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⚖️ Compare and Contrast Thesis Writing Steps

A thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay is the last sentence of your paper's introduction. It sums up your essay and introduces the reader to all the main points of comparison.

The picture shows the steps to writing a compare and contrast thesis statement.

To create a solid thesis statement, you should do the following:

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the topic. Try not to choose something too broad or narrow. You should be able to provide enough arguments to support your point.
  2. Create a chart or a Venn diagram if needed. It will help you organize the similarities and differences between your subjects. You can create it yourself or use a template.
  3. Try to include the most significant points of comparison in your thesis statement. You may refer to your chart to choose them.
  4. Remember to use linking words. To make a smooth transition to the thesis, you can use words such as "compared to," "in contrast," etc.
  5. Ensure your thesis statement is connected to the topic sentences. The thesis wraps up your essay's introduction. Then, the body paragraphs should cover the arguments you've introduced. So, make sure the topic sentences are connected to your main claim.

✅ Strong Compare and Contrast Thesis: Checklist

After you finish writing, answer these questions to ensure you have a strong thesis statement:

  • Does your thesis statement express an opinion?

    It's not enough to reword the prompt question or state the obvious facts. A solid thesis statement should also include a point to argue, so make sure it has one.

  • Does it include differences and similarities?

    If you're analyzing what two objects have in common and how they are different, make sure your thesis should include arguments from both sides. If you're writing only about similarities or differences, it's enough to mention just one side.

  • Does your essay elaborate on every point from your thesis statement?

    Make sure to include the points that will actually be in your paper, and don't create any additional arguments just for your thesis.

  • Is your thesis specific enough?

    Avoid including too many details or any irrelevant information. You have only one sentence to sum up your essay, so there is no need for lengthy explanations. By the way, if you use our tool, you can be sure your thesis will be strong and perfectly concise!

The picture shows the qualities of a strong compare and contrast thesis statement.

📑 Compare and Contrast Thesis: Good & Bad Examples

Check out the examples we’ve gathered to help you understand what a compare and contrast thesis should be like:

Good compare and contrast thesis statements Explanation
Although public and private schools have different curriculums, they also share similarities, such as similar technology. This thesis is also specific and provides enough details. It also uses linking words effectively.
While students in traditional classes have a more passive role than in online courses, both options provide equal learning opportunities. This thesis covers all important points of comparison and provides enough information.

And here are some examples of how not to write a compare and contrast thesis statement:

Bad compare and contrast thesis statements Explanation
Public and private schools are different in many aspects. This thesis statement is not specific enough.
Chinese and American education systems have nothing in common. The statement provided by this thesis is too general, and it misinforms the reader.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article! Try out our compare and contrast thesis generator to take your essay writing to the next level! You're also welcome to use our other thesis statement generators.

❓ Compare and Contrast Thesis Generator FAQ

A compare and contrast thesis statement should summarize your essay's main points. Think of the most important differences and similarities covered in your paper and combine them into a single sentence in the introductory paragraph.

To write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay, you need to develop a topic for your paper. Come up with the main idea and provide enough arguments to support it. Then, select the most significant points and put them into a single sentence.

To write a solid thesis statement, you should first choose the most significant points from your essay and combine them into a single sentence. Remember that your thesis should express an opinion and not just state facts.

A good thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay should be solid and specific. To write one, summarize the arguments from your paper without too many details. Instead, try including only the most significant points. Make sure to state an opinion, too!

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