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Looking for ways to improve the quality of your position essays? Want to avoid mistakes and make a flawless position paper on the first try? You’ve come to the right place!

Meet our brand new position paper generator. It’s a groundbreaking free tool that will help you to complete your academic assignment quickly and effectively. It’s an absolute must-have app for students.

✨ How to Use Our Free Position Paper Generator

  1. Type in your topic.
  2. Set the desired size of the essay.
  3. Click the “Generate” button to get a position paper sample.

🔥 Benefits of Our Position Paper Generator

Among numerous tools you can find online, our generator is a standout. Here are its most prominent advantages:

💸 100% free Use our AI-powered tool without paying a penny.
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In a position paper, you use evidence  to support your stance on an issue.

🛠️ How Does Our Position Paper Generator's AI Work?

Our position paper generator is based on a generative AI. Such technology analyzes enormous volumes of textual data using Large Language Models (LLMs) that can create sentences by predicting which words might come after one another.

LLMs can create human-like texts of any type, including position papers. Our tool will automatically create a perfect prompt for this cutting-edge AI and help you get the best possible answer. Try it out and see for yourself!

📑 What Is a Position Paper?

A position paper is a type of academic writing in which you use facts, figures, and other relevant data to support your stance on a certain subject. Position papers are often written on government, law, science, and medicine topics.

Unlike other essay types that express an opinion, this genre of academic writing focuses on positions held by individuals, organizations, and groups. Such papers also aim to persuade the audience to agree with the described position.

Main Features of a Position Paper

Position papers have unique features that distinguish them from other essay types. A position paper must include the following:

  • A well-defined issue at its core. The topic you choose must be debatable as well as controversial. Even if the issue is complicated, it needs to be presented clearly. This way, the readers will know exactly why the problem matters.
  • A clear position on the matter. Introduce your viewpoint in your position paper’s thesis statement. You can reiterate it throughout your essay – for example, in the conclusion.
  • Convincing arguments. A position paper must offer a justification to support the validity of the opinion it expresses. Your argument should convince readers to agree with you and adopt your viewpoint.
  • Reasonable tone. The goal of a position paper is to create connections between your ideas and those of others. That's why such essays are usually written in a tone that is viewed as trustworthy and reasonable.
List of features of a position paper.

✍️ How to Write a Position Paper Step by Step

Now that you know what makes an excellent position paper, let’s see how to write one. The handy guide below will help you with it. And if you need inspiration or a model paper, feel free to use our generator.

Step 1. Choose a Position Paper Topic

Your topic and stance on it need to stand up to criticism. That's why we recommend you do some research and choose something you can defend convincingly.

Your success depends on your ability to present a compelling and logical argument, regardless of how basic or complex your topic is.

To determine whether you can make a compelling case on your chosen topic, answer the following questions:

  • Is this a real problem that is genuinely controversial and topical?
  • Can you distinguish between the different positions on the issue?
  • Do you personally want to support any of these positions?
  • Is the problem specific enough to be handled?

If your answer to all questions is "yes," congratulations – your topic is perfect! You can now move on to the next step.

Step 2. Choose a Position on the Chosen Topic

Even if you already have a strong opinion about the subject and know which side of the dispute you want to take, you still need to ensure that your stance is well-supported. That's why we recommend you learn as much as possible about the issue you're discussing. To locate expert studies and data, visit your college library or look through reliable websites, such as those associated with education and government.

Once you’ve collected enough information, you can make an informed opinion on your topic. To assess all possible positions, outline the pros and cons of the subject and put together a list of evidence for each side. If your preferred position is inconsistent with the facts, don’t hesitate to rethink it or choose a different side.

Step 3. Create a Statement of Position

A position paper's thesis statement (AKA statement of position) is its main framework. Make it powerful, and your essay will be a success.

To write a good statement of position, do the following:

  1. Address the issue you're discussing.
  2. Clearly assert your stance.
  3. Give a brief overview of the reasons you will give to support your position.
  4. Mention the counterarguments you’re going to refute.

Try to make the statement as concise and unambiguous as possible.

Creating a sample paper on your topic with the help of our tool will provide you with a well-formulated thesis statement you can use as inspiration.

Step 4. Write Your Position Paper

Now, you can start writing your paper. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start with the introduction. In the opening paragraph, you provide some background information and state your position.
  • Write the main body. This is where you defend your stance and disprove other viewpoints. Make sure to support your arguments with substantial evidence.
  • Restate your position in the conclusion. Briefly summarize how all of your arguments support your opinion. To cap it all off, write a solid call to action.

And that’s it! You’re all set to write an A+ essay. Our free position paper generator will help you streamline the process: try it and have fun!

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