120+ Micro- & Macroeconomics Research Topics

It would be great if economics in college would just teach you how to save and make money. In reality, however, students usually write research papers on micro- and macroeconomics topics to learn about the production and consumption of goods on an international level.

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Custom-writing.org experts have prepared the absolute best examples of economics research topics! Moreover, our list includes narrowed types of areas to write about, such as microeconomics and macroeconomics research topics.

🔝 Top 10 Macroeconomics Research Topics

  1. Types of balance of trade
  2. Functions of monetary policy
  3. Recession vs. depression
  4. Classical vs. neoclassical economics
  5. Effects of deflation on the economy
  6. How do banks impact developing economies?
  7. Is aggregate demand different from demand?
  8. The impact of cryptocurrency on the economy
  9. Who benefits from trickle-down economics?
  10. Link between rising inflation and government expenditure

🔛 Economics Research Areas

Just like any other field, economics includes many areas. If you prefer working with qualitative research, then the microeconomic theory is for you. It is all about studying the actions of specific companies regarding the resources. Moreover, you can work with its branches such as general equilibrium theory and decision theory.

Then, applied microeconomics tests the theories we mentioned above! You would need to use a lot of data and specific methods to work on it.

Macroeconomics studies the behavior of all the economies as one whole organism. It takes wages, taxes, trade, and unemployment into consideration.

Econometrics is for the lovers of quantitative research. Basically, it uses statistical tools to work on real-life cases. It also includes applied research methods of economics.

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Also, let’s not forget that finance is considered a part of the economics field too. Simply put, it is an art of money. It deals with the flows of capital through the whole world and analyzes how it happens.

Economics Research Areas.

All those subcategories are included in the list of research topics for economics students we prepared! It seems l almost endless because we tried to cover every and each subcategory of economics so that you would have this variety of choices.

So enough of talking, check out the list of research topics for economics students yourself!

💰 116 Economics Research Paper Topics & Ideas

  1. Economic incentives for environmental protection and sustainable resource use
  2. Natural resource management: a case study of the US
  3. The quality of living: the biggest economic challenges of the past decade
  4. Why do the wages grow so slowly compared to productivity?
  5. Does having a college education mean higher wages?
  6. What are the major root causes of wage stagnation?
  7. The ways unions protect employees’ rights and wages
Construction team working.
  1. How do changing monetary policies influence the workers’ living standards?
  2. Globalization: the benefits of the excellent trade agreement for workers
  3. The most effective methods of controlling currency manipulations
  4. How do different countries regulate unpaid overtime?
  5. In what ways the current retirement program is unfair?
  6. Public opinion matters: suggestions to improve social security in the US
  7. Great Recession and its effect on unemployment rates nowadays
  8. The failing of the housing sector as an economy’s issue
  9. How to secure workers’ benefits and protect the environment at the same time?
  10. The issue of ethnic minorities as workers in the US economy
  11. Income inequality and its correlation with the minimum wage
  12. How does the minimum wage affect the economy: a case study?
  13. What are the main differences between underemployment and unemployment?
  14. Studying the effect of long-term unemployment on the economy
  15. Great Recession: still fighting off the poverty
  16. Pros and cons of the immigrant workers for the US economy
  17. What would be the effects of free health insurance: a case study
  18. The sustainable economy in the future: managerial approaches
  19. The concept of perfect competition: theory & practice
  20. The effect of economic inequality on the learning outcome of students
Economics is the branch of knowledge concerned.
  1. What is the connection between the living standards and financial situation?
  2. Renewable energy and economic growth: the future of our world
  3. Federal budget as a tool: a case study
  4. What are the economic tools to study the benefits of alternative actions considering environmental issues?
  5. What are the effects of the economy on the social aspects of the US?
  6. Economic stakeholders and their role in change-making
  7. What are the responsibilities of the president in the field of the economy?
  8. The role of macroeconomic policies in microeconomics: a qualitative research
  9. How to determine a growing economy: a case study?
  10. The correlation between technological development and economic growth
  11. How does the transparency of elections contribute to the economy?
  12. The relationship between the economy and religion
  13. Baby steps towards a better economy: a case study of an African country
  14. How much is governance influenced by the current state of the economy?
  15. The image of the perfect life during economic stability: reality or utopia?
  16. The transaction cost and make-or-buy decision explained
  17. Can we fight unemployment by improving the education system?
  18. The economic changes brought by immigrants in the US
  19. Does gambling help the economy or not?
  20. The critical role of foreign investments for the economy: a case study
  21. Forensic economics as the guard of the country’s well-being
Mark Bittman quote.
  1. It’s just paper: is there really more money in the world that we need? 
  2. The developing energy markets: is it better to invest there? 
  3. Studying cultural heritage and its relationship with the economy 
  4. What are the benefits of the circular economy and how to implement it? 
  5. How well does the unity of the currency work: the EU economy? 
  6. Market growths correlation with consumerism 
  7. The most effective methods of the profit maximization 
  8. How do trade restrictions influence the local markets? 
  9. Improving agriculture to build a stable economy 
  10. Consumers’ behavior in the US and elasticity of demand  
  11. Why should we be moving towards imperfect competition rather than the perfect one? 
  12. What if all the consumers start buying only local products? 
  13. The development of the economic methodology over the past two decades 

💰 Conclusion

Starting your research work has never been easier! If you already looked through all the topics, titles, and questions, you only need to pick the one you liked the most and start writing your paper.

Even if you don’t feel like the topic is for your essay, feel free to personalize it. You can narrow it down or make it a case study and apply it to the chosen location.

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To give you a little bit more support on your writing journey, we created more useful materials on how to make your research successful. For instance, after choosing a topic, your next steps are described in detail in this article.

Good luck, and plan your time wisely!

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