1.  ✏️  Argument essay topics development: Essential tips for beginners

Sometimes you just wish there was a marketplace with vendors shouting, “Topics for argument essays! Who wants a topic for an argument essay?”

Well, you are lucky enough: you’ll find plenty of enticing ideas here! Coming up with some argument essay topics is quite easy—and you’ll see in a moment some of the brightest examples of topic-making.

2.  💭  Argument Essay Topics for College: Beyond Imagination's Borders

College life isn’t easy (yet it can be successful and full). You can make it fun—compose a fun and engaging argumentative essay with a unique topic.

Creating argument essay topics for college students is great fun—and quite a challenge for your imagination as well. But we’ll give you answers both on this page and through the services we provide, just bookmark Custom-writing.org

Here are some suggestions of topics for an argument essay:

  1. Do Computers Rule Our World?;
  2. Efficiency and Annoyance of E-Marketing;
  3. Domestic Violence: Victims Must Fight Back;
  4. Animal Experimentation: A Cruel Way to Cure Humankind;
  5. Euthanasia: Murder out of Mercy or… Shortcut to Inheritance?
  6. Advertisements Manipulate People! Restricting the Ads.

3.  🤔  Argument Essay Topics for Kids: Enthralling Ideas Coming to Life

Kids, listen to what real experts say: there is nothing easier than creating an argument essay topic. Just think of any idea and say it aloud. If after saying it you want to tell yourself, “Oh, yeah, really?”—that’s it. You’ve found your argument essay topic.

  1. Me and School: I Can Get Along with New People;
  2. My Favorite Sport: It Truly Makes People Happy;
  3. My Pet: Reasons to Keep It;
  4. My Pastime: Why I Think It Is Useful;
  5. The Person I Admire: Why Following His/Her Example;
  6. Praying Is Good—It Will Help You;
  7. Why Keeping Zoos Is Not Cruel;
  8. My Mom Works, and That Is Alright.

Have fun with your paper—that’s what argument essay topics for kids allow to do.

4.  📄  Argument Essay Topics: Recall the Oldies, Predict New Ones

“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” - Aldous Huxley

When getting ready for your own essay writing, it’s necessary to take into account past experience:

  1. Vegetarian Diet: Animals’ Lives vs. Your Health;
  2. Commercials on the Internet: More than Annoyances;
  3. Sacrificing Animals for the Sake of People: Experimentations;
  4. Who and Why Plays Lottery: Big Chances, Small Wins.

Remember that you can also predict the topics for next year, based on the argument essay topics. Check these ideas:

  1. How to Cope with Boredom… and Whether It Is any Use to Do So;
  2. Religion, Wars and Religious Wars: Can You See the Pattern?

Choosing any of these topics for argument essays, you’ll hit the nail right on the head!

5.  ❓  Argument Essay Topics for Everyone: Discussing Burning Issues

Want to look for something less specific? Here are some ideas that can suit literally anyone:

  1. The Change of Male Roles: Men in Women’s Clothing;
  2. Female Roles Shifting: From Housewife to Breadwinner;
  3. Pregnant Teenagers and Society: Temper, Patience, Tactfulness;

There’s really nothing to it!

6.  📊  Essay Writing Topics for High School Students: Demonstrate Skill

In high school and middle school, you are not necessarily expected to write big, serious argument essays. Simple but interesting topics will do, and you should just demonstrate that you know what an argument essay is and how to develop and format one.

“The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.” - Joseph Joubert

Here are some topic ideas:

  1. Exam Nights: Why It Is Bad to Stay Up All Night Studying
  2. How to Behave If You Witness Bullying
  3. Why I (And More People Should) Prefer iPhone to Android
  4. The Latest Transformers Movie Is the Best One in the Series
  5. Education Pressures Can Be Reduced by Getting Rid of Grades

Do not be afraid to choose topics that sound too “un-academic” to you. Just pick something that you know you will enjoy writing about and show that you can be persuasive!

7.  🏺  History Topics: Is There Much to Argue About History?

Yes, there is, just like any other field of knowledge. History is not only about dates and events—it is also about interpreting and evaluating the connections and impacts of those past happenings.

History will give you lots of argumentative topics, and here are some examples:

  1. Why World War I Was Inevitable: What Led to the Inevitability of War
  2. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings Could Have Been Avoided: What the Allies Should Have Done
  3. Baby Boomers Were the Main Driving Force of the Sexual Revolution
  4. Among All Women’s Rights, the Right to Vote Was the Most Important

Writing about history can be challenging because you need to do a lot of research, but just look into any historical topic, and you’ll see how many creative opportunities for argumentative writing it’ll give you!

8.  💻  Social Media: The Topical Topic

Social media is an important part of many people’s lives today, and lots of argument essay topics can be dedicated to the various social media platforms. Think about tips for social media users, and also consider social media as a phenomenon. An example of a good essay could have one of these titles:

  1. Fewer Friends on Facebook Is Better
  2. Tweeting Too Much Annoys Your Audience
  3. How to Be Creative in Your Social Media Posts
  4. Do Not Spend More than Two Hours Daily on Social Media
2/3 of Americans are social media users with more than 90% of them active on different platforms.
Source: coschedule.com

For example, is there something you dislike about social media in general or perhaps about the way the people you follow behave online? Come up with arguments about why you dislike it!

9.  💊  Health and Medicine

In health care and the medical field, the number of argument essay topics is immense. There is a wide range of topics available, from arguments on how to manage your own health to arguments on how the entire health care system should be improved.

  1. Nursing Is More About Providing Comfort than Treatment
  2. Is Abortion Acceptable for First Pregnancies?
  3. Children with Mental Illness Should Go to Regular Schools

Your topic can be more personal if you want—for example, argue why running is good for your health or why giving up sweets altogether would not be a good health decision.

10.  🙂  Pop Culture: Simply Look Around…

…and you will see an incredible variety of topics about what people see on TV, on the Internet, and in movies. If you’re into pop culture yourself, you surely have things you’d like to argue for or against.

  1. Why One Direction Should Never Come Back from Their Hiatus
  2. Lady Gaga’s Performance Was the Weakest Halftime Show in Years
  3. Should Children Be Exposed to Pop Culture?
  4. Hollywood Blockbusters Are Channels of American Cultural Influence

Notice that your topics can be both about pop culture events or people and about pop culture as a whole.

11.  ❗  Social Issues: Think Important

If you want to turn to important topics that affect the whole of society, social issues are truly an inexhaustible field. Consider these topics:

  1. Why Law Enforcement Authorities Should Be More Aggressive During Mass Protests
  2. Legalizing Weed Is Inevitable
  3. Police Brutality: Are Mass Protests the Answer?
  4. Should Basic Income Be Guaranteed?

For any social issue, you will easily find many proponents and opponents with various arguments, so take a stance of your own and start writing!

12.  📢  Leadership

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” - John Maxwell

Leadership is something people talk a lot about in business, education, health care, and many other spheres. Whether you want to discuss leadership in the context of interpersonal relationships or in the context of public administration and governance of countries, you’ll find plenty of topics!

  1. Why You Should Try to Be a Leader in Your Class
  2. Leadership in the Workplace: How to and What for
  3. Instead of Preserving Their Own Power and Influence, Country Leaders Should Teach Others about Leadership
  4. What Are the Ways for Leaders to Build a Followership?
  5. Talk Like a Leader: The Adoption of Verbal Leadership Techniques

To start, try to pick a leadership topic that you’ve come across in your life—for example, argue for or against being a leader among friends or classmates. Also, check out common leadership essay requirements on our website!

13.  🌐  Global Issues: Think Big

Globalization poses a big question: Is it good or bad? By thinking about different aspects of the process, you can try to take a position and defend it.

  1. The Global Market Is a New and Better Level of International Trade
  2. Why Anti-Globalists Are Wrong
  3. Globalization Is a Threat to Indigenous Cultures
  4. Going Global: Why Adjusting Your Business to Cultural Differences Is a Poor Globalization Strategy
  5. How McDonald’s Is Killing Local Food Traditions

Also, try to think about particular global issues, such as global terrorism—propose a strategy of how it can be fought and argue why this strategy is the most effective one.

14.  🌡️  Global Warming and Climate Change: A Long-Standing Debate

Temperature records in 21th century
Source: nasa.gov

Since there are people who do not believe that climate change is happening, you can find many interesting topics to argue that it is—or, on the contrary, to support their position.

  1. What Prompts People to Personally Contribute to the CO2 Emissions Reduction Efforts?
  2. Why Fossil Fuel Producers Are Responsible for the Decrease in Biodiversity
  3. Carbon Taxes or Mitigation Strategies: What Should Governments Do?
  4. Why an Increase in the Sea Level Will Be a Disaster

Remember that there are many subtopics related to global warming: the greenhouse effect, water management, evidence of climate change, and many more.

15.  📅  Environment and Sustainability: From Everyday Life to a Controversial Worldwide Concern

This is closely related to the previous group of topics: think about pollution, environmental friendliness, and sustainable development.

Take a look at the list below.

  1. Turn off the Water when You Brush: Why You Should Try to Contribute to Sustainable Development in Everyday Life
  2. How Should Governments Prevent Pollution?
  3. Waste Management Profits: Waste Should Be Used to Produce Energy
  4. Hybrid Cars Are Better than Regular Ones
  5. Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

Go on and explore the many related topics—for example, deforestation, desertification, or renewable energy.

16.  👧  Gender Issues and Feminism: Sociology but Not Only

Gender studies grew out of sociology long ago, and it is now a separate academic discipline that is controversial and can propose diverse topics for arguing. See for yourself!

  1. Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized Globally
  2. Men’s Feminism: By Definition, Can Only Women Be Feminists?
  3. Reporting Harassment Is the Best Strategy to Eradicate Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  4. Rethinking Gender Roles in Western Civilization: Paternity Leave and Maternity Leave Should Have Equal Legal
  5. Attributes of Masculinity: Can Men Wear Women’s Clothes?

17.  👔  Business: Corporations and Societies

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” - Warren Buffett

When looking for topics to write about in the business sphere, pay attention to these examples:

  1. Reasons to Start a Business Instead of Being Hired
  2. Businesses Should Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility to Build a Favorable Image
  3. A Balanced Scorecard Is the Best Way to Know if Your Company is Doing Well
  4. Rising above the Competition: How to Address Uncontested Demand

You may also want to turn to specific examples. Pick a business (either a well-known company or a store around the corner) and think about how it could be a topic for an argument essay: its strategies, its positioning, or its choice of communication practices—there are so many aspects to choose from!

18.  💬  Communications: Talking to Friends and Negotiating with Corporations

Communication is a wide-ranging notion: It is both about texting a friend to tell a funny story and emailing an HR manager when looking for a job. According to a famous article from The New York Times, the goal for any type of communication is the same: effectiveness. So consider these examples of arguing how communication can be more effective:

  1. Why You Should Avoid Sarcasm In Your Speech
  2. Body Language: How to Look Confident and Trustworthy
  3. In English, Why You Should Avoid Saying “Not”
  4. Email or Personal Conversation: Which Is Better?
  5. Giving Children a Choice: Why Prohibitions Are Ineffective

Also, perhaps you can speculate on different types of media and argue, say, that books are more (or less) emotionally appealing to people than movies.

19.  📗  Essay Writing: The Right Topic Is Right Here

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously motivated to find a good topic for your argument essay. Well, funny as it may sound, the answer has been right in front of you! Write an essay on writing an essay itself. For example:

  1. Why You Should Always Make an Outline Before Writing a Paper
  2. Is a Personal Story the Best Hook in Narrative Essays?
  3. Compare Contrast Essays: Why a Point-by-Point Structure Is Better than a Block Structure
  4. Essay Types Classification: Should You Consider Different Types before Starting an Essay?
  5. How to Write an Essay Faster: Never Start Writing from the Introduction Paragraph

Remember that you want to write an argument essay, so do not merely give your readers tips—instead, argue that a certain approach to composing an essay is the wisest.

20.  🏁  Finally, Look at Yourself

C.G. Jung quote

Whoever you are, you are truly your very own collection of essay topics! You have made many choices in the past, and you make new choices every day, so look at what’s behind those choices and turn to your own reasoning—you will find out just how many things there are that you can provide arguments for. To ensure that you are not working on discursive essay topics but argumentative ones, consider these examples:

  1. Why I Ride A Bike Instead of Using Public Transport
  2. Is Makeup Appropriate for School?
  3. Why Playing the Original Half-Life Is Still Better than the Sequels
  4. Why I Do Not Wear Watches
  5. Why I Decided to Have a Makeover

Now that you see how much material for argument essays there is in you, are you more inspired to finally start writing?

21.  📜  Argument Essay Topics Interpretation: A Crucial Piece of Advice

Before you come up with a topic of your own, here is the most important idea of argument essay topics:

Introduce an obvious conflict in the topic!

Look at the example:

  • Bad argument essay topic – Abortions Must Be Allowed
  • Good argument essay topic – Christianity vs. Common Sense: Must Abortions Be Prohibited?

Well, you get the idea.
Now you are ready to produce your own argumentative topics. Start writing already!

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