A List of 185 Interesting Cultural Topics to Write About

Culture is a set of knowledge, behaviors, and beliefs shared by a group of people. You would probably agree that it’s an integral part of humanity. It’s no wonder that students are often assigned to write about it.

That’s why we came up with a list of interesting and creative culture essay topics. Whether you are writing a research paper, an essay, or a speech, our list of culture topics is for you. You can find various topics from popular culture and funny aspects of culture to cultural diversity. They will be useful for middle school, high school, and college students.

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🔝 Top 10 Cultural Topics

  1. What causes culture shock?
  2. Cultural appropriation in fashion
  3. The Cold War’s impact on culture
  4. Women’s role in Italian culture
  5. Global impact of American culture
  1. How to preserve cultural diversity
  2. Pros and cons of cultural globalization
  3. Cultural differences in East Asian countries
  4. How do people assimilate into a foreign culture?
  5. Cultural background’s effect on one’s personality

🏺 Western Culture Topics to Write About

Much of today’s culture takes roots in the Western world. With this subject, the possibilities are endless! You can write about ancient civilizations or modern European culture. Sounds interesting? Then have a look at these topics:

  1. Write about a Greek myth of your choice.
  2. Research the history of the ancient Roman theater.
  3. Pick a Greek philosopher and describe their legacy.
  4. The heritage of the Roman Empire in the modern world.
  5. Discover the history of the Olympic Games.
  6. How did Christianity spread throughout Europe?
  7. The architecture of ancient Britain.
Mahatma Gandhi quote.
  1. How did the Great Plague influence western culture?
  2. Write about the key Renaissance artists.
  3. How did humanism emerge in British culture?
  4. Pick a European country and analyze how its traditions developed.
  5. The impact of the Renaissance on Europe’s worldview.
  6. Research the latest archeological discoveries of western civilization.
  7. How did the Protestant Reformation influence German culture?
  8. The legacy of the Renaissance artworks. 
  1. What was the effect of the 1848 revolution on art?
  2. The role of scientific discoveries in Europe’s socio-cultural formation.
  3. Analyze the influence of colonization of African culture.
  4. Describe the highlights of the Enlightenment period.
  5. How did Brexit affect the British lifestyle?
  6. Did the American Revolution bring change in culture?
  7. What attitude does Poland have about their World War II heritage?
  8. How did the technological revolution impact everyday life in Europe?
  9. The influence of World War I on French culture.
  10. Write about European fashion during a specific period.

📚✍️ Cultural Criticism Essay Topics

Cultural criticism looks at texts, music, and artworks through the lens of culture. This type of analysis suggests that culture gives an artwork a specific meaning. The following topics will guide you towards an excellent critical essay:

  1. Analyze the cultural aspects of your favorite novel.
  2. Ethnicity in Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
  3. What’s the meaning of financial stability in The Great Gatsby?
  4. Discover social changes in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.
  5. The effect of industrialization in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.
  6. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and its context.
  7. Representation of race in Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.
  8. Note the cultural features of The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais.
  9. Write about the main character’s mindset in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  1. What are the main character’s values in A Bronx Tale?
  2. Hispanic customs in The Tortilla Curtain by T. C. Boyle.
  3. Discover cultural clashes in Fury by Salman Rushdie.
  4. Pick a movie and analyze the cultural impact on your perception of the plot.
  5. Discuss the beliefs of white women in The Help.
  6. Does the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding portray Greek-American culture correctly?
  7. How did the background story in Slumdog Millionaire change your perception of the main character?
  8. What’s the meaning of gender in Bend It Like Beckham?
  9. Far and Away: integration into a new society.
  10. Pick a painting and analyze its cultural background.
Culture can be divided into two equally categories.
  1. Compare depictions of Christ from different continents.
  2. Discover the context of Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People.
  3. What’s the context of Punjabi Ladies Near a Village Well?
  4. Discuss the symbolism of Girl with a Pearl Earring.
  5. Write about social roles based on Homer among the Greeks by Gustav Jäger.
  6. Select a song and analyze how culture is reflected in the lyrics.

🎥 Cultural Phenomena Topics for an Essay

Cultural phenomena refer to developing certain beliefs or preferences among many people. It is also called the bandwagon effect. Keep in mind that the fact of something becoming popular is not a phenomenon. This notion is more concerned with the process of gaining fame than with fame itself. Take a look at these helpful topic ideas for your paper:

  1. Describe any cultural phenomenon in your area.
  2. Reasons why TikTok gained popularity in the U.S.
  3. How did the Pokemon Go! fad spread across the world?
  4. Analyze the percentage of people worldwide who like McDonald’s.
  5. What factors made “the dab” popular?
  6. Can the bandwagon effect explain bullying
  7. Discover cross-cultural fashion trends.
  8. Does social media facilitate cultural phenomena?
  9. Pick a celebrity and analyze their fanbase.
  10. How can you explain the high demand for Apple products?
  11. What made sitcoms popular?
  12. Write about Thanksgiving celebrations outside the U.S.
  13. Reasons why famous authors from the past remain influential.
  14. Does effective marketing cause the bandwagon effect?
  15. Discuss the tendency to follow trends for social acceptance.
  16. Choose a classic movie and analyze its popularity.
  17. Examine similar TV talent shows across nations.
  18. Discover why some dishes are considered “America’s favorite.”
  19. Explore the psychological side of cultural phenomena.
  20. List criteria needed for becoming a famous musician.
  21. Analyze the bandwagon effect in history.
  22. Why was holocaust normalized in some nations?
  23. Explain why Nike products are popular all over the world.
  24. Did the bandwagon effect play a part in the Renaissance?
  25. Can the spread of religious beliefs be called a cultural phenomenon?

🧔👓 Subculture Topics for an Essay

The term “subculture” means “a culture within a culture.” In other words, it’s a smaller group, inside a larger one, with its own beliefs and interests. You can write about a specific subculture or discover why such groups form. Feel free to use these essay topics:

  1. Write about the athletic community.
  2. Are marketing strategies aimed at subcultures effective?
  3. Why is the deviation from social norms considered dangerous?
  4. What makes the Amish stand out?
  5. Can a subculture serve as a basis for a culture?
  6. Does the U.S. benefit from cybersport?
Some of the most prominent subcultures.
  1. Tell about a social group that you’re a part of.
  2. Clothes as an identifier of a subculture.
  3. Pick a religious organization and describe it.
  4. Why did the anime community grow worldwide?
  5. Explain why some subcultures are considered dangerous.
  6. How do social groups emerge?
  7. Should parents encourage children to join an interest group?
  8. Describe the way people develop mutual beliefs cross-culturally.
  9. How does social media influence one’s lifestyle?
  10. Which interest group does your family belong to?
  11. Do subcultures benefit society?
  12. Analyze the Social Disorganization Theory concerning subcultures.
  13. How did hipsters influence global fashion trends?
  14. What are the requirements for becoming a skater?
  15. Discover the history and lifestyle of Goths.
  16. What is the basis of scumbro culture?
  17. Belonging to an interest group as a healthy social practice.
  18. What are the most popular subcultures amongst generation Z?
  19. Discuss the importance of the hairstyle for subcultures.

🧑🤝🧑 Socio-Cultural Essay Topics

Let’s break the word “socio-cultural” in two parts. Social aspects include people, their roles, and available resources. Cultural factors refer to language, laws, religion, and values. Therefore, socio-cultural issues revolve around the unique design of a specific culture. Here are some topic ideas on this subject that you might find helpful.

  1. Describe the social stigma attached to single mothers.
  2. What pushes the elderly to the edge of poverty?
  3. Do marketing strategies vary from country to country?
  4. Is receiving psychological assistance culturally accepted in developing countries?
  5. Can art be misunderstood because of the socio-cultural context?
  6. Compare the average wage in the U.S. and the country of your choice.
  7. Does the increased use of technology in schools affect society?
  8. What factors push Americans to abuse drugs?
  9. Which socio-cultural aspects make drunkenness acceptable?
  10. Describe the social environment in a country that legalizes slavery.
  11. Why do Christians get persecuted in some countries?
  12. How does information overload impact modern teenagers?
  13. Is child abuse justified outside the U.S.?
  14. Does technology affect the emotional maturity of children?
  15. Free education in Europe: pros and cons.
  16. Prove that the U.S. healthcare system should help the homeless.
  17. How often does cyberbullying occur worldwide?
  18. What does successful life mean for a third world country citizen?
  19. Does globalization put the national identity in danger?
  20. The importance of developing cultural sensitivity.
  21. Write about various religions in America.
Religions practiced by Americans.
  1. Discuss the correlation between the economic level and crime rates.
  2. Manifestations of ethical egoism in modern society.
  3. Cross-cultural missionary work: pros and cons.
  4. Does social stigma towards HIV contribute to its spread?

⛩️🕌 Cultural Diversity Topics for an Essay

America is one of the most diverse nations in the world. Each culture has its language, customs, and other factors that enrich a country like the U.S. The life of a culturally diverse community has its advantages and challenges. In your paper, unpack one of the aspects of such an environment. Take a look at these essay topics:

  1. Discuss ethnic groups within the U.S. which have the highest suicide rate.
  2. Is it essential for American psychologists to develop cultural competence?
  3. Describe the basic principles of cultural respect.
  4. Prove that racism should not be tolerated.
  5. Does the American education system embrace ethnic minorities?
  6. Analyze the benefit of ethnic inclusiveness for the U.S. food industry.
  7. How can managers encourage a multiethnic environment in the workplace?
  8. White about the challenges of second-generation Americans.
  9. Should the term “immigrant” be banned?
  10. Discuss the advantages of the U.S. as a multicultural nation.
  11. Prove that the English language proficiency test shouldn’t be required for U.S. citizenship.
  12. What is the effect of prejudice against ethnic minorities?
  13. How does diversity find a place in American traditions?
  14. Describe the culture shock experience of an international student.
  15. Is transracial adoption becoming more common in the U.S.?
  16. What is cultural narcissism, and how can you avoid it?
  17. Effective strategies for conflict resolution in a diverse environment.
  18. What multiculturalism policies currently exist in the U.S.?
  19. Analyze the heritage of a specific nation.
  20. Should learning a second language be mandatory in America?
  21. What are the stereotypes associated with different ethnicities?
  22. Describe the benefits of ethnic diversity.
  23. Write about the widespread interracial marriages in the U.S.
  24. How can one avoid cultural ignorance?
  25. Are the Americans guilty of ethnocentrism?

👥 Cultural Anthropology Topics for a Paper

Cultural anthropology is a study of beliefs, practices, and social organization of a group. The shaping of ideas and the physical environment are in the focus of this study. In other words, anthropology discovers why people live the way they do. This list will help narrow down your attention on this subject.

Cesar Chavez quote.
  1. Why are social networks commonly used in the U.S.?
  2. Explain the popularity of online shopping worldwide.
  3. Will e-books replace paper books in developed countries?
  4. Artificial intelligence technologies in Japan.
  5. Pick two American states and compare their laws.
  6. Why is cycling so prevalent in the Netherlands?
  7. How architecture reflects a nation’s history.
  8. Why is it easier to receive citizenship in some countries than in others?
  9. Explain why Americans have a strong sense of national pride.
  10. Analyze the perception of time in tropical countries.
  11. Are most Swiss households wealthy?
  12. Discover how language reflects a cultural worldview.
  13. Does the country’s economy affect the self-esteem of its citizens?
  14. Reasons for the political division in the U.S.
  15. Analyze the difference in lifestyles between the Northern and the Southern states.
  16. Why is it common in some countries to be bilingual?
  17. Analyze the cultural values of a communistic nation.
  18. How can liberalism affect the education system?
  19. What’s the social meaning of disease in third world countries?
  20. Examine how the two-child policy affects the Chinese lifestyle.
  21. Free health care: pros and cons.
  22. Write about the way the former Soviet Union countries transitioned from communism.
  23. Do Christian traditions vary from culture to culture?
  24. Analyze the impact of refugee presence in European countries.
  25. Does traditional food reflect the history of a nation?

We hope you were able to pick a culture topic for your paper after reading this article.

Good luck with your assignment on culture!

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