147 Social Studies Topics for Your Research Project

Social studies is an integrated research field. It includes a range of topics on social science and humanities, such as history, culture, geography, sociology, education, etc. A social studies essay might be assigned to any middle school, high school, or college student. It might seem like a daunting task, but perhaps the most challenging part of the job is choosing the best topic from the many research topics in social studies. Sure, you might have a specific topic assigned to you.

If you’re looking for social science research topics, you’re in the right place! Custom writing experts have prepared a fresh list of ideas! This article contains social studies project topics on history, culture, politics, law, migration, and other fields.

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  • Social Studies Topics on History => Social Studies Project Topics on History
  • Other Social Studies Topics => Other Research Topics in Social Studies

🔝 Top 10 Social Studies Topics

  1. Pros and cons of monarchy.
  2. Is voting a civic responsibility?
  1. Should democracy be everywhere?
  2. The causes of mass consumption.
  3. Globalization vs. Americanization.
  4. The elements of personal identity.
  5. What are the USA’s major resources?
  6. Do communication technologies impact politics?
  7. The importance of cultural diversity in the workplace
  8. How do religious institutions reinforce social stability?

👨‍🎓 Social Study Areas

Social studies can be represented by ten aspects described below:

  • Culture. While working with social studies, you need to understand how culture shapes our society and affects our lives. It includes learning how people create, adapt to, and share their cultural diversity.
  • People and the environment. This aspect helps students create their perception of the world and how human beings interact with their environment. It is achieved through learning about different locations, people, and resources that are there.
  • Production and consumption. Here, it is all about studying how people manage the production and distribution of goods. Usually, this theme is represented by subjects connected with economics.
  • Time. It is mostly related to history. Therefore, students get to know about the significant events and changes that influenced our present. In addition, they learn about the beliefs and values of our ancestors.
  • Identity. This theme is vital because it allows learners to understand how personal identity develops. They find out how family, culture, and friends affect people’s actions and personal growth.
  • Institutions and groups. There are multiple institutions created by people: families, colleges, governments, and religious organizations. This theme lets students understand how institutions are formed and maintained and what changes they bring.
  • Authority and governments. One of the essential parts of social studies is the theme of authority. Thanks to it, students can understand how different forms of governance are created. It also includes analyzing the functions and purposes of political systems.
  • Globalization. Learners are helped to discover the interconnections between societies and the issues they create on a global scale. Everything is interdependent nowadays, and the importance of global connections is rising.
  • Civic ideas. Students need to understand civic ideas to be fully functioning independent members of society. This vital theme includes learning about citizen’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Science and technology. This aspect is not only about the development of technology and scientific achievements. It is also about how society is connected to those processes. Moreover, students learn about their impacts on people.

🎨 Social Studies Topics on Culture

If you are looking for social studies project topics on the culture, you might consider the following aspects.

Every social study project would focus on how cultural attributes, such as traditions, arts, literature, are created and shared. It is important to remember to highlight both differences and similarities while doing comparative research.

One of the features of culture is that it’s dynamic and continuously changing, which means it is correlated with the personal development and beliefs of citizens. Moreover, you can look into the influence of culture on different political and religious institutions.

All in all, the list of topics in social studies below is all about the interconnection between culture and society. If you’re not a fan of the listed options, you can at least take the keywords and use a generator of random topics to write about. This will give you a lot more variants to choose from.

  1. The principles of the multicultural policy of Australia: benefits. Australia is one of the countries that support cultural diversity. The government even created an official policy based on four principles to ensure that everybody has equal rights to participate in the community.
  2. Indonesian communities and ancestor worships. Practices connected to ancestor worship are based on the belief that the spirits of the dead have the powers to affect the destinies of the living.
  3. The domestic etiquette of modern Americans. All cultures have different etiquette – a set of rules that governs social behavior. Those norms are changing along with the culture, but can also be different depending on the social situation.
  4. Gender issues and women in Medieval society. In the Middle Ages, women were not allowed to receive education, had limited social rights, and had to obey their fathers’ and husbands’ will.
  5. Gender roles: how are boys and girls raised in American families? Gender roles enforce some specific standards and expectations of how men and women should behave. Study the socially appropriate gender roles in modern families.
  6. Taboos and emotions in modern society. Taboo is something prohibited from doing under the fear of punishment. Even though taboos are originally related to the sacred and spiritual practices, today, people are banned from expressing some emotions.
  7. How have hippies created the US? This research would focus on the ways the hippie movement made a change in the history of the country. Their cultural practices have influenced many aspects of our lives.
The main goal of social studies is to teach students their roles in social affairs.
Source: Theclassroom.com
  1. Family values and religion. The family has always been considered the base of a happy American life. However, to what extent has religion affected the most common family values?
  2. Why does political correctness matter so much today? Political correctness means the ban on using some phrases that may be inappropriate. As a cultural phenomenon, it was created by college students in America in the 1980s.
  3. Is our future in social responsibility? Social responsibility is a policy that encourages people to act for the benefit of their community and society as a whole. Could this approach help us build a better future?

🏛️ Social Studies Topics on Politics & Governance

One of the most important themes of social studies is about politics. When conducting science research related to this topic, you should possess a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in the issues described below.

Understanding the existing systems of governance means also knowing how political views and institutions were created. In the constantly changing world, the functions of authorities are dynamic as well.

However, you should not forget to include the relationship with citizens in this equation. Every member of society has needs, rights, and responsibilities, issues with which should also be addressed.

Here are some examples of social studies topics related to politics, which you may find useful:

  1. The American Whig party: a case study of the South. In the 19th century, the Whigs were one of two main political parties in the US. In this research, you could concentrate on analyzing the political tensions of this party in the South.
  2. Political parties and violence in the US. There are two major political parties nowadays. However, have you ever thought about why there are so much political violence and harsh competition between them?
  3. The change of the ideology of the Republican party after the Civil War. The Civil War has changed the perception of many people. It left a mark on the political views as well. Track the transformation of the Republican party’s ideology since then.
  4. Tory party and the British welfare under their rule. For the sake of some diversity, we have included a topic on the British political party as well. In this research, you would look into the social issues caused by the Tories.
  5. Is there a connection between anti-Americanism and anti-Semitic movement? Study the roots of anti-Americanism as a political view. Also, you can work on contrasting and comparing it to anti-Semitism.
  6. Student activism and the Black Power movement. This civil rights movement has been around for ages. For this research, you would need to study the Black Power’s topic and the student activism involved in it.
  7. The difficulties of the civil war in Sri Lanka. This island country has suffered the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict and the proceeding civil war. Your task would be to look into the complexities of this conflict.
  8. The power of Congress over presidential elections. It is one of the social science topics that requires gathering a lot of materials. You would have to analyze the Constitution and find the related cases in history.
  9. Voting technology: what can the law do against election fraud? Bribery and other corrupt practices in relation to the election process is not anything new. However, how can the law make a change?
  10. The most prominent political machines of the last decade. This paper would be interesting for students you prefer analyzing and comparing. You would need to gather information on the most prominent political machines in the US.
  11. A discussion of judicial independence
  12. Political culture in the U.S.
  13. A comparison of the models of democracy
  14. A comparison of electoral systems
  15. Authoritarianism vs. totalitarianism

🏧 Social Studies Topics on Economics & Consumption

Research topics in social studies on economics would always be related to the theme of production and consumption. You would have to understand how people manage to produce and sell goods and services worldwide.

There are multiple issues in the global economics that you, as a student, could address in your argumentative paper. It includes the unequal distribution of goods along with the growing demand.

You might as well find it interesting to research how the production of specific goods is organized and the role of technology in that process. It is also essential to look into how governments cope with market failures and how they improve the well-being of the economies.

  1. The flaws of the economic democracy system: a case study. Pick and analyze the issues that this socioeconomic system might have. It would be better if you add real-life cases to the analysis.
  2. Morality and global capitalism. Your task would be to analyze the five features of global capitalism and determine how it can be socially acceptable. Look through every moral issue that arises.
  3. The bankruptcy of the middle class in the US. This research focuses on the root causes, as well as consequences, of so many cases of bankruptcy among American middle-class families.
  4. Can we foresee the future of the European Monetary System? Ever since 1979, the Euro has been serving its purpose. However, this paper would highlight the economic factors that can lead to disruptions in this system.
  5. Wall Street: did we learn from the 2008 crash? The year of 2008 punched many Americans, leaving their wealth reduced noticeably. But did we learn from past mistakes? Can we prevent the crisis from happening again?
  6. Understanding stock markets: profitable investments. To make a profitable investment, you need to know everything about the industry sector and stock market cycles. Compile the tips and tricks that can make it work.
  7. How has the Silk Road influenced the current global economy? Connecting East and West, those trade routes existed for centuries. For this cool research, you would need to analyze the current economic situation and find the features that exist thanks to the Silk Road.
  8. Coffee beans and fair trade. Selling coffee beans internationally, some communities and families depend on this business. However, how fair is this fair trade market? Who looks after social justice?
  9. Pros and cons of dollarization: a case study. Currency substitution or dollarization can’t solve the economic crisis. Study some cases of this process in different countries and analyze the benefits and problems of it.
  10. How to predict the exchange rate behavior? In this research, you would need to study the sources of changes in the exchange rates. You might as well look into the tools that might help predict the behavior of the rates.
Facts about inequality.
Source: Alternet.org
  1. Provide real-life examples of how you or someone else plans their studies, controls pocket money, or organizes their working day.
  2. How organizations foster social and civic responsibility
  3. Crisis management post-9/11
  4. The growth of management in developing countries
  5. Conflict management in virtual and global teams
  6. An analysis of the benefits vs. cost of attaining a post-secondary education
  7. Wealth distribution and the availability of resources
  8. An examination of the trickle-down effect in today’s society
  9. Is the financial crisis of 2008 really over?
  10. How advertisements can create a sense of separation and association with the feminine identity
  11. The role of censorship in advertising
  12. The image of perfection in advertising
  13. Gender roles in advertising
  14. Rhetorical analysis of various marketing campaigns. How global corporations influence people’s decisions?
  15. Transnational organizations analytics. Determining the most appropriate and effective marketing strategies
  16. Advertisement analysis. The significance of the assessment in a rhetorical essay.
  17. Marketing reports. Explain the primary objectives of the document. When writing business or marketing essays, it is crucial to include analysis of particular examples.
  18. The importance of an analytical paragraph in a business essay. How does it help to define specific company’s strengths and weaknesses?
  19. Unethical advertising examples. What must be avoided when developing another strategy?
  20. Is it always worth it to spend immense amounts of money on risky advertising campaigns?
  21. Will the most common advertising methods work for every kind of a product?
  22. What issues must be considered when organizing an ad campaign?
  23. Positive and negative effects of advertising.

🏺 Social Studies Topics on History

In the list of social science essay topics, there should always be at least a few questions dedicated to history. Unless we know our past, we can’t possibly understand human nature.

For high school students, it is necessary to learn about the changes and different experiences in society. The way that values, traditions, and rules have been changing shapes our current development.

While looking for interesting social studies topics in this field, consider analyzing the root causes and consequences of different changes. Look into the ways how our social system has been developing, and you would find something exciting, for sure!

  1. What was the social meaning of corsets in the 20th century? Corsets are the part of the outfit that was designed to shape or modify the figure. By the 20th century, it has somewhat shaped the culture as well.
  2. Demystifying the stereotypes about 19th-century women in the US. There was war, and there were changes. How did the life a woman look like back then? Find the most common misunderstandings about it and conduct a historical analysis.
  3. African American: the historical study of social factors affecting crime. For this research, you could look into the cultural and social aspects that have influenced the response of African Americans to crimes and injustice.
  4. The changes in the lives of average American citizens in the 1930s. Urbanization and technological development shook the world in those years. Find out how Americans were adjusting to their new lives.
  5. How the environment shapes the perspective: the baby boomers? In the example of the baby boomers’ generation, study the effects of the social and cultural aspects on identity and personal values.
  6. The process of development of Italian fashion and the US. You would be studying the historical facts in support of the idea that the US played an essential role in the Italian fashion industry development.
  7. Generation X and global leaders. This topic focuses on the most prominent world leaders in different areas. Your task would be to find the connection between the personal specifics of generation X and global leaders.
  8. Women in the Victorian Age and domestic rules. Conduct research on the ideology of Victorian women. What social challenges connected to industrialization were they forced to face?
  9. Servants in the American houses in the middle of the 20th century. In the 1920s, women started quitting their housewives’ chores and hiring servants to do them instead. You would look into the social sources of such a change in the domestic life of that time.
  10. What is the connection between social change and the American schooling system? Look into the development of the educational institutions in the US over a chosen period. Find out what social factors have affected the process.

💡 Other Social Studies Topics


  1. Civil disorders
  2. Political terrorism
  3. Non-political terrorism
  4. Limited political terrorism
  5. Expand on the problem of democracy and domestic terrorism
  6. A study of terrorist groups
  7. State-sponsored terrorism
  8. The tactics of terrorism
  9. The history of terrorism
  10. The causes of terrorism
  11. Responses to terrorism and counter-terrorism global policy
  12. For more topics ideas, check out Research Guide for Students.

U.S. Army

  1. How enlistment in the U.S. Army works
  2. The top five army bases
  3. Customs and courtesies in the military
  4. The history of Memorial Day
  5. The threat of homelessness for veterans


  1. Turkic migration
  2. Mongol invasions
  3. Great migration of the 1630s
  4. Great migration of African Americans


  1. Government regulations
  2. Socially irresponsible corporations
  3. Antitrust provision
  4. International business law and legal regulations for international corporations and companies
  5. Business law in the Islamic world and how it differs from that of other countries


  1. Crime prevention
  2. Juvenile delinquency
  3. Penology
  4. Victimology
  5. Deviant behavior


When you write an essay on justice, you have a great opportunity to present your opinion on the subject. Here are some potential topics:

  1. Justice: A Myth or Reality?
  2. Tell about today’s idea of justice. What do people do to establish justice in the world?
  3. Give your reasons why absolute justice is impossible.
  4. How justice is portrayed in Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky
  5. Discuss the Heaven Justice

Gender Studies

  1. Women and the Taliban
  2. Chinese women as seen through the Chinese culture
  3. Women and Confucian cultures in Korea
  4. Witch hunts in the Western world
  5. The influence of feminism on men
  6. The challenge of feminist biblical interpretation
  7. Gender identity and the particulars of word-of-mouth communication
  8. How leadership styles differ based on gender
  9. Women empowerment
  10. Why do women think that their rights are neglected in free countries?
  11. Gender inequality: are men more likely to receive well-paid jobs than women with precisely same characteristics?
  12. Are men considered to be better employees than women?
  13. Can feminists persuade the government to make changes in the law beneficial for them?
  14. Gender discrimination in everyday life
  15. The purpose of feminist demonstrations
  16. Are people concerned about the problem of gender inequality in their everyday lives?
  17. Where are the human rights of women neglected and why?
  18. Causes of gender inequality
  19. Is the factor of overall equality necessary for the development of the world or not?
  20. What are the most popular examples of equality among citizens of one country?
Fact about gender equality.
Source: Medium.com
  1. Gender stratification definition. Where can it be observed in the modern society?
  2. What can be changed because of mass feminism?
  3. Gender stereotypes. Is everything that we hear about discrimination right?
  4. What is gender stratification?
  5. Are females discriminated in the modern society, or this issue is fabricated?
  6. Gender roles in the workplace
  7. Factors contributing to gender inequality.
  8. Disadvantages of gender equality
  9. Gender equality theory
  10. Gender imbalance definition. What is the origin of the term and where it is used?
  11. Gender superiority. Is it true that males were always dominant figures in the history?
  12. History of gender discrimination. Was this societal rule present in the prehistoric times, and when it was introduced?
  13. Gender disparity definition. What is the origin of the term and where it is used today?

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