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Jan 14th, 2021

Brianna via

Solid 5/5

“Every time I order here, it’s the best money I spend for the whole day. The quality of works this service delivers makes it sooo worth it!”

Jan 16th, 2021

Fergus R.

“I used to be the hater of such services until I tired working with Custom-writing. Since then, my view has changed completely.”


Thank you for your trust, Fergus!

Jan 16th, 2021

Khafra M.

“No other service comes even near to the quality I’m getting from Custom-Writing for that price. Keep doing the great job!”


Thanks for your review, Khafra! It’s really flattering.

Jan 16th, 2021

Hannes M.

“This service has become a true blessing for me. I was losing all hope of being able to catch up with my class after my illness. CW helped a lot.”


Thanks for stopping by and writing this review, Hannes!

Jan 11th, 2021

Roselyn via

Thank you again!

“I don’t know why, but dealing with writing assignments at college started getting more and more difficult for the past 6 months. Not only were they complex, but there were too...”

Jan 15th, 2021

Lynne K.

“I have to admit that my friend was right to recommend me to try this service. This is the best solution for me to deal with all the struggle.”


Lynne, thank you for your feedback!

Jan 15th, 2021

Blaze B.

“I always enjoy the conversation with the support team members and the experts working for They’re all such lovely people!”


Thanks for such a nice comment, Blaze!

Jan 14th, 2021

Conan G.

“After several orders delivered before the deadline, it was a bit stressful to receive the latest one an hour late. Don’t do that again please.”


Conan, we’re sorry you had to go through such experience. We’ll do everything right next time.

Where Can You Find Reviews for

At Custom Writing, we strive to deliver the best service possible. We want our customers to trust us, which is why all of our reviews are real.

Unfortunately, not every paper service plays fair. Instead of providing legitimate feedback about the quality of their work, some businesses prefer to publish fake reviews to trick people into thinking that they do a good job.

Dishonest reviews of essay services never drop below 4.5/5 or 5/5 stars. Some companies have been known to delete unwanted feedback, or to create many positive, fake reviews.

It’s easy to see that all Custom Writings reviews are real. We use trusted review websites that allow our customers to easily leave their feedback. We also reach out to clients ourselves to learn about their experience with our service.

We periodically gather all the reviews, analyze them, and use their findings to make changes to our website and workflow.

Here are the platforms we use to get reviews from our clients.

Reviews on Trustpilot is a website for consumer reviews that gathers feedback on businesses all around the world. Founded in Denmark, it’s been operating since 2007. Each month, the website collects close to 1 million new reviews.

To leave feedback on a business through the Trustpilot website, reviewers are required to create an account with their email address or Facebook profile.

SiteJabber reviews is another web-based platform, where users can find trustworthy reviews and post feedback of their own. Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, the website has more than 2.5 million monthly visitors and contains reviews of over 100,000 businesses. The mission of SiteJabber is to improve the level of transparency online.

When people post Custom Writing reviews on SiteJabber, the feedback appears on our site with a verification link. Following that link will take you to the platform’s website, where you can ensure the review was written by a real person.

Facebook reviews

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, uniting over 1 billion 1 billion users around the world. It allows people to share their thoughts, communicate with friends and family, and even find out about current events.

In addition, Facebook has also turned into a platform for users to express their opinions on products and services through the site’s rating function. Facebook makes it easy to find a company, read updates about its activity, purchase a product or service, and leave a review to help other people decide whether they should do the same.

Facebook reviews not only help other people, but also greatly increase a company’s credibility. Since every review is linked to a profile, you’ll never have to doubt if the feedback is real or not.

Video reviews on Youtube

YouTube is known for its bloggers and content creators who post on the platform regularly. But it can also be an outstanding way for customers to leave short testimonials and share their experiences about services they’ve used.

We really appreciate video reviews of Custom Writing. They clearly explain how our customers feel about the services we offer, and leave no doubt about the authenticity of the review.

Such testimonials can be found on our Reviews page, and on our YouTube channel.

Why do Custom Writing Service Reviews Matter?

We provide numerous services for paper and essay writing. And while we try our best to give you as much detail as possible about how we operate, you might still have questions.

Detailed reviews can help. Not only do they show visitors that our service is real, but they can also provide answers to potential questions that clients might have.

If you write a genuine review, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, you will help us become the best essay service available.

If your feedback is positive, it will tell us that we’re on the right path to providing excellent writing services. And if you’ve had a negative experience, we’ll do everything in our power to improve the situation. We won’t hesitate to make the necessary changes to ensure that the next time you come to us, your experience will be positive.

We cherish our customers’ opinions. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience!

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❓ How does work?

Using Custom Writing is quick and easy. Just fill in the order form to get an instant price quote for your paper. Then, confirm your order, make a payment, and enjoy your free time while our writers take care of your task.

Here at, we use top-notch encryption technologies to protect your personal information. We never share your data with any third parties, and we guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Yes. Using Custom Writing is completely legal and does not violate any college or university policies. We constantly work on improving our company to offer an even more reliable service and deliver the highest quality papers. All of your assignments are written by experienced educators and reviewed by our AI-powered plagiarism detection software.

The best service is the one that’s honest with their clients.

We’ve never sought to provide misleading information or otherwise trick our customers into ordering from us. Our pricing is transparent, and anyone can see how much their paper will cost right away, using the price calculator on our homepage.

Compared to other services, offers the most attractive price-to-quality ratio available on the market.

One of our highly qualified academic experts will deliver your essay. We pick the members of our writing team very carefully. With strict requirements, only 2 out of 100 candidates are chosen to work as our writers.

We employ experts from all over the world. Our current writers live in the USA, the UK, Canada and a number of other countries. They have varied backgrounds and at least a Master’s degree in their respective fields of study.

No. You can use the papers written by Custom Writing as a source of additional knowledge about your topic, for paraphrasing ideas, or for direct citing. Always refer to your college/university policy on plagiarism to give the appropriate credit.

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