Are you searching for original, thought-provoking and really controversial debate topics? Here they are! Selecting any of these 25 controversial topics for debate from our essay service, you can guarantee a heated dispute in class or exciting polemics with your friends.

But first, let’s figure it out, what is debate and how you should pick up great debate topics.

1.  📖  Debate Discussion: Essentials

When we talk about debates, the first you should remember is that it is about brainstorming.

When you’re choosing to search for amazing debate topics, you should conduct thorough research and build two cases: affirmative and negative. Don’t forget to leave some area for controversy.

Your topic can be based upon moral, social, or political debate questions.

And here are few simple steps to picking the best controversial topics:

1.1  Run an Initial Brainstorming

Think about at least five controversial issues you can pick up for your debates and write them down.

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1.2  Narrow the List of Debate Topics

Review them with the criteria:

  • Overused. Avoid debate questions that are too popular. Think of arguments: if you instantly pick up three for and against for the issue, don’t choose this topic. You won’t learn anything new or expand your knowledge.
  • Boring. Try to select debate ideas that you’re interested in. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed or fail the research.
  • Too difficult to research. Before you pick up the topic, think about it. You may realize that there are not enough sources for thorough study or controversial arguments.

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  • Not important. Avoid issues that have no significance to the society. For example, debating whether sneakers are more comfortable than trainers doesn’t affect society at all.
  • Too narrow or too broad. Some debate subjects may be too generic, so you’ll spend up too much time while researching them as well as exceed the time allotted for debate. For example, the UK migration policy to all countries. Otherwise, some questions can be too narrow.

1.3  Make Your Final Choice

Here’re a few things you should remember:

  • What is the purpose? What do you want your listeners to take away from these debates?
  • Who are your listeners? Will your topic appeal to them? What are their social, cultural and demographic backgrounds?

Well, it’s time to pick up your topic!

2.  👨‍👧  Debate Topics: Men and Women

Questions dealing with the psychology of men and women are arguably the most controversial. Be careful when touching upon them not to ruin your relations with others. Here are some controversial debate topics you can use:

  1. Females are better managers than males. You may have heard the phrase “It’s a men’s world” explaining the gender inequality. But is it fair? Are men better than women?
  2. Lack of trust always causes jealousy. Why are some people so jealous? Can you trust someone if you feel envy?
  3. All women are irrational and use intuition instead of logic. Research this topic from both sides. How women’s hormonal cycles affect decision-making? And if all women are irrational, explain why they achieve significant results in politics, social life, business, science, etc.?
  4. Men should take parenting leaves regularly. Provide both for and against arguments.
  5. Exes can be just friends. Does it really mean that relationships are over? Or one of them still hopes for return?

3.  ⚖️  Debate Topics: Current Laws

When discussing current laws, you should do some preliminary research and make sure to support your position with persuasive arguments. Pick one of the controversial law topics below:

  1. Capital punishment should be preserved for serial killers and international terrorists. Find strong for and against arguments that support your opinion.
  2. Juniors should take the same responsibility as adults for serious offenses. Think about increased incidents of school mass shooting. If young killers knew they’d be punished as adults, would they commit these crimes?
  3. Parents should be punished for the misdeeds of their children. Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their child. Does every misdoing mean parents’ fault in raising children?
  4. Three strikes laws are effective for reducing the number of serious offenses. Or not? Share your opinion and supporting evidence.
  5. The driving age should be raised to 18. Think about safety, technology, experience, and other factors that may influence the opinion.

4.  👨‍⚕️  Debate Topics: Health Care

You may lack knowledge in the medical field. However, you can express your personal opinion and support it with relevant citations. By the way, have you looked through our health debate topics below?

  1. What are some pros of herbal medicine? What is the reason some traditional herbal treatments work?
  2. Patients should not be allowed to refuse treatment because of their religious beliefs. What is more important: human life or personal beliefs? Provide your evidence.

    Dozen U.S. children die each year when parents turn to faith healing instead of medicine.

  3. Physician-assisted suicide should be prohibited. Think how it would affect hopeless patients, for example, those who are in a persistent vegetative state of suffering from the terminal stage of cancer.
  4. Prescription drug ads should be banned. Explore this controversial issue and prepare for debates.
  5. High-fat products should be labeled with official health warnings. How dangerous can high-fat products be? Learn more about this topic.

5.  🎓  Debate Topics: College Life

When discussing different aspects of college life, you can express your personal concerns. Choose one of these interesting, controversial topics for your debates:

  1. Participation in sports clubs should be mandatory. Sports can change your life and even help to finance your studies. But what if someone is not talented in sports at all?
  2. Exams should be replaced with more effective assessment formats. And which formats would you suggest?
  3. Students should combine work and studies to start their careers earlier. Will they benefit from early career start or it can only harm and hinder quality learning?
  4. Classes should start in the afternoon. What is the best time for a school day to start?
  5. Students should be allowed to give grades to their tutors. Would you attend classes taught by the teacher who has low rankings? Explain your point of view.

6.  🙂  Debate Topics: Personal Relations

Personal relations play an essential role in our lives and can become a perfect starter for polemics. So don’t waste your time and check this list of interesting debate topics:

  1. The psychological climate in class is important for students’ achievements. Can you study under the pressure? And what about a fun atmosphere?
  2. Families should be allowed to adopt children overseas. Discover all the pros and cons of adoption and share your opinion!
  3. No-fault divorces should be prohibited. Divorce procedures should be made more complicated.

Breakup marriage couple with divorce certification.

  1. Poorer families are happier than single high-income earners. Provide evidence supporting your point of view.
  2. The extremes do not meet in personal relations. Even more: different tastes and opinions lead to quarrels.

No matter which debate topic you choose, any of these 25 controversial questions ensure the success of your speech or essay. You are welcome to use these debating topics to receive a good grade or just for fun.

Do you love debates? If so, what attracts you most? Share your thoughts with our Custom Writing team in comments below!

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