“Where is your thesis statement?” asks your teacher in a dramatic tone. “Where is my what?” you want to reply, but, instead, you quickly point your finger at a random sentence in your paper, saying “Here it is…”

To avoid this sad situation (which is usually followed by a bad mark), you should clearly understand what a thesis sentence is and how to make it stronger. Discover the best and worst examples of thesis sentences with expert comments on them in the sections below (or simply try our website and you will never have a headache with any assignments).

1.  📜  Thesis Statement Examples for Essays

What is a thesis statement, after all? A thesis statement is the logical center and road map of your paper, clearly and concisely expressed in the introduction.

Here is a checklist you should use to know if your thesis sentence is strong enough:

  • Is it disputable? (Can somebody disagree with it?)
  • Is it focused? (Does it express a clear position?)
  • Is it relevant? (Won’t people read it and exclaim “so what”?)

You can use this checklist to evaluate the worst and best thesis sentence examples from the section below:

1.1  👎  Bad Examples

  1. Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets of all times. (This is neither truly relevant nor disputable. Readers will readily agree with it and exclaim “so what?”)
  2. Bull fighting is cruel and dangerous. (Again, this statement is an undeniable truth, which leads only to readers asking “so what”?)
  3. Students do not like uniforms. (This sentence lacks focus and a clear relevance to the reader – it can therefore doom a paper to failure.)

1.2  👍  Good Examples

  1. Shakespeare’s outstanding command of the English language can be seen from a variety of epithets, metaphors and similes used in Sonnet 5. (It is focused and provides concrete arguments, offering a road map for the paper.)
  2. Bull fighting should be outlawed, because it is a dangerous and cruel type of entertainment, which violates animal rights. (It is strong enough, because it offers concrete arguments and a solution.)
  3. Students should wear uniforms, so that they can better concentrate on their study and avoid unnecessary competition. (This statement is clear, argumentative and persuasive).

2.  📚  Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

The situation is somewhat different with thesis sentences for research papers. Expressing your personal position is not enough for a good research paper. You should find truly weighty arguments and include them in your thesis statement.

Students may want to start their thesis statements with the words “This paper will discuss…” Some teachers say that this beginning is too obvious. Still, beginners can use it for their thesis sentences to create clear road maps for their papers.

So, now it is time to use the same checklist to differentiate between the worst and best thesis statement samples for research papers:

2.1  👎  Bad Examples

  1. There can be a relationship between management style and company’s outcomes. (This sentence sounds uncertain, like a hypothesis.)
  2. Fast food is bad for your health. (It lacks focus and arguments.)
  3. Advertising is the engine of commerce. (Now it’s your turn: try to say why this example of a thesis statement is bad.)

2.2  👍  Good Examples

  1. Results of recent studies reveal strong links between the management style in a company, its employees’ motivation, their involvement and the overall financial well-being of the company.
  2. Adolescents lack the understanding of the negative influence of fast food on their health, and schools should launch educational programs to raise students’ awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits. (This sentence clearly communicates the main conclusion and recommendation of the project.)
  3. The findings of recent studies reveal the increased interest in healthy products, and Coca-Cola should consider this when launching new products and creating advertising campaigns to improve the company’s sales. (Do you think that this thesis sentence can be good for a research paper? Explain your answer.)

Now you can clearly see the difference between good and bad thesis statements. This will help you create a marvelous thesis statement example of your own!

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