A List of 470 Powerful Social Issues Essay Topics

In modern societies, people do everything to live peacefully. Still, tensions often arise. We call them social issues when they start negatively impacting a specific group of people. Poverty, discrimination, and addiction are examples of such problems. We need to confront them to ensure equal treatment for everyone.

Our professional custom writing team created this article to help you write a social issues essay. This comprehensive social issues topics list covers various current problems in America and in the world. Choose among 450 social topics, and get down to writing!

🔝 Top 10 Social Issues Topics

  1. Types of prisoner rights violations.
  2. Can vaccinations be mandatory?
  3. What makes overpopulation a threat?
  4. Online education as a cause of obesity.
  5. The economic effect of rising sea levels.
  6. The effects of Gender Pay Gap on economy.
  7. Ways to stop racial discrimination in schools.
  8. Can increase of employment help reduce poverty?
  9. Women empowerment and social development.
  10. Can mobile clinics make healthcare more accessible?

✅ How to Write About Social Issues

Writing on topics related to social issues involves thorough research. It also requires sympathy and tact. Following this guide will help you not to step on anybody’s toes.

  1. Find out what exactly your instructor wants you to do:
    • Research papers call for an in-depth analysis. Make sure to reference several sources to back up your claims.
    • Essays revolve around your opinion. Here, good arguments are crucial.
  2. Pick the topic. It can be either contemporary or historical. It’s better to choose something you’re interested in. If nothing comes to mind right away, use a writing topic generator.
  3. Do research. Consult encyclopedias, find books on the topic. It will help you formulate ideas and outline the first draft.
  4. Consider your audience. How much do they know about your subject? How invested are they? Understanding your readers will help you be more considerate.
  5. Watch your attitude. When writing about sensitive issues, the right tone is essential.
    • Even if you have strong feelings about your subject, keep your tone neutral. Make sure not to condemn those who hold opposite views.
    • Highlight what you personally think is right. Remember that you can’t control how other people will react.
    • Be frank. Ask yourself: who am I? How do my experiences fit into my topic? Your honest answers will add unique insights to your paper.
  6. Double-check your paper. Does everything you wrote logically flow? Does your argumentative structure make sense? Does it support your thesis? If possible, let your assignment sit for a day. You can edit it later with a fresh perspective.

These are the basics you need if you want to write about social issues. Now you can start your research! The first step is to pick one of the excellent topics about social problems from the list below.

🌐 Social Issues Essay Topics Related to Social Media

  1. Security issues of social media.
  2. Should Instagram be age-restricted?
  3. Social networks’ impact on friendships.
  4. Disadvantages of being an influencer.
  5. Is there freedom of speech in social media?
  6. Should social media ban fake information?
  7. How harmful is social media dependency?
  8. Should employers check employees’ accounts?
  9. Online ethics and business Facebook accounts.
  10. The effect of the cancel culture on mental health.
  11. Cyberbullying: victim and abuser in the online environment.
  12. Should children be allowed to have social media accounts?
  13. Your opinion on memorial pages on social networks for the deceased.
  14. Ways to stay safe on the internet.
Cyber abuse.
  1. How should social media websites deal with hate speech?
  2. Is removing abusive content censorship?
  3. Explore the correlation between social media and mental disorders.
  4. Does Instagram change the way we perceive our lives?
  5. Is modern society forcing us to participate in social networking?
  6. What is identity theft?
  7. Personal isolation and technology in communication.
  8. The risks of microtransactions in online gaming.
  9. How does your digital presence influence your real life?
  10. Why do some people become dependent on social media?
  11. Are online networks promoting stalking?
  12. Discuss the digital divide in Washington.
  13. Is Twitter’s cancel culture doing more harm than good?
  14. How do marginalized groups benefit from social media?
  15. How important is data safety?
  16. Are people on social media more aggressive than in real life?
  17. Does the internet shorten our attention span?
  18. Ways in which social media impacts your interactions with other people.
  19. Marketing, social media, and you: how do influencers impact your buying behavior?
  20. Explore the effect of the internet on students’ lives.
  21. Is Reddit right to allow outrageous content under the principle of free speech?
  22. Politics and Twitter: the consequences of Donald Trump’s tweets.
  23. Does banning online networks from the workplace increase productivity?
  24. What basic ethical principles go overboard on the Internet?
  25. In how far do social media trends reflect on the general public?
  26. Social media and youth: does it make puberty harder?
  27. The influence of social media platforms on democracy.
  28. What would happen if we could rate everyone online? (Think Community’s episode “App Development and Condiments”)
  29. Does Instagram inspire a healthy lifestyle?
  30. Why are likes so important?
  31. Debate the effects of speaking out in online communities.
  32. Are Facebook’s profile picture frames a good way of showing support?
  33. Debate social media policies and code of conduct.
  34. Is YouTube spreading propaganda?
  35. Did you ever do something because you’ve read about it on the internet?
  36. Are Twitter hashtags skewing the political discourse?
  37. Examine the gendered experiences of people on the internet.
  38. How do you make yourself heard on social media?
  39. Evaluate the usefulness of Facebook’s Safety Check feature.
  40. Discuss the pros and cons of TikTok challenges.
  41. How does participating in Instagram challenges for social justice help?

Our health largely depends on the social security system. With access to good healthcare services, we are less likely to develop preventable diseases. Unfortunately, issues are common in the health sector. These interesting essay writing prompts will help you explore social problems related to health:

  1. Are employers not paying enough attention to their employees’ mental health?
  2. What should a person do if they can’t afford medical treatment?
  3. Why do some countries have higher obesity rates than others?
  4. Should abortion be legal or illegal?
  5. Debate whether a ban on tobacco advertising would help decrease smoking.
  6. What makes Americans start doing drugs?
  7. Compare projects that help people overcome their addictions.
  8. What is the worst substance to be addicted to?
  9. Who should care for the elders?
  10. Should hospices be free?
  11. Examine why HIV in seniors remains widely unrecognized.
  12. Should we change the drinking age limit?
  13. Whose health is mostly affected by pollution?
  14. Should parents avoid vaccinating their children?
  15. What does it mean to die with dignity?
  16. Should women get extra vacation days at work because of their periods?
  17. Explore the origins of the pro-life movement.
  18. Should non-smokers receive additional break time?
  19. Ways to make navigating easier for visually impaired people.
  20. Discuss stigma against mentally challenged individuals.
  21. The benefits of over-the-counter contraception.
  22. Must women who breastfeed in public cover themselves up?
  23. Psychoactive drugs in the treatment of psychological diseases.
  24. Disabilities and stigmatization: how does being disabled affect one’s social status?
  25. Does gender play an important role in one’s health?
  26. What health issues are affecting African Americans and Hispanics?
  27. Expectations and motherhood: being a childfree woman in a kid-centered society.
  28. How does being malnourished affect a child’s psyche in the long run?
  29. Investigate suicide rates in Pakistan.
  30. Discuss the social acceptance of autism spectrum disorders.
  31. Sociology and psychological diseases: the relationship between circumstance and mental health.
  32. Write about fad diets and their impact.
  33. How does the society you live in discriminate against older adults?
  34. Why is access to quality healthcare unevenly distributed?
  35. Who should decide when to stop life-prolonging treatments?
  36. Is homeopathic treatment for children acceptable?
  37. Describe why going to psychotherapy is widely stigmatized.
  38. What are the social determinants of health?
  39. Why is access to healthcare in rural areas so scarce?
  40. Is the propagation of mindfulness and self-care on social media improving our health?
Smoking is.
  1. Examine the connection between poverty and health problems.
  2. Where does our society’s general obsession with weight come from?
  3. Do cultural norms promote drinking alcohol to an unhealthy extent?
  4. Is coffee a drug?
  5. How does the depiction of drug use in the media influence the youth?

🌳 Environmental Social Issues Essay Topics

Environmentalism is not just about saving nature. A damaged environment has adverse effects on humanity and its future. Changing weather and frequent natural disasters affect millions of people. Many are forced to flee their homes. Essays on this subject can cover activism or sustainability.

  1. Is Extinction Rebellion’s form of protest too radical?
  2. What to avoid when traveling in the age of climate change.
  3. How can we ensure global access to drinking water?
  4. The impact of bottled water on the environment.
  5. Water conservation methods in sub-Saharan Africa.
  6. The influence of tourism on cultural heritage sites.
  7. How does society need to change in the future to slow down climate change?
  8. What caused the rise in climate activism in recent years?
  9. Innovation vs. tradition: getting traditional farmers to implement new sustainable technology.
  10. Describe the importance of waste reduction for our ecosystems.
  11. How can we use our natural resources responsibly?
  12. Discuss what a sustainable diet is like.
  13. The role of packaging in marketing, food safety, and environment.
  14. Why do people deny human-made climate change?
  15. Why should sociologists study the environment?
  16. What made us reliant on single-use plastic products?
  17. Discuss green infrastructure in water management.
  18. Debate how Greenpeace influences political decision making.
  19. In your opinion, what’s the best environmental organization to donate to?
  20. How successful is PETA in helping animals?
  21. Should mandatory volunteer work substitute compulsory military service?
  22. Urban gardening as a means to ensure food security.
  23. The effect of self-driving electric vehicles on urban environments.
  24. Compare types of sustainable futuristic cities in literature.
  25. How does global warming impact indigenous peoples in South America?
  26. What effects does a deteriorating environment have on labor conditions?
  27. Explain what Oxfam does.
  28. How does globalization impact sustainable agriculture?
  29. What are the most significant achievements of environmental activists in recent years?
  30. What makes politicians hesitant to take action against climate change?
  31. Investigate what happened to the population of Isle de Jean Charles.
  32. Climate refugees: examine the disasters that cause people to flee their homes.
  33. What are the unintentional consequences of climate-related relocation projects?
  34. Explore the connection between nature and religion.
  35. Ecology and economics: ways to find a balance.
  36. Communities and health: how the way we handle the environment impacts the spread of disease.
  37. Investigate methods for responsible consumption.
  38. Why is sustainable development important for societies?
World Health Organization.
  1. Contrast the methods of various environmentalist movements.
  2. The world’s overpopulation: causes and effects.
  3. Why can it be difficult to convince older generations to take action against climate change?
  4. What are the best things everyone can do to protect the environment?
  5. The role of zoos in wildlife endangerment.
  6. How do changing weather patterns impact our homes?
  7. What caused the increase in natural disasters over the last decade?

🔫 Social Issues Topics: War & Violence

Scientists still debate if violence is a part of human nature. Wars and terrorist attacks are disastrous events that traumatize millions of people. Still, it’s crucial not to forget about more subtle forms of violence. These include emotional neglect, bullying, and brutality in medical care.

  1. What are the main reasons for nations to wage war?
  2. Mental disorders and vulnerability to homicidal death.
  3. The restoration of Germany after the Second World War.
  4. Domestic violence in 20th century Canada.
  5. Describe the most common types of violence against teenagers.
  6. How does a country’s political situation impact domestic violence?
  7. Do splatter movies promote violent behavior?
  8. Should girls dress modestly to avoid being abused?
  9. What is the use of war monuments?
  10. The issue of girl education in India.
  11. How does war influence the development of children?
  12. Analyze the accuracy of the events depicted in Sam Mendes’ film 1917.
  13. Everything Quiet on the Western Front and the youth’s attitude towards fighting.
  14. The treatment of veterans in your community.
  15. Why do people join the army?
  16. Connection between school bullying and problems in adult life.
  17. What are the most common reasons for murder?
  18. How can a family move on after their child has been kidnapped?
  19. Why are veterans more likely to commit suicide than average citizens?
  20. Is human trafficking modern-day slavery?
  21. Investigate how citizens of Cape Town deal with the high crime rate in their city.
  22. What events can lead to an increase in crime?
  23. Explain the socio-economic aftermaths of the Afghanistan war.
  24. Examine the success of Columbia’s DESEPAZ program.
  25. What is the origin of domestic violence?
  26. Do schools in your country work effectively to discourage abusive behavior towards girls?
  27. Why do men tend not to report domestic violence?
  28. How does emotional neglect impact children?
  29. What are the best ways to prevent street violence?
  30. Is there a connection between the strictness of gun laws and homicide rates?
  31. Why do women hesitate to report rape cases?
  32. Rape and sexual harassment in the military.
  33. An overview of Japanese mafia culture.
  34. The connection between education and violence.
  35. Who profits from war?
  36. Are the US military expenses justified?
  37. What does the “guns vs. butter” model describe?
  38. Give examples of cultural norms justifying violence.
  39. In how far has globalization impacted violent behavior?
  40. What triggers aggression against healthcare workers?
  41. Ways to manage verbal abuse in social care.
  42. Examine the Chinese phenomenon of Yi Nao.
  43. Investigate the recent decriminalization of domestic abuse in Russia.
  44. What was the impact of the #metoo movement?
  45. Bullying and sexual harassment at workplace.

🚓 Police & Criminal Justice Topics to Write About

Everyone should feel safe in their community. That’s what a country’s criminal justice system is for. But humans can make mistakes and be biased. Not everyone feels protected by the current system. What can we do to change that? Explore this question in one of the following creative topics:

  1. What does the phrase “defund the police” mean?
  2. What makes you feel safe in your community?
  3. Describe the social standing of police officers in your country.
  4. Examine if there’s evidence of structural racism in the police.
  5. Is it possible to achieve true equality?
  6. Are all professions in criminal justice equally prestigious?
  7. Discuss the concept of juvenile crimes.
  8. Debate castration as a punishment for sexual offenders.
  9. The influence of the internet on human trafficking.
  10. What could the police be substituted with?
  11. How does racial profiling work?
  12. Should people who abuse drugs go to jail?
  13. How do people become homeless in big cities?
  14. Discuss the legitimization of prostitution.
  15. What causes governments to oppose gay marriage?
  16. The safest ways to deescalate riots.
  17. What are the best methods to discourage people from committing crimes?
  18. Define civil disobedience and its goals.
  19. Victimology and traditional justice system alternatives.
  20. What makes white-collar crimes more socially acceptable than others?
  21. Reintroducing prisoners to society: obstacles and consequences.
  22. Would society profit from the abolition of prisons?
  23. What are the advantages of community services?
Montesquieu quote.
  1. How does crime differ in various social classes?
  2. Justice for women: the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  3. How do prejudices influence criminal justice mechanics?
  4. Human services issues from the point of income inequality.
  5. Why was the Hong Kong national security law installed?
  6. How did legalizing all drugs affect Portuguese society?
  7. What are the prominent civil rights issues in your country?
  8. The Captain of Köpenick: the psychological effect of uniforms.
  9. Why was racial segregation widely accepted in America?
  10. How do witness protection programs work?
  11. The right to privacy vs. safety: a case for surveillance cameras.
  12. How can one save their reputation after committing a crime?
  13. Compare the four deviance theories in sociology.
  14. To what extent can biology explain criminal behavior?
  15. Do police officers need guns?
  16. Should law enforcers need to request permission before using firearms?
  17. How did dismantling the police department in Camden, NJ impact crime?
  18. Explore the connection between militarization and police violence.
  19. What does the principle of qualified immunity entail?
  20. Debate the use of body cameras by police officers.
  21. Police violence and subterfuge.
  22. What are the social benefits of jury duty?

Even today, a lot of people are systematically disadvantaged because of their gender. This problem manifests itself not only in the infamous gender pay gap. For example, in the US, transgender people are banned from serving in the army. And in some countries, women are still denied fundamental rights. If you want to get to the heart of contemporary controversial issues, this section is for you.

  1. Why is the number of women in positions of power still low?
  2. Are quotas the only way to guarantee equal hiring processes?
  3. Pros and cons of unisex bathrooms.
  4. Why are matriarchal societies rare?
  5. Describe how the patriarchy holds back women.
  6. Conflicting theories: gay marriage and feminism.
  7. Does feminism need to be radical?
  8. How does gendered marketing affect child development?
  9. Should insurance companies pay for sex reassignment therapy?
  10. Reasons why some people have problems with they/them pronouns.
  11. What does it mean to be non-binary?
  12. Investigate the treatment of women in Saudi Arabian society.
  13. What makes a profession traditionally female?
  14. Should women be more encouraged to join the military?
  15. Why is it more challenging for men to get full custody?
  16. Find historical examples of women who made a change in their society.
  17. Should professors be required to include more women authors in their reading material?
  18. Examine the treatment of the transgender community in healthcare.
  19. Is gender a purely social construct?
  20. What can a woman do to become more empowered?
  21. Can a patriarchal society ever achieve true gender equality?
  22. Are Disney princesses good role models?
  23. Examine the representation of gender variety in popular TV shows.
  24. Gender identity: promotion of equality for sexual orientation.
  25. Discuss the connection between gender-biased language and oppression.
  26. Why are sexist marketing practices still legal?
  27. Should girls capitalize on their attractive looks?
  28. Define the term “gender blindness.”
  29. Do school uniforms promote gender inequality?
  30. Bibiana Steinhaus: a female referee.
  31. Discuss how the battle of the sexes impacted society.
  32. Should men be entitled to more extended paternity leave?
  33. Can religion ensure equality?
  34. How do stereotypes against women decrease their chances of getting hired?
  35. Why do millions of women still have to choose between having a family or a career?
  36. Explain the gender dynamics in development.
  37. Should men and women play and compete in mixed sports teams?
  38. What do beauty pageants teach girls?
  39. Debate the importance of LGBT studies.
  40. What causes gender dysphoria?
  41. Do blockbuster films have the responsibility to advocate for equality?
  42. Does society need gender roles to function properly?
  43. What makes same-sex marriage a controversial topic in many countries?
  44. Examine adoption laws for gay couples.
  45. Compare gender-based violence in the UK vs. Iran.

🧔🏿 Social Topics for Essays on Racism

Slavery is abolished everywhere in the world. Still, it didn’t put an end to racism. There’s a lot of racial bias fueled by insecurity and ignorance. Because of this, ethnic minorities rarely enjoy equal opportunities. An essay on racism can raise awareness of the problem by shedding light on racial injustice.

  1. How has racism changed over the past hundred years?
  2. Queer of color: history and theory.
  3. Who were the Khmer Rouge?
  4. Trace the development of anti-discrimination laws in your country.
  5. What caused populist groups to gain popularity in recent years?
  6. Did Donald Trump’s presidency increase racism towards Latin Americans?
  7. What socio-economic issues do African American families face?
  8. Is there a connection between racism and social progress?
  9. Would there be no racism without colonialism?
  10. Discuss subtle forms of everyday racism.
  11. Should women in teaching positions be allowed to wear hijabs?
  12. Nelson Mandela and the fight against apartheid.
  13. What makes people scared of minorities?
  14. Who benefits from structural racism?
  15. Find out how racism manifests itself in your native language.
  16. Compare the types of social segmentation.
  17. Is the use of the n-word in hip hop empowering?
  18. How did imperialism impact Okonkwo’s life in Things Fall Apart?
  19. In which areas of life are black Americans institutionally disadvantaged?
  20. Is it appropriate for white people to wear hoop earrings?
  21. The best ways to educate children about race.
  22. How does cultural appropriation become harmful?
  23. Racial prejudice in the movie industry.
Mahatma Gandhi quote.
  1. Your position on companies renaming well-known brands to avoid claims of racism.
  2. Discuss the problem of racism at institutional and interactional levels.
  3. Will racism ever end?
  4. Is “All lives matter” a racist statement?
  5. How does environmental racism affect the living conditions of minorities?
  6. Investigate the historical persecution of the Romani people.
  7. What makes people racist nowadays?
  8. The internet’s contribution to alleviating racism.
  9. Cultivation of racism in the American society.
  10. How much of a problem is reverse discrimination?
  11. Trace the history of lynching and mob violence against blacks in the American South.
  12. Who was Leo Frank?
  13. How does discrimination differ in rich vs. developing countries?
  14. Racism as a barrier to educational opportunities.
  15. Does social media help fight racist bias?
  16. How to responsibly handle classic movies and literature with racial prejudices.
  17. What constitutes a healthy national identity?
  18. How does modern television portray minorities?
  19. Does your country’s healthcare system disadvantage minorities?
  20. Investigate what happens to the Rohingya people in Malaysia.
  21. Is antisemitism still a problem in your country?
  22. Does nationalism always lead to racism?

✈️ Social Awareness Topics on Migration & Refugees

Migration can have a beneficial effect on a host country’s economy. For instance, migrants can provide vital additional workforce. But an overflow of newcomers can also lead to problems. Most notably, it affects a nations’ cultural and social landscapes. “How should we deal with refugees?” is one of the most challenging political questions today.

  1. How has migration changed over the past 20 years?
  2. Mexican immigration as a political controversy.
  3. Why do migrants from the Middle East face more prejudice than those from Central Europe?
  4. Describe the types of events that can cause major forced displacement.
  5. How should governments plan for migration?
  6. Why do many people in Europe have a negative attitude towards refugees?
  7. Why are foreign workers important to every nation’s economy?
  8. Effective ways to integrate displaced people.
  9. Critique Arizona’s new immigration laws.
  10. Have refugee camps ever been a solution to the problem?
  11. What drives people to immigrate illegally?
  12. Should the US’ sanctuary cities be dissolved?
  13. Describe the notion of ecological migration.
  14. Should Europe take in more refugees?
  15. Compare resettlement models in Canada vs. Australia.
  16. What’s the difference between expats and migrants?
  17. What factors make illegal immigration undesirable?
  18. Has the public perception of migrants changed over the past years?
  19. How important is it that immigrants speak their host country’s language?
  20. What does social integration ideally consist of?
  21. Discuss Chinese settlement patterns in America.
  22. The advantages of dropping visa restrictions.
  23. How did 9/11 affect the public’s perception of the global movement?
  24. Is it morally right to marry someone just for their passport?
  25. Do illegal immigrants negatively impact their host country’s society?
  26. Does migration cause destabilization?
  27. What does the claim “no one is illegal” advocate?
  28. How does the American green card lottery work?
  29. Should a child born in a foreign country automatically receive citizenship?
  30. American society wouldn’t exist without immigration. Why is it still so hostile towards foreigners?
  31. Explore the link between global movement and the spread of diseases.
  32. Should the government use taxpayer money to upskill refugees?
  33. Immigrants in Toronto: social and economic challenges.
  34. Can expats from a distinct cultural background ever integrate into a country that doesn’t share their norms?
  35. Discuss the importance of diversity to society.
  36. Is there a connection between immigration rates and crime?
  37. Should expats be eligible for welfare programs?
  38. Where’s the line between cultural appropriation and integration?
  39. Can binational relationships work?
  40. How do you become a stateless person?
  41. What rights do asylum seekers have in your country?
  42. Is immigration from developing countries a threat to wealthier nations?
  43. Explore moral panics associated with other ethnicities.
  44. What makes Europe attractive to expats?
  45. Describe the common prejudices refugees have to face in Australia.

⚖️ Social Justice Essay Topics on Human Rights

You probably agree that every human deserves access to fundamental rights. Unfortunately, these are continually under threat. And it doesn’t always happen far away from you. Women, the LGBT community, and many others fight for their rights every single day.

  1. Are limitations of human rights during crises justified?
  2. Should we strive to achieve the same rights globally?
  3. Is male circumcision shortly after birth a violation of human rights?
  4. How do you prevent low-income families from sending their children to work?
  5. Capital punishment vs. the right to live.
  6. Can dictatorships ensure human rights?
Martin Luther King Jr. quote.
  1. Is using sensitive language incriminating our freedom of speech?
  2. Describe the achievements of Amnesty International.
  3. Should Europe stop business interactions with countries that violate human rights?
  4. Examine effective ways to combat food shortages in the Global South.
  5. How can governments secure freedom of speech?
  6. Should access to the internet be included as a fundamental human right?
  7. Are restrictive laws concerning hijabs violating religious freedom?
  8. Charlie Hebdo and its Muhammad cartoons: did they go too far?
  9. When does satire become harmful?
  10. Examine how human rights are treated in the pornography industry.
  11. Why are LGBT people around the world not granted the same rights as everyone else?
  12. Balancing labor conditions and demand: human rights in the economy.
  13. Who protects stateless persons?
  14. What has changed since the first declaration of human rights?
  15. How was slavery justified back in the day?
  16. Why do women in many countries still not have the same rights as men?
  17. The Handmaid’s Tale: how is the society in Gilead structured?
  18. Discuss how vital the rights to freedom of thought and expression are.
  19. To which rights should prisoners have access to?
  20. Debate the fairness of the utilitarian approach.
  21. How do NGOs help to ensure human rights in Somalia?
  22. Human rights and the Bible: how does the church get away with violations?
  23. Define different perspectives on what constitutes freedom.
  24. What are the most significant human rights issues today?
  25. Ethics and the media: exploiting personal tragedies for attention.
  26. Prisoners are humans, too: rights violations in Guantanamo.
  27. Is combating climate change a human rights issue?
  28. Are cruel traditions such as honor killings justified if they are socially accepted?
  29. How successful is the European Commission of Human Rights?
  30. Is the death penalty a justified measure nowadays?
  31. Should pets have the same rights as humans?
  32. Define the difference between civil and human rights.
  33. If there’s gay pride, why shouldn’t there be straight pride?
  34. Unequal privilege: legal, religious, and social factors.
  35. What would happen if education were free and accessible to everyone?
  36. State terrorism vs. critical terrorism.
  37. Did globalization make us freer?
  38. Is the wellbeing of the majority more important than the wellbeing of a minority?
  39. When, if ever, should men and women have different rights?

🗽 Current Social Issues Topics in America

With its variety of races and cultures, America faces many social issues. Its deeply divided political parties add more fuel to the fire. African American rights and police brutality are some of the most pressing issues in the US today.

  1. Consequences of fortifying the American-Mexican border wall.
  2. Should illegal immigrants always be deported when found?
  3. Is the democratic system in the US in need of reform?
  4. What are the social causes of obesity in the USA?
  5. Negative side effects of the war on drugs.
  6. How important is bipartisan cooperation?
  7. What difference does it make if Russia meddled in the 2016 elections?
  8. Police brutality: reasons and countermeasures.
  9. Discuss the importance of reducing medical costs.
  10. Racism and the police: is it an institutional problem?
  11. What are the strictest cultural taboos in American society?
  12. Are there enough women in American leadership positions?
  13. Is sexism a significant problem in the States?
  14. Describe the consequences of voter fraud.
  15. Should schools teach students to be more patriotic?
  16. Discuss prescription drug abuse in America.
  17. College student debt: is it a fair price to pay for a good education?
  18. Will police presence in schools help curb violence?
  19. What drugs should be legalized vs. remain illegal?
  20. Debate the quality of political education in your state.
  21. Is fake news a severe problem?
  22. Financial literacy as a compulsory subject in high school.
  23. How do you destigmatize taboo topics in society?
  24. Why do conversations about periods make people feel uncomfortable?
  25. Social causes of eating disorders in adults.
  26. Discuss how various religions can live together peacefully.
  27. Describe the NIMBY phenomenon.
  28. What are the benefits and limitations of needle exchange programs?
  29. Find reasons why peaceful protests turn into violent riots.
  30. Are students in the US nowadays under too much stress?
  31. What are the harmful effects of urban sprawl?
  32. Can your vote make a difference?
  33. Do American schools need to offer better sex education classes?
  34. What makes people believe the Earth is flat?
  35. Why do conspiracy theories spread so quickly nowadays?
  36. Traffic in California: reasons to invest in public transport.
  37. Are charter schools better than public schools?
  38. Compare the most prominent social movements currently active in America.
  39. The legacy of Occupy Wall Street.
  40. Describe the pros and cons of the Green New Deal.
  41. How successful is special education in the US?
  42. What causes gentrification in American cities?
  43. Is immigration a strain on the American job market?
  44. Tackle the problem of prison overcrowding.
  45. Investigate the effects of ableism in the States.

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