160 Excellent Analysis Essay Topics & Questions

An analysis essay aims to break down the subject in order to understand it. You can choose to analyze a text, a process, or an idea. This article will help you write a great essay!

Selecting an interesting topic makes writing a lot easier. We’ve prepared a list of excellent analytical essay topics for your paper. Continue reading to find out more about analysis topics and essays.

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🔝 Top 10 Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Are school uniforms still relevant?
  2. Is it possible to reduce inequality?
  3. The main causes of job satisfaction
  4. What causes phobia development?
  5. Why is it difficult to take criticism?
  1. The effect of gambling on one’s health
  2. What makes social media so addictive?
  3. Reasons why minors choose to drink alcohol
  4. Can one’s appearance influence their personality?
  5. What makes people choose traditional medicine?

✅ Types of Analysis Essays

For a quality paper, it is essential to know about the analysis essay types. Here is what you need to remember:

  • Literary analysis focuses on examining and evaluating a literary work. You can also explore a specific aspect of the piece. Analyze anything from plot to stylistic devices.
Analysis is opposed to synthesis.
  • Causal analysis essays are usually connected to human activities. Relational questions or social issues can be the focus of such a piece. You can also center it on the outcomes of people’s actions.
  • Division analysis takes a subject as a whole and breaks it into smaller sections. Here is how to do it:
    1. Begin with evaluating the matter in its entirety.
    2. Brainstorm your ideas and find the best way to divide the topic.
    3. Analyze each part separately.
    4. Bring the components back together to finish the analysis.
  • Critical essays focus on examining somebody’s work. You can choose to analyze writing, painting, or movies. Such an assignment requires critical thinking. Consider the intended audience, language, and imagery.

As you can see, all analysis essay types are different.Make sure to follow your assignment instructions thoroughly! Keep in mind that every essay needs a title page. And for that, you can use an online title page generator. But if there are no specific directions, pick one type that fits you.

⭐ Top 10 Topics for Analytical Essay

  1. Homeopathy vs. naturopathy
  2. Recent changes in gender roles
  3. Can introversion be unhealthy?
  4. Should the voting age be lowered?
  5. Is standardized testing accurate?
  6. What makes horror movies entertaining?
  7. Why do we associate colors with emotions?
  8. Modern technology’s contribution to job cuts
  9. How societal pressure affects mental health
  10. The importance of space exploration for healthcare

🎨 Cultural Analysis Essay Topics

Every nation has its unique worldview and traditions. Narrow down your essay to one cultural component. It can be anything from customs to food. Try to be as specific as possible. Here is a helpful list of topic ideas and prompts on culture:

  1. Why is slang language constantly getting updated?
  2. Analyze the Ancient Spartan community.
  3. The way art gives voice to national identity.
  4. Why are there many ways to greet someone?
  5. Examine how food reflects the culture’s history.
  6. Does the national anthem foster patriotism in people?
  7. Discuss the importance of cultural framing.
  8. The value of personal space in American culture.
  9. Discuss the worldwide tendency to forget traditions.
  10. Why does the U.S. have such a variety of accents?
  11. Write about superstitions and their impact on society.
  12. Analyze how Europe influenced American history.
P.S. Baber quote.
  1. Pick a national hero and examine their legacy.
  2. How did technology reshape the lifestyle in the U.S?
  3. Reasons why America developed a two-party system.
  4. Analyze the way cultural beliefs affect a nation.
  5. What are the most famous American holidays?
  6. Take a close look at how fairy tales reflect cultural values.
  7. Describe how ethnic diversity influences society.
  8. The importance of humor in a culture.

➡️ Causal Analysis Essay Topics

A causal analysis essay focuses on the consequences of actions or events. This assignment aims to determine how one thing influences another. Research the subject thoroughly and find supporting evidence. This list of topic ideas will help you write a good paper!

  1. How education impacts one’s quality of life.
  2. Describe the way music piracy affects the recording industry.
  3. Write about the influence of social media on our lives.
  4. How does technology impact children’s development?
  5. Examine the effects of eating high-sodium food.
  6. Describe how censorship influences the media.
  7. Does a low-quality pillow cause neck pain?
  8. Analyze how good time management makes one more productive.
  9. Correlation between reading and fluency.
  10. Does classical music help you study better?
  11. Prove the claim that smoking is bad for the lungs.
  12. Analyze how eating sugar impacts blood quality.
  13. Does a pet improve its owner’s health?
  14. Examine a connection between education and self-esteem.
  15. How art therapy influences health.
  16. Write about the effect of video games on one’s cognitive abilities.
  17. Correlation between ozone depletion and global warming.
  18. The effect of political conflicts on society.
  19. Review the adverse effects of increased screen time.
  20. Analyze why weather affects people’s moods.

🎬 Visual Analysis Essay Topics

The term “visual media” refers to things such as videos and images. For your assignment, analyze how the content is delivered to the viewer. What do the critics say? What about your subjective judgment? Discuss a movie, a painting, or even a website. Here are some ideas for your analysis essay.

  1. Do the landscapes in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty add value to the film?
  2. Choose an Oscar-winning movie and say what made it successful.
  3. Analyze the way BBC Sherlock uses visual elements.
When criticizing a movie or a book.
  1. Describe what makes a successful TV show.
  2. Techniques used in broadcast journalism to engage with the audience.
  3. How pictures can convey meaning.
  4. Analyze Van Gogh’s art from a psychological and aesthetic perspective.
  5. How promo videos help attract people to an event.
  6. Choose a digital advert and say what makes it persuasive.
  7. Discuss the iconography of Procne Showing Tereus the Head of His Child.
  8. Are posters effective in advertising concerts?
  9. What visual elements do charities use to attract donors?
  10. The connection between a website’s design and its traffic statistic.
  11. Write about the role of masculinity in advertisements.
  12. Pick a movie with low ratings and analyze why it failed.
  13. Conduct a visual analysis of an anti-smoking poster.
  14. Describe how social media ads deduce customer’s preferences.
  15. Should a business have an Instagram account to be successful?
  16. Are advertisements that use pictures of people effective?
  17. Examine the way music adds value to YouTube videos.

➗ Analysis by Division Essay Topics

The purpose of the division analysis is to break an idea into parts. To write an essay, you analyze each part of the subject. This kind of paper shouldn’t be complicated. Still, it needs to support your main argument. The following list will help you choose a topic for your division essay.

  1. Analyze components of your favorite short story.
  2. What elements are present in every TV news report?
  3. Fundamental elements of Christian worldview.
  4. Write about the process of driving a car.
  5. Describe the aspects of family happiness.
  6. Determine the types of social network users.
  7. Analyze what makes your favorite TV show worth watching.
  8. What are the dangerous aspects of spots exercises?
  9. Analyze the success story of a wealthy person.
  10. Describe the elements of a musical.
Objective analysis.
  1. What makes an excellent movie theater experience?
  2. Necessary elements of a strong friendship.
  3. Describe the stages of grief in different cultures.
  4. Analyze the stages of filmmaking.
  5. Write about things necessary for overcoming addiction.
  6. Various ways of conflict resolution.
  7. What are the modern types of energy production?
  8. Employee performance: positive and negative factors.
  9. The most effective ways to reduce stress levels.
  10. Describe the types of world religions.

🤔 Critical Analysis Essay Topics

A critical analysis essay focuses on somebody’s work. It describes its positive and negative sides. Before you start writing, make yourself familiar with the work you will discuss. And remember: all criticism should be constructive!

  1. Analyze the author’s intentions in your favorite book.
  2. Give a subjective critique of a fictional villain.
  3. The theme of family and friendship in One Hundred Years of Solitude.
  4. Idealism vs. pragmatism in A Farewell to Arms.
  5. The way racism is portrayed in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  6. The minorities’ role in The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.
  7. Gender differences in Eve’s Diary by Mark Twain.
  8. The meaning of death in The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce.
  9. Discuss the message in Roland Emmerich’s 2012.
  10. The role of marriage in Amour (2012).
  11. Analyze the way memories are portrayed in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  12. What contributed to the success of South Park?
  13. The meaning of friendship in Sherlock Holmes (2009).
  14. The role of money in The Great Gatsby.
  15. Exposition analysis: Maxine Hong Kingston’s Tongue-Tied.
  16. Critique the use of language in the magazine article you’ve read recently.
  17. Pick a painting and analyze how the artist expresses their emotions.
  18. Discuss the color scheme of Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day.
  19. The character’s body language in Science and Charity by Pablo Picasso.
  20. Analyze the mood of Composition X by Wassily Kandinsky.

🧑🤝🧑 Social Issue Analysis Topics

Society is a diverse institution. Your essay can focus on sociological issues or development areas of a society. This list of topics will stir you towards an excellent paper.

  1. The impact of the foster care system on American society.
  2. What resources are available for those who battle addictions?
  3. Mobility barriers for disabled citizens.
  4. Analyze the society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Conduct an ideological analysis of political parties in Canada.
  6. Describe social benefits for high-risk patients.
  7. Are we moving towards gender equality in workplaces?
  8. Examine how schools are welcoming cultural diversity.
  9. Workplace descrimination: analysis and solutions.
  10. Material wealth as a motivation for success.
  11. Challenges faced by single-parent families.
Frank Lloyd Wright quote.
  1. The effect of social unrest on the legal system.
  2. What is the meaning of social status in business?
  3. Analyze the way national pride affects American society.
  4. The impact of COVID-19 on the world’s economy.
  5. The way freedom of speech shapes the U.S.
  6. How does the internet shape the way we think?
  7. Do workplaces experience the problem of bullying?
  8. Analyze the effects of global warming on society.
  9. Policies against prejudice in a racist environment.

🧪 Healthcare Analysis Essay Topics

The subject of health includes anything concerning physical well-being. You can analyze diets or medical programs. Think about the most common health concerns nowadays. What aspect of healthcare do you want to know more about? The following list of topics will help you focus on the right subject.

  1. Healthcare programs for people on the lower economic level.
  2. Analyze the efficiency of the American health insurance system.
  3. What are the most recent innovations in U.S. medicine?
  4. Healthcare in developing countries.
  5. What country has the most modernized medical assistance?
  6. Adult and child obesity levels in America.
  7. What effect does alcohol have on the human body?
  8. Examine the necessity of child vaccination.
  9. What treatments are available for patients with mental illness?
  10. Analyze the most common psychological disorders in the U.S.
  11. Cancer diagnostics, staging, and complications.
  12. Eastern medicine: pros and cons.
  13. Running as a way to maintain a healthy body.
  14. Discover the effect of smartphones on national health.
  15. Ways to prevent getting sick.
  16. What are the available clinical depression treatment options?
  17. Write about the effects of sitting meditation on one’s health.
  18. Benefits and downsides of a vegan diet.
  19. Analyze the reasons why the keto diet is popular.
  20. Examine the way weather conditions affect one’s well-being.

We hope that this article has helped you understand what an analysis essay is. Now you only need to pick a topic and ace your paper!

Good luck with your essay!

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