180 Environmental Research Topics & Questions to Write about

Environment affects us all, whether we want it or not. Political leaders and students alike discuss ways to tackle environmental topics & issues. Some might argue about the role humans play in all this. The fact remains that our environment is a delicate matter. Thatโ€™s why we must educate ourselves on the issues related to it.

In this article by custom writing experts, youโ€™ll find a list of environmental research questions to scrutinize and write about. The environmental essay topics in the collection below are related to economics, health, sociology, law, and even psychology. These ideas might be helpful either for school or for college students.

๐Ÿ” Top 10 Environment Essay Topics

  1. The life cycle of tornados
  2. History of environmental studies
  3. Positive impact of birdwatching
  4. Drinking water and the environment
  5. Christianity’s impact on the climate crisis
  6. Climate’s effect on mountain ecosystems
  7. How aviation contributes to global warming
  8. Early commercial adaptation of thermal energy
  9. What does nuclear meteorology investigate?
  10. Fruitarianism’s benefits for the environment

๐ŸŒก๏ธ๐ŸŒ Environmental Research Topics on Climate Change

Throughout history, the Earthโ€™s climate always fluctuated. Ice ages were followed by warmer periods. However, the increase in temperature we perceive today is unusual. Because of this, climate change is one of todayโ€™s most pressing problems. Below we have compiled a list of 25 global warming topics. Have a look!

  1. What is the difference between climate change and global warming?
  2. Investigate how humans influence the climate.
  3. Which regions suffer the most due to the rising sea levels?
  4. How did the average weather in your region change over the past 20 years?
  5. Why are coral reefs endangered?
  6. How do melting glaciers impact the environment?
  7. Examine what natural disasters are linked to climate change.
  8. What does ocean acidification mean?
  9. What are the effects of global warming?
  10. Analyze the phenomenon of climate refugees.
  11. How does global warming affect biodiversity?
  12. Discuss the most significant causes of climate change.
  13. Why are hurricanes becoming more intense?
Extinction fact.
  1. What are the most significant agricultural problems caused by climate change?
  2. How does the excess of CO2 impact the environment?
  3. What actions lead to a CO2 increase in the atmosphere?
  4. Discuss how hydraulic fracturing affects nature.
  5. Explain how the greenhouse effect works.
  6. What can each of us do to stop global warming?
  7. How is ozone depletion related to climate change?
  8. What was the purpose of the Paris Agreement?
  9. Investigate how deforestation affects the climate.
  10. Can we reverse global warming?
  11. Examine why some people don’t believe in climate change.
  12. What is the correlation between tree planting and climate change?

๐ŸŒฒ Environmental Research Topics on Ecology

Ecology is a branch of biology that investigates how organisms coexist. The environment shapes the way different species interact with each other. Essential factors can be living, such as nutrition, or nonliving, like water. Here are 25 prompts for your ecology essay:

  1. Examine the ecological research methods.
  2. What defines the number of organisms living in a community?
  3. How does an ecosystem work?
  4. Why do plants and animals go extinct?
  5. Do non-native snakes threaten the U.S. ecosystem?
  6. Explain the elements of population growth.
  7. What would the world look like without bees?
  8. How do organisms adapt to their environment?
  9. Analyze how photosynthesis occurs.
  10. What different relationships can organisms form with their surroundings?
  11. Discuss the research methods of bird behavioral ecology.
  12. How do organisms survive under extreme conditions?
  13. Why do some birds migrate?
Ecology can be broadly categorized into five different areas.
  1. Investigate why some animals benefit from living alone.
  2. What can humans do to prevent pandas from extinction?
  3. How do plants help combat climate change?
  4. Whatโ€™s the correlation between water management and ecology issues?
  5. How does commercial fishing affect the oceans?
  6. What are the most prominent current environmental threats?
  7. How does the ecological footprint method work?
  8. What are the long-term consequences of plastic use?
  9. Analyze how nutrient cycles work.
  10. What impact does human waste have on marine ecosystems?
  11. Examine the different types of healthy bacteria.
  12. How do cacti grow in the desert?

๐Ÿญ๐ŸŒฑ Sustainability Topics for an Essay

According to the UN World Commission, sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.โ€ Simply put, sustainability means fulfilling the demand without exhausting any resources. Today, it plays a vital role in protecting the environment.

  1. Give an example of sustainable practice.
  2. Analyze the process of recycling.
  3. Investigate what sustainability wants to achieve.
  4. Explore the history of the green movement.
  5. What can a country do to become greener?
  6. Why do we need the concept of sustainable development?
  7. Examine the ways of recycling water.
  8. How can you make food sources more sustainable?
  9. What does zero-waste mean?
  10. Talk about the issues related to eco-friendly packaging.
  11. Discuss ways of saving more energy.
  12. What are the greener alternatives to plastic?
  13. Examine the different sources of renewable energy.
  14. How can a person live more sustainably?
  15. Explain the three pillars of sustainability.
Effective ways to protect the environment.
  1. How does green construction work?
  2. What’s the connection between sustainability and climate change?
  3. What can we do to reduce water pollution?
  4. Discuss the impact of globalization on sustainable agriculture.
  5. What is responsible consumption?
  6. Why should we not use plastic?
  7. Describe how wind turbines produce electricity.
  8. How can technology become green?
  9. What is social sustainability?
  10. What are the most critical sustainability issues today?

๐Ÿ”ฌ๐ŸŒป Environmental Science Topics for an Essay

Environmental science combines various approaches to study nature. In doing so, it tries to find solutions for ecological issues. Research goes into areas such as pollution and alternative energy. If you want to write about it, have a look at our topics:

  1. What are the environmental impacts of production and consumption?
  2. Examine ways of improving agriculture.
  3. What are the critical elements of environmental science?
  4. Discuss the advantages of green engineering.
  5. What are the different types of pollution?
  6. Determine the primary goals of environmental science.
  7. What are invasive species?
  8. Investigate the benefits of reforestation.
  9. Describe the Amazon rainforest and its role in the environment.
  10. Explore the various types of agriculture.
  11. Discuss the pros and cons of GMOs.
  12. What effects does a biodiversity loss have on humanity?
  13. How do dams and channels affect ecosystems?
  14. What is the connection between social and environmental sciences?
  15. Why is overpopulation a problem?
  16. Explain the process of desertification.
  17. How does mining cause environmental disasters?
  18. Investigate the Gaia Hypothesis.
  19. What are the causes of acid rain?
  20. How is our health affected by pollution?
Franklin Roosevelt quote.
  1. Explain the importance of energy efficiency.
  2. Explore the link between globalization and ecological problems.
  3. Why are fossil fuels harmful to the environment?
  4. What are ecological niches?
  5. Analyze the pros and cons of nuclear energy.

๐ŸŒณโš–๏ธ Environmental Law Topics for Papers

Environmental law aims to protect nature. It’s the legal foundation of human interaction with their surroundings. Besides, it formulates how we should utilize natural resources. Take a look at these compelling topics for your paper:

  1. How is waste regulated in your community?
  2. What laws address contaminant cleanup?
  3. Why do we need chemical safety regulations?
  4. Examine legal ways to curb hunting and fishing.
  5. Describe environmental protection in the US and in the Hawaii state.
  6. Discuss the Rio Declaration.
  7. Why can environmental laws be controversial?
  8. What are the advantages of emission certificates?
  9. Investigate the process of emissions trading.
  10. How does your country regulate air quality?
  11. What makes the laws concerning water quality vital?
  12. What are the general principles of environmental law?
  13. When can a piece of land be declared a natural reserve?
  14. Should there be a binding international environmental constitution?
  15. Explore the history of environmental law.
  16. What purposes do wildlife reserves serve?
  17. Discuss the legacy of Kyoto Protocol.
  18. Analyze the marine pollution prevention efforts in Australia.
  19. What are environmental assessment mandates?
  20. Investigate economic incentives for environmental protection.
  21. Discuss why ecotourism needs to be regulated.
  22. Why is it difficult for some countries to become green?
  23. Establish a connection between free trade agreements and ecological problems.
  24. Do businesses have to incorporate environmental law?
  25. Compare several international agreements on ecological issues.

๐Ÿง‘๐ŸŒฟ Environmentalism Topics to Write About

Movements aiming to protect nature are at the core of environmentalism. The idea first gained traction in the 1960s. Notable organizations include PETA and Greenpeace. If you’re interested in environmentalism, consult this topics list:

  1. Investigate the history of environmentalism.
  2. Discuss the negative impacts of urban sprawl.
  3. What is Earth Day?
Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22.
  1. Describe the key concepts of environmentalism.
  2. What are the different types of green movements?
  3. Compare the goals of various NGOs.
  4. What does the WWF do?
  5. Describe the main achievements of nature activists.
  6. Explain what apocalyptic environmentalism is.
  7. Who is Greta Thunberg?
  8. Discuss the impact of the Fridays for Future movement.
  9. Explain emancipatory environmentalism.
  10. Investigate the Animal Liberation Front.
  11. Analyze the central concerns of ecofeminism.
  12. Why are environmental movements important?
  13. Who was John Muir?
  14. Explain what ecoterrorism is.
  15. Does going green equal saving the environment?
  16. Who were the first nature activists?
  17. Discuss the influence of green political parties.
  18. What is environmental justice?
  19. Explain how civic environmentalism works.
  20. Are the actions of Greenpeace always justified?
  21. What are some examples of good nature activism tactics?
  22. Analyze the effect environmentalist movements have on politics.

๐Ÿ”ฌ Top 10 Environmental Research Topics

  1. Types of marine pollution
  2. Concepts of ecofeminism
  3. Causes of grassland degradation
  4. Advantages of hydroelectricity
  5. Organic farming support in the US
  6. Energy conservation in the US
  7. What does photochemical smog depend on?
  8. Seasonal behavior of urban heat island
  9. Nuclear and radiation accident categories
  10. Can baffle spray scrubbers control pollution?

๐Ÿ“– Top 10 Environmental Research Questions

  1. What are the causes and effects of air pollution?
  2. What are the most dangerous effects of climate change?
  3. What are the most severe diseases caused by water pollution?
  4. Is global warming real?
  5. How does deforestation affect people and animals?
  6. Do carbon offset programs work?
  7. How to prevent and control soil pollution?
  8. How does plastic pollution affect marine life?
  9. What are the most threatened biodiversity hotspots?
  10. What should we do about overpopulation?

We hope this article helped you decide what your paper will be about. If the topic you’ve chosen is still not perfect, feel free to customize it! Good luck, and have fun with your essay.

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