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Writing an analytical essay might be a tough time-consuming challenge. However, there is a solution! Our free analytical thesis statement generator will help you out.

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Keep reading to learn more about writing analytical thesis statements!

🖥️ How to Use Analytical Thesis Statement Generator

So, what should you do to get an analytical thesis statement for free? Here are the 4 simple steps you need to complete:

  • Type in the main point of your essay in the 1st field.
  • Enter the issues under analysis into the remaining fields.
  • Press the button.
  • Enjoy the results!

✍️ How to Write an Analytical Thesis Statement Step by Step

A thesis statement for an analytical essay presents your evaluation of the given topic. It states what exactly was analyzed and demonstrates the results of the analysis.

So, how do you create an analytical thesis statement? Let’s take a closer look:

The picture explains how to write a thesis statement.
  1. Choose your topic. Make sure it is worth writing about. Consider something that is not too broad or too narrow.
  2. Write down the main statement about your topic. Try to put your essay's central idea into simple words. Ensure the sentence is not too long or short.
  3. Think of at least 3 supporting arguments. They should be solid and specific. If you can't think of enough proof, you might want to choose a different topic.
  4. Combine everything into a single sentence. Now, it’s time to write your thesis statement. State the main idea and support it with your arguments.

✨ Criteria of a Good Analytical Thesis

When you work on your thesis, make sure it does the following:

  1. It lets your reader know what your essay is going to be about. This is the primary purpose of a thesis statement: without it, your paper won't work.
  2. It provides the result of your analysis. Your reader needs to know the outcome of the research you've conducted.
  3. It breaks your analysis into parts. Categorize your discoveries neatly so that they will be easy to follow.
  4. It describes in what order in which you will present your points. Make sure your paper is logically developed, and don’t mix up the arguments.

☑️ Analytical Thesis Statement Checklist

After you've finished writing, you can go back to review your draft. Ask yourself the following questions to see whether you've created a strong thesis:

The picture enumerates the questions to ask yourself when checking your thesis statement.
  • Does my thesis answer the "how" and "why" questions?

    Since it’s an analytical essay, it should explain how something works or why it is the way it is.

  • Do I need to support my argument?

    The argument in the thesis statement should be worth supporting or opposing. Make sure it doesn’t simply state the facts.

  • Is my argument precise enough?

    Try to be as specific as possible. A strong thesis statement doesn't leave any further questions. Remember that you can always change your thesis if it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your essay.

  • Have I answered the question from the prompt?

    Finally, remember to follow your instructions. Re-reading your prompt after finishing your thesis statement will help ensure you've answered the question correctly.

📑 Analytical Thesis Statement Examples: Good & Bad

We've compiled some great examples for you to understand what a good analytical thesis statement should be like. You can find them below. If you need more examples, you can find them in the article on the topic.

👍🏽 Good analytical thesis statements 🤔 Why are they good?
Social media negatively affects young people’s mental health, disrupts their sleep, and promotes unrealistic beauty standards. This thesis statement tells why social media is damaging, provides details, and does not leave any further questions.
Simple everyday actions like recycling, conserving water, and volunteering can help keep the environment cleaner. This thesis statement provides clear arguments, answers the HOW question, and lets the reader know what the paper will be about.
Cyberbullying is a huge problem since it negatively affects mental health and desensitizes the bully emotionally. The arguments in this thesis support the main idea. The thesis is also specific and has enough details.

And here are some examples of how not to write a thesis statement:

👎🏽 Bad analytical thesis statements 🤔 Why are they bad?
Social media is bad for young people. This thesis doesn’t answer why social media is bad or how it affects young people. The argument is also not specific enough and leaves further questions.
We should protect our environment better. The thesis statement does not provide the details. It is not specific and makes the reader wonder about the possible solutions.
Cyberbullying is one of the biggest problems nowadays. The statement above is not supported by the arguments and does not provide enough information.

Remember, you can always use our analytical thesis statement generator to make your writing process more enjoyable! You may also use our other thesis generators and a sentence rewriter that will help you quickly restate your thesis statement.

Let us know your thoughts and thanks for dropping by!

❓ Analytical Thesis Statement Generator FAQ

A thesis statement should sum up the main idea of your paper. It also tells the reader what the paper is going to be about. A thesis statement in an analytical paper should also provide a description and the result of your analysis.

To start an analytical essay, you should define your main subject and write a thesis statement. Make sure to include the basic information about your analysis, your arguments, and the analysis results. Remember to let your reader know the order in which you will present the arguments.

A good thesis for an analytical essay should include the description of your topic, the result of your analysis, and the order in which you will present the parts of your research. Remember to be as precise as possible: do not provide any unrelated details.

To write a thesis in an analytical essay, you should first write a statement about your topic. Then, come up with at least three supporting arguments. After that, combine everything into a single sentence.

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