590 Unique Controversial Topics & Tips for a Great Essay

Controversial issues are the ones that evoke a variety of opinions. They often cause heated debates. And, as you can guess, controversial research topics are not easy to handle.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. This article will:

  • help you pick a controversial question for your essay;
  • provide you a list of 560 interesting controversial topics to write about;
  • tell you how to tackle a debatable subject properly.

We gathered controversial topics for research paper on medical, science, education, and other areas for your high school or college essay!

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🔝 Top 10 Controversial Research Topics

  1. Is surrogacy ethical?
  2. Benefits of eating meat
  3. The purpose of cyberstalking
  4. NATO’s role in Yugoslavia’s conflict
  5. Psychological effects of hate crimes
  6. Is genetics the cause of alcoholism?
  7. Could the 2003 invasion of Iraq be justified?
  8. The consequences of weather modification
  9. The psychological factor of vaccine hesitancy
  10. Should bullfighting be banned everywhere?

✅ Choosing a Controversial Topic

Picking the right essay topic can be challenging. You want your theme to be engaging, but you also don’t want to get carried away when writing. Here are our tips to help you choose the perfect subject:

  1. Brainstorm.
    Writing is easier if you find a topic that suits your interests. So, the first step is to sit down and think. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Are there any contemporary social issues that you find fascinating?
    • Was there a news piece that made you emotional?
    • Is there a personal matter you could expand upon?
    To maximize the chances of finding a good topic, you can also try a writing subject generator. It will definitely bring in a much greater variety of options.
  2. Superficial research.
    Once you have a direction, you can start researching. Find basic information on your topic. You can read articles and summaries or even ask your family and friends.
  3. The right kind of evidence.
    It’s crucial to back your claims with proof. Supposing you wanted to write about conspiracy theories. Yet, there may be zero substantial evidence to support them. So, make sure to choose a topic associated with credibility.
  1. Narrow down your topic.
    This is often the most challenging part. You want your topic to be broad and easy to research. But if it is too broad, you might quickly run out of space. Simple ways to narrow down your subject are:
    • Limiting it to a certain period (i.e., the 50s).
    • Focusing on a specific area (i.e., in Europe).
    • Zooming in on a single culture (i.e., Americans).
  2. Be original.
    Last but not least: stay clear from overused topics. Themes such as gun control and abortion may be popular and well-researched. But ask yourself: can you really provide a novel perspective on the subject?

Remember these tips, and you’re good to go! Let’s continue with our list of controversial essay topics.

🏆 Top 10 Unique Controversial Topics for Essays

  1. Are hologram concerts ethical?
  2. The effects of the genocide denial
  3. What is wrong with organic food?
  4. Is pro-life movement misunderstood?
  5. Controversies of the #Metoo movement
  6. Political manipulation and online voting
  7. Should atheism be considered a religion?
  8. Does the smoking ban violate human rights?
  9. How does religion influence domestic violence?
  10. Should there be no censorship in social media?

⭐ Top 10 Controversial Topics to Write About in 2024

🗺️ The benefits of open borders
💣 The effects of atomic bomb testing
🛢️ Should offshore drilling be banned?
🧬 Can human gene editing be justified?
👑 Do beauty pageants objectify women?
🛠️ Why shouldn’t companies outsource?
🤖 Existential dangers of artificial intelligence
🚬 Why e-cigarettes don’t help quit smoking
🌱 Biofuels’ contribution to the global warming
🎮 Stereotypical portrayals of ethnicity in video games

🏥 Controversial Health Topics for an Essay

Controversies surround the subject of health. For one, universal healthcare is a central clashing point for many people. Issues associated with nursing and mental well-being draw a lot of opposing opinions as well. Health topics frequently revolve around ethical or religious concerns.

💊 Controversial Medical Topics for Your Paper

  1. Is it appropriate for people with diabetes to inject insulin in public?
  2. How should schools treat children with ADHD?
  3. Euthanasia: in how far are terminally ill patients capable of the decision to end their lives?
  4. Medical treatment in religious beliefs.
  5. Is water fluoridation necessary?
  6. Chronic Lyme Disease and its treatment.
  7. Organ donation: should the system be opt-in or opt-out?
  8. How effective is homeopathy?
  9. Should doctors be allowed to advertise abortion services openly?
  10. Can we curb teen obesity by limiting their access to sugary drinks?
  11. Why do people fund research into immortality?
  12. Immunization, safety concerns, and public attitude.
  13. Should birth control be free?
  14. Prenatal testing: ethical ways to handle the results.
  15. Medical intervention: ethical, legal, and moral dilemmas.
  16. What circumstances overrule a patient’s right to privacy?
  17. Does the problem of Adderall usage by stressed college students need more national attention?
  18. Do healthcare providers need to be religiously sensitive?
  19. Biomedical ethics study in the Christian narrative.
  20. Hormonal contraception: is it useful?

🤔 Controversial Psychology Topics to Write About

  1. Discuss the use of psilocybin in the treatment of mental illnesses.
  2. Psychosurgery: does it help?
  3. Is lack of money a legitimate reason to terminate a patient’s psychological treatment?
  4. All or nothing? The efficacy of the harm reduction model.
  5. Psychology issues: television violence.
  6. Pornography: does it distort one’s sexuality?
  7. Does corporal punishment cause lasting psychological harm to children?
  8. Is human behavior pre-determined?
  1. Debate whether severe mental illness should count as a disability.
  2. Should children with ADHD receive stimulant medication?
  3. How effective is online therapy?
  4. Kids with gender disorders: should they receive surgical treatment?
  5. Psychological issues related to children’s spanking.
  6. Use of Sigmund Freud’s practices in the modern-day world.
  7. Obedience and conscience: how far are psychological experiments allowed to go?
  8. Is committing petty crimes a socially acceptable coping mechanism?
  9. The true cost of living in the virtual world.
  10. Investigate the efficacy of hypnotherapy.
  11. What are the common reasons for self-harm?
  12. Is high-functioning autism a derivation of Asperger’s or a unique medical condition?

💉 Controversial Topics in Nursing to Look Into

  1. Your position on interpersonal relations theory in nursing.
  2. Discuss the ethics of circumcision.
  3. Commercial surrogacy: should it be legal?
  4. Is the needle exchange program a good idea?
  5. Should older adults receive expensive medical treatment, even if it puts a financial strain on their family members?
  6. The ethics of therapeutic cloning.
  7. Do nurses have to partake in morally questionable procedures?
  8. Patient-centered vs. team nursing care model.
  9. What caused the opioid crisis?
  10. Is mandatory overtime a justifiable job requirement for nurses?
  11. Should we use the electronic health record?
  12. Debate the effectiveness of telehealth services.
  13. Is giving birth at home dangerous?
  14. Discuss organizational behavior in the nursing settings.
  15. Planned Parenthood: should it receive federal funding?
  16. Should nurses be allowed to wear hijabs or religious accessories?
  17. The necessity of requiring a bachelor’s degree for midwifery.
  18. In the nursing sector, how much digitalization is too much?
  19. Is it morally right for nurses to go on strikes?
  20. The role of social media in nursing practice.

📚 Controversial Topics in Education to Research

Many of us spend more than a decade as students. Our education usually starts in kindergarten, where we’re taught social norms and behavior. A proper training environment where children can flourish is crucial. But educational decisions can be challenging, as the following topics will illustrate.

🧒 Controversial School Topics for Essays

  1. Tablets in school: are they a distraction or a blessing?
  2. The effect of national standards on the quality of education.
  3. Transformative education: main arguments.
  4. Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  5. Does singing the national anthem before classes promote nationalism?
  6. Examine the necessity of homework.
Excessive homework assignments.
  1. Should schools stay clear from religion?
  2. Is it reasonable to have classes on the weekend?
  3. Inclusion policies in education and their effects.
  4. What should a teacher do with a student who cheats?
  5. Should the food in school cafeterias be exclusively vegetarian?
  6. Can you force kids to participate in PE?
  7. Is it right for teachers to be political?
  8. Should school computers block access to specific websites?
  9. Sex education: should it be compulsory?
  10. Is hiring armed security guards necessary to protect school children?
  11. Should college education in the US be free?
  12. Individualized education program accommodations.
  13. Is it justified that university students are often in debt by the end of their education?
  14. Should schools teach local dialects?

🏫 Controversial Topics in Special Education

  1. Labeling in special education.
  2. Discuss the necessity of special programs for dyslexic children.
  3. The role of technology in aided education.
  4. Who should be responsible for funding special education schools?
  5. Remote learning for students with disabilities.
  6. What types of disabilities should qualify for special education?
  7. The importance of creativity in aided learning.
  8. How should teachers discipline cognitively challenged students?
  9. Children with special education needs: intervention.
  10. Racial bias in the identification of disabled students.
  11. Do we need more specially trained educators that are POC?
  12. Does integration help reduce social stigma against students with disabilities?
  13. Strategies for addressing individual needs in special education.
  14. Discuss whether special needs students should have freedom of school choice.
  15. Should students with different types of disabilities be taught differently?
  16. How should teachers deal with twice-exceptional students?
  17. The effectiveness of co-teaching in special education.
  18. Burnout in educators working with mentally challenged children.
  19. Discuss the societal bias towards kids receiving remedial education.
  20. The role of parents in treating behavioral abnormalities in children.

🧸 Controversial Topics in Early Childhood Education

  1. Should kids be educated in a gender-neutral way?
  2. How should teachers react when they spot signs of child abuse?
  3. Do preschools have to ensure culturally diverse classrooms?
  4. Personality: early childhood development effects.
  5. Math for kindergartners: should it be encouraged?
  6. How much time per day do children need to play?
  7. What effects does homeschooling have on a child’s social abilities?
  8. Should kids be informed about gay love?
  9. Celebration of military holidays and its impact on young children.
  10. Should teachers be friends with their students?
Nelson Mandela quote.
  1. Immigrant children: who is responsible for teaching them the local language?
  2. Early language development: phonics controversy.
  3. Should girls be encouraged to pursue an interest in STEM from an early age?
  4. Are today’s educators not strict enough with young children?
  5. Should kindergarten instructors teach kids how to pray?
  6. Discuss the effects of making preschool mandatory.
  7. Is kindergarten necessary?
  8. Is it appropriate to employ preschool teachers without proper pedagogical education?
  9. Should the government implement new taxes to fund resources for early childhood educators?
  10. The relevance of media education for early learners.

🔬 Controversial Science Topics to Explore

Science is a very diverse subject. Because of this, there’s lots of room for controversy. Sometimes, objections to a proposition come from the scientific community itself. Other times, the public takes social or moral affront. Polarizing science issues today include Internet privacy and stem cell research.

🌱 Controversial Biology Topics for a Research Paper

  1. Citizen science: how accurate is it?
  2. Who and what is responsible for climate change?
  3. Water quality and contamination.
  4. What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
  5. Animal rights: why are they important?
  6. Discuss the effectiveness of pheromones in perfume.
  7. Find parallels between evolution and climate change denial.
  8. Is TMS an effective treatment for anxiety?
  9. Treating Parkinson’s with DBS: is it worth the risk?
  10. Does afforestation in Scotland affect animal habitats?
  11. Your stance on punctuated equilibrium.
  12. Should intensive animal farming be banned?
  13. Using nanotechnology in drug delivery.
  14. Animal testing and alternatives development.
  15. Should plastic surgery be limited to the damaged body parts?
  16. PETA and their quest for advocating animal rights.
  17. Is gender a biologically determined or a cultural concept?
  18. Do people need to store food supplements?
  19. Debate the ethics of animal-human chimeras research.
  20. How much does a person’s fitness depend on their genes?

🖥️ Controversial Topics in Computer Science

  1. Net neutrality and the FCC.
  2. Should hospitals use AI in diagnostics?
  3. Was the NSA’s massive global data collection justified?
  4. Do parents have the right to equip their children’s phones with tracking software?
The most controversial issues in computer science.
  1. Should we boycott Google because of its privacy issues?
  2. Facebook’s data collection: are we at fault for buying into the system?
  3. Selling data for marketing purposes.
  4. Will computers ever achieve self-awareness?
  5. Should piracy be punished more severely than it currently is?
  6. Your position on parents posting pictures of their children on social media.
  7. The internet and ethical debate on information privacy.
  8. Anonymous and the morality of the hacker culture.
  9. Are robots taking over the job market?
  10. Do we surrender our right to privacy when we go online?
  11. Is public surveillance necessary to ensure our security?
  12. Are cellular signals affecting our health?
  13. Computer data acquisition and its consequences.
  14. Self-driving cars: will they dominate our streets in the future?
  15. Automatic navigation systems in ships: are they a solution or a health hazard?
  16. Should a person’s social media presence impact their professional life?

📐 Controversial Engineering Topics to Research

  1. Should we try engineering the weather?
  2. The Three Gorges Dam: do its economic benefits outweigh its adverse environmental effects?
  3. Are we too dependent on technology?
  4. Debate the extraction of conflict resources.
  5. Is designing more advanced weaponry an effective way to prevent wars?
  6. Bio-engineered food: is it the solution to end world hunger?
  7. Does the morality of war change when robots fight it?
  8. Should engineers consider the existing ecosystem when building wind turbines and power lines?
  9. The advantages of using concurrent engineering.
  10. Cultured meat: is it a threat to the agricultural industry?
  11. The importance of carbon capture in combating climate change.
  12. Should civil engineering focus more on bicycle infrastructure than on cars?
  13. Are hybrid vehicles a sustainable alternative to classic cars?
  14. Discuss the concept of renewable energy.
  15. Should engineers be obliged to take accessibility into account when constructing a new building?
  16. Can AI fully replace engineers?
  17. Computers in education: their role and importance.
  18. How important is the connection of rural areas to a better infrastructure?
  19. Can a boycott stop companies from harvesting resources in endangered places?
  20. Debate whether there should be a law obliging all builders to adhere to green engineering principles.

🧪 Controversial Chemistry Topics for Papers

  1. Can carbon form hydrogen bonds?
  2. Chemistry and its use for warfare.
  3. Fritz Haber: did he deserve the Nobel Prize for Chemistry?
  4. The ethics of synthetic organic molecules.
  5. Thalidomide: reasons for its approval in the ‘50s.
  6. Nuclear reprocessing, waste disposal, and transportation.
  7. Should home chemistry experiments be encouraged?
  8. Examine the health effects of aspartame.
Lyman Beecher Quote.
  1. Debate the use of hydrogen as a fuel source.
  2. Discuss the safety of lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Does chemistry have the tools to reverse climate change?
  4. Is there a connection between iron deficiency and childhood obesity?
  5. Should we use tar sand extraction?
  6. Does the pharmaceutical industry dictate parameters in chemical research?
  7. Describe the impact of governmentally mandated ethanol fuel.
  8. What makes Monsanto a controversial company?
  9. Environmental studies: plastic recycling and recovery.
  10. Your position on the structure of hexacyclinol.
  11. How sustainable does lab equipment need to be?
  12. What influences the approval procedures for drugs?

🧬 Controversial Genetics Topics for Students

  1. Applications for epigenetic modifications.
  2. The use of GMOs from a European perspective.
  3. Which social implications does human genome editing have?
  4. Designer babies: should it be legal to change a newborn’s eye color genetically?
  5. Debate appropriate CRISPR Applications.
  6. Discuss the implications of genetic engineering as a tool for human enhancement. 
  7. Biological theory of aging.
  8. Will widespread gene therapy lead to an increase in discrimination?
  9. Should embryonic stem cell research be funded?
  10. Is it morally justified to conceive a baby to make it help its sick sibling?
  11. Should gene therapy ethically be the same as any other kind of medical treatment?
  12. Personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. 
  13. The role of environment and genes in human development.
  14. A case for gene doping in sports.
  15. Discuss the accuracy of data gained from DNA testing companies.
  16. Debate the ethics of gene patenting.
  17. Should healthcare providers pay for assisted reproductive techniques?
  18. Did the eugenics movement’s goals make sense?
  19. Genomics and the right to genetic privacy.
  20. Does human genetic engineering contribute to inequality?

🎨 Controversial Essay Topics About Culture

Culture is the traditions, values, and social habits of a specific group of people. It also includes art and music. In some European cultures, people dance around a tree to celebrate spring. Is it unfamiliar to you? That’s how different we are! What we recognize as culturally relevant art is mostly subjective and remains a topic of constant debate.

🖌️ Controversial Art Topics to Explore

  1. Is taping a banana on a museum wall art?
  2. Can everyone do drip painting like Jackson Pollock?
  3. Banksy: is he a vandal? 
  4. Should graffiti be allowed in specific places?
  5. Discuss the shredding of Girl with Balloon.
  6. Cataloging street art.
  7. The case of Yulia Tsvetkova: censorship in Russia.
  8. How far should satire be allowed to go? 
  9. Is it justified to tear down statues of slave owners?
  10. Graphic design in postmodern art.
  11. Ai Weiwei and his relationship with art.
  12. Is it more challenging for black artists to get recognition?
  13. Who benefits from copyright laws?
The notion of copyright.
  1. Was Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain a tribute to misogyny?
  2. What can make an artwork inappropriate?
  3. Is it possible to separate the art from the artist?
  4. Debate the legacy of Leni Riefenstahl.
  5. Should movies directed by women receive more promotion?
  6. Is it insensitive to make fun of religion?
  7. When is censorship justified?

🎵 Controversial Topics on Music to Write About

  1. Spotify and its influence on the music market.
  2. Is contemporary music less inspired than it used to be?
  3. Is it necessary for popular songs to have a message?
  4. Why do so many musicians ban Donald Trump from using their work?
  5. Debate the claims of Johann Sebastian Bach’s anti-Semitism.
  6. Can John Cage’s 4’33” be called music?
  7. Can anyone be a successful musician with the right equipment and marketing?
  8. Sampling: when does it become plagiarism?
  9. Discuss the use of lip synchronization in live performances.
  10. Investigate the effect of the loudness war on the music industry.
  11. When is it justified to ban songs from the radio?
  12. Racism in music videos. 
  13. Do musicians have to be role models?
  14. Baby, It’s Cold Outside as an example of accepted misogyny in holiday songs.
  15. Do casting shows only exist to make fun of people?
  16. Examine the importance of the radio today.
  17. Does Tupac’s fame stem partly from his premature death? 
  18. Is using the N-word in hip hop songs a move of empowerment?
  19. Intellectual property in the music industry.
  20. Analyze John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.” 

🍿 Controversial Pop Culture Topics for Students

  1. Discuss Lady Gaga’s status as a modern icon. 
  2. Take a stand on the importance of diversity among Disney characters.
  3. How much can we learn about physics from The Big Bang Theory?
  4. Did pop culture around the globe essentially turn into American pop culture? 
  5. Would a real-life Jurassic Park be a great idea?
  6. Investigate the influence of pop culture on child development.
  7. Superheroes: are they good role models, or do they set unattainable standards?
  8. Racism on television: depiction of Asian culture.
  9. Whitewashing in Hollywood: should there be laws to guarantee the employment of actors of color?
  10. Why reality TV shows are popular.
  11. Can translations of media be better than the original?
  12. Does folk culture continue to live only in movies and TV shows?
  13. Women and men: TV roles. 
  14. Discuss the way pop culture influences our moral code.
  15. Star Trek vs. Star Wars: which one had a more significant impact on society?
  16. What happens at the end of Inception?
  17. Does the portrayal of violence in the media cause consumers to become violent themselves? 
  18. The Bond Girl: a prestigious role or a sexist relic?
  19. Debate the representation in commercials.
  20. Are classic books culturally more valuable than modern bestsellers?

🗽 Controversial Topics in America to Write About

America is a big nation that hosts many different peoples. Naturally, this vibrant mix is the perfect breeding ground for conflicting ideas. From the Civil War to the Trump presidency, there is a lot to discuss. In this list, you’ll find controversial issues that affect America today, as well as historical topics.

  1. Is the US election system still up to date?
  2. Racism in America: discrimination and prejudice.
  3. Discuss the political impact of the BLM protests.
  4. How can we solve racially biased police violence?
  5. Investigate the efficacy of native tree tending methods in California.
  6. Should advertising of pharmaceutical products be banned?
  7. When is the death penalty justified?
Martin Luther King, Jr. quote.
  1. Should Edward Snowden be pardoned?
  2. No Child Left Behind and its impact on the American educational system.
  3. The Affordable Care Act: did it do more harm than good?
  4. American exceptionalism: definition and impact.
  5. Fox News as a reliable source of information.
  6. Should America be more reflective of its history?
  7. Was the Civil War unavoidable?
  8. Should the two-party system be abolished? 
  9. African American women and higher education barriers.
  10. The right to life: does this concept take pregnant women into account?
  11. Who was responsible for the Boston Massacre in 1770? 
  12. Does your ballot make a difference if you live in California?
  13. Consequences of healthcare reform in the US.

📜 Controversial Historical Topics for Research Papers

History is not always pretty. When we look at past events, we need to think about how they impacted the present. Arguing won’t change what happened, but we still can influence the future by pointing out injustice and other problematic events.

  1. Is it justified that Germany is currently trialing the Nazi officers who guarded the concentration camps 80 years ago?
  2. Examine the historical origins of Thanksgiving.
  3. Discuss the treatment of Japanese Americans on the Pacific Coast during WW2.
  4. The consequences of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.
  5. How should schools teach about the Holocaust?
  6. Discuss civilizations from an anthropological perspective.
  7. How prevalent are the impacts of slavery in the US today?
  8. Aleksandra Kollontai: was she a feminist icon?
  9. The influence of the women’s suffrage movement on a global scale.
  10. Why did it take so long for women to be allowed to vote?
  11. Was colonialism justified?
  12. Does Stalin deserve admiration despite his Great Purge?
  13. Investigate how the public supported the Jim Crow system. 
  14. Evolution history and scientific discoveries. 
  15. The Civil Rights Movement as a perpetrator of domestic terrorism.
  16. Maximilien Robespierre: did he liberate the French or only subject them to more terror?
  17. Terrorism: IRA history and ideologies. 
  18. Did Christian missionaries make the African continent more civil?
  19. Examine the origins of the phrase “Let them eat cake.”
  20. The motifs and methods used by the Red Army Faction.

💵 Controversial Business Topics for Students

Sometimes, employee relations are less than rosy. It often leads to scandals and public outcries. While demands for better treatment gain traction globally, decision making for business owners becomes increasingly challenging.

  1. Should more countries ban Uber?
  2. Do sexual harassment allegations negatively impact the reputation of innocent men?
  3. Is that always true that all PR is good PR?
  4. Discuss diversity training approaches in the United States.
  5. Should large corporations support socially relevant movements?
  6. Do new fathers need to be paid parental leave?
  7. If your coworker is using drugs and you know it, are you responsible for reporting them?
  8. Nestlé is privatizing water in arid African countries. Should the company be boycotted for that? 
  9. Dispute the ethics of whistleblowing.
Controversy is the proverbial double-edged sword.
  1. How does working from home affect performance?
  2. Can a quota solve the low number of women in executive positions?
  3. How intimate should the employer-employee relationship be?
  4. Is it better to work in a small firm or global company?
  5. Casual dress codes and their effects.
  6. Should companies provide for their employees’ healthcare?
  7. How relevant is it to clearly distinguish between work and private time?
  8. Walmart’s unethical employee management practices.
  9. When is it justified to hire someone based on their appearance?
  10. MLM as a legitimate marketing strategy.
  11. Should it be mandatory to tip service workers?

♻️ Environmental Controversial Topics to Explore

The environment around us is changing. It gives rise to questions such as “What caused this change?” and “How dangerous is it?” These discussions have long transcended the boundaries of the scientific community. Check out the following examples if you’re interested in current environmental issues.

  1. Deforestation in Germany: RWE and the Hambach Forest.
  2. The Tellico Dam: was its construction justified?
  3. Nuclear energy: is it a clean alternative to fossil fuels?
  4. Genetically modified organisms: pros and cons. 
  5. Who is responsible for combating climate change?
  6. Should governments ban non-electric cars from the streets?
  7. Discuss whether dumpster diving should be a legal activity.
  8. Environmental activism: benefits and threats.
  9. Plastic garbage in the ocean: what should we do with it?
  10. Compare Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters. 
  11. Is not having children a solution to stop environmental problems?
  12. Will we be able to provide food and housing for everyone if the population continues to grow?
  13. Are we dependent on palm oil?
  14. Does our avocado consumption cause environmental problems?
  15. Oceanic dead zones and their restoring strategies.
  16. Debate the impact of Earth Day.
  17. Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer: should we listen to young people talking about the climate? 
  18. Fridays for future: in what way do children skipping school help the environment?
  19. Should governments drill for oil in the Arctic?
  20. Is everyone responsible for taking care of their ecological footprint?

🍳 Controversial Nutrition Topics to Look Into

In today’s society, nutrition is way more than merely a dietary choice. It has become a political and social statement. That’s what makes it more controversial than ever. What does your nutrition say about your personality? Think about it while checking out our 20 controversial food topics:

  1. Examine the health effects of a gluten-free diet.
  2. Should the world go vegan?
  3. Discuss the potential success rate of a global diet.
  4. Is fruitarianism harmful?
  5. The usage of food additives.
  6. Debate the efficacy of the Keto diet.
  7. Can fast food be healthy?
  8. How dangerous is caffeine?
  9. Investigate the healthiness of fruit juice.
  10. Should we eat less bread?
  11. Are protein shakes good for one’s health?
  12. Discuss food ads ban for childhood obesity prevention.
  13. California almonds: business interests vs. water scarcity.
  14. Food: national identity and cultural differences. 
  15. Should humanity discontinue traditional meal cooking?
  16. Is fish a sustainable alternative to beef?
  17. Should nutrition be taught in school?
  18. Foie gras: should it be kept as a traditional delicacy?
  19. Does eating soy contribute to environmental issues?
  20. The Coca-Cola Company and its global impact.

⚽ Controversial Sport Topics to Research

Millions of people enjoy sports, whether on a couch or in the field. Nowadays, professional sports are a global business. On the one hand, teams need to maintain their commercial interests. On the other hand, players want to preserve their integrity. It creates plenty of room for conflict, especially when personal ethics come into play.

  1. Should players be allowed to kneel during the national anthem?
  2. Is O.J. Simpson still a role model?
  3. Do top soccer players earn too much?
  4. Was the failure of the USWNT’s lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation justified?
  5. Is winning the most important thing about competitive sports?
  6. Should athletes do everything to achieve their goals?
  7. Is goal-line technology fair? 
Simpson’s trial.
  1. The pros and cons of VAR.
  2. Is sport more than merely physical exercise?
  3. Should the sports sphere be free of politics?
  4. The issue of violence in sports.
  5. Should sports involving animals like rodeo riding be banned?
  6. Debate whether e-sports should have the same standing as common sports.
  7. Are Native American motifs in mascots a problem?
  8. Is the division between women’s and men’s sports sensible?
  9. Solutions to the problem of steroids in sports and athletics. 
  10. Sports betting as a harmless pastime activity.
  11. Discuss Blizzard’s ban on the pro-Hong Kong player Ng Wai Chung.
  12. Why did Michael Jordan retire?
  13. Was the USFL destined to fail from the start?

🗳️ Controversial Political Topics for Essays

In a field with as many opposing interests as politics, it can be tiresome to reach a consensus. Even within a group of people that generally agree on a goal, finding a common path is difficult. Do you like to challenge your political beliefs? This section is for you!

  1. Was the annexation of Crimea justified?
  2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: is she the future of American politics?
  3. Is defunding the police a solution to secure social justice? 
  4. Should there be an age cap for presidential candidates?
  5. Lowering the voting age as a means to integrate the youth into politics.
  6. Is a border wall between the US and Mexico a good idea? 
  7. Discuss the United States national policy and federalism.
  8. Should the government enforce a ban on bottled water? 
  9. Is federal funding for sanctuary cities justified?
  10. The DREAM act: pros and cons. 
  11. Find pros and cons for Daylight Savings Time.
  12. Would a universal basic income lead to a worker shortage?
  13. Your opinion on Canadian drug policies.
  14. Why did the United States invade Iraq?
  15. A case for the decriminalization of drugs and their users.
  16. Was the assassination of Qasem Soleimani justified?
  17. Has NATO become obsolete?
  18. Should the EU be dissolved?
  19. Debate the consequences of abolishing paper money.
  20. Should the government invest more money in fighting homelessness?

🚔 Controversial Topics in Criminal Justice

With protests sweeping all over Europe and the US right now, criminal justice is one of the hottest debate topics. Is it time to recreate the system that keeps the law in place? Talk about any of our compelling issues and have your finger right on the criminal justice situation’s pulse.

  1. Should cybercriminals receive a less severe punishment than those committing physical crimes?
  2. In which situations do guns decrease violence?
  3. Should private prisons be outlawed?
  4. Jury’s professionalism in criminal trials.
  5. Is the criminal justice system structurally racist?
  6. How should the media report on crime? 
  7. Moral metaphysics: criminal punishment and gay basics.
  8. Should inmates be allowed to vote?
  9. Discuss the efficacy of prison rehabilitation.
  10. Is it true that people with mental illness are more likely to commit crimes?
  11. How should we handle war crimes?
  12. Do homophobic crimes need to be prosecuted more severely?
  13. Drunk drivers: are they not punished enough?
  14. The best way to integrate former prisoners into society.
  15. Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist’s location.
  16. Do male and female criminals need different types of punishment?
  17. Since prisons are expensive to maintain, would it be more beneficial for society to find other ways to deal with offenders?
  18. Is life without parole worse than the death penalty? 
  19. Does easy access to guns influence suicide rates?
  20. Should child soldiers be trialed?

⚖️ Ethical Controversial Topics to Discuss

Ethics is often closely interwoven with religion. But even without spiritual guidance, everyone follows their personal moral code. Some of the most challenging questions concerning human life are rooted in ethics. Thinking about morally controversial issues is an excellent way to sharpen your decision making.

  1. When is lying justified?
  2. Is it wrong to have pets at home?
  3. Should zoos be outlawed?
  4. Where does human life begin?
  5. Cultural identity and its acceptance in a society. 
  6. Are there just reasons for torture?
  7. Debate Western beauty standards.
Shamcey Supsup quote.
  1. Discuss problems that occur with charity work and donations.
  2. Can anyone ever be wholly impartial?
  3. Is it your moral duty to prevent harm?
  4. Is Anti-Natalism ethical?
  5. Discuss ethical approaches in career choice.
  6. Would society benefit from legalizing prostitution?
  7. Cyberbullying among college students. 
  8. Should parents be able to adopt a child of a different ethnicity?
  9. Why was slavery allowed for so many years despite it being unethical?
  10. Can a crime be honorable?
  11. Is cancel culture ethical?
  12. What should you do with a gift you don’t like?
  13. Should police officers be allowed to have side jobs?

❤️ Controversial Essay Topics about Relationships

Unless you’re a completely self-sustained hermit, it’s impossible to avoid relationships. We all have opinions on them, and there’s hardly a subject people get more passionate about. It’s the perfect recipe for a controversial debate!

  1. Are large age gaps in relationships a sign of predatory behavior?
  2. In couples, should men always be older than women?
  3. Are nursing homes ethical?
  4. Reasons to wait with sex until marriage.
  5. Is marriage an outdated institution?
  6. Is feminism toxic to traditional relationships?
  7. Who is responsible for contraception in a couple?
  8. Discuss how polyamorous relationships can work.
  9. Is a married person entitled to sex?
  10. Marriage or cohabitation: benefits and drawbacks. 
  11. Which parent should stay at home when a child is born?
  12. Is it impossible to combine family with a career?
  13. Emotional abuse of women by their intimate partners.
  14. Ethical concerns against using dating apps.
  15. Does marriage have to be religious?
  16. Is cheating always the end of a relationship?
  17. Should custody always go to the mother?
  18. How tolerant was ancient Greece?
  19. Are you responsible for caring for your partner if they develop a severe illness?
  20. Does love distract us from more important things?

👩👍 Controversial Feminist Topics to Debate

Since its emergence, feminism has undergone many changes. It started as a movement to combat sexism and achieve equality for women. Nowadays, it also questions concepts such as gender and people’s roles in society. Feminism has applications in many areas, including sociology, philosophy, economy, and politics.

  1. Are majors such as “gender studies” necessary?
  2. Do anti-feminist women act against their own interests?
  3. Your stance on the social construction of gender.
  4. How big of a problem is the gender pay gap?
  5. Is the hijab a sign of female oppression?
  6. Debate whether it is sensible to ban advertisements sexualizing the female body.
  7. Female gender bias in college. 
  8. Does sexism affect only women? 
  9. Where does sexual objectification start?
  10. Are women who opt for being a stay-at-home mother not empowered?
  11. Women and professional sports.
Waves of feminism.
  1. Should English teachers pick female authors to study in class?
  2. Would it be better if more countries had female leaders?
  3. Conchita Wurst’s impact on LGBTQ awareness.
  4. Is straight pride a legitimate response to gay pride?
  5. Discuss the pros and cons of women-only spaces.
  6. Is it justified that transgender individuals have to undergo therapy before they can apply for surgery?
  7. Should a trans person’s healthcare provider pay for their sex reassignment surgery?
  8. Multiculturalism as a feminist concept.
  9. Can a child legally have more than two parents?

⛪ Controversial Christian Topics to Explore

The Bible leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Because of this, Catholics, Protestants, and Baptists have all very different opinions on particular topics. But even within a single group of believers, there are certain controversial subjects people heavily disagree on. Here are 20 themes that remain in continuous debate among Christians:

  1. Should women assume leadership roles? 
  2. Can contemporary music be used for worship?
  3. Debate whether infants should be baptized.
  4. Should the church be involved in political matters?
  5. Is the Old Testament important for modern believers?
  6. What are things people might love more than God?
  7. Can you live your entire life without telling any lies?
  8. Should shops be closed on Sundays?
  9. Do you have to honor your parents, even if they abused you?
  10. Fall of humanity as a religious issue. 
  11. Should Christians participate in wars?
  12. Creationism, its theories, and forms. 
  13. What type of weapons is morally acceptable for self-defense? 
  14. Discuss the pros and cons of cremation vs. traditional burial.
  15. Are tattoos sinful because they change your body’s appearance? 
  16. Should Christians marry people who don’t share their faith?
  17. Is polygamy acceptable? 
  18. Jesus’s identity: God, man, or both?
  19. When is a divorce justified?
  20. Is communism compatible with Christian beliefs?

🎖️ Controversial Military Topics to Write About

The military is an essential part of every country. It may seem that nations should have a similar understanding of the defense. However, this is not the case. Military tactics and training differ from place to place. No wonder that controversies occur every once in a while.

  1. Discuss the benefits of mandatory military service.
  2. Who should serve in the army?
  3. What is the best training for a soldier?
  4. The military and higher education: are they a good combination?
  5. Should the military advertise?
  6. Is veteran worship a good practice?
  7. Can you be in the army and have a healthy family life?
  8. Was Donald Trump right to move American troops in Europe?
  9. Which army positions should be off-limits for women?
  10. Discuss justifications for the use of military force.
  11. What lessons did Americans learn from the Vietnam War?
  12. Is another world war outside the realm of possibility?
  13. Can there be a situation where the use of nuclear weapons is justified?
  14. What military policies should be changed? 
  15. Is the American military overfunded?
  16. Does winning a war justify all means?
  17. Was American deployment in Afghanistan a success?
  18. Is Douglas MacArthur a good role model?
  19. The usage of military medical assets.
  20. Can a person be a great military officer if their morals are questionable?

✈️ Controversial Immigration Topics to Write About

Each year, more and more people decide to migrate. Their reasons vary: some seek a better climate, others follow a loved one. Sometimes an individual is forced to leave their home because of war or persecution. With millions of people moving, a substantial number of problems arise. Dive deeper into this complex subject with these suggestions:

  1. Is citizenship by birth a good idea?
  2. Should immigrants be allowed to acquire dual citizenship?
  3. The impact of globalization on immigration control.
  4. How should a country treat illegal immigrants who are children?
  5. Do countries always benefit from foreign workers?
Tony Blair quote.
  1. Discuss the effects of Brexit on European migration policies.
  2. Can anyone ever be fully integrated into a new environment?
  3. Investigate the connection between immigration and crime rates. 
  4. Is the pay gap between foreign nationals and natives just?
  5. Illegal immigrants to the US: receiving social services.
  6. Are there such things as “good” and “bad” immigration?
  7. Do you have to learn the local language when you move to another country?
  8. When does integration become appropriation?
  9. Do the economic benefits of immigration outweigh potential social conflicts?
  10. Global movement as an accelerator of disease transmission.
  11. Human trafficking and illegal immigration.
  12. “No borders, no nations, stop deportations” – what’s your position on this claim?
  13. Discuss the impact migration has on developing countries.
  14. Should there be more projects like the Autonomous School Zurich?
  15. Are too many immigrants a threat to a nation’s culture?

💡 How to Handle Controversial Topics

With all these enthralling ideas, you’re probably eager to start writing right away. But first, make sure you know how to tackle such issues appropriately. The good thing is, we’ve already compiled a comprehensive list to get you on the right track.

  1. Be opinionated, but not emotional.
    With controversial topics, you’re encouraged to take a definite stand. Still, it doesn’t mean you can get too passionate about it. It’s best if your tone of writing is objective.
  2. Provide sufficient support for your arguments.
    Citing sources that back your claims up is a vital part of academic writing. The better your support, the harder it is to prove you wrong.
  3. Consider your audience.
    To be persuasive, you need to find out what your audience cares about. If you know who you’re writing for, it’s easier to tailor your arguments accordingly.
  4. Be ready to defend your views.
    Submitting your paper may not be the end of your work. Make sure you’re ready to defend your views in person if you’re asked to.

Now you’ve learned everything there is to know about controversial essays. We hope you can use this information and wish you good luck with your writing!

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