t come up with the idea. Formulate your thoughts attentively so that they do not resemble somebody’s texts.

  • Written in an official tone

    The choice of words is vital for a successful academic paper. For official tone, jargon and contractions are unacceptable. Besides, you should strive to write concisely and clearly, not to confuse your reader. Check the punctuation and spelling to avoid minor mistakes.

Overall, style-polishing is a time-consuming and tedious task. Doing it yourself might be too difficult. Luckily our online sentence rewriter can help you to deal with it. So, don’t hesitate to use it and enjoy the flawless style-polished text.

🔎 Proofreading Essays

Our rewriter tool is an excellent helper for rewriting the texts. It will do most of the work for you. Yet, after using it, you still should proofread your essay.

Why? See the following reasons:

  1. The tool is automatic. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is still not as developed as a human brain. So, there is a probability of some drawbacks, improperly chosen words, punctuation mistakes, etc.
  2. Some words may seem to be not appropriate for the context. To avoid any confusion, you should proofread the text. Pay attention to two problems:
    • The synonym selected by the tool is not that precise.
    • The tool confused the homographs or homonyms. Instead of selecting a synonym, it offers an antonym (or just an inappropriate alternative).
  3. Proofreading is essential for any writing. Before submitting the paper, you should always ensure the high quality of your paper. Thoroughly reread it so that your text is free of mistakes, coherent, and properly structured. All in all, never skip the proofreading step while working on an assignment.

Here is a pleasant bonus for you – five essential tips on proofreading:

Tips on proofreading an academic paper.
  1. Take a break before proofreading. As you finished writing your essay, take a pause. Chat with your friend, have a cup of tea, do an exercise, or whatever you want. After your brain got refreshed, carefully reread your work and correct all the mistakes.
  2. Know your weaknesses. Do you always struggle with the punctuation marks in the compound sentences? Or maybe you know that you tend to write monotonous, boring paragraphs that need improvement? While proofreading, focus first on your weak sides and try to correct them. Then, reread the text and look for other potential errors.
  3. Proofread the text out loud. Don’t underestimate this method. This trick will help you to spot the repetitions, indicate the incoherent or weak parts. Always use it and see how your voice can reveal more problems than your eyes.
  4. Read backward. Of course, we don’t recommend reading each word from right to left—sentences only. With this method, you will focus more on spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes, rather than on the content. It might be useful for identifying and correcting minor errors.
  5. Let the other person read your work. When you are writing a paper, you know the idea, so everything seems clear for you. Nonetheless, a person unfamiliar with your thought process might feel at a loss. Therefore, while reading your paper, ask someone to indicate the wordy or unconcise fragment. They can also suggest you add more adjectives to make the explanation clearer or something like that.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting our page. Use our sentence rewriter and share it with the other students who need to rewrite their essays.