A List of 339 Problem Solution Essay Topics & Questions

A problem solution essay is a type of persuasive essay. It’s a piece of writing that presents a particular problem and provides different options for solving it. It is commonly used for subject exams or IELTS writing tasks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to write this type of essay. We will also provide ideas of good problem and solution essay topics to ease students’ writing process. But first: check out our custom writing service in case you need academic assistance!

🔝 Top 10 Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. The best way to improve logistics
  2. How to prevent drunk driving
  3. How can we prevent stroke?
  4. Ways to promote independent music
  5. How to prevent teen pregnancy
  6. Can schools help with childhood obesity?
  7. Ways to teach children financial literacy
  8. What can we do to stop human trafficking?
  9. Can teaching self-defense reduce violence?
  10. Building dams to fight the flooding problem

✅ How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

When starting to write an essay, think about a problem in the community that needs to be resolved. Sometimes, you will get a ready topic, like at an IELTS exam.

The topics might vary, but the outline of an essay will remain the same. First, write a list of actions that can help to solve the problem. Then, pick the three that you like best and evaluate them.

Once you get your solutions, start writing.

Any essay, whether it’s for high school or college, should be well-structured. Problem solution essays consist of two paragraphs: problem description and solution. The first section is generally divided into several parts:

  • Introduction. Provide the definition of the problem, some general background, and thesis statement with possible solutions.
  • Situation. Give clear examples on the issue so that readers can understand it better.
  • Problem. Describe the issue and its effect on people.

In the solution section, you need to identify several potential solutions and evaluate their effectiveness. It should include:

  • Two or more possible solutions.
  • Evaluation and critical assessment of the solutions.
  • Conclusion with a summary of the main points of the text.

Now, you have a general idea about the writing process. To help facilitate your writing, take a look at the topic ideas below.

⭐ Top 10 Problem and Solution Essay Topics for 2024

  1. Is group therapy effective against BPD?
  2. Can smart fridges prevent binge eating?
  3. Can having remote workers decrease costs?
  4. Sustainable homes as a way to save energy
  5. How nature reserves prevent wildlife extinction
  6. Reducing education costs with online education
  7. Is gun control a way to stop mass shootings?
  8. Can class discussions help fight youth violence?
  9. One-child policy as a way to stop overpopulation
  10. Is car sharing effective for decreasing CO2 emissions?

🧑🤝🧑 Problem and Solution Topics about Society

Social issues are problems of every level that influence the members of our society. They may refer to various factors, such as racial inequality or bullying, that affect the well-being of people or the community as a whole. Here are some problem-solving topics that will help you start writing.

  1. A part of the world’s population lives in conditions that don’t meet their basic needs. What are the ways to alleviate or prevent poverty?
  2. There were several instances when social media websites were accused of gathering people’s private information. What are the ways to ensure privacy in the digital age?
  3. A vast number of girls get pregnant and give birth before the age of 20. What are some ways to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate in your country?
  4. Body shaming is one of the biggest problems of today’s society. What are the ways to solve this issue?
  5. Despite an increase in public awareness about the adverse effects of racism, the issue persists. How can we eliminate it?
  6. Unemployment negatively affects the living conditions of many people. It also facilitates such issues as domestic violence and depression. How can unemployment rates be improved in your country? 
John Dewey quote.
  1. Education is a fundamental human right, yet many people in some developing countries remain illiterate. How can we solve this issue?
  2. Habits such as smoking and overeating negatively affect people’s health. How can we better promote healthy lifestyles?
  3. Victims of domestic violence often develop physical disabilities, chronic health problems, and stress. In what ways can we reduce domestic violence in our society?
  4. Inequality in payment, sexual harassment, and difficulty getting promoted are some of the issues women face at workplaces. What can our society do to increase equality? 
  5. Celebrities often appear to look flawless, which affects people’s body image. How can we promote healthier beauty standards
  6. When children observe violent behaviors, they become more aggressive. In what ways can we prevent them from witnessing violence?
  7. Health care is a major social issue, as many people don’t have access to high-quality services. How can we improve this situation? 
  8. The ownership of guns increases the chances of unintentional shootings, which can result in casualties. How can gun control policies be improved? 
  9. The consumption of illegal drugs often leads to overdosing. In what ways can people be persuaded not to do drugs? 
  10. Drunk driving is the leading cause of vehicle accidents. What is the best way to restrict people from doing it?
  11. Human trafficking is a grave problem that affects countries all over the world. How can it be prevented?
  12. Women often report being sexually assaulted while in college. What can we do to reduce this problem?
  13. Homeless people are more likely to engage in abuse or violent behavior. What can be done to solve the issue?
  14. Parental divorce is a traumatic experience for a child. How can its adverse effects be eliminated? 

🏫 Problem Solution Essay Topics on Education

The educational system is riddled with issues. You can think of numerous drawbacks that need to be addressed to make education better. Below are several examples of problem solution essay topics that will inspire you to write.

  1. In the pandemic environment, many students had to resort to online education, often with questionable quality. What are the ways to make e-learning effective? 
  2. Many schools fail to provide adequate sex education programs. How can we reduce the stigma around this topic? 
  3. Numerous students get bad grades due to reasons other than laziness. How can we help struggling learners?
  4. For many students, a strict schedule remains a big issue. Should students be offered the possibility of flexibility?
  5. Many private and public schools require a strict uniform. Are there ways to express one’s individuality without violating the dress code?
  6. A majority of students in schools and colleges admit to cheating. What are the ways to put an end to this behavior?
  7. Technology usage in education can be beneficial, as it might improve engagement and individual learning. How can schools become more adaptable to digitalization?
  8. Learning a foreign language can help students develop additional mental abilities. Should it be mandatory in all schools?
  9. Students often find themselves delaying or postponing tasks. It leads to lower grades and health issues, such as headaches or insomnia. How can we reduce the levels of student procrastination?
  10. Obesity is associated with the leading causes of death in the US. Should the educational system include more physical education classes to build a fitter community?
  11. Students with learning disorders may have a feeling of frustration when mastering a subject. In what ways can colleges adapt to their needs?
  12. There are many subjects in school, and not all of them are equally useful for everyone. How can we make sure that students are learning what is best for them?
  13. Schools often put more funding into science, mathematics, and humanities. Should they also fund physical education (PE)?
  14. Gifted education allows talented students to learn more and move ahead at their pace. At the same time, it creates inequality. How can these programs be improved?
  15. Disruptive children usually prevent themselves and other students in class from working. What are the ways to deal with these students to make the work effective?
  16. The core curriculum for all schools allows all children to be taught all subjects but can be a bit strict. Should all schools have the same curriculum?
  17. Students are often provided with college preparation classes that don’t prepare them for work. Should schools focus more on getting students job-ready?
  18. Bullying and violence are the major issues at school that affect mental and physical health. What can teachers do to prevent these behaviors at school?
  19. The majority of students don’t perform equally well in all subjects. Instead, they excel in certain ones and fail in others. Should learners be allowed to choose their courses?
  20. Printed books are not easy to update, as new editions are often costly. Should schools move to digital textbooks?

💵 Business & Finance Problem Solutions Topics

A significant number of issues can arise while managing a business or creating a startup. It can be related to anything from cybersecurity to marketing strategies. If you are into entrepreneurship, consider choosing a problem solutions topic from the list below.

  1. Raising minimum wages might result in the loss of jobs. What are the alternatives?
  2. Job dissatisfaction often stems from issues related to wages, career progression, and leadership approach. How can we increase job satisfaction?
  3. The high unemployment rate brings an economic loss to the government, as well as causes individual sufferings. What are the possible methods to reduce it?
Suggesting solutions.
  1. A large number of startups fail in the first year of functioning. How can governments ensure their sustainability?
  2. Low employee productivity can create serious setbacks for businesses. What are the ways to increase productivity?
  3. Bad customer service damages the company’s reputation and leads to the loss of clients. What are the steps to fix this issue?
  4. The lack of teamwork might result in efficiency and productivity drop. How can we improve team cooperation in the company?
  5. Inflation negatively affects people with fixed wages and large amounts of cash savings. How can it be avoided? 
  6. Carrying a student loan debt and failure to repay one may result in serious financial troubles. How can we solve the problems associated with student credit?
  7. The lack of performance monitoring might lead to unintended behaviors within the organization. How can we persuade people to start using a set of performance indicators?
  8. A significantly high number of people live from payday to payday, failing to accumulate savings. What is the best way to save money monthly?
  9. Bad investments rarely bring any profit. How can people avoid poor investments?
  10. Financial crisis can lead to mass job losses and businesses shutting down. How can we overcome recessions effectively?
  11. The biggest challenge for small businesses during a pandemic is staying open and making a profit. How can governments support small businesses in case of another epidemic?
  12. Poor marketing might result in financial problems and low customer volumes. How can you improve an average marketing strategy? 
  13. Imagine a company whose cash flow is adequate, yet there aren’t enough financial resources for it to grow. What are the ways to manage a strapped budget? 
  14. Employee turnover has immediate consequences for a company. How can we reduce it?
  15. Business competition can harm small businesses through price factors and labor costs. How can they handle the competition?
  16. Poor workflow directly affects the revenue of the company. How can companies manage it effectively?
  17. Unsatisfied customers might spread the word about the ineffectiveness of the company. How can organizations increase customer satisfaction?

🍎 Health & Psychology Problem Solving Topics

Problems related to health and mental well-being are common in the modern world. It’s not surprising, considering the influence of consumerist culture and environmental factors. You can address any issue you’re particularly concerned about. The following problem solution essay topics will give you an idea of where to start.

  1. There are several reasons for poor mental health among older people in the US. What are the ways to improve it?
  2. Substance addiction affects individuals because of the stigma associated with it. In what ways can we help people in recovery?
  3. A significant number of people suffer from eating disorders, which affects their mental and physical states. How can society prevent it? 
  4. Depression is a common disorder among teenagers. How can teachers and parents help them manage it?
  5. Birth order can impact the way parents treat their children and children’s behavior. Can we, as a society, raise more awareness about the effects of birth order?
  6. Post-traumatic stress disorder is experienced by people who suffered from trauma. How can society help those who have it? 
  7. Peer pressure forces people to do things that they might not want to do. How can we reduce its influence?
  8. Romantic relationships often fail due to misunderstandings. How do we raise awareness about the possible difference in love styles?
  9. Schizophrenia is a complicated mental illness that has a severe impact on one’s life. How can society help people seek treatment for this disorder? 
  10. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might isolate themselves from peers. How can teachers and parents help kids with social skills impairments?
  11. Alzheimer’s disease affects intellectual and physical abilities, memory, and personality. How can people prevent its development?
  12. Somatization disorder is a tendency to feel psychological pain in the form of physical. What is the best treatment for its symptoms?
  13. Prolonged use of defense mechanisms makes people feel as if they aren’t in control of their own emotions. How can we help people overcome these feelings?
  14. A significant percentage of children have ADHD. How can we help children with this disorder? 
  15. Nowadays, many people have sleep disorders. How can insomnia be prevented?
  16. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused many children to feel lonely and detached. What can parents do to help their kids in case of another pandemic?
  17. Suicide is a growing problem among people of all ages. What can we do to prevent it?
  18. Constant stress negatively affects sleep quality. What techniques can help improve it?
  19. It’s natural for parents to help their children as much as possible. But because of this, they often put them under too much pressure. How can we help parents find the right balance?
  20. Constant stress increases the chances of stroke. What are the ways to reduce the risk?

🌎 Problem Solving Topic Ideas about Environment

Today’s most significant environmental issue is climate change, but it’s not the only one. There are more global problems that need to be resolved. If you’re concerned about the environment, here are some problem-cause-solution topics for you.

  1. Drinking water has become an uncommon thing in many countries due to pollution. What can people do to help with this problem?
  2. Climate change has numerous adverse effects, such as shifting seasons and new sicknesses. How can this issue be effectively addressed?
  3. Vehicles release a significant amount of greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming. Should there be a rule about reducing car usage to facilitate the solution to the environmental problem? 
  4. Woodlands produce oxygen and help regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, a vast amount of wooded areas is lost due to deforestation. What are the possible ways to solve this problem?
  5. Marine life is suffering because of the amount of carbon in the water. How can people protect it?
  6. Air pollution poses a serious danger to people’s health. How can we reduce its adverse effects? 
  7. Overpopulation results in a deficiency of assets like water, food, and fuel. How can we control it?
  8. Ozone depletion leads to an increase in the amount of ultraviolet. It results in cancer and other skin diseases. How can we solve this problem?
  9. Due to overpopulation, people use natural resources faster than nature can replenish them. How can we prevent its depletion?
  10. Leftover food is a massive problem, as it wastes water and farmland. How can we reduce it?
  11. Pesticides used to grow fruits and vegetables might cause health problems. How can we promote organic farming?
Modal verbs.
  1. Polluted soil contains chemicals dangerous to humans, animals, and plants. Is there something that can help to avoid soil pollution?
  2. Using bicycles reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. How can governments promote the usage of bicycles to reduce air pollution? 
  3. Natural disasters result from Earth’s processes and negatively affect people’s lives. What can we do to prepare for natural hazards?
  4. Fluorinated gases used in refrigerators and hair sprays significantly contribute to climate change. How can we minimize their impact on the environment?
  5. Oil spills harm wildlife and marine life, as well as contribute to climate change. How can major companies prevent that from happening?
  6. Marine life is drowning in plastic, which creates major environmental issues. How can we stop plastic pollution in the ocean?
  7. The rapid loss of biodiversity threatens our health and economic stability. What can we, as consumers, do to solve this issue?
  8. A significant amount of money is spent on cleaning garbage. Still, it’s not enough to get rid of it completely. What are the solutions to the problem of littering?
  9. Noise pollution creates discomfort and lowers the quality of people’s lives. What are the practical ways to reduce it?

🐶 Problem Solution Essay Topics about Animals

Animals have existed on our planet way before the emergence of humans. As time went by, many species vanished or became endangered due to people’s activities. Factory farms, fur industry, poaching— all of these issues require a solution. If you’re passionate about this topic, try exploring one of the following prompts.

  1. Circus animals are often violently forced to jump through rings of fire, ride bicycles, and do other activities. How can we stop the use of wild animals in circuses?
  2. Experiments on animals lead to reduced quality of their life and are often ineffective. How can we help stop this practice?
  3. Hunting causes pain and suffering to animals and disrupts the patterns created in the animal communities, such as wolf packs. How can people reduce hunting?
  4. The animals in zoos are deprived of natural habitat and are forced to be near people. How can we make zoos as comfortable as possible for them?
  5. The fur industry takes millions of animals’ lives away. How can people stop it?
  6. One of the issues animal shelters face is the lack of public awareness. What are the strategies to improve their work?
  7. Many animals live in abusive environments, where they’re neglected or physically hurt. What are the solutions to this problem?
  8. Dog Hunters Association argues for the right to use dogs in hunting. How can we change their attitude towards animals?
  9. Dogs from puppy mills are often poorly treated and suffer from a variety of diseases. How can this practice be stopped? 
  10. Due to human activities, many animals are on the brink of extinction. How can we protect endangered species?
  11. Dog meat is still used for human consumption in some parts of Asia. What are the ways to stop the inhumane trade?
  12. Some animal species are sold, either alive or dead, to various countries. What are the ways to stop the wildlife trade and keep animals safe in their natural environment?
  13. One of the primary reasons for animal extinction is poaching. What are the solutions to this issue?
  14. After adopting animals, some people decide that they no longer want them and send them to shelters. How can we prevent this from happening?
  15. Killing horses for meat is inhumane, and horse meat consumption is dangerous. How can we stop these practices?
  16. With more forests being cleared for farming and building, wild animals lose their natural habitats. How can people make safer environments for them?
  17. Ring fighting leaves animals with severe wounds that might lead to death. What can we do to stop it?
  18. Some countries continue to kill whales for commercial purposes, which threatens their existence. How can we stop whaling?
  19. The continuation of the ivory trade results in thousands of elephants being killed annually. What actions should be taken to stop it?
  20. Factory farms work to maximize profit, which is why animals are kept in inhumane conditions. What are the ways to reduce this cruelty?

🔬 Science & Technology Problem Solutions Topics

Scientific and technological processes are complicated and riddled with issues. Advances in these fields increase as well as worsen the quality of human life. In case you’re interested in science or technology, have a look at these problem solution essay topics.

  1. With the widespread use of technology, students can find everything online, which affects their critical thinking. What are the most effective ways to preserve this ability?
  2. There’s a price we have to pay for living in a digital age. It includes the loss of online data privacy. What is the best way to maintain it?
  3. To run research, scientists need large amounts of money, which often becomes an issue. How can they get more funding?
  4. A significant percentage of research papers contain wrong results due to poor study design. What is the best way to improve it?
  5. Scientists rarely want to replicate existing research. The results might turn out insignificant, and some studies are too hard to replicate. How can scientists be encouraged to do it nevertheless?
  6. Peer review is meant to prevent poor-quality works from being published. Yet, it doesn’t always work. How can the peer review system be fixed?
  7. Often, not everyone can access a published study due to journals being expensive. How can we make knowledge more accessible?
  8. Many people are unaware of scientific research in crucial areas such as nutrition. What is the best way to communicate scientific facts to a larger population?
  9. Cyber attacks are a significant threat to many businesses, as they involve the theft of large amounts of information. What are the ways to prevent them from happening?
  10. Artificial intelligence implementation creates new challenges, such as the risk of unemployment. How can we solve emerging technological problems?
  11. Technological advances allowed some countries to transition to cashless societies. While it has many advantages, it also creates some security concerns. What is the best solution for these issues?
  12. With technology advancing at a quicker pace, it is harder to find talented personnel to work with it. How can you help the employees to adapt to new technologies?
  13. While many researchers have ideas for studies, only a few get financial support for them. How can the government support scientists more effectively?
Albert Einstein quote.
  1. Mobile apps, social media, and games distract people from the real world. How can we stop smartphone addiction?
  2. Many graduating Ph.D. students have limited training for jobs outside of academic research. What can universities do to change the situation for the better?
  3. Wearable computers, such as Apple Watch, have become very convenient. Yet, they create additional privacy and security issues. How can we overcome the challenges of body-borne computers?
  4. Cyberbullying victims might experience psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, and social exclusion. What is the best way to prevent it?
  5. Environmental issues, such as air and water pollution, negatively affect the quality of life. How can technology help us save the environment?
  6. Scientists are often obligated to publish research only with statistically significant results. How can bias towards certain studies be eliminated?
  7. The constant stress and underpayment cause talented people to quit their careers in science. How can they be encouraged to continue working in their field?

🏠 Local Problem Solution Essay Topics

Another excellent idea for your essay is to write about the problems in your community. Think about the issues that need to be resolved, and start your writing. These topics will facilitate your creativity.

  1. A significant number of people view affordability of healthcare as a pressing problem, as it is quite expensive. How can healthcare costs be reduced in your community?
  2. Children may be exposed to hazardous labor, which can harm their health. What can be done to stop child labor in your country?
  3. Youth violence increases the possibility of future behavior and mental health problems. How can people stop this type of violent behavior in your community?
  4. The rise in rent prices makes housing hard to afford. How can housing in your country be improved?
  5. People who leave school or college often feel unprepared for work. This makes them feel anxious about getting a job. How can school leavers in your country be helped to get employed?
  6. When they get older, many young adults struggle to manage their finances. What is the best way to improve financial literacy in your community?
  7. A good internet connection has become a necessity for many people. This also made access to high-speed internet a major issue. How can you solve this problem in your local community?
  8. Drug addiction is a public health problem that affects many people, especially youth. What are the solutions to the drug abuse problem in your country?
  9. Traffic congestion causes environmental issues, as well as vehicle breakdowns. What is the best way to stop this in your country?
  10. Poverty leads to a lack of education, malnutrition, social exclusion, and limited access to other essential services. How can this problem be solved in your country? 
  11. Crime can cause short-term problems, like an injury, and long-term ones, such as depression or PTSD. How can illegal behavior be reduced in your community?
  12. After graduating from college, many students face difficulties in finding a job. How can educational institutions in your country help graduates get employed?
  13. Public transportation can be frustrating with its inflexibility and delays. How can it be improved in your country?
  14. Lack of car parking areas is a common problem in urban areas. How can people solve this issue in your city?
  15. Junk food advertisements target children, which later leads to an increase in childhood obesity. How can we protect young people in your country from being affected by these advertisements?
  16. Hate crime affects the security of individuals and societies as a whole. How can such crimes be prevented in your community?
  17. Corruption is a global issue that negatively affects the economic and political systems of the country. What are the measures to resolve this issue in your state? 
  18. Low fertility rates reduce the population size of a country. If your country has low birth rates, how can it be improved?
  19. Media propaganda has the potential of promoting violent behavior and reducing trust in the government. How should this problem be dealt with in your country?
  20. The number of acts of domestic violence against women, men, and children continues to grow drastically in many societies. How should these cases be handled in your country?

😄 Funny & Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

Problems are not always serious and yet require a solution. Whether it’s a choice of cereal or a friend zone, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with. Take a look at the funny problem solution essay topics list, and choose the one you like the most.

  1. We often buy items that we never use afterward. How can we prevent ourselves from buying unnecessary stuff?
  2. Your favorite soccer team keeps losing, and it’s affecting your mood. What’s the best way to cope with this continuous disappointment?
  3. You’ve invented a cool, new nickname for yourself. How do you get people to use it?
  4. You love playing League of Legends with your friend. They’re the worst support, but they insist on having this role. What should you do about it?
  5. Santa Claus is a beloved figure for many children. But they can’t believe in him forever. How should parents tell their kids that Santa isn’t real?
  6. Water is crucial to human survival. Still, some people don’t like its bland taste. How can you stay hydrated without resorting to unhealthy, sugary drinks?
  7. Happiness matters, as it makes people feel at ease. What can you do to make your community happier?
  8. Your partner loves jazz while you prefer death metal. How do you overcome this musical discrepancy?
The two main types of problems.
  1. A sturdy case can ruin the appearance even of the most beautiful phone. How can one compromise effectively on this issue?
  2. House parties are fun, but your neighbors probably disagree. How can you throw a noisy party without upsetting those who live close by?
  3. It’s hard to keep up the spark in long-distance relationships. Conversations via Zoom quickly get boring. What are fun things a couple can do together on the internet?
  4. Many people believe that legalizing marijuana will reduce its consumption levels and solve social and economic issues. What are the other solutions to cannabis use?
  5. Taking a perfect selfie requires much patience. How can you make creating a fantastic picture of yourself easier?
  6. Pizza is great, but it’s not particularly healthy. How can you upgrade your favorite junk food to make it more nourishing?
  7. Studies have shown that growing houseplants is good for the mood. But what do you do if you simply don’t have a green thumb?
  8. Exercising is important, but it’s not fun for everyone. What can unathletic people do to stay fit without suffering?
  9. Being the funny one among friends often prevents people from taking you seriously. What can change people’s attitude towards you?
  10. Some people face the issue of “having a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear.” How can we fix this problem?
  11. Your friends want to go on a trip soon, but you’re broke. What are the best strategies for students to save $100 in four weeks?

🤔 Other Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. What can we do about the problem of smoking in teenagers? 
  2. Obesity as a global problem of modern society 
  3. Reading problems and how to help students with reading disabilities 
  4. The solutions to environmental effects of e-waste 
  5. Potential solutions to noise pollution
  6. The migration issue and how to solve it
  7. The discussion and solution of COVID-19 ethical dilemma
  8. The problem of lack of parking in big cities and how to help it
  9. Nursing shortage as a national healthcare issue 
  10. Agriculture in Honduras: existing challenges and possible solutions
  11. The issue of patient safety 
  12. The problem of safety and efficiency amidst staff deficiency 
  13. The problem of substance abuse and mental health issues within the homeless African American community 
  14. The issue of medically assisted suicide 
  15. The problem of obesity in India 
  16. Medicare challenges and issues facing America 
  17. The problem of institutional racism: effects and possible solutions
  18. Contemporary issues in health care delivery 
  19. Solution of every-day problems: scientific method
  20. The issue of genetically modified crops 
  21. Librarian management consultancy: challenges and solutions
  22. The software patent issues in China 
  23. The solution to compassion fatigue and related issues in nursing 
  24. Is e-cigarettes smoking a solution?
  25. Problems in a contemporary health environment and how to overcome them 
  26. American government contemporary issues 
  27. Can obesity problem be solved by proper nutrition and exercise?
  28. Diversity and cross-cultural issues in the global workplace 
  29. Ethical issues and dilemmas in business 
  30. Finding solutions for ethical dilemma
  31. Translating Emirati proverbs: problems and solutions
  32. How to solve traffic congestion in my school district
  33. The Rock Blocks company’s recruiting issues and solutions
  34. Staffing problem solution: HR metrics and workforce analytics
  35. Solving the health problems of the United States 
  36. Possible solutions to health disparities
  37. Problems of sitting for long and their solutions
  38. Will banning plastic bags not solve pollution problem?
  39. Problem of predicting fluid responsiveness and its solution
  40. Escalating drug prices: the ways to avoid the problem
  41. The best way to address obesity in the United States
  42. Solution to the world poverty problem
  43. Gun violence: the ways to overcome the issue
  44. Design solutions for improving website quality and effectiveness
  45. Is simplification the best way to express ideas?
  46. Fairtrade: better solution to underdevelopment
  47. The problem of drug addiction in America and the solutions to it
  48. Can charging children as adults solve juvenile criminal problems?
  49. Stress in law: reasons and solutions
  50. The ways to solve the increasing incidence of criminals reverting
  51. Communication solutions for atmospheric scientist
  52. Are financial rewards the best way to increase work motivation?
  53. The environmental effects of the deforestation problem and how to solve it
  54. Recycling: finding the solution
  55. The use of the Internet to solve crimes
  56. The solution to social inequality and discrimination
  57. Encryption as a corporate security technological solution
  58. Principal threats to a building efficiency research and ways to overcome them
  59. Lack of social tolerance as the cause of discriminatory behavior problem and its solutions
  60. Environmental problems and their potential solutions
  61. Why technostress is harmful to psychological well-being and ways to reduce it
  62. Infant’s health: growth problems and solutions
  63. Community policing: the alternative solution to youth crime
  64. Strategies to overcome the organization’s problem due to community losses
  65. Metropolitan police service: identity management solution
  66. The problem of sexual harassment in the army and the ways to eliminate it
  67. Reasons of anti-Asian crimes and ways to deal with the problem
  68. Green logistics: implementation issues and solutions
  69. Technological solutions for effective communication
  70. Ways to defend against cyber terrorism
  71. Workplace conflict problem and its solutions
  72. Doha negotiations: possible solutions and outcomes
  73. Handling difficult conversations and ways to avoid conflict escalation
  74. Healthcare in Canada: problems and solutions
  75. Problem of verbal orders in medicine and how to overcome it
  76. Law contracts and ways to break the contract
  77. Cinemark USA, Inc.: problems and solutions
  78. Air pollution solutions: how to improve air quality
  79. The problem of homelessness in Los Angeles and the ways to reduce it
  80. Jamaica’s economy: problems and solutions
  81. Solutions to poverty in urban areas
  82. Australian economy: economic problems and ways of its solving
  83. Decrease the disparity between rich and poor solution
  84. Lebanon’s environmental problems and solutions
  85. Ways of treating obesity in older patients
  86. The global water crisis: issues and the ways to avoid them
  87. The Bauer school’s parking problem and solution
  88. Ways of reducing human trafficking of children 
  89. Heartland payment system data breach problem solution
  90. Immigration policy in US. problem and how to solve it
  91. The ways to overcome the investment problem
  92. The problem of dysfunctional companies and its solution
  93. Du Bois vs. Washington: racist problem solution
  94. Fad diets’ impact on human health: problem solution
  95. Environmental challenges for NAFTA and how to solve them
  96. Three solutions to the problem of pollution externalities
  97. Buying things to solve personal problems
  98. Remington Peckinpah Davis Inc.’s problem solution
  99. Problem solution: best snacks INC.
  100. Solutions to the problem of steroids in sports and athletics
  101. Problem solution: global communications
  102. The problem of global warming and ways of its solution
  103. Cyber-bullying and ways to solve the problem
  104. Losses of personal data: problem and solution
  105. Obamacare: the solution to the healthcare problem
  106. The problem of Palestinian-Israeli conflict and viable solution
  107. The problem of coral reef depletion and how to address it
  108. Social security long-term solvency problems
  109. Economic crisis: bailout plan as solution
  110. The problem of anterior spacing in dentistry female patients and possible solutions
  111. Rising sea levels: how to reduce the global concern
  112. Organ trafficking problem and policy solution
  113. Cultural issues and their solutions in project management
  114. Transforming the Texas plant: possible solutions to the problems
  115. Nursing understaffing and evidence-based solution
  116. Critical thinking to solve hard problems
  117. Healthcare disparities and the ways to overcome them
  118. Pressure injury prevention: evidence-based solution
  119. Nursing stress solutions: benefits and support
  120. The problem of violence in nursing and its solutions
  121. What is the best way to stimulate economic growth?
  122. Decision making process in management: problem solving 
  123. Pressure ulcers issue and defense of solution
  124. Land pollution and ways to minimize pollution in the US
  125. Vancouver’s housing crisis and solution
  126. The problem of stress and solutions for working students
  127. Seven ways to find help in starting a business
  128. Courtelaney Pass police department: potential problem solutions
  129. The problem of plagiarism, its reasons and solutions
  130. Ways of managing conflict
  131. Political corruption and how to address it
  132. Low wages and inequality problem and its solutions in the USA
  133. Child abuse and ways for its elimination
  134. The problem of infant mortality issue in India: possible solutions
  135. Domestic violence problem and the ways to overcome them
  136. Ways of avoiding cross-cultural miscommunication
  137. Risk incidence solution to the problem of substance use disorder
  138. Is assisted suicide a humane solution?
  139. Successful ways of preventing crime by Blundell
  140. Iron seeding oceans: global warming solution

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