460 Excellent Political Topics to Write about in 2024

If you have an assignment in politics, look no further—this article will help you ace your paper. Here, you will find a list of unique political topics to write about compiled by our custom writing team.

But that’s not all of it! Keep reading if you want to:

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  • Choose a topic that will be interesting for you to research;
  • Refresh your knowledge of essential political concepts.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started! Below, you’ll find political topics and questions for your task.

🔝 Top 10 Political Topics to Write About

  1. The political causes of terrorism
  2. Why do we need political parties?
  3. Is politics connected to religion?
  4. Does an ideal political system exist?
  5. How to prevent ideological conflicts
  1. Electoral systems around the world
  2. The role of the UN in the world politics
  3. Should nuclear weapons be banned?
  4. The importance of international relations
  5. Should the government control the internet?

✅ Main Political Concepts to Focus On

Politics is an exciting and versatile subject. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not confined to senates and debate chambers. It also takes place on the streets and in your home. You can even say that everything is political.

Politics has so many areas to study—it may be hard to decide what to choose. Let’s see what interesting concepts you can focus on:

  • Government and all that concerns the state. It includes actions that involve state institutions and people serving them. You might want to concentrate on voting, transnational interactions, or acts of politicians.
  • We’ve all heard that conflict is a healthy part of every relationship. Do you believe that politics should embrace the differences? Then you may want to study the mechanisms of protests and revolutions.
  • Or, you can focus on methods of nonviolent conflict resolution.
  • Execution of power. Here the question is: what is power? Study various definitions and choose the ones you like best.
  • Maybe you consider politics a social activity. You can also think of it as more of a public activity. Look into these concepts and see where politics takes place.

Does any of these ideas seem particularly interesting to you? Write an essay about it! Or, if you want inspiration, check our extensive list of ideas covering every major branch of politics. Below you will find current political topics as well as historical ones.

🇺🇸 American Politics Essay Topics

Inner social and economic tensions have led to drastic changes in America’s political climate. The divide between Democrats and Republicans grows more resonant by the minute. What is your opinion on these developments? Have a closer look at it with one of our engaging topics:

  1. Discuss gun control measures and crime rates reduction in the US.
  2. Analyze Kanye West’s presidential campaign.
  3. What are the crucial current issues to voters in America?
  4. Do national politics in the USA neglect older adults?
  5. Why isn’t the right to privacy listed in the US constitution?
  6. The American government has extensive plans concerning the closure of Purdue Pharma. But are they acting in the public’s best interest?
  7. Pros and cons of raising the number of justices at the Supreme Court.
  8. Write about American neutrality and contribution in the Great War.
  9. Discuss the pros and cons of building a fortified border wall between the USA and Mexico.
  10. What would happen to California if it became an independent country?
  11. Who should pay for essential healthcare services in America?
  12. Does the two-party-system do more harm than good?
Bill Gindlesperger quote.
  1. What did President Trump achieve by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord?
  2. Describe how the American states collaborate in the federal system.
  3. Is a cap on immigration to the US necessary?
  4. How does wealth inadequacy affect American democracy?
  5. The role of freedom in American politics.
  6. How does the Electoral College work?
  7. What are the implications of Donald Trump’s revealed tax statements?
  8. Political impact of the body positivity movement in America.
  1. The BLM movement as covered by Fox News vs. CNN.
  2. The US-Australian cooperation and its implications.
  3. Should the US seek tighter bonds with China?
  4. What’s the easiest way to become politically involved in the US?
  5. Why should you join a political party?
  6. Effects of the war on drugs.
  7. Debate implementing more restrictive gun laws nationwide.
  8. America’s role in restoring Europe after World War II.
  9. How does social media influence political decisions in America?
  10. Is capitalism the best system for the US?
  11. Why don’t LGBT people in America have the same rights as straight people?
  12. How did the legalization of dispensaries in California impact consumer behavior?
  13. What branches does the American government consist of?
  14. How is poverty affecting rural communities in the US?
  15. Explore law enforcement in the US on local, state, and federal levels.
  16. Discuss the limits of executive power in New Jersey.
  17. Should Oregon implement a cap on the price of medicines?
  18. What caused healthcare in America to become so expensive?
  19. Religious extremism in the US after 9/11.
  20. Your position on the American intervention in Syria.
  21. What caused many people to lose trust in President Trump’s government?
  22. Describe the state of affairs that allowed Donald Trump to win the 2016 election.
  23. What laws restrict campaign financing in Florida?
  24. Discuss the budgeting of the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  25. Evaluate President Trump’s crisis response.
  26. Outline the ideas of American politicians from parties on the margin.
  27. The importance of the Hispanic vote.
  28. The Patriot Act: facts and controversies.
  29. How do stereotypes towards Asian Americans influence their opportunities?
  30. The power of line-item vetoes in Wisconsin.

🌐 Global Political Topics to Talk About

Global politics studies basic political ideas on an international scale. This subject combines multiple social sciences to analyze political activity worldwide. Choose between the topics concerning human rights, development, conflict, and international relations.

  1. Why did Reporters without Borders build a library in Minecraft?
  2. How influential are NGOs?
  3. What are the main functions of the UN?
  4. Discuss how the 2015 migrant crisis affected European politics.
  5. What are the drawbacks of being stateless?
  6. African socialism in the 1950s and 1960s.
  7. Has the US become estranged from its European allies?
  8. What is the Human Development Index?
  9. Explain the three waves of democratization.
  10. Why do some countries suffer from terrorism more than others?
  11. Discuss methods of conflict resolution used by the African Union.
  12. At what point does a crisis justify international intervention?
  13. Trace the events of the 2020 election in Belarus.
  14. What caused the Eastern Mediterranean to be war-torn?
  15. Discuss the role of gender in modern Africa.
  16. How did the California Gold Rush in 1848 impact global politics?
  17. The development of Latin American cities in the past 30 years.
  18. Why was Germany hesitant to participate in colonization? What led to the change of heart?
  19. Israeli-Palestine conflict and the global community.
  20. How do countries reconcile after being at war with each other?
  21. What is the Spratly Islands dispute?
  22. Why does China claim ownership of the South China Sea? What makes it a globally important issue?
  23. The threats of transnational organized crime.
  24. What are the effects of Brexit on the UK and international relations?
  25. How does a country’s geography shape its politics?
  26. US foreign policy: criticism and problems.
  27. The purpose and importance of global health.
  28. Discuss how Sub-Saharan Africa can become independent of foreign aid.
  29. Global citizenship: characteristics and responsibilities.
  30. How does feminism influence global relations?
  31. What does deterrence theory entail?
  32. Explain how the International Court of Justice works.
  33. Global war in terrorism: what are its main challenges?
  34. What causes interdependence between nations?
  35. Why do states need to be internationally acknowledged? What happens if they aren’t?
  36. Structural effects of uneven resource distribution.
  37. Gender bias in global politics.
  38. Explore the history of Cambodian politics.
  39. Kazakhstan: the proposal to switch the alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin.
  40. What factors determine if a country is safe to travel to?
  41. Discuss Daniel Drezner’s theories of global politics.
  42. The development of the UK’s global political influence.
  43. Compare how various countries protect their indigenous cultures.
  44. Should the EU be dissolved?
  45. What is Wilsonianism?
  46. Characterize America’s foreign affairs in the Middle East.
  47. What rights does a stateless person have?
  48. Amnesty international: criticism and controversies.
  49. What has the Pan-African movement achieved?
  50. How did American government respond to the Arab Spring?

📚 Political Science Topics to Research

Political science studies collective decisions and their consequences. Part of this process is analyzing the structure and mechanisms of government. Researchers in this field consider psychological, social, and cultural aspects of political activity.

  1. The rise of Austria’s Freedom Party in 2000.
  2. What can game theory tell us about society?
  3. Discuss the concept of nationhood, its benefits, and pitfalls.
  4. Trace the development of the Nigerian government from the ’60s up to now.
  5. The impact of celebrities on political campaigning.
  6. Describe the goals of the anti-globalization movement.
  7. Why did all Germany’s attempts to form a republic fail until after World War II?
  8. The effects of poverty on Australian indigenous peoples.
  9. What type of events affect voting behavior the most?
  10. Examine historical examples of anarchist societies.
  11. Does a president need to represent all of their country’s citizens?
  12. What are the advantages of polling?
  13. Can monarchies be democratic?
  14. What influences people’s political beliefs?
  15. The regulation of water supply in Latin American countries.
  16. Describe how the media affects cultural globalization.
  17. Compare right and left-wing terrorist groups.
  18. What constitutes tyranny?
  19. How does the Saudi Arabian government work?
Globalization is.
  1. The relationship between the automobile industry and politics in Japan.
  2. Crisis theory, its strengths, and its weaknesses.
  3. What are the goals of the alt-right?
  4. The historical significance of the treaty of Westphalia.
  5. Was the Equal Rights Amendment doomed to fail? What is its current status?
  6. How does tourism affect Caribbean politics?
  7. What makes someone a leader?
  8. Discuss how powerful states influence poorer ones.
  9. How does the EU make decisions?
  10. Examine the success rate of petitions.
  11. The psychology behind supporting extremist groups.
  12. The mechanics of propaganda: when language becomes a political tool.
  13. Class 12 political education: preparing students to vote in their first election.
  14. Analyze the structure of the Chinese Communist Party.
  15. What does the Lemon test determine?
  16. Is fear a good instrument of control?
  17. The political danger of fake news.
  18. How do civil wars happen?
  19. Political culture: why did democracy in Iraq fail?
  20. Investigate the conflict between China and Tibet.
  21. Should institutions benefit society’s poorest members?
  22. The role of poverty in driving the popularity of Boko Haram in Nigeria.
  23. Why do some people miss the Soviet Union?
  24. What are the differences between the IS and al-Qaeda?
  25. Organization of the Taliban government in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.
  26. Political radicalization on the internet.
  27. The importance of women in governments.
  28. Balance of power theory and modern world order.
  29. The dangers of neopatrimonialism in African politics.
  30. Why was the French Revolution an important event in history?
  31. What influences outside the government can impact policymaking?

🏛️ Best Political Philosophy Essay Topics

What type of systems can ensure a happy life for everyone? Political philosophy, or political theory, seeks to answer this question. Its goal is to create a social standard by applying ethics to politics. Get contemplative with our interesting political theory paper topics:

  1. How ethical is capitalism?
  2. Explore the ideological connection between liberalism and feminism.
  3. How close is your community to Plato’s ideal society?
  4. What would happen if we leave capitalism behind?
  5. Discuss the concept of democracy in political theory.
  6. Ethical issues concerning globalization.
  7. What would Aristotle say about the world’s current state of affairs?
  8. Marx’s and Lenin’s imperialism theories.
  9. Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau right in saying that a civil society began with a fence?
  10. Is restricting immigration an ethical way to increase wages?
  11. How relevant is John Locke’s social contract theory today?
  12. Explore the problems of democratic transition and consolidation.
  13. Analyze the shortcomings of positivism.
  14. Discuss John Rawls’ position on justice.
  15. What is philosophical anarchism?
  16. How does Michel Foucault explain the development of Western penal systems in Discipline and Punish?
  17. Discuss grounds on which war is morally permissible or even necessary.
  18. The influence of existentialism on Western politics.
  19. What events sparked the foundation of the Paris Commune?
  20. How can governments and communities cooperate?
  21. Can religion have a positive influence on lawmaking?
  22. What does it mean to have authority?
  23. Should governments provide stability or freedom of choice?
  24. The influence of revisionism on the German Social Democratic Party policies.
  25. Is gerrymandering always unjust?
  26. How did the idea of democracy change from ancient Greece to modern times?
  27. Is the law always morally right?
  28. The role of violence in the ideologies of Pyotr Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin.
  29. Police corruption: understanding and prevention.
  30. Is democracy indeed a rule by the people?
  31. What’s the difference between nationalism and patriotism?
  32. The role of power from the post-structuralist perspective.
  33. Is there a big divide between Asian and Western political ideology?
  34. What motivates someone to be politically active?
  35. Why are students typically engaged in politics?
  36. Is populism ethical?
  37. Provide an advanced perspective of public policy.
  38. Should the state be allowed to decide whether an individual can end their life?
  39. The meaning of the term “liberalism” from its origins to this day.
  40. What do feminists mean by saying “the personal is political”?
  41. How do you define the word “political”?
  42. Discuss dehumanization and its evolution in warfare.
  43. If you could start a whole culture anew, what would its principles be?
  44. Analyze how pornography can be political.
  45. Policymaking: systemic thinking on various levels.
  46. Are liberal government models the end of political development?
  47. How did the US government morally justify the Vietnam war?
  48. According to Thomas Hobbes, why do citizens need a Leviathan?
  49. Describe Machiavelli’s position concerning the role of religion in politics.
  50. The influence of Ayn Rand’s objectivism on libertarian movements.

⚖️ Comparative Politics Essay Topics

Have you ever wondered how the state influences a nation’s economy? Scholars of comparative politics know the answer. They analyze governments by comparing and contrasting them. Choose a topic in this category to discover the differences between various political systems.

  1. What causes nations to transform their governments?
  2. Define the differences between a nation and a nation-state.
  3. Causes of war: comparative politics and peace studies.
  4. The politics of baby boomers vs. millennials.
  5. Is the “tyranny of the majority” an unavoidable weakness of democracy?
  6. Characteristics of authoritarian vs. totalitarian regimes.
Contemporary forms of government.
  1. What are the differences between laws and executive orders?
  2. How does bureaucracy work in Norway vs. Russia?
  3. Living conditions in South African squatter settlements and Brazilian favelas.
  4. Compare conservative ideology in the US vs. the Netherlands.
  5. What is the ideological difference between liberalism and conservatism?
  6. Discuss the advantages of a participatory vs. a representative democracy.
  7. What are the current trends in democratization?
  8. Compare the contents of the French vs. the British constitution.
  9. Describe the differences between federal and unitary governments.
  10. The executive’s role in Japan vs. China.
  11. Political parties in Canada: ideological analysis.
  12. What does it take to pass a law in Finland as compared to Sweden?
  13. How does the naturalization process work in Canada vs. the US?
  14. What factors impact political participation in different countries?
  15. How does a country’s education influence its citizens’ political activity?
  16. Analyze the role of interest groups in the USA and Poland.
  17. How do presidential systems work in comparison to parliamentary systems?
  18. Idealism versus realism in international politics
  19. Ownership laws in Nigeria vs. Eritrea.
  20. Compare Saddam Hussein’s regime with societies from Orwell’s 1984.
  21. Identify current trends in voter turnout.
  22. What constitutes the civil society in India and Pakistan?
  23. Contrast the structures and influence of the top five grassroots movements.
  24. The role of independent media in political education.
  25. What factors determine whether a societal change is successful?
  26. Compare American and Icelandic healthcare systems.
  27. Protest votes: in which system do they work best?
  28. Which fundamental ideologies do most of the world’s democracies share?
  29. The social consequences of corruption in Mexico vs. Venezuela.
  30. The perception of conservatism in the US vs. other countries.
  31. Analyze Indian and Brazilian democracies.
  32. Revolving door politics in Japan vs. Australia.
  33. How is gender equality institutionalized in different countries?
  34. Why are green parties more successful in Europe than in the US?
  35. Contrast political education across the states of the former Soviet Union.
  36. The influence of the military on the government in the US vs. New Zealand.
  37. Achievements of the LGBT movement in Poland and the Czech Republic.
  38. What are sustainability measures in South Africa vs. Senegal?
  39. The evolution of women’s rights in Russia vs. Switzerland.
  40. How does federalism in Brazil differ from the one in America?
  41. Compare Peru’s and Lesotho’s unitary systems.
  42. Comparison between Florida and Maryland’s legislative frameworks.
  43. Contrast various military governments. Can they be beneficial for the public?
  44. Political socialization in France vs. India.

💵 Political Economy Topics to Write About

Are you interested in how trade relates to a nation’s law and government? Then this section is for you. Scholars in this field study how economic theories influence societies. On top of that, they advise governments on economic policies and proposals. Find a great topic in the list below:

  1. Economic interdependence theory and future of trade.
  2. How do oligopolies influence the market?
  3. What are the economic effects of taxation?
  4. Do democratic countries have better economies than autocratic states?
  5. Did NAFTA overall benefit Mexico’s economy?
  6. The oil industry in Saudi Arabia: analysis and strategies.
  7. Globalization and the economy: interrelations and consequences.
  8. What are the goals of the WTO?
  9. How did the foundation of OPEC shape oil trade?
  10. What factors influence the global GMO market?
  11. Explain the concept of the invisible hand.
  12. What are the characteristics of public goods?
  13. Does private ownership necessarily lead to inequality?
  14. How did mercantilism affect colonized countries?
  15. Define critical political economy theory.
  16. What role does mass media play in a nation’s economic decisions?
  17. The current revival of neoliberalism.
  18. Why does the exchange rate matter?
  19. The role of competition in politics.
  20. How did the development of financial systems impact governments?
  21. Why did President Trump’s tax reports cause a scandal?
  22. How did economic troubles lead to political tensions in the EU?
  23. What policies did countries in South-East Asia implement to drive economic growth?
  24. Can guaranteed income prevent socio-economic crises?
  25. How are pension age policies connected to a country’s economic situation?
  26. The impact of terrorism on oil prices and production.
  27. What were the political pros and cons of the gold standard?
  28. Does the trade war between the US and China have the potential to affect global trade?
  29. What types of governments are more likely to engage in protectionism?
  30. How is America “weaponizing” the dollar?
  31. Discuss risk management strategies during the financial crisis in the US.
  32. Utilitarian ethics in political economy.
  33. What is the minimum wage, and how do you calculate it?
  34. Do big companies have too much political influence?
  35. The effects of gender-biased laws on economic systems.
  36. What are the economic concerns behind sustainable policies?
  37. Why are European countries struggling to convert to green energies?
  38. Does turning away from fossil fuels automatically mean a decrease in economic growth?
  39. How do policies create wealth gaps?
  40. What do wealthy countries do to stay rich?
  41. Describe the political consequences of outsourcing.
  42. The connection between political instability and widespread poverty.
  43. The political economy of financing conflicts in the Middle East.
  44. Why do countries export weapons to war-torn areas?
  45. How do political power balances create inequality?
  46. The politics of free markets vs. planned economies.
  47. What are the key elements of the political economy, according to Marxism?
  48. Explain the 19th-century socialist ideology.
  49. What effects do a country’s political institutions have on the development of organized crime?
  50. Feminism in the political economy.

🍴 Food Politics Essay Topics

Decisions concerning packaging labels and food safety regulations belong in the realm of food politics. This branch also encompasses aspects related to food production, distribution, and consumption. Dive into the world of food politics with one of our popular writing ideas:

  1. How much should the government influence our food choices?
  2. What’s political about our diet?
  3. How do food politics influence our eating habits?
  4. Why do most American food production companies add sugar and syrup to bread?
  5. The politics of kid-targeted food advertising.
  6. What are the differences between the major labels of organic food?
  7. Should conventional agriculture still be subsidized?
  8. What are the most dominant conflicts of interest in the agricultural industry today?
  9. What can governments do to make fresh and healthy foods more accessible?
  10. Compare various government-sponsored programs to promote a healthy diet.
  11. How does the demand regulate the market in terms of food products?
  12. Will we ever be able to eradicate hunger globally? 
  13. How can policies and restrictions make the food industry more sustainable?
  14. Why are food politics crucial to achieving development goals?
  15. Should governments ban plastic bags and packaging? 
  16. Following the annexation of Crimea, Russia received heavy sanctions. It prompted President Putin to ban the import of food products from Europe and the US. How does this affect the country?
  17. Monsanto: the political influence of America’s former biggest GMO seed distributor.
  18. What issues are associated with eco-friendly food packaging?
  19. What would be the consequences of outlawing alcohol?
Charlotte Biltekoff quote.
  1. Should there be a ban on advertisements for unhealthy foods?
  2. Lobbying tactics in the alcohol industry.
  3. Discuss the benefits of implementing higher taxes on soft drinks.
  4. When can a company label their product as “natural”?
  5. Discuss the problems related to US school cafeterias. 
  6. The danger of alcopops: policies that prevent early alcohol consumption.
  7. Challenges of regulating deceptive health claims.
  8. How does sponsored research influence nutritional guidelines?
  9. The biopolitics of nutrition and food distribution.
  10. What should all food labels contain to ensure safe consumption?
  11. The vegan movement’s impact on the organic food market.
  12. How did industrialization change the way we eat?
  13. Is ethnic food underrepresented in nutritional guidelines? If so, why?
  14. Discuss the role of price in alcohol consumption. 
  15. Why is cannabis banned in many countries, but cigarettes aren’t?
  16. Sin tax: what are its unintended social repercussions?
  17. How do gruesome pictures on cigarette packages influence smoking behavior?
  18. Consumption of harmful products in states with and without a sin tax.
  19. Treatment of migrant fruit pickers in Texas.
  20. California removed sugary drinks and sweets from its public schools. Did this lead to a decrease in youth obesity?
  21. Food safety: a policy issue in agriculture today. 
  22. What would sustainable policies on regulating food waste be?
  23. Should governments allocate more resources into cloning research to satisfy the meat demand?
  24. The political influence of the American meat industry.
  25. Should animal rights be secured in the constitution? 
  26. The development of whale hunting laws in Japan.
  27. What type of regulations could ensure sustainable fishing?
  28. What’s the problem with “Big food”?
  29. Examine the food vs. fuel dilemma.
  30. Discuss the court case in which a Colorado bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.
  31. Denial of food access as a war weapon.

🌱 Environmental Political Research Topics

Issues like sustainability and climate change need coordinated political decisions. That’s where environmental politics comes into play. This branch analyzes policymaking as well as political theories and ideas concerning the environment. Besides, it investigates what position political parties and social movements have on the matter. If you want to address environmental concerns in your essay, this section is for you.

  1. How can the global power of the church be used to drive sustainability agendas?
  2. Why do some arid countries want to tow icebergs? What are the environmental consequences of this practice?
  3. What are the goals of the carbon tax?
  4. Why should cities endorse greenways in their urban planning?
  5. How did Nigerian activists react to the environmental consequences of the country’s excessive oil production?
  6. Political strategies to preserve biodiversity. 
  7. What did the Kyoto protocol achieve?
  8. Why didn’t Iran and Turkey sign the Paris Agreement?
  9. Explore the environmental positions of various parties across the political spectrum.
  10. Is sustainability a viable aspiration for a community?
  11. Why are liberal governments more likely to address environmental concerns than conservative ones?
  12. Does it take an authoritarian state to combat global warming effectively?
  13. The benefits of environmental education in class 11.
  14. How do interest groups manipulate political action against environmental problems?
  15. Is lobbyism responsible for the hesitation in terms of setting strict sustainability goals?
  16. The Clean Water Act: achievements and shortcomings. 
  17. Are governments doing enough to tackle environmental issues? 
  18. The success of market mechanisms in environmental policymaking.
  19. Discuss the progress made to control air pollution in China.
  20. What roles do NGOs play in driving policies to protect nature?
  21. Are environmental politics mostly moving forward in times of a crisis?
  22. Geoengineering: should governments rely on changing the weather instead of adjusting regulations?
  23. Discuss the correlation between energy crisis and climate change.
  24. How will Indonesia’s new Omnibus Law impact environmental politics?
  25. The influence of social movements in making the fishery industry more sustainable.
  26. How can governments ensure green conservation without reducing their country’s living standards?
  27. Is ecoterrorism a good way to bring attention to under-discussed problems?
  28. Investigate how environmental politics can reconcile its proponents with its adversaries.
  29. How did Hannah Arendt influence modern political thought about nature?
  30. What is ecofeminism, and what are its goals?
  31. Implications of the Gaia hypothesis for environmental politics.
  32. Provide an outline of an environmental conservation project.
  33. Al Gore’s influence on environmental decisions during his time as vice president.
  34. Sustainability initiatives in the US vs. Europe.
  35. The significance of environmental politics in international relations.
  36. Discuss the link between social justice movements and the rise of green parties.
  37. Should the California government promote native fire tending techniques to save the state’s forests?
  38. An Inconvenient Truth: legacy and criticism.
  39. Do not let Belgrade d(r)own: environmental activism in the Balkans.
  40. The role of the military in protecting nature.
  41. What plans does the New Zealand government have to reduce carbon emissions?
  42. Responsible mining practices in the Philippines.
  1. Political cooperation efforts for protecting the Caspian Sea.
  2. Discuss the benefits and costs of the US acid rain program. 
  3. How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact environmental policymaking?
  4. The role of populism in addressing climate change.
  5. Radioactive waste management policies in the EU.
  6. Contrast the methods of various climate justice organizations.
  7. How can we use AI to protect the environment?
  8. Combating food waste in Norway: consequences of introducing the phrase “best before, often good after” on food labels.

📖 Political Case Study Topics to Look Into

Case studies are valued among all social sciences. They are an excellent method to learn from real-life examples. What’s even better, you can apply the information you’ve gathered from them to a broader framework. If you prefer a practical approach to politics, check out these compelling ideas:

  1. The 2011 drought caused the Yangtze River to carry significantly less water. How did this affect Chinese politics? 
  2. The Arctic ice is melting at an unprecedented pace. How do politicians cooperate in combating it? 
  3. Pollution has caused an ecological disaster in Kamchatka. What was the Russian government’s response to the crisis?
  4. The economic growth of Asian countries has put them on the radar of potential Western allies. What stands in the way of a successful partnership?
  5. Apartheid in South Africa didn’t end until the 1990s. What events led up to the system’s abolishment?
  6. Botswana used to be one of the world’s poorest countries. Now, it’s considered a role model for African development. How did it achieve its wealth?
  7. Environmental NGOs have positioned themselves against fracking from the very beginning. How do their actions impact congressional decision making?
  8. Guinea-Bissau is a haven for the illegal drug trade. Politicians are not able to contain it. How did the situation develop?
  9. In Nigeria, ethnic minorities and the state claim ownership over the country’s oil reserves. How did this conflict emerge? What has been done to solve it?
  10. In 2016, military troops attempted to overthrow the Turkish government. Why did they fail?
  11. In 2020, the military took over the Mali government. How did it happen? What was the international response?
  12. Kenya remained under British rule until 1963. Describe the consequences colonization had on the country. 
  13. Nornickel is a Russian Nickel and Palladium production company. In 2020, it has caused two major environmental disasters: an oil leakage and a wastewater spill. What were the consequences? What did officials do to cover it up?
  14. In the 20th century, Latin America was home to many dictatorships. To this day, some countries in the area are struggling with their governments. How did this happen?
  15. The Universal Child Allowance is a conditional cash transfer designed to help underage Argentinian children from low-income families. Investigate their impact.
  16. Microfinancing has created a debt trap for women in Sri Lanka. As a result, they formed a cooperative movement with better credit conditions. Could such cooperatives be an alternative to microfinancing worldwide?
  17. Greece’s refugee camps are notorious for their harsh living conditions. Investigate their access to healthcare.
  18. Few countries are as affected by HIV as India. Identify how this phenomenon connects to the nation’s high poverty rate.
  19. Civil conflict in Columbia between the far-right, far-left, and the government has been ravaging the country for decades. What strategies could restore peace?
  20. Bhutan has recently transitioned from an absolutist monarchy to a democracy. How did religion influence this development?
  21. Class identity has been a central topic in post-apartheid South Africa. How are changes in identity perception impacting politics? 
  22. Incarceration rates among black citizens in America are significantly higher than among white people. Discuss how this is linked to racial profiling. 
  23. The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán funds populist propaganda campaigns. How does he instrumentalize the national identity to drive his agenda?
  24. During the 2020 elections in the United States, there was no clear result on the election night. Yet, Donald Trump has falsely declared himself the winner before the official announcement. What political intentions did he have?
  25. In 2014, Scotland tried to gain independence from Great Britain through a referendum. Why did it fail? Would it be more likely to succeed now?
  26. Women’s rights in countries under Islamic rule are often underdeveloped. How did the Musawah movement influence lawmaking in these nations?
  27. Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion is the world’s most secure airport. Explore its history. What makes it unique?
  28. Ever since its foundation, the US has been a dream destination for many immigrants. How did this situation change since President Trump promised to build the wall?
  29. The Antarctic has plenty of lands to offer. Currently, governments are engaging in territorial disputes. Who does this land belong to? Why is this debate relevant?
  30. Since 2019, Hong Kong people have been protesting laws that potentially impose closer legal bonds with mainland China. How did these protests influence the legislature so far? How did the governments in Hong Kong and China react?
  31. The Gaza strip has been a center of an ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. How did its latest developments influence Israeli security politics?
  32. Child labor is a significant problem in the Philippines. What does the country do to tackle it?
  33. South Ossetia is a Caucasus region fighting for autonomy. It is officially recognized as part of Georgia by most countries. Plans to integrate the de facto state with Russian North Ossetia have failed. What caused the fights? What can be done to solve the conflict?
  34. Asian countries are developing rapidly. It causes economic competition for the neighboring nations. What factors led China and Japan to emerge as global players?
  35. In Vietnam, agriculture has undergone significant changes in the past decades. How have these transformations impacted farmers?
  36. The Ottoman Empire used to be an enormous state. It encompassed most of Southeastern Europe and much of Arabia. How did its dissolution lead to modern-day conflicts on the Arabian Peninsula?
  37. Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. How does the government ensure enough housing opportunities? 
  38. The Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammad bin Salman was celebrated for his liberal economic and social reforms. Why was he suspected of ordering the assassination of journalist and government critic Jamal Khashoggi? 
  39. Colton is a valuable mineral found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The excessive mining of the resource has led to increased criminal activity and conflict. How is this impacting the local civilians? What solutions have been proposed?
  40. Sierra Leone was engaged in a war with the Revolutionary United Front for 11 years. How did foreign intervention resolve the conflict? How did this experience impact the current political situation?
  41. Until its criminalization in 1997, cannabis has been a medicinal staple in Pakistan. Recently, the government approved the industrial production of the drug. What were the reasons for it? How is this going to affect the country’s economy?
  42. In Japan, decreasing birth rates have led to a steep decline in the population. What plans does the government have to tackle this problem?
  43. 4chan is an anonymous forum that caters to all kinds of interests. It is infamous for spreading hate and online radicalization. Some of America’s recent mass shooters were connected with the site, as is QAnon. What led to this development? Should the website be taken down?
  44. In 2019, American colleges were at the center of a bribery scandal. Celebrities tried to enroll their children with substandard grades into prestigious schools such as USC and Yale. How can colleges maintain their funding while ensuring equal opportunities for the less wealthy candidates?
  45. In the Ice Bucket Challenge, people poured a bucket of ice water over their heads. It was supposed to raise awareness for ALS. How did this activity impact disease research funding?
  46. In 2017 and 2018, Finland studied the consequences of universal basic income. What did the findings suggest? Should other countries adopt this strategy?
  47. Tesla electric car company has reinvented the automobile industry with its vehicles. What role did the company play in raising awareness of sustainability issues? 
  48. Facebook is financed by targeted ads and data trade. How is this influencing voter behavior? 
  49. The Interview is a 2014 political satire film in which American journalists plot to kill Kim-Jong Un. The film sparked outrage in North Korea. How did this impact US-North Korean political relations?
  50. In the US, advertisements for prescription drugs aren’t illegal. How does this influence consumer behavior in comparison with the countries where such advertisements are banned?

✍️ How to Write an Essay on Politics

Are you eager to start your paper right away? Check these helpful essay writing tips! Keep them in mind when talking about political issue topics:

  1. Research. Read your notes first, then search the internet. Academic journals and government sites are an excellent place to start. Stay on point; don’t waste your time with sources that are not relevant to your topic.
  2. Planning and outlining. Once you’ve found a topic that suits you, write a thesis. It’s a sentence that serves as a general direction for your essay. Outline your ideas, arguments, and questions. Your paper’s structure should consist of three parts:
    • The introduction presents all the essential terms and relevant literature. Your thesis statement belongs there.
    • Your paper’s body includes your arguments and supporting evidence. Use topic sentences to introduce your point.
    • The conclusion contains a summary of the essay’s key points.
  3. Style and format. Write concisely in a formal manner. Ask your tutor for formatting requirements such as font, size, space, or margin. Don’t forget to include a reference list at the end.
  4. Editing and proofreading. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure all your arguments are directly connected to your topic. Lastly, make sure to cite all your sources properly.

That’s all we’ve got for you. We hope this article was useful and wish you good luck with your assignment!

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