Stop biting your nails in trying to come up with topics for a persuasive essay. There’s a great solution to your problem!

Of course, you could spend a couple more hours staring into the ceiling trying to come up with a brilliant topic for your next great persuasive/argumentative essay.

But wouldn’t that be a major waste of your precious time, which you could actually spend working on your thesis statement?!

Whether you haven’t had much experience with argumentative essay writing, or you are looking for fresh thoughts, here, at Custom Writing, we offer you a list of top 100 ideas for your argumentative essay topic.

Check out the full list of free unique argumentative essay topics below (and don’t forget to proofread your essay by Grammarly):

📑  List of Free Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should animals be used for scientific and medical research?
  2. Should death penalty be mandatory for all murderers, or should they spend the rest of their life in prison?
  3. Do we have the right to exhume bodies of prominent people and move them from one place to another?
  4. Should Russians finally bury Lenin?
  5. Better naked, than in furs? Where’s the line in protecting the animal rights?
  6. Was Saddam Hussein’s execution an essential point in establishing democracy in Iraq?
  7. Should men be allowed to have more than one wife?
  8. Plastic surgery: a way to promote beauty or destroy it?
  9. In some Asian countries cutting off a thief’s right hand is still commonly practiced. Do you think this is the best way out?
  10. Talk about any major issue (abortion, Iraq, Afghanistan, marijuana legalization, etc.).
  11. Say why talking about major issues (abortion, Iraq, Afghanistan, marijuana legalization, etc.) all the time not only lessens their importance, but even evokes irritation.
  12. How atheists and religious people should exercise tolerance with each other because it is a right?
  13. Was the “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll” era significant, or not?

The first known use of the phrase “Sex src= drugs src= rock src= roll” can be found in Edward Kern’s article.

  1. Prove that free bagels with sour cream stimulate brain activity.
  2. A maniac killed 15 little girls and was sentenced to death. One of the local TV stations was asked by the parents of victims to show his execution. The channel gave its agreement, but the transmission was later cancelled. Give your opinion on this situation.
  3. Vegetarians vs. meat eaters. Whose side are you on? Support your argument.
  4. Why talking about sex is okay, but talking about cheating is embarrassing?
  5. Do you agree that there is art for the masses, and elite culture? How do you feel about being among “the masses”? Or do you consider yourself to be a part of the “elites” in this regard?

Shepard Fairey quote

  1. If you do not belong among “the masses”, what do you think about The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich?

We are pretty sure you may have already found an interesting argumentative essay topic for yourself. But you are still curious? All right then!

😏  Suggestions

Here are more suggestions for your persuasive essay topic:

  1. Do you want to have a cosmetic surgery? Why or why not?
  2. Is it important to talk openly about the contraception?
  3. Which country has the prettiest girls?
  4. Prove that blondes are actually smart.
  5. Do you agree that the international image of the USA has been negatively affected by numerous wars?

US powerful role in the world

  1. There is an opinion that Daewoos are not cars at all. Are they?
  2. What do you think about gay marriage?
  3. Why driving is permitted from the age of 16, shooting in porn movies from the age of 18 and gambling from the age of 21? Is this right?
  4. Is it helpful to be skeptical towards anything?
  5. What do you think about the negative public opinion on thongs and bra straps?

You’ve got to be kidding! You’ve gotten this far and you still haven’t found the argument essay topic that’s right for you? You’re a real topic enthusiast!

🗨️  Additional Persuasive Essay Topics

Here are some additional persuasive essay topics for you to look into:

  1. Your friend is concerned about her grades. Even though they are good, she still stays awake for half of the night getting the assignments and extra credit work ready. Convince your friend that wearing herself out is not the best idea.
  2. When you moved to this town, it was relatively small. Now that it’s expanding, your parents consider moving to a calmer place. You, however, have friends here that you don’t want to leave. Talk to your parents about the necessity of staying.
American moves every five years
  1. A friend of yours, a skinny girl, thinks that she needs to lose a few pounds. Tell her why losing more weight will only damage her health.
  2. Your friend is failing his finals. If he doesn’t pass, he’ll be expelled from the university. His studies mean a lot to him, but he’s feeling depressed and doesn’t want to do anything. Renew his faith into himself by persuading him/her to study.
  3. As a result of political instabilities, a local political organization reacts severely to federal government activity. It plans to throw an act of protest. You know that this endeavor might be dangerous. Your friend, however, is inspired and wants to join. Tell him about possible consequences of getting into an organization or movement that is not trustworthy or highly radical.
  4. Your mom is not happy with an outfit or makeup that you are wearing for a school dance. Try to calm her down.
  5. You think that school uniform destroys your individuality. Write a persuasive letter to your principal.
  6. You are tired of news on TV. They all tell you about the number of victims in the Middle East. Tell why it is unethical for journalists to make money on deaths and war.
  7. Cheating and lying can sometimes be helpful. Convince your readers by giving bright examples.
  8. Prove that living in a big city is better than living in a small town (and vice versa).

Still thirsting for more? You just can’t get enough, can you? You, topic addict!

Delight yourself with the last chunk of our list of persuasive essay topics, here below just for you:

  1. Convince your parents to buy you something.
  2. Your friends want to go dancing; however, all week you’ve been thinking about bowling. Try to persuade them to go to a bowling club instead.
  3. You share a room with your younger sister. She has put a poster of Justin Bieber onto the wall, and now you feel like an absolutely humiliated person. Tell her why this poster has to be taken off.
  4. Take any common fallacy (like the one that wolves attack people all the time), and prove why it is wrong.
  5. You have your own point of view on marriage and family. Convince your readers why it is correct.
  6. You want to go study abroad, and there are a number of reasons why you should take someone with you. Persuade a friend of yours to go study abroad with you.
  7. Your little sister doesn’t want to help you and your Mom around the house. Give her reasons why she has to do it.
  8. The book you’ve just finished is absolutely fantastic. Explain to your family member/friend why it is so good. Try to persuade him/her to read it, too.
  9. A history teacher thinks that showing the movie Pearl Harbor will be sufficient to cover the material on World War II. Prove that you are eager to know more than this, and explain why it’s important to learn the lessons of the past.

Franklin D. Roosevelt quote

  1. Tell why it is important to know more than one foreign language.
  2. Imagine that you are a person directing TV shows and monitoring them. Do you have the responsibility to be more diverse than earlier? Should you include people of different ages, races, and gender in your TV shows to ensure diversity awareness in the viewers?
  3. You are a parent of two teenage daughters who seem to be hiding something from you. The laptop of one of them has no password, and you can easily access it when all family members are out of the home. Would you view her messages to understand her secrets?
  1. As a homosexual person with the permanent partner, you want to adopt a child. The challenges encountered by you are overwhelming and discriminating. Provide arguments showing that same-sex couples should have the same procedure of fostering a child as traditional families.
  2. After playing six hours in a row in a famous video game, you feel aggressiveness and a desire to quarrel with somebody. List arguments to prove some negative impact of such games that, probably, depends on the time spent playing.
  3. Your sister is a vegetarian, and she promotes the same eating habits in her 4-year-old son since his birth. You see that the boy is dystrophic and passive compared to his peers. Convince your sister that there is a need to visit a nutritionist and change the child’s eating patterns.

📝  Essay Topics List Associated with Social Concerns

This category involves so many topics to write. Here are some of the most controversial argumentative essay topics.

  1. Is it appropriate to replace meeting in real life by online dating? Social media provides this option for everyone so that it is easy to send a message and do nothing more.
  2. Should immigrants be given a full range of rights likewise the citizens of a particular country? The processes of globalization make people move and seek for a better life, thus making the problem of immigrants’ rights essential.
  3. It is not a secret that the majority of crimes concerning children happen at night. Should we introduce a curfew with regards to minors?
More than half of youth experienced a physical assault.- statistics.
  1. Do you believe that a man and a woman can be best friends without being lovers? Keep in mind that in this case, both of them are heterosexual.
  2. Convince your readers that cross-cultural marriages promote racial tolerance. Provide the examples of media or your own experience.
  3. Among good topics to write about, there is the role of lifelong learning in career development. Clarify whether such learning benefits employees or not.

Henry Ford quote

  1. Come up with vivid arguments to demonstrate that women tend to commit less crime rather than men.
  2. Single-parent children have fewer chances to avoid doing crimes. What are the main behavioral changes that distinguish them from children with both parents?
  3. Homeschooling leads to isolation and further depression. Give your opinion on this situation.
  4. Do you agree that financial rewards and employee loyalty theme is appropriate for college essay topics?
  5. Is it ethical to legalize euthanasia regarding a patient and his or her family and friends?
  6. There is no good and no evil. Every action may be considered good or bad depending on a situation and the accompanying factors.
  7. Reveal your attitudes regarding happiness and selfishness. Can selfish people be happy? Provide fresh examples.
  8. Music and art proved to be beneficial for prisoners. Should we use them as a means to treat recidivists and serial killers?
  9. Discuss your perceptions of domestic violence. Ponder over the notion, the process, and the consequences of this issue. Identify your position and state whether you reject or accept domestic violence based on good arguments.
  10. Illegal immigrants are one of the leading problems in many countries. Should they be judged in their own country or in the one they unlawfully worked?

⭐  The Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics This Year

  1. Prove that the global political process is fair (and vice versa). Nowadays politics cause plenty of controversies, and it is vital for everyone to have a strong position.
  2. Do you believe that sex education is a proper way to address teenage pregnancy? Taking into account that sex education becomes quite widespread, can it eliminate the cases of early pregnancy in teenagers?
  3. Should parents be obliged to give their permission to their teenage children to buy contraceptives?
  4. Explain why people should preserve old buildings and monuments, especially those located in small towns and rural areas? This persuasive essay may link to the initiatives of UNESCO.
  5. Among the good topics to write about, it is possible to note the impact of violent video games. Prove that they cause the reduced compassion to victims and may lead to misconduct in real life.
  6. Do you think that the closed nature of North Korea presents threats to the global society? Focus on the recent events and tendencies occurring worldwide.
  7. Revolution on Euromaidan. Should Ukraine reconcile with the annexation of Crimea by Russia or not?
  8. Finstagram and Rinstagram are becoming more and more popular among teenagers. Should they use social media to hide their lives from parents?
  9. Many people believe that media affects the image of a female body negatively. Is it correct or not?
  10. In your argumentative paper, provide some points that illustrate the fact that Congress members are to have term limits.
  11. Consider the situation with marijuana that legalized in some states.  Do you believe that it would increase drug addiction or not?
  12. Passive smoking effects are quite harmful to a human body to say nothing about annoyance when someone smokes near you. Prove that smoking should be banned in public places.

Jeffrey S. Wigand quote

  1. Should the law prohibit the use of mobile phones while driving a car? On the one hand, many accidents occur because of a driver’s inattentiveness. On the other hand, cell phones may be quite helpful while finding a required location or calling to a husband and asking about children.
  2. Is it critical to include calories in a menu for restaurants, or it is relevant only for those who are on a diet?
  3. The introduction of pre-employment drug tests is likely to violate an individual’s rights to privacy. Agree or disagree.
  4. Do you believe that cameras located in public places should be regarded as privacy violation?
  5. Our media and social networks are full of news about celebrities. Is it appropriate to pay so much attention to their lives instead of focusing on social issues and a common good?
  6. Prove that media promotes unrealistic views in teenagers. Affected by media reports and propaganda, they are likely to be led by marketing strategies and buy every product they see.
  7. Should parents control the use of the Internet by their child? Is it morally acceptable and legally correct?
  8. Prove the contracting nature of the contemporary Chinese economy on the rest of the world. Things to argue about are the global market and industries.
  9. The rights of homosexual couples are still not thoroughly followed in many countries and states. Should same-sex marriages be legalized across the world?

Countries that allow same-sex marriage

  1. Students are partially responsible for their grades. Should teachers be blamed for students’ low test scores?
  2. Churches have to pay taxes. As a part of a state, they should be involved in a taxation system and support the budget. Provide your opinion.
  3. The rapid technology development is dangerous to people, and robots may seize control over the planet. Agree or disagree.

🎁  Bonus! Persuasive Speech Topics

Want to present a unique speech to your teacher and classmates? Consider the following speech ideas, some of which are easy, and others may be a bit difficult yet relevant.

  1. The preparation of a survival plan to an emergency situation is a must-have. Harvey and Irma showed that every family should have a survival plan.
  2. Religious freedom is a myth. It is impossible to ensure that everyone is free in choosing religion.
  3. In your debate essay, prove that lesbian mothers and gay fathers do not promote deviant behaviors in their children.
  4. Think about the arguments that you can state in favor of a mandatory certification of the future parents. Special courses are to be completed before becoming parents to have a clear vision of how to care for a child.
  5. There is a need to prohibit biological and nuclear weapons to protect the world from irreversible damage to people and environment.

Plus don’t forget to check our 10 easy steps to more persuasive essays

But now…

Congratulations! Good job, dear friend! You’ve gone through all 100 brilliant ideas for your argumentative essay!

Don’t start an essay with these phrases

By now, a number of these many argumentative essay prompts must have caught your eye. Whether it be for college or for high school, you now have shortlisted your choices for a good argumentative essay topic. It is now time to narrow them down to just one. But they all seem to be equally challenging, controversial and exciting topics to use in your persuasive essay. What should you do?

Don’t fret. Your worries end here. Below are some simple tips to guide you in choosing the perfect persuasive essay topic for you.

💡  Tips to Choose Perfect Persuasive Essay Topic

  1. Background/Familiarity
    Find out which of the topics, you already have a fairly good background on which will enable you to have a relative edge. Prior exposure or knowledge about a particular subject provides better hindsight which can bring better arguments on the matter.
  2. Belief/Principles
    Find out which of your chosen controversial argumentative essay topics touches upon one of your strongest beliefs.  Your tenacity of spirit in its defense may just be the key to a winning persuasive essay.  A driven person can beat even the most informed opponent, given he keeps his head above his emotions.

Tip for a good persuasive essay

  1. Research
    Find out which of the easy persuasive essay topics you are considering will you have the most supporting data for. Even if you believe in a particular argument very strongly, if you lack the evidence to prove your point, then your argument may just be as good as lost.

So now you have narrowed down your choice to one. Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You can then proceed with rest of the essay and use this guide in making your argumentative essay outline. Checking out some persuasive essay examples is also very useful. For other needs, simply turn to Custom Writing, where you can get professional assistance for any argumentative research paper or essay needs.

Now, in case your topic causes any controversial discussion, don’t panic, you can always use our ideas for debates! Good luck with your classes and feel free to come back any time for more advice!

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