665 Excellent Presentation Topics & Tips

A presentation is a speech in which you explain a topic to an audience. It usually includes visuals done in a program such as PowerPoint. Teachers in schools and in colleges love to assign presentations for various reasons:

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  • It requires students to put their knowledge into practice.
  • It teaches them how to communicate in a clear and structured manner.
  • Students can work on different kinds of skills at the same time.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 625 presentation topics in different fields, including fun topics for presentations. But that’s not all: our custom writing experts compiled the best tips to help you prepare the perfect presentation!

🔝 Top 10 Topics for Presentation

  1. Dolly the sheep and other clones.
  2. How to boost your immune system.
  3. Link between religion and politics.
  4. Interactive tools in online education.
  5. Business etiquette in different counties.
  6. Modern medicine vs. traditional medicine.
  7. Positive aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  8. Link between social media and low self-esteem.
  9. Recycling challenges in the developing countries.
  10. Can you learn culture while learning foreign languages?

🖥️ Topics for Different Types of Presentations

Oral presentations usually serve one of the two purposes: informing or persuading. For example, cause-and-effect and how-to presentations are informative. Persuasive ones, you guessed it, aim to persuade. In this section, you’ll find exciting topics for both presentation types.

💬 Persuasive Presentation Topics for Students

Persuasive presentations are made to convince or influence a belief. First, you inform your listeners about a particular problem. Then, you want them to take action. Prompt your audience to challenge their views with one of these exciting subjects:

  1. Pets should only be adopted from shelters.
  2. Reasons to completely ban smoking from public areas.
  3. Are sports cars a danger to the public?
  4. What are the disadvantages of capitalism?
  5. Was the invention of the internet a good idea?
  6. Robot vacuum cleaners are the pinnacle of laziness.
  7. Does tolerating intolerance make a person intolerant?
  8. Should schools teach their students how to cook?
  9. What actually is dinner?
  10. Arguments for Daylight Savings Time.
  11. Who should receive free education?
  12. We should encourage women to work in male-dominated fields.
  13. Why should people not wear fur and leather?
Making the slides.
  1. Are video games a valuable pastime activity?
  2. Give reasons to abolish physical money.
  3. Should advertisements for pharmaceutical products be illegal?
  4. Promoting urban gardening to help feed the poor.
  5. Ways to persuade children to eat vegetables.
  6. Public transport is chronically underfunded in the US.
  7. Colleges should take better care of students’ mental health.
  8. Should schools switch to all-electronic textbooks?

ℹ️ Informative Topics for Presentations

Presentations that explain a new concept or an idea are called informative. The goal is to present your facts in a very clear manner. Illustrations and diagrams can help you with this task.

  1. Communication methods for deaf people.
  2. Explain how carbon emission trading works.
  3. The history of worshipping cats in ancient Egypt.
  4. How does air travel impact the environment?
  5. Reasons for water shortages in arid countries.
  6. How did the Irish accent develop?
  7. What is the cut-up technique?
  8. Compare traditional African hunting practices.
  9. Describe the beauty of golf.
  10. How did the beat generation impact American literature?
  11. What is the use of cognitive linguistics?
  12. Compare the healthiness of various types of diets.
  13. Explore the cultural importance of Stonehenge.
  14. The history of the Hermitage museum.
  15. What is Trumpism?
  16. How do Germans celebrate Christmas?
  17. What can you find in Palmyra?
  18. How does the democratic system in Spain work?
  19. Why is tea popular in England?
  20. Explain the intelligence of crows.
  21. What is megalomania?
  22. What makes the Galapagos Islands unique?

✅ Interesting How-To Presentation Topics

As the title suggests, this kind of presentation tells the audience how to do something. Recipes and instruction manuals are two classic examples. The trick here is to describe the process in a detailed and straightforward manner.

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Let’s Start
  1. How to break through the glass ceiling.
  2. Steps to adopting a child.
  3. How do you tie the Eldredge knot?
  4. Cooking the perfect béchamel sauce.
  5. How to become a vegan.
  6. Describe an efficient method to save up enough money for a house.
  7. How to participate in stock market trading.
  8. The basic steps for first aid.
  9. How does bullet journaling work?
  10. Describe how to get started with beekeeping.
  11. What are the steps to make shampoo?
  12. Constructing the best paper boat.
  13. The easiest way to apply eyeliner.
  14. What does it take to look good in pictures?
  15. Deciphering and writing in Morse code.
  16. How to be a feminist.
  17. Describe a way to become an excellent public speaker.
  18. How do you change a tire on your bike?
  19. Steps to sew on a button.
  20. How did Bruce Wayne become Batman?
  21. The fastest way to earn $100.
  22. How to crochet a shopping bag.

➡️ Cause & Effect Presentation Topics

Cause and effect presentations focus on the origins or the consequences of an event. Sometimes, they do both. Yellow teeth after years of smoking are an example of a cause-effect relationship.

  1. How does light pollution impact the night sky?
  2. What causes volcanoes to erupt?
  3. How did the internet affect the way we communicate?
  4. The economic consequences of immigration.
  5. What causes stock market prices to plummet?
  6. Analyze the roots of misogyny.
  7. How do the Olympics impact competitive sports?
  8. Where does mildew on plants come from?
  9. What makes American education great?
  10. How do uniforms affect school students?
  11. Explore the origins of Santa Claus.
  12. Why do some people end up homeless?
Bulleted lists.
  1. How do coral reefs benefit marine life?
  2. How does marijuana affect one’s body?
  3. What makes you avoid particular brands?
  4. Why do houseplants improve your mood?
  5. Why going zero-waste is good for the environment.
  6. What causes cloudbursts?
  7. Why does a mosquito bite itch?
  8. Describe the consequences of the Euro introduction to Spain.
  9. How do surges in tourism impact the environment?
  10. Why do bees make honey?

🏦 Unique Topics for Presentation on Business & Finance

  1. How does SWIFT work?
  2. How to invest securely.
  3. Are banking apps safe?
  4. Types of business bankruptcy.
  5. Pros and cons of online banking.
  6. Ways to motivate bank employees.
  7. Social media in business promotion.
  8. What to include in a business forecast?
  9. Business and sustainable development in.
  10. Different bases of the international tax system.

Money makes the world go round. If you enjoy talking about business, have a look at the following sections. You’ll find creative topics on leadership, finance, and economics.

👔 Business Leadership Topics for Presentations

Professionals in leadership positions are always confronted with challenges. Good leaders regularly implement new ideas and inspire their employees. Modern technologies and rising consumer expectations are among the top leadership issues.

  1. Uses for artificial intelligence in marketing.
  2. What qualities do good leaders need?
  3. Effective ways to empower your coworkers.
  4. Corruption among CEOs.
  5. Compare various styles of leadership.
  6. Are there gender differences concerning the execution of power?
  7. How can you use AI-tools in the hiring process?
  8. What makes a company’s work culture appealing?
  9. Simple steps to improve the employee experience.
  10. Describe ways to protect your business data.
  11. How to successfully implement a change initiative.
  12. Contrast the functions of various analytics tools.
  13. Why is diversity at the workplace relevant?
  14. How do you attract a variety of people to your business?
  15. What are the benefits of a 4-day working week?
  16. How can you alleviate your employees’ stress?
  17. How do you understand what motivates your employees?
  18. The role of body language in establishing trust in the workplace.
  19. How to prepare for challenging conversations.
  20. Conflict resolution in business.
  21. When is it sensible to take a risk?

💵 Finance Topics for a Presentation Assignment

Managing money is a crucial life skill for anyone. At the heart of finance, you’ll encounter scary-sounding activities such as investing and budgeting. But have no fear; here are the topics for you to explore:

  1. What are the downsides of microfinance?
  2. How does microfinance influence the South African economy?
  3. Analyze the surge of cryptocurrency in recent years.
  4. The ethics of banking.
  5. What are the advantages of all-digital banks such as N26?
  6. Is online banking excluding less technologically savvy people?
  7. How did the internet change the banking sector?
  8. Methods to ensure the security of investment.
  9. How do unpaid loans impact the economy?
  10. Can banking ever be eco-friendly?
  11. Describe the value at risk measure.
  12. How do you use financial leverage?
  13. What’s the difference between cash flow and fund flow statements?
  14. Explain the Swiss financial system.
  15. Access to banking services in rural areas.
  16. Why does Libor matter?
  17. How do you manage intraday liquidity?
  18. Discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility.
  19. What is capital structure?
  20. Examine the risks of mobile banking applications.
  21. How do communities benefit from corporate investments?
  22. Give an overview of Brazil’s restructured financial system.

📈 Economics Topics for a Presentation in College

Economists study the balance between consumption and production. They’re also concerned with the distribution of wealth and the satisfaction of demand. The allocation of resources is one of the core questions of economics.

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  1. How does an individual impact a nation’s economy?
  2. Explain how to calculate a cost-benefit analysis.
  3. Ways to combat scarcity.
5-5-5 rule for presentation.
  1. What happens during inflation?
  2. Explore the connection between the employment rate and the economy.
  3. When are tariffs on imports useful?
  4. What makes the capital market efficient?
  5. Describe the structure of the stock market.
  6. What is a good trade balance?
  7. Effective investments in human capital.
  8. How does a nation’s economy benefit from educated citizens?
  9. What happens if someone doesn’t pay off their credit?
  10. Discuss the most common trade barriers.
  11. Why do governments want free trade?
  12. Examine how price control in supermarkets works.
  13. What are the pros and cons of rent ceilings?
  14. Compare various types of agriculture subsidization.
  15. Debate price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry.
  16. Analyze the distribution of income in the US.
  17. What are the effects of increased inequality?
  18. Explain the business cycle and its consequences.
  19. Discuss the role of technology in modern economics.

🍎 Interesting Topics for Presentation on Health & Sports

  1. The uses of athletic tape.
  2. Exercises for hypotension.
  3. How to prevent sports injuries.
  4. Negative effects of overtraining.
  5. The ways to treat sports injuries.
  6. Can sports help with heart disease?
  7. Benefits of swimming on mental health.
  8. Reasons to exercise during pregnancy.
  9. How does doping affect athletes’ bodies?
  10. The psychological effect of injuries on athletes.

Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Still, there are plenty of other factors that impact our wellness. This section presents unique topics surrounding physical and mental health, sports, and nursing.

💊 Interesting Health Topics for Presentations

What does it mean to be healthy? It’s not merely the absence of disease. We also need to take care of our spiritual, social, and environmental wellbeing. Dive deeper into the versatile subject of health with these compelling topics:

  1. What happens if your blood pressure is too high?
  2. Unconventional depression treatment methods.
  3. How can pregnant women reduce the chance of congenital disabilities?
  4. What can you do to reduce skin problems?
  5. Mental health: How do phobias develop?
  6. What are sexual health issues that concern gay people in particular?
  7. Discuss the types of medical imaging.
  8. Health risks of a sedentary lifestyle.
  9. What induces jet lag?
  10. Contrast the various types of mobility aids.
  11. How do antidepressants work?
  12. The adverse effects of stress.
  13. What happens to someone who develops aphasia?
  14. Explain how the human eye works.
  15. How does being colorblind impact one’s life?
  16. What are cochlear implants?
  17. How do allergies develop?
  18. Effective ways to cope with disasters.
  19. Compare various methods to treat headaches.
  20. Healthy sleeping habits for teenagers.

⚽ Sports Topics for a Presentation in School

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has led to a steep decline in physical activity. That’s why it’s vital to make an effort and exercise regularly. Each type of sports has its benefits, be it darts or hockey. If you like to get up and move, this section is for you.

  1. The connection between physical activity and disease.
  2. Sports as a therapy for delinquent minors.
  3. How do you promote a physically active lifestyle for children?
  4. The developmental benefits of team sports.
  5. How do sports help alleviate stress?
  6. Ways to make PE class more attractive to students.
  7. What structural disadvantages do professional women athletes face?
  8. How do you train a horse for competitive events?
  9. What biological factors impact your abilities?
  10. What is Gaelic football?
  11. Can sports help to build peace in conflict-ridden areas?
  12. Child exploitation in the sports industry.
  13. Examine the connection between sports and employability.
  14. What role do sports play in achieving sustainable development goals?
  15. Analyze the origins of child safeguarding in the athletic world.
If you want to simplify presentation.
  1. Sport as a means to reintegrate former child soldiers into society.
  2. Compare various initiatives that use sports for peacebuilding.
  3. Exercise and gender: how to achieve gender equality in sports.
  4. Discuss the importance of adapted physical activity.
  5. What is sports development?
  6. How do martial arts benefit one’s mental health?

🏥 Nursing Topics for Presentations

Nurses are the unsung heroes of hospitals. They take care of patients and do administrative work. And nursing research strives to improve patient care and to stay up-to-date in medicinal practices. Unfortunately, even today, class barriers and gender bias in nursing are often manifested in underpayment and bad working conditions. Explore the nursing-related topics below:

  1. Why do children need vaccinations?
  2. Present contemporary issues in palliative care.
  3. Discuss the most pressing topics in pediatrics today.
  4. How can nurses advance their careers?
  5. What professional opportunities do nursing school graduates have?
  6. Analyze the importance of oncology nursing.
  7. Cancer treatment: methods and trends.
  8. Should nursing require a university degree?
  9. What is neonatal care?
  10. How to choose a useful complementary therapy course.
  11. The role of nursing in secure care settings.
  12. Risks for nursing staff in prisons.
  13. How safe is eHealth?
  14. How do you encourage someone to quit smoking?
  15. Why does math matter in nursing?
  16. How do you ensure patient safety?
  17. What role do nurses play in public health matters?
  18. Preventing alcohol abuse in teenagers.
  19. In what ways can nurses help raise awareness for suicide?
  20. What is effective medicine management?

🔬 Presentation Topics on Science & Technology

Do you enjoy analyzing the invisible workings of our world? The following sections are all about the wonders of nature and human invention. From general science to chemistry, physics, and technology—let our unique topics inspire you.

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🧪 Interesting Science Topics for Presentations

Why is the sky blue? Where does lightning come from? Science can answer all the urgent questions we had as kids. Maybe you’re fascinated by the magnificent world of fungi. Or perhaps you enjoy looking at the stars. Whatever type of science tickles your fancy—we’ve got you covered.

  1. What does an ornithologist do?
  2. Describe the major areas of psychology.
  3. How does photosynthesis work?
  4. Explain how bees pollinate plants.
  5. Explore the origins of thunderstorms.
  6. Why does the sky change its color during a sunset?
  7. The structure of fungi.
  8. Facts and myths of graphology.
  9. What would happen to the Netherlands if the sea levels keep rising?
  10. How does Google’s search engine filter results?
  11. What is life in the tundra like?
  12. How does sleep affect your body’s performance?
  13. How accurate is behavioral epigenetics?
  14. How do we measure what stars are composed of?
  15. Trace the evolution of malware.
  16. Analyze the layers of the atmosphere.
  17. The promising possibilities of 3D organ printing.
  18. Present what NASA’s rover Curiosity found on Mars.
  19. How do archipelagos form?
  20. Penguins: what makes them special?

⚗️ Chemistry Presentation Topics to Explore

With its bubbly experiments, chemistry is probably the most hands-on of all the sciences. Unsurprisingly, it has plenty of uses in our everyday lives. Explore it with these excellent chemistry topics:

  1. The role of chemistry in gathering historical data.
  2. Forensic chemistry: techniques to investigate unknown substances.
  3. Why is a proper pH balance important for the environment?
  4. What weapons are based on chemical reactions?
  5. How did chemical warfare change how wars are fought?
  6. Things everyone should know before mixing cleaning agents.
  7. What are polymorphs, and how can we use them?
  8. How do photochromic lenses work?
  9. Explain when and why hypervalence occurs.
  10. What can cause an explosion?
  11. Organic chemistry: alcohol reactions.
  12. Discuss the role of spectroscopy in inorganic chemistry.
  13. What are the medical uses of Iodine?
  14. How do greenhouse gases impact the environment?
  15. Present the Haber-Bosch process.
  16. Ethical issues with CRISPR.
  17. What instruments are used in analytical chemistry?
  18. Black chemists and their contribution to science.
  19. Is carbon storage a promising approach for the future?
  20. How do diamonds form?

🧲 Physics Topics for Presentations

Physics is very versatile: there are compelling subjects for everyone. Classical physics, such as mechanics, is easily observable. But in the modern world of quantum physics, things can get fantastic. Whether you’re more down-to-earth or love pondering the abstract, you’ll certainly enjoy these hot topics:

  1. How does a telescope work?
  2. Where does all the debris in space come from?
  3. Magnetic monopoles: do they exist?
  4. Explore the origins of lightning.
A good pace for a presentation.
  1. Guglielmo Marconi and the discovery of radio waves.
  2. How do guitar pickups convert vibrations into electrical signals?
  3. How can you identify various particles?
  4. Why do pulsars emit such intense electromagnetic radiation?
  5. How do nerve cells communicate with each other?
  6. The promising applications of magnetic levitation.
  7. What are crystal radios?
  8. Give an overview of the five types of string theories.
  9. What’s the problem with the current theory of relativity?
  10. Describe the different uses of satellites.
  11. Is nuclear energy cleaner than renewable energies?
  12. How do mobile networks allow us to stay connected?
  13. Dive into antenna theory and compare the three types of antennas.
  14. Contrast classical vs. quantum mechanics.
  15. How do scientists use the Nintendo Wii Balance Board as an inexpensive force plate?
  16. Explore the history of analytical dynamics.
  17. Present the current research into life in space.
  18. Give an introduction to quantum mechanics.

💾 Technical Topics For Presentations in School

Are you an innovator? Does thinking about the possibilities of technology get you all excited? Then this section is for you. Get to the crux of modern gadgets and systems with one of these exciting topic ideas:

  1. Compare the functions of various smart clothing types.
  2. How do e-readers work?
  3. What technology did Netflix use to film Night on Earth?
  4. How can augmented reality be used for education?
  5. From floppy discs to Blu-rays: the evolution of storage devices.
  6. How will 5G impact the IoT?
  7. What is the best gaming console?
  8. What are the types of interactive public displays?
  9. Plants and technology: innovations with floral inspiration.
  10. Boston dynamics: novel approaches to robotics.
  11. Machine learning in the translation industry.
  12. Accurate weather prediction: the European vs. the American model.
  13. The pros and cons of electric motors.
  14. What are the applications for microelectronic pills?
  15. What are the functions of paper batteries?
  16. How do electronic signatures work?
  17. Describe the technology that made the moon landing possible.
  18. Should all cars be equipped with artificial passengers?
  19. What is biological computing?
  20. How do personal area networks transmit data?
  21. The characteristics of Bluetooth vs. Infrared technology?
  22. What does MEMS technology consist of?
  23. How do smart home devices work?

👥 Topics for a Presentation about Society & Sociology

Simply put, sociology studies how humans behave and live together. We’re all part of society. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what makes it work. The sections below present topics related to communication, social work, social sciences, and civics.

📲 Communication Topics for Presentations

Our means of communication have changed drastically. Before the mid-20th century, it was paper-based. But letters and even phone calls are losing popularity. Today we exchange messages within seconds, and we’re permanently connected. Discuss it with the following topics:

  1. Why did Snapchat become so popular?
  2. Should Twitter be a means for official communication?
  3. How did the internet shape the way we talk to each other in real life?
  4. What skills does a person need to be a good speaker?
  5. The rise of memes: means of picture-based communication.
  6. What does the knowledge gap hypothesis state?
  7. Contrast nonverbal communication across cultures.
  8. Art and propaganda in the Soviet Union.
  9. What makes a person a good listener?
  10. Why do autistic people sometimes lose the ability to speak?
  11. Is Reddit a good place to seek advice and communicate with peers?
  12. Highlight the importance of freedom of speech for democracy.
  13. How did mass communication change in the past 50 years?
  14. Noam Chomsky’s contributions to linguistics.
  15. What are the types of interpersonal communication?
  16. Have messenger services changed the way we speak?
  17. What’s the spiral of silence?
Making eye contact with the audience.
  1. Language and the mind: the use of framing concepts in politics.
  2. Trace the development of sign language in the US.
  3. Examine the various aspects of paralanguage.
  4. Present the six dimensions of communication.

🚑 Interesting Social Work Topics for Presentations

Social work is a profession that aims to improve social functioning. Specialists in this field seek to enhance the wellbeing of communities and individuals. Social work is relevant in all kinds of areas. It includes military and child welfare.

  1. Examine support systems for homeless people.
  2. Describe the most urgent topics social workers face today.
  3. How to counsel parents that need to take care of disabled children.
  4. How can we destigmatize mental health issues?
  5. Individual therapy vs. group therapy.
  6. How does being addicted to work impact one’s social life?
  7. Ways to build resilience as a social worker.
  8. The long-lasting social effects of incarceration.
  9. What are the common types of elder abuse?
  10. How can you recognize ADHD in adults?
  11. Typical challenges of foster youth transitioning into adulthood.
  12. Contrast the various types of psychotherapy.
  13. How close should social workers be with their clients?
  14. What constitutes a functional family?
  15. Successful ways to overcome trauma.
  16. Dyslexia and society: obstacles and misconceptions.
  17. Risk factors for recovering drug addicts.
  18. Pros and cons of the US foster care system.
  19. When is social project management useful?
  20. How do you inspire children from non-academic families to go to university?
  21. How do absent parents impact a child’s development?
  22. What are the symptoms of complicated grief?
  23. Discuss the role of religion in social work.

📚 Social Science Topics for Presentations

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do people act the way they do?” Social science has your answer. This field encompasses all scientific areas that are concerned with human behavior in social and cultural settings. It combines political science, anthropology, sociology, and economics.

  1. Conversion therapy: why it should be stopped.
  2. Why do people join cults?
  3. Discuss the recent emergence of anti-vaccination groups.
  4. When is animal-assisted therapy useful?
  5. Where is the power limit of the executive branch?
  6. Describe the witness protection program.
  7. Compare gift-giving customs in Japan and Russia.
  8. Is it still socially relevant to get married?
  9. How did computers revolutionize the learning process for neurodivergent children?
  10. What techniques does yellow journalism use?
  11. The perpetuation of gender stereotypes in mass media.
  12. Discuss the relevance of dreams.
  13. What does the alt-right want?
  14. Compare the democratic systems in the US and the UK.
  15. Present the pros and cons of private prisons.
  16. The dangers of slanting in journalism.
  17. What is the difference between sects and religious groups?
  18. Can people be categorized into various personality types?
  19. What does the notion of “nationality” entail?
  20. How do cliques form in high school?
  21. The impact of social justice movements on social media.
  22. Explain how flocking behavior in humans expresses itself.

🏫 Social Studies Presentation Ideas

Social studies strive to ensure every citizen can fulfill their duties. Teaching civics to young students is essential for sustaining a healthy democracy. Every country has a unique approach to this type of education rooted in their political understanding.

  1. What should the civics class in 9th grade include?
  2. How do you get a child to appreciate other cultures?
  3. Why is geography relevant to political education?
  4. Should politics be discussed at school?
  5. What are the most important types of resources?
  6. Describe the purposes of the bodies governing your country.
  7. What factors shape your identity?
  8. Compare democracy with other non-democratic forms of government.
  9. How does technological progress influence society?
  10. Trade and production of goods in socialist vs. capitalist economies.
  11. What political and social responsibilities do citizens have in a democracy?
  12. Examine the importance of active citizenship.
  13. What economic factors caused the Soviet Union to collapse?
  14. How do conspiracy theories influence politics in the US?
  15. Teaching social responsibility in class 6.
  16. What are institutions in a sociological sense?
  17. How did Western cultural values change in the past 100 years?
  18. Why doesn’t the US establish a multi-party system?
  19. Describe the prerequisites needed to install authoritarianism.
  20. What are the consequences of resource depletion?

🏺 History & Culture Presentation Topics

Do you find pleasure in digging into the treasures of the past? Or enjoying the fruits of artistic labor? In that case, the next part of our article has everything you need. Get creative with one of these cool topics on history and culture.

📜 Topics for a Presentation on History

Learning from the past helps ensure a better future. That’s what makes history such an important subject. From the pyramids to the 20th century’s terrors, a lot has happened since humans started living in communities.

  1. How did Pocahontas become an icon?
  2. Explore the origins of the Dust Bowl.
  3. What were the most significant immigrant groups in the US?
  4. The Bayeux tapestry: facts and fallacies.
  5. Describe the history of imperialism in Japan
Images and other visuals.
  1. What did the Flint sit-down strike achieve?
  2. The Yalta conference: participants and decisions.
  3. Investigate the events leading up to the reunification of Germany.
  4. Frederic Douglass’ role in the abolitionist movement.
  5. How did Islam influence Malcolm X’s political ideas?
  6. Trace the history of minority rights in the US.
  7. How did the social role of women change in the past 100 years?
  8. Analyze the origins of Halloween.
  9. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  10. What do we know about the construction of the pyramids?
  11. Trace the gruesome history of Kolyma.
  12. Who invented the first car?

🧑🤝🧑 Ethics Presentation Topics for Students

Questions concerning ethics are always challenging. Frequently, they are multi-faceted and ambiguous. Talking about ethics teaches us to structure our thoughts. Tackle any of the ethical topics below:

  1. When is it morally permissible for politicians to lie?
  2. Describe the staples of medical ethics.
  3. What international laws secure human rights?
  4. How did the perception of torture change since 9/11?
  5. Is ethics still relevant when it comes to international affairs?
  6. Do wrong reasons for reproduction exist?
  7. Is reproduction a woman’s biological destiny?
  8. Should races have designated values? If so, which?
  9. What are professional ethics, and why are they important?
  10. Are surrogate pregnancies ethical?
  11. The ethics of international relations from a feminist point of view.
  12. Discuss the general ethical principles in mechanical engineering.
  13. Are economic sanctions ethical if they hit a nation’s citizens more than their government?
  14. Is the law gender-biased? If so, what does that imply?
  15. Trace how the concept of human rights changed since its origins.
  16. What is intellectual honesty?
  17. Is it morally wrong for politicians to spread misinformation about climate change if they believe in it?
  18. Research shows that human memory is highly unreliable. Does it make eyewitness testimonies in court unethical?
  19. Should living organ donors be compensated?

🎨 Presentation Topics about Art

Art is not exclusive to paintings and sculptures. The term “art” encompasses all kinds of culturally relevant objects, including cinema, dance, and literature. And why not think even broader than that? What about the art of making tea? Have a look at our unique topics and let them tickle your imagination:

  1. Why did people create cave paintings?
  2. What does Roland Barthes’ “Death of the author” concept mean?
  3. The role of reproduction in Walter Benjamin’s media theories.
  4. What makes people like horror movies?
  5. Graffiti as a form of protest art.
  6. Give an overview of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.
  7. Making art using recycled materials.
  8. Present the characteristics of Gothic architecture.
Sans-serif fonts will make your presentation easy to read.
  1. Expressing emotion via chiaroscuro.
  2. Discuss the Beatles’ cultural impact.
  3. How do you make art with science?
  4. Investigate pothole art by Chicago artist Jim Bachor.
  5. Censorship in the history of queer art.
  6. Present and discuss various forms of unconventional art.
  7. What is vaudeville?
  8. Choose a rap song and analyze its lyrics.
  9. Feng Shui as an art form.
  10. Who determines what art is?
  11. Why is Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain considered art?
  12. Describe the core principles of aesthetics.

⏱️ Short Presentation Topics

  1. 4 main parenting styles.
  2. Using social media for education.
  3. Government types comparison.
  4. How to choose a subject to study.
  5. How pandemics affect climate change.
  6. How to avoid cultural appropriation.
  7. Plastic banning: effect on the economy.
  8. Why is diversity in the workplace important?
  9. How does religion influence people’s daily lives?
  10. Differences between Millennials and Gen Z.

The less time you have, the harder it becomes to deliver a well-rounded presentation. Here is how you plan a short speech on anything:

  • Identify your key points and leave out less relevant information.
  • When delivering your presentation, allow for some extra time.
  • Rehearse your speech, including all the visuals. This way, you will know exactly how long it takes.Do you need a topic for a short presentation? Check out the list below!

3 Minute Presentation Topics for Students

  1. Three useful kitchen lifehacks.
  2. How can you strengthen your memory?
  3. Three tricks to better manage time.
  4. What are the signs of a stroke?
  5. Healthy snacks for quick energy bursts.
  6. Tell about an entertaining story you’ve read online.
  7. What was the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. Why is voting important?
  9. An eye-opening conversation with a random stranger.
  10. How to pick the right university for yourself.
  11. Discuss the importance of education.
  12. Three training tips to gain muscle effectively.
  13. The benefits of adopting a pet.
  14. How to ace a job interview.
  15. Why do people need a good sense of humor?
  16. What’s your personal diet?
  17. The positive effects of gardening.
  18. What to do if you got bitten by a snake.
  19. How do you efficiently raise money for charity?
  20. Effective ways to become more confident.
  21. Present five surprising language facts.
  22. What makes an excellent PowerPoint presentation?
  23. The most epic moments in your life.

⏲️ Great 5 Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Where does the term “shell shock” originate from?
  2. Why do women wear makeup?
  3. How did humans domesticate horses?
  4. Taking a gap year: is it beneficial?
  5. Five tips for traveling with children.
  6. How did Kickstarter impact financing services?
  7. Describe the steps of applying for a mortgage.
  8. Five DIY ideas for room decoration.
  9. Asking for a promotion: what to keep in mind.
  10. Strategies to live off $5 a day.
  11. Describe the difference between micro- and traditional breweries.
  12. Why it is crucial to stay hydrated.
  13. Common misconceptions about US history.
  14. Describe a perfect roommate.
Delivering a short presentation.
  1. Present and explain a simple demonstration.
  2. How do you divorce amicably?
  3. Is being honest always the best option?
  4. Should schools still teach cursive?
  5. How to get rid of old habits.
  6. Where do crop circles come from?
  7. Why are kids often frightened of the dark?
  8. Should you tape up your laptop’s camera?
  9. The relevance of war photographers.

⏰ 10 Minute Presentation Topics

  1. The evolution of wireless communication.
  2. What causes our emotions?
  3. Briefly trace the history of cinema.
  4. How do you learn to love yourself?
  5. What causes enormous wastes of time in a classroom?
  6. Things to keep in mind if you want to have a fruitful discussion.
  7. How to successfully integrate electronics into the classroom.
  8. Mistakes you should avoid when giving a speech.
  9. Describe the power of the pause in speaking.
  10. Think of an effective way to get ready for work in the morning.
  11. Why do some students skip classes?
  12. Compare various alternative energy sources to power vehicles.
  13. Explore the connection between weather and one’s mood.
  14. What can you do to help and improve your community?
  15. Why is geology still relevant today?
  16. Give an overview of your country’s political situation.
  17. Discuss the pros and cons of religion.
  18. Explain how to make kombucha at home.
  19. Why do we need more women in leadership roles?
  20. Queer representation in TV shows.
  21. Should parents help their children with homework?
  22. Describe the experience of going out of your comfort zone.
  23. How do you choose a great presentation topic for an interview?

😃 25 Fun Topics for Presentations

Presentations don’t have to be dry and dull. As long as they can still be considered informative, why not spice them up a bit? Humor is a great learning tool. Add a little fun, and your presentation is guaranteed to be memorable! Choose one of these easy topics and surprise your audience with a breath of fresh air:

  1. Foolproof methods to get rid of unwanted attention.
  2. Necessary precautions for a blind date.
  3. How to boost your creativity.
  4. Is patience always a virtue?
  5. What are the best excuses for forgotten homework?
  6. What would you do if you met the president?
  7. Explain what the best party food is.
  8. How do you remember people’s names?
  9. Things you can learn from getting lost.
  10. Why does the grass always look greener on the other side?
  11. The relevance of taking regular naps.
  12. Excellent strategies for witty comebacks.
  13. Why Murphy’s Law is always true.
  14. An accident that led to a groundbreaking invention.
  15. How to make your life look perfect on Instagram.
  16. Give an example of someone’s karma striking back.
  17. Why do people turn their baseball caps around?
  18. What’s the best way to deal with setbacks?
  19. The advantages of living your life online.
  20. What’s the most satisfying way to procrastinate?
  21. Does baby talk have any benefits?
  22. How do you gently excuse yourself from an unpleasant conversation?

💡 How to Make a Perfect Presentation

Planning oral presentations can be overwhelming. But don’t worry—with these helpful tips, you’re perfectly prepared:

  1. Consider your audience. Your listeners are more likely to pay attention when you’re appealing to their values and interests.
  2. Find a topic that compels you. It’s not enjoyable to work on something that you consider irrelevant.
  3. Determining a goal will help you stay focused. Decide on what your audience should take away from your presentation. Then cut all the information that doesn’t support it.
  4. Start with the core part. Presentation strategies include:
    • Showing statistics, facts, and data.
    • Citing someone’s relevant research.
    • Telling a personal anecdote.
  5. A compelling introduction is crucial to get your listener’s attention. Successful ways to start with a bang include:
    • Asking thought-provoking questions.
    • Telling a joke or a story.
    • Demonstrating a quick experiment or concept.
  6. In conclusion, wrap up your key points and tell your audience a fact or question to think about.
  7. Practicing your presentation out loud helps you find logical errors. It also enables you to manage the pace of your speech.
  8. For a successful delivery, you can rely on your memory or use flashcards. Try not reading directly from the slides.
  9. When using PowerPoint, keep minimum info on your slides. Make the font big enough to ensure everyone can read it.

Don’t be afraid to use a running head and title creator to quickly move formalities out of the way and start real writing. Lastly, don’t hesitate to shake things up a little. Mix anecdotes with serious research and don’t dwell on a particular detail for too long. Remember to adjust your information to the time limit. You can do it!

We hope this article helped you find a perfect topic for your presentation. Good luck with your assignment!

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