Do you think 8 a.m. classes are the worst college rule educators could think of? Then hold on and check the following 7 weirdest and strictest rules from around the world and you’ll see that sleeping during a lecture is a mere trifle (and, if you need any help with your studies, just click here and ace your grades).

Worst College Rules that Will Shock You

  1. Vellore Institute of Technology. Talking on the cell phones late at night can mean trouble. The warden can confiscate your phone and make you write an explanation note why and with whom you were talking. E.g. “You know, I’ve been talking with my ex after he got drunk and called me.”
  2. Oral Roberts University decided to go even further, completely reaching into the personal lives of their students. Thus, this college forbids not only obviously illegal activities, such as drugs or underage drinking, but also seemingly innocent ones, such as swearing, dancing, tattoos and body piercings. Moreover, students are not allowed even to work in the places involving these activities. The disobedience can result in expulsion.
  3. Bob Jones University worry about spirituality of their students and forbid not only excessive drinking, but even premarital sex and homosexuality. Moreover, whenever a mixed group of students (mixed here means consisting of boys and girls) gets together, they need at least one chaperone to watch their moral behaviors.
  4. Paul Quinn College in Dallas has a strict dress code. It means that they have to dress business casual from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The most interesting thing is the punishment that follows. The first time offenders have to go through community service. The second time offenders get a place in the President’s Runners Club.
  5. Birgham Young college rules have a section on grooming. According to that section, a student can’t grow a beard without a doctor’s note which says that a student has a special skin condition due to which regular grooming can be dangerous.
  6. Pensacola Christian College prohibits extra studying (!). You might think that it’s not a bad thing at all. Just be sure to check other rules of this college, too. For example, local calls longer than 30 minutes as well as loud singing in the shower during quiet hours are prohibited too.
  7. Christian Liberty University prohibits democrats. There once was a student group of democrats, but it was prohibited several days after it was started. The explanation was that democrats support abortion and gay and transgender people.

Don’t you think that your college rules are simply amazing, compared to those weird demands?

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