256 Satirical Essay Topics & Satire Essay Examples [2024]

A satire essay is a creative writing assignment where you use irony and humor to criticize people’s vices or follies. It’s especially prevalent in the context of current political and social events. A satirical essay contains facts on a particular topic but presents it in a comical way.

This task may be intimidating. Don’t worry: even the greatest masters of satire didn’t always succeed in their early efforts! Our custom writing experts are here to help you. In this article, you will find:

  • helpful info about satirical essays;
  • a list of 256 essay topics;
  • examples of satirical essays.

🔝 Top 10 Satire Essay Topics 

  1. The joy of scambaiting.
  2. Who teaches politicians to lie?
  3. How to build a cult successfully.
  4. Reasons why the sky should be green.
  5. How to fail your exams using Facebook.
  6. How not to get bored at family dinners.
  7. Let’s build walls around all countries.
  8. How to eat a lot without gaining weight.
  9. Ways to escape visits to the dentist.
  10. What do soccer and impact factors have in common?

😆 What Is a Satirical Essay?

The picture shows the definition of a satirical essay.

A satirical essay is a composition written about a particular subject using irony or sarcasm. Usually, the topics are related to politics, society, or money. The primary goal of any satire is to use humor creatively to make fun of foolish human behavior and criticize topical issues. 

You can find examples of satire in numerous books, poems, and movies. If you enjoy dry humor based on exaggerations, you’ll surely have fun writing your satire essay.

✍️ How to Write a Satire Essay

Does the task of writing a satirical essay look daunting? No worries! Check out our expert advice: 

  • First off, sit down and relax. Do something inspiring. For example, get in a fight (preferably a literal one.) Satire needs to be written at the boiling point; that’s exactly where the best essay ideas come from.
  • Get inspiration from classic satire examples. Scan through the works of famous satirists when looking for ideas. It can be helpful to draw parallels with the situation in the modern world.
  • Another great way to get satirical essay ideas is life itself. This is where every masterpiece comes from. Ideas for a satire may pop into your head at any time. Maybe you got into a fight with a lady in the supermarket or argued about clothes with your sibling. Whatever noteworthy event happened to you recently, write it down!
  • The best satire paper ideas are those that reflect reality. If your readers can draw parallels with their life, then you’ve succeeded. Completely made-up stories are harder to pull off: you can end up not convincing your readers.
  • Think about your audience. Should you choose a formal or casual tone for your satirical piece? If a professor is going to read it, the first option is preferable.
  • Set your goals. Good satire only makes your readers laugh but also demonstrates to them your way of thinking. Use your satirical essay to show your attitude towards serious issues.
  • Add a personal touch to your satirical writing. Narrate in first-person perspective or make yourself the protagonist. Adding a unique spin and an interesting perspective will help your essay stand out. It’s also good to use hyperboles and metaphors to make your point.

If you’re struggling with picking good satire topics, check out the ideas below.

😜 Satire Essay Topics List

Topics for a Satirical Essay on Social Media & Technology 

Many of us have a complicated relationship with social media. Despite their convenience, they use a lot of our time as well as storage space. A satirical discussion can sharpen a critical perspective on these topics.

  1. Like, repost, and get married. It’s difficult to determine someone’s real intentions on the Internet. How does this impact people’s dating behavior?
  2. How cute animals became the main driving force of Instagram advertising. Emotions play a significant role in marketing. Adorable cats and dogs wield much power in this regard. What do you think is their secret?
  3. “I will just check a few posts and stories… Whoops, there goes my day.” If that sounds familiar to you, write about it in your satire essay on social media!
  4. “I’m going to filter this anyway.” However unflattering your photo looks, Instagram’s got your back. Discuss how you can use this power to your advantage.
  5. Let’s Zoom! Online classes are not everybody’s cup of tea. Will they become the new standard model of learning? Or will they disappear to where they came from?
  6. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: can you use all of them without losing your grip on reality?
  7. The rise of knock-off products: will the Asian competition sweep Apple and others away?
  8. What if your phone is hacked?
  9. Providing a constant flow of content as a modern virtue.
  10. Exchanging gossip as a currency on social media.
  11. English will become an endangered language thanks to emojis.
  12. The worst social media virus: “Have you seen this TikTok?”
  13. Step-by-step instructions on how to use hashtags to Twitter.
  14. Tagging in Facebook posts as an invasion of personal space.
  15. How to ruin your life with the help of only one social media account.
  16. Equality on the media: why are we discriminating against positive news?
  17. If you don’t watch my stories back, you don’t love me.
  18. Is your life as perfect as the one you display on your Instagram?
  19. Viral challenges are getting overly complicated.
  20. Caution: fact-checking Tweets may cause severe fires on social media.
  21. What if you were paid to scroll social media feeds?
  22. Understanding the cloud: how did my files get all the way up in the sky?
  23. Warning: downloading these apps may shorten your life.
  24. Tweets are short for a good reason: an average person’s attention span is getting shorter.
  25. Dumb ways to die: or, why you should never google how to save your life.
  26. Imagine the Internet disappears tomorrow.
  27. Can you make your coffee without a coffee machine?
  28. What do hackers look like in real life?
  29. An updated set of rules on how not to embarrass yourself on the Internet.
  30. Modern life: did you get the newest human update?
  31. TikTok should be banned in schools.
  32. FOMO: does it make you have nightmares?
  33. There is nothing bad about having a date with someone from social media.
  34. Social media jargon that we will never understand.
  35. How to unsee all the disgusting stuff you have seen on social media.
  36. A quick test to find out whether you’re smarter than your smartphone.
  37. Hiding your flaws on social media for dummies.
  38. Spotting an authentic lifestyle on Instagram is not that easy.
  39. Learning how to make a relevant and adequate comment on social media.
  40. Things from the Internet that could’ve been funny if they weren’t so real.
  41. Feeling good about your body doesn’t mean you should post nudes.
  42. How to stay at home forever: Let your parents see your photos from last night’s party on social media.
  43. How to gain more followers on your Twitter.
  44. Should we expect an apocalypse if social media shuts down?
  45. Is social media the best way to make new friends?
  46. Do your Instagram followers really care what you had for breakfast?
  47. It’s impossible to avoid Internet addiction.
  48. Should robots have human rights?
  49. 10 reasons not to use Google for your exam prep.
  50. Should robots replace humans?
  51. Why should everyone have Internet access?
  52. Technology is not what devastated human communication.
  53. Why are smartphones more important than desktop PCs?
  54. 10 reasons for taking online classes only.
  55. How do modern technologies affect the way we learn?

Satire Essay on School: Topic Ideas

In a satirical essay, you can criticize the social issues that concern you using irony and funny punchlines. You can express your ideas and worries about education with a little bit of humor. It sounds like a dream essay, doesn’t it? Writing about your problems in a satirical way might help you to look at them from a more optimistic perspective!

  1. What is the point of a school uniform? Even office workers rarely have to follow strict dress code rules. All in all, your brain won’t solve calculus tasks better if you wear a uniform.
  2. Why is studying online more productive than going to school? You don’t have to go anywhere to become more intelligent. All the existing knowledge is available on the Internet, and most of it is free.
  3. Teachers enjoy giving a lot of homework to their students. Many students suspect that. Do you think there might be some truth behind it?
  4. How can you defend yourself from older kids at school? Taking up boxing or karate? Becoming a bully? Or maybe you just need to be a good runner? Try to think about the most creative and outlandish options.
  5. Reasons why you should write essays in the last minute. Nothing motivates a student more than an approaching deadline. Try to remember the time you finished your assignment the night before the due date. What was it like?
  6. What’s wrong with the educational system in America? Find the flaws in your program or describe the problems that your peers face. For example, think about tuition fees in colleges, overcrowding, or lack of attention to students.
  7. How social media help students in their studies. The educational content on social media can be helpful for your studies. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if your teachers interacted with you via TikTok or YouTube?
  8. How do you survive your senior year at high school? Applying to college, preparing for SAT or ACT, and keeping up with deadlines seem like a lot of multitasking. Describe all the difficulties students have to face and offer your solutions.
  9. Do we even need to go to school? At first, think about why you like and dislike school. Why do you think school helped you, and when was it useless? Provide your reasons why you keep going to school and what you aim to achieve.

Topics for a Satire Essay on Obesity

Healthy lifestyles keep gaining popularity. There are plenty of low-fat and vegan options in supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. However, obesity is still a big problem for people’s health and self-esteem. Satirical topics below will help you look at it from a new perspective; just make sure to be respectful.

  1. Are overweight people happier than the rest of us? Many fat people keep positive and simply don’t care about the way others see them. They can enjoy their favorite foods and don’t feel the need to work out after that.
  2. Do overweight people want to lose weight? Some of them surely do. Others are happy the way they are and still face the constant pressure of the people surrounding them. Explain why it’s not necessary to lose weight just to fit the standards.
  3. How to stop eating at night. Nothing seems like a better idea than grabbing a snack at 2 a.m. The following day you cannot even realize why your brain persuaded you to do it. Explain why this habit can be harmful and what possible solutions can help to get rid of it.
  4. Crazy solutions for losing weight. You can find thousands of diets and fat-burning workouts on the Internet, but none of them work as well as promised. Find the funniest weight loss tips and describe them in your essay.
  5. How to persuade children to choose healthy foods. When you force somebody to do something, it doesn’t work well. Maybe we should show kids educational cartoons on nutrition? Or perhaps we need to learn how to cook delicious and healthy foods?
  6. How do some skinny people eat so much and don’t gain weight? Probably everyone knows a person who eats all the time and is not even close to getting fat. It might be fast metabolism, an active lifestyle, or black magic.
  7. What should you eat to lose weight? Everybody knows that you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. But people still want to find a perfect diet to reduce body fat. Can you come up with one?
  8. Signs that you need to lose some weight. Maybe your favorite jeans became too tight, or you can’t walk up the stairs as quickly as you used to. Think of the indicators showing that you’ve gained some extra weight.
  9. How does smoking affect weight loss? Many people believe that smoking reduces the feeling of hunger and makes you eat less. Ex-smokers also tend to gain weight when they give up smoking. Explore this issue in a satirical essay.

Environment & Global Warming Satire Essay Topics

Environmental issues are a big part of today’s debates. Satire can make your essay more prominent and draw more attention to the issues you discuss. Satirizing the current situation can be a powerful tool in motivating people to go green. If you’re looking for good satirical topics concerning the environment, this is your section.

  1. Behold: anyone is now able to walk on water. You can do it, too—thanks to giant garbage islands. What other “wonders” has pollution made possible?
  2. Our dependency on the environment is one-sided. Speculate what would happen if nature strikes back. Who will have the upper hand?
  3. No one likes to wade through garbage. Yet, many people just throw their trash on the ground. What’s going on in their minds?
  4. New technology: guilty until proven innocent. Can humans sustain technological progress at the cost of the environment?
  5. We are ready to cut down the tree if we need a toothpick. Is this acceptable or outrageous? Ponder on it in your essay.
  6. What if you could stop climate change? Imagine that you can control everything in the world. What would you do to stop global warming? Offer your solutions to climate change having this kind of power.
  7. Climate change is fake news. With this essay, you can satirize the point of view of climate change deniers. Winter is as cold as it used to be. Maybe global warming is a trick politicians use to deflect our attention from real problems.
  8. Dirty water vs. polluted air: the irony of rich nations looking down on developing societies.
  9. Is sustainability in big companies merely a fashionable way to make a profit?
  10. How can we live comfortably without degrading the environment?
  11. Natural disasters vs. climate change denial: is there a correlation?
  12. Can humans live in a symbiotic relationship with nature, as plants do?
  13. Stop brushing your teeth if you have heard of global warming.
  14. Why we should stop hating public transport.
  15. Overpopulated cemeteries: an underrated issue.
  16. Who cares about the environment when we need more housing?
  17. I hate recycling, so here is what I do instead of helping the environment.
  18. Riding horses instead of driving cars can be fun!
  19. Let’s be honest: do we really need that much ozone?
  20. The best solution for global warming: using hover boards instead of cars.
  21. Trashy waste disposal ways: can we do better?
  22. If you’re convinced “there is plenty of fish in the sea,” think twice.
  23. Humans sacrifice dozens of species to save one: themselves.
  24. The latest research shows that people don’t care about the environment.
  25. Should we consider reusable toilet paper to save our planet?
  26. Can’t people just plant more trees to save the forests?
  27. How to reduce pollution without recycling.
  28. What’s wrong with the zero waste ideology?
  29. How not making your bed can stop global warming.
  30. Why should humanity move to Mars?
  31. 10 reasons why deforestation makes our planet cleaner.
  32. Are gasoline cars better than electric ones?
The picture shows the examples of satire in various media.

Satirical Essay on Social Issues: Topics & Questions

In this section, you’ll find satirical writing ideas about society, culture, and other related things.

  1. “I want to speak to the manager!” If you’re dying of shame every time someone says this sentence, welcome to the Karen phenomenon. What can you do to avoid becoming such a person?
  2. Multinational corporations are masters of disguise. The variety of choices on grocery store shelves is deceiving. Almost all goods there belong to one of few transnational corporations.
  3. You can achieve anything you set your mind to—unless you’re poor. Think of examples that support this statement, such as education not being accessible for everyone.
  4. Hungry Google. How can promising tech start-ups prevent being devoured by a giant? The greediness of a big corporation such as Google is a great satirical topic to write about.
  5. The dark side of the fashion industry. What’s your opinion on beautiful designs made by the hands of Asian children?
  6. Trends, bans, and censorship: is free speech only for the elite?
  7. How to keep up with slang as you get older.
  8. Will Apple’s planned obsolescence ever backfire?
  9. “I can paint like this”: the appeal of abstract art.
  10. Spartans knew how to deal with overpopulation.
  11. Who really deserves the title of the Greatest Generation?
  12. ”Let’s make it simple!”: the dullness of modern pop culture.
  13. Is it time to create a new currency in the US?
  14. What should you answer to a time-traveler from the past asking about the worst event in the 21st century?
  15. What if pharmaceutical companies merely want to keep us sick?
  16. 10 reasons why breastfeeding in public should be illegal.
  17. 7 reasons why women should not get pregnant.
  18. Why should you avoid getting vaccinated?
  19. Life hacks on how to get a cold in summer.
  20. What’s so good about plastic surgery?
  21. What adverse effects can sports have on your life?

Other Satirical Essay Topics

Below you’ll find humorous topics related to politics and family life. You’re welcome to use them for your satirical writing assignment.

Satire Topics on Politics

It’s hard to face reality without a bit of humor. With everything that’s happening in the world, politics is perfect joke material. This is especially relevant for Juvenalian satire. To help you limit your choices, here are some prompts:

  1. Do men in power actually plan to destroy the world one day? Or is hoarding atomic weapons the politicians’ version of collecting stamps?
  2. “The internet is new territory for all of us.” At least it was, according to the German chancellor Angela Merkel in 2013. Sounds accurate? Unpack this quote in your essay.
  3. Democracies have one big problem: everyone is allowed to vote. Should democratic governments introduce some kind of an IQ test before authorizing people to participate in voting?
  4. Is Donald Trump a lizard person? How would this comical theory fit with his politics? Discuss this satire topic in your essay.
  5. North Korea’s role in the global playing field. Is the country a serious threat or a minor disturbance?
  6. How much influence do celebrities have in international politics?
  7. Politicians in Hungary and Poland use excessive anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. What are they afraid of?
  8. Are rich people and Twitter enthusiasts such as Elon Musk secretly governing the world?
  9. Manufacturing conspiracy theories for fun and profit.
  10. Would life in Russia be any different if Putin crowned himself tsar?
  11. Why would shopping malls make perfect prisons?
  12. Analyze the dictionary meaning of the word “trump.”
  13. Romantic relationship between Hillary Clinton and the media.
  14. Do all presidents just follow their basic primitive instincts?
  15. If someone believes politicians, they might as well believe in aliens.
  16. 13 reasons why teenagers should create laws.
  17. The most effective method to treat your post-election stress.
  18. Every year’s slogan: Let’s make politics work again!
  19. A team of professionals working on upgrading Donald Trump’s lies.
  20. A practical dictionary to help you translate the Trump language.
  21. How would the deep state save us from the climate catastrophe?
  22. Winning as the ultimate goal of all elections for political figures.
  23. Why do presidents always appear to be right?
  24. Following the success of Germany, we have to unite the US, too!
  25. If you have these symptoms, you should see a doctor to treat your Political Correctness Syndrome immediately!
  26. Donald Trump’s best solution for wildfires, or “Rake, people, rake!”
  27. Family planning gone wrong: Alabama’s law on abortion.
  28. What do Canadians say about America’s struggles with immigrants?
  29. Making parallels between Humpty Dumpty and the issues with the US wall.
  30. Why everyone should own a gun.
  31. Why doesn’t freedom of speech make you free?
  32. Beware: the new virus of civil disobedience is coming.
  33. Why do we keep thanking the wrong heroes?
  34. A white American man: the most terrorized person in the world nowadays.
  35. Shouldn’t we treat China as America’s best friend?
  36. Communism is capitalism’s evil twin.
  37. Why didn’t the government invoke the 25th amendment during Trump’s presidency?
  38. How to build hype: tips from the man who told everyone to drink bleach.
  39. Donald Trump as the next candidate for winning a Nobel Prize in medicine.
  40. Sending hippie-like peace text messages to the terrorists.
The picture shows the 3 main types of satire.
  1. Why won’t anyone believe what politicians say?
  2. What makes Donald Trump so unique?
  3. Trust me, the Great Wall of China will still stand after the alien invasion.
  4. Let’s see if Captain America would make a good president.
  5. Can we use ideas from comic books to confront terrorists?
  6. 10 reasons why you should watch CNN news twice a day before a meal.
  7. The gun control issue couldn’t be more overrated.
  8. People are dying: legalize marijuana to save lives!
  9. A collection of Donald Trump’s best advice.
  10. 10 reasons why Tony Stark should become the next president of the United States.
  11. Is Russia America’s top enemy?
  12. Should the Communist party be the world’s leading social organization?
  13. 15 reasons why all countries should liberalize visa regimes.
  14. How much should countries spend on military expenses?
  15. Why is political satire important?

Satirical Essay Topics: Marriage and Family

Family life can be a blessing as well as a challenge. Humor is a big help. Looking through this section, you’ll definitely find a relatable satire essay topic. Be sure to have a witty solution for the next time!

  1. You’re a cat person; your partner loves dogs. And your child begs you to buy a snake. What’s the best way to choose a pet for the whole family? Explore this funny satire topic in your essay!
  2. “I have a great business idea.” Have you come to fear hearing these words? Write about how to discourage your loved ones from investing in bad ideas.
  3. Just married! And the routine already sets in. How can a couple keep the spark?
  4. Marrying is easy; it is difficult to be married. If this hits close to home, consider it as the topic for your essay.
  5. Grandma Online. Many people underestimate their grandparents’ abilities to use the Internet. How can said grandparents use this to their advantage?
  6. What’s the best way to deal with ex-partners after marrying someone else?
  7. Marrying a Catholic priest: how to handle celibacy.
  8. “Blood is thicker than water”: when is this statement not valid?
  9. Love at first sight: truth or myth?
  10. Cool parents for all Millennials: a practical guidebook.
  11. Why do people who have failed relationships keep advising others?
  12. What are your grandpa’s best retirement ideas for young people?
  13. Paying back: what can you ask your grandparents at the end of the day?
  14. Family discussions are like puzzles that one has to piece together.
  15. Why does nobody tell you how overrated a married life is?
  16. The turning point of my life: before and after marriage.
  17. What if same-sex marriage becomes legal everywhere?
  18. Why some men don’t wear engagement rings.
  19. Why would anyone save for their kids’ college or wedding?
  20. The secret behind high divorce rates in the US.
  21. Don’t rush to say “I do,” check these things first.
  22. Living in communities as a substitute for marriage in the future.
  23. The reasons why my kids won’t get married in a church.
  24. If love is blind, why are we still so self-conscious?
  25. The most misused pickup line of the decade.
  26. Guidebook of the year: places where you can find love.
  27. When being yourself on a date doesn’t help, just be weird.
  28. The real struggle behind “happily ever after.”
  29. The most obvious signs you have a nosy partner.
  30. How can paternity leave save the whole world?
  31. Top useful tricks on how to win a fight with your partner.
  32. Things you should do on the first date if you need to escape.
  33. At what age should teens enter romantic relationships?
  34. Social media comes to rescue you: why is it the best way to break up?
  35. Breaking up for introverts: how to do it without words.
  36. Not awkward, not cute: conversation starters for the first date.
  37. How to find out what your partner actually thinks about that dress.
  38. Get ready: questions your partner will definitely ask you at some point.
  39. How many times do I have to say “I love you” before my partner believes me?
  40. Family getaway planning on a budget (spoiler: stay home!)
  41. More money spent on weddings equals a higher chance of divorce.
  42. Being a housewife and a mom is so much easier than working! Right?
  43. Make your husband clean after himself: a step-by-step guide.
  44. Learning to love your parents who tag you in every post on Facebook.
  45. Who needs a babysitter when you have a tablet and a TV?
  46. Dressing your toddler: are there only pink and blue clothes?
  47. Enjoy your time as a kid of a divorced couple; you live in two places!
  48. The top 10 passive-aggressive comments to make to your “favorite” relative.
  49. How do you detect a typical mansplaining answer from a woman?
  50. The middle child: why do people often seem to forget about them?
  51. The reasons why your mother-in-law is not the greatest evil.
  52. Create a 100% stress-free family life by divorcing.
  53. How to make a bathroom your private space in 5 steps.
  54. Fixing racism issues by promoting interracial marriages.
  55. Your evolution into everything you hate about your parents.
  56. Are divorces more expensive than weddings?
  57. Why all fathers should be taking paternity leave.
  58. What to do on a date to never be asked out by that person again.
  59. How to lie to your spouse and get away with it.
  60. The most effective tricks never to have dishwashing duty.
  61. How to tell your partner that they’ve gained weight.
  62. How to please your mom without actually following her advice.
  63. 10 life hacks to break up with your partner without doing anything.
  64. Getting a haircut is the best method to deal with a breakup.
  65. 15 reasons why you should always be late for dates.

If you haven’t found a suitable topic, you can use our topic generator for inspiration.

💡 Prompts for a Satirical Essay: Examples

Need some additional inspiration? The following prompts will instantly provide you with writing ideas.

Satirical Essay on Drugs: Writing Prompt

Illegal drug use is a grave problem in our society. You can draw attention to this issue by writing a satirical proposal. Here are some options:

  • Try to imagine what would happen if illegal drugs were free. What adverse “benefits” would this solution have? To drive the point home, use facts and statistics to show how easily addictions form.
  • You may use the same approach to write about smoking or alcohol abuse. It’s a great idea to draw inspiration from old advertisements and taglines glamorizing the “benefits” of these addictions.

Feminist Satire Essay: Writing Prompt

Describing female oppression ironically as something positive allows you to demonstrate the absurdity of sexism. Think about the following:

  • Many antifeminists see equal rights as a threat to patriarchy. For your essay, think about the examples of traditional misogynistic values, such as reducing women’s roles to housework. Then, present them in an ironic way to show how absurd they are.
  • Another point worth satirizing is the idea that women are tired of equal rights. Do they want to go back to doing simple tasks in the kitchen and being banned from having a fulfilling job?
  • Finally, you may want to explore if feminism hurts men. Is it true, or do some men just miss being in the spotlight?

Satirical Essay on Drinking and Driving: Writing Prompt

Drunk driving is among the primary reasons for road accidents in the US. It’s also an interesting topic to explore in a satirical essay. You can research ways of reducing impaired driving and turn them upside down:

  • What if we start encouraging drunk driving by making alcohol more accessible? Think what would happen if the government lowers alcohol prices or makes it legal to drink everywhere.
  • You may also want to ponder the consequences of lowering the legal drinking age. What would happen if kids start thinking that drunk driving is acceptable or even cool?
  • You can go even further and ironically suggest making sober driving illegal.

Satirical Essay on Texting: Writing Prompt

Texting is fun—but it also comes with plenty of downsides. Below are some points you can satirize in your essay:

  • One of the major drawbacks of texting is the lack of nuance compared to real-life communication. But what if it was actually an advantage? Try to describe the “benefits” of not being able to convey irony via texting.
  • You may take a more serious stance and write a satirical essay on texting and driving. Why should texting be more important than watching the road? Show why this activity is pointless and highly dangerous.

📚 Satire Essay Examples

Now let’s have a look at an essay example before you start writing. You can use this sample as inspiration or help you set a tone for a satire essay. Feel free to download the PDF file below:


Sometimes I dread graduating from high school just because I won’t have to wear a uniform anymore. It’s so wonderful to me because everything else I wear is either “too short” or “too bright.” In my opinion, school uniform relieves pressure and reduces unnecessary creativity and freedom of choice.

Reasons Why School Dress Codes Are Great
Download the free sample

Satire Essay Examples from World Literature

If you are used to serious writing, it’s time to give it a break. Satire essays are all about fun. Some people even consider it to be one of the most entertaining types of essays.

Not only does satire show us reality as it is: it also entertains us. Let’s look at some satire writing examples from literary masters.

  1. The Cop and the Anthem by O. Henry
    The irony is already noticeable from the very beginning of O. Henry’s short story. Whatever main character Soapy intends to do, it results in the opposite. O. Henry perfectly plays around with Soapy’s sophisticated language use: it shows that despite being homeless, the character tries to appear as if he is of high status.
  2. Advice to Youth by M. Twain
    This satirical essay by Mark Twain aims to give a piece of advice to younger readers. They would expect it to be thoughtful as it comes from a respectable author. Instead of passing down his ideas about morality and values, Twain teaches youth how to act nicely. Long story short, it’s a convenient guide on how to pretend to be well-behaved. Twain’s use of sarcastic humor flips the theme of morality upside down.
  3. At the Funeral by M. Twain
    After reading this masterpiece, most adults and parents probably wouldn’t find Mark Twain so respectable anymore. In this essay, he mocks a set of social norms related to funerals. You can see how the writer plays around with this seemingly depressing topic. However, this satirical piece comes out to be quite entertaining. The reader can’t even sense the depressing mood surrounding the funeral processions. Twain also avoids using any terms related to it. He underlines that there is no value in such a custom anymore. All in all, he conveys his ideas very naturally and humorously.
  4. When I Was a Witch by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
    This short story created by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is considered one of the best satirical writing examples. It’s a story about a woman who discovers that all her wishes come true. She starts wishing for her surroundings and society at large to change. Though her wishes might seem strange, they are related to Gilman’s real-life circumstances. Ironically, only her wishes that are caused by negative emotions come true.
  5. A Modest Proposal by J. Swift
    This satirical essay by an English writer Jonathan Swift is about Ireland’s social and political problems. At the time, there was a famine in the country. Unfortunately, the government didn’t seem to find a solution to that issue. Swift decided to make a suggestion. He proposes to breed humans like cattle, resolving overpopulation and hunger at the same time. Such a horrible suggestion is nothing but an impossible idea with a hint of sarcasm. The main point of this essay is to make fun of the Irish government’s incapability to deal with social issues.

These texts will surely inspire you to write an outstanding essay.

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✏️ Satirical Essay FAQ

What is satirical writing?

In the modern world, there are way too many serious issues. Sensational media portrayal doesn’t make dealing with them easier. Satire helps to digest some ideas more effectively. Essays and articles often use satirical writing.

How do you write a satire essay?

If you already have a topic, analyze the issue. You should come up with a good list of ideas first. Then, choose the most relevant points. Describe these in a satirical style. Add an introduction and a conclusion.

What is a good satire topic?

Students often have tasks with exact topics for their satire essays. If you need to develop an idea yourself, think about a topical issue you’ve heard about recently. Your subject might be related to your community or society as a whole.

How do you start a satirical essay?

First, read some examples of how other authors start their essays. This might vary from a quote or an anecdote to a rhetorical question. Sometimes the best way is to create an outline for the essay before writing an introduction.

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