240 Immigration Essay Topics

Immigration is a permanent move to a foreign country. It takes place all over the globe, including the United States. It played an important role in history, and it continues to influence society today.

This article offers a variety of immigration essay topics. They are suitable for college-level works, as well as middle and high school papers.

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🔝 Top 10 Immigration Topics to Write About

  1. The harm of immigration policies
  2. Push and pull factors of immigration
  3. Immigration as an escape from poverty
  4. Reproductive health of women immigrants
  5. Racism in the American housing market
  6. Mexican economy and the immigration rate
  7. Immigration increase vs. welfare decrease
  8. Challenges of immigrant assimilation in the US
  9. The cause of discrimination towards immigrants
  10. Immigration detention effects on mental health

✍️ How to Choose an Immigration Topic

The subject of immigration is broad. You can explore it from many points of view. Focus on economics, sociology, or the legal system. Here are a few things to remember as you chose the essay title:

  • Use verified up-to-date information. As simple as it seems, it’s essential.
  • Do not judge. We cannot know the life story of every immigrant and what they went through.

You may try to approach the subject from the political viewpoint. Or, try to stand in the shoes of someone looking for a better life.

Legal immigrants vs Illegal immigrants.

Below you will find many great questions and topics on immigration. Choose the one you like best, and get down to writing!

❓ Top 10 Immigration Research Questions

  1. Do expats boost innovations?
  2. Is terrorism related to immigration?
  3. How does migration influence culture?
  4. What is seasonal labor immigration?
  5. Can immigration reduce global poverty?
  6. What is the economic effect of refugees?
  7. How does immigration affect social capital?
  8. How do immigration control measures vary?
  9. Is Third World immigration a threat to the US?
  10. Why do immigration laws differ among the states?
  1. Pros and cons of sanctuary cities
  2. Modern immigration policy in the UK
  3. ICE’s policy under Obama vs. Trump
  4. The process of naturalization in the US
  5. The importance of the DACA program
  6. Should the TPS program be permanent?
  7. Health concerns of illegal immigration
  8. The effect of immigration on international students
  9. The difference between an asylum and refugee status
  10. The Second Industrial Revolution’s impact on immigration
  11. The role of visas in the modern world.
  12. Does federal immigration law ensure safety for the U.S. citizens?
  13. Changes in immigration policies following 9/11.
  14. What will happen if the U.S. declares open borders for all countries?
  15. How is multiculturalism a good thing?
  16. How much time does it take to complete immigration documents?
  17. What rights do immigrants have in the U.S.?
  18. Does congress limit the number of immigrant visas?
  19. What are the main functions of immigration?
  20. Why does the U.S. refuse to accept Syrian refugees?
  21. The majority of immigrants seek to receive the U.S. citizenship.
  22. Fake marriage for the sake of legal immigration.
  23. How can immigrants ensure a legal status for their children?
  24. Why do people applying for U.S. citizenship have to live in America for five years?
  25. What’s the difference between naturalization and citizenship?
  26. Is it fair that children can have citizenship by being born in the U.S.
  27. What does the government look for in a person before granting them legal status?
  28. Ways to pass the test for naturalization for a person with disabilities.
  29. How can children become the U.S. citizens through their parents?
  30. What are the physical presence requirements for naturalization?
  31. Steps necessary to prepare for a naturalization test.
  32. How to reapply for citizenship.
  33. What is a naturalization ceremony?
  34. Can a person become a citizen through military service?
  35. Do all visas allow legal immigration?

The immigration process should be legal. There is an “Immigration Law” in the U.S. that provides legitimate ways to become an American citizen. In this section, you will find ideas for your research paper or informative essay on legal immigration.

🗺️ Illegal Immigration Essay Topics

According to Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, the main difference between legal and illegal immigration lies in documentation. That’s why illegal immigrants are also called undocumented. The following list can provide an idea for a topic sentence or a thesis statement in a persuasive essay.

  1. Can there be any valid excuse for immigrating illegally?
  2. Do undocumented aliens harm the U.S.?
  3. The overstaying legal migration period is common for illegal immigration.
  4. What is more valuable for the government: paperwork or people?
  5. Which countries do most undocumented immigrants come from?
  6. Human trafficking is a tragedy that feeds illegal immigration.
  7. Settled undocumented immigrants should still get punished.
  8. The presence of undocumented immigrants indicates corruption.
  9. Do illegal immigrants affect the local economy of southern states?
  10. Does illegal immigration bring American society out of balance?
  11. The presence of undocumented aliens affects crime rates.
  12. The issues associated with illegal immigration in America.
  13. What organizations support illegal immigration?
  14. Children of immigrants bear the consequences of their parents’ actions.
  15. Should undocumented immigrants be provided legal help?
  16. The term “illegal immigrant” must be rejected as offensive.
  17. Does the problem of illegal immigration feed the issue of racism?
  18. Undocumented immigrants deserve to be treated with respect.
  19. The term “illegal immigrant” stirs up racial fear in the U.S.
  20. Does the phrase “No human is illegal” have any truth to it?
  21. Is illegal immigration a threat to hosts and immigrants?
  22. Are undocumented aliens treated with hostility by the government?
  23. Can illegal immigration for personal reasons be justified?
  24. Should we consider the absence of proper documentation an offense?
  25. Do the lives of illegal immigrants matter in America?
  26. Can an undocumented immigrant be considered an American?
  27. Does the “Drop the I-word” campaign provide valid arguments?
  28. Is there anything good about illegal immigration?
  29. Immigration detention brings more harm than good.
  30. Should the “catch and release” policy function in the U.S.?
  31. Should a person take a chance to obtain a legal status by entering the country illegally?
  32. Will the construction of a wall resolve the issue of illegal immigration?
  33. If America is the land of opportunities, why doesn’t it accept undocumented aliens?
  34. Does illegal immigration promote terrorism?
  35. Should the U.S. government introduce specific policies for elderly immigrants?
Why some American immigrants are undocumented?

🗽 Immigration in the U.S. Topics

Millions of people worldwide want to get a taste of the American Dream. After many decades, America is shaped by the immigrant presence. Think about the cultural components and history of immigration in the U.S. This list may provide you with ideas for thesis topics.

  1. Should immigrants be allowed to vote?
  2. Can aliens who received U.S. citizenship be called Americans?
  3. Should Americans be concerned about the “green card lottery?”
  4. Mexican immigration as a political controversy.
  5. Difference between citizenship and a green card.
  6. The immigrants are fulfilling the labor market demand in the U.S.
  7. Professional psychologists must cooperate with immigrants.
  8. Children born to undocumented aliens should receive U.S. citizenship.
  9. Should there be a mandatory English language test for all immigrants?
  10. Should resident aliens use international driver licenses in the U.S.?
  11. Does the U.S. immigration policy need reform?
  12. From a historical perspective, could the U.S. survive as a country without immigrants?
  13. Immigration is at the core of American history.
  14. What were the reasons for the migration wave in the 1960s?
  15. Homeland security and immigration policy in the U.S.
  16. How did the 18th-century Chinese emigration influence America?
  17. The U.S. language policy regarding immigration.
  18. The 9/11 tragedy changed the way Americans view foreigners.
  19. Should children of illegal aliens be denied U.S. citizenship?
  20. How does immigration change life in bigger cities in the U.S.?
  21. Benefits of the DREAM act.
  22. Do legal aliens affect the American education system?
  23. Can a child raised by immigrants in the U.S. be called an American?
  24. Do Americans move to other countries?
  25. Immigrants come to the U.S. for religious purposes.

🌐 Worldwide Immigration Topics

History proves that people have always been moving around. Sometimes they immigrate because “the grass is greener on the other side.” But some have to flee their countries as refugees. The U.S and the European Union are receiving large numbers of immigrants. Here are some topic ideas for a paper on immigration worldwide.

  1. Was border control possible before the invention of visas?
  2. Syrian children refugees in Canada and ethics of care.
  3. What benefits does a country receive by granting someone asylum status?
  4. Can asylees feel safe in their host country?
  5. What is the difference between the words “immigrant” and “refugee?”
  6. Refugees need psychological assistance to overcome stress.
  7. Most refugees hope to come back to their home countries.
  8. What attitude locals usually have towards emigrants?
  9. There is a substantial prejudice against immigrants and refugees.
  10. Should the government invest in education for displaced people?
  11. The refugee crisis is a growing global issue.
  12. Assimilation policy as a form of aborigenal control in Australia.
  13. Wars have been one of the primary reasons for migration throughout history.
  14. How did 9/11 affect international traveling and global immigration?
  15. What happens to people who are rejected by the border control service?
  16. The impact of globalization on immigration control.
  17. Does Europe benefit or suffer from immigrants?
  18. The effects high numbers of refugees have on the European economy.
  19. Does the tourism industry in Europe suffer from the refugee presence?
  20. Effect of immigration on European history.
  21. Influence of globalization citizenship in the EU.
  22. What are the benefits of the asylum status in Europe?
  23. The effect of the Cold War on global immigration.
  24. Do most of the refugees in Europe want to receive EU citizenship?
  25. Does immigration rate vary amongst men and women?
Resident aliens vs Nonresident aliens.

🧳 Personal Immigration Topics

There is a person behind each number on immigration statistics. You may be wondering why somebody would want to leave home. Immigration is a serious step that forever changes one’s life. If you would like to look at the heart of immigration, this section is for you.

  1. Should immigration be perceived as an act of courage?
  2. Can the elderly have a better retirement in other countries?
  3. Religious persecution as a reason for moving.
  4. People often immigrate to provide a better life for their children.
  5. Racial persecution is a valid reason for moving abroad.
  6. The decision to relocate should have a solid reason behind it.
  7. Refugee families suffer enormous emotional pressure.
  8. Health problems are a sufficient reason for immigration.
  9. Immigration as a way to provide for one’s family is a noble act.
  10. Parent’s love for their children can motivate them to move abroad.
  11. Immigrant children and the governmental responsibility.
  12. People shouldn’t judge the financial instability of refugees.
  13. Disagreement with the country’s politics can push citizens to move.
  14. Are certain personality types more likely to immigrate?
  15. The lack of a sustainable education system in a home country pushes young people to move abroad.
  16. For some, the only hope for a good life is in immigration.
  17. Relocation for romantic reasons is common in the modern world.
  18. Experiences of Lithuanian and Chinese immigrants in America.
  19. Can relational complications drive people out of their native countries?
  20. An urge to be free from oppression leads to immigration.
  21. Loss of a family member can force a person to move abroad.
  22. Some choose immigration as a way to escape financial responsibility.
  23. Because of the internet, some people identify with foreign cultures.
  24. Immigration is a way to change one’s life.
  25. Athletes choose to relocate to have better conditions for training.

🌎 Environmental Migration Topics

You can define migration as the movement from one place to another. It can happen within or outside country borders. Migration isn’t always permanent. Nature is full of surprises, and sometimes natural disasters occur. Some people don’t have other options but to migrate. This section includes a variety of topics on environmental migration.

  1. Climate change is a significant reason for migration.
  2. Should environmental migrants receive a refugee status?
  3. Countries with significant environmental problems should encourage immigration.
  4. How many people choose to migrate due to ecological issues?
  5. Should the border control require documentation from environmental refugees?
  6. For how long environmental migrants are allowed to stay in the host country?
  7. Do climate refugees receive support from their host countries?
  8. Describe the Haitian migration following the 2010 earthquake.
  9. Migration after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004.
  10. Chinese citizens migrate due to floods.
  11. Do Americans move to different states because of ecological issues?
  12. Documented cases of mass environmental migration throughout history.
  13. The role of sea-level rise in climate migration.
  14. How polluted oceans affect human population movement.
  15. What are the main factors of environmental migration?
  16. Does the global warming influence migration levels?
  17. Is the number of climate refugees likely to increase in the future?
  18. How often do environmental migrants become legal immigrants?
  19. How can those who have lost their possessions afford to move abroad?
  20. Which countries receive the most climate migrants?
  21. Is the status of “environmental refugee” legitimate?
  22. Do environmental migrants consider going back to their home countries?
  23. Which organizations provide help to climate migrants worldwide?
  24. From which countries do people flee the most due to ecological reasons?
  25. People migrate due to the lack of clean water.
Environmental Migration Topics.

🎓 Immigration Essay Topics: Job and Education

Not all countries have a reliable education system. Sometimes there are not enough resources to provide jobs for everyone. Immigration gives people a chance to pursue a better career path. The following list can inspire your immigration thesis topic.

  1. Should international students be encouraged to return after graduation?
  2. Can online job opportunities decrease immigration rates?
  3. High-quality education in the U.S. attracts immigrants.
  4. What steps must one take to receive a work visa?
  5. Religious missionaries should receive governmental support.
  6. How often do people move to a different country for educational reasons?
  7. Immigrants in Toronto: social and economic challenges.
  8. How do institutions check the language abilities of international students?
  9. Do all U.S. institutions receive international students?
  10. What does it take to receive a student visa?
  11. Cross-cultural management and work abroad.
  12. Can immigrants find jobs without knowing the local language?
  13. What are the primary countries people immigrating to for occupational purposes?
  14. Which countries people are most likely to leave to receive a better education?
  15. Is America the land of opportunities for immigrants?
  16. Is it economically sufficient for the U.S. to receive workers from other countries?
  17. Why are international students willing to pay a high price for education in the U.S.?
  18. The industrial revolution caused a wave of immigration.
  19. Some people move to less developed countries to help with their development.
  20. Poverty often pushes people to move abroad.
  21. Immigrants from developing countries aren’t picky when it comes to jobs.
  22. Do immigrants regret moving to the U.S. if they’re faced with discrimination?
  23. What’s the average age of international students that are coming to the U.S.?
  24. Health of expatriates often worsens due to the nature of their jobs.
  25. Examples from history of people seeking education abroad.
Difference between to immigrate and to emigrate.

⚖️ Pros and Cons of Immigration: Essay Ideas

There are two sides to the immigration: positive and negative. Think about the economy, food, art, sociology, and politics. Decide what are the benefits and downsides of immigration. The following list of topic ideas on migration will help you with this task.

  1. International employees fill the gaps in the workforce.
  2. Foreigners bring a unique perspective that can benefit the host country.
  3. Some expatriates possess rare skills that can be useful.
  4. Cuisine of immigrants often becomes popular in the host country.
  5. International students add numbers to struggling institutions.
  6. Talented immigrants find themselves useful in a host country.
  7. Foreigners improve international trade and business.
  8. International employees are often enthusiastic about their job position.
  9. Foreigners have an unusual view on life.
  10. Immigration brings cultural diversity to the host country.
  11. Foreign presence pushes host countries towards ethnic inclusiveness.
  12. Immigrants are more willing to take less prestigious jobs.
  13. People from abroad bring their mentality everywhere they go.
  14. Children of immigrants can have better opportunities in life.
  15. The money earned by foreigners in the host country is spent in their home countries.
  16. Immigration is a channel for the drug industry.
  17. Immigration gives hope for a brighter future.
  18. In some cases, aliens take job opportunities from the locals.
  19. Immigrants tend to increase the crime rate of the hosting country.
  20. Home countries of immigrants suffer from “brain drain.”
  21. Foreigners are subject to racial intolerance.
  22. Immigration causes overcrowding.
  23. The language barrier creates social complications.
  24. Immigration takes away the attention of the government.
  25. Resident aliens might suffer from strained relationships with locals.

We hope this article helped you to choose the topic for your essay. In conclusion, we want to wish you good luck with your assignment!

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