Just when you think you’re way past the question “How to write an essay?” another one comes. That’s the thing students desperately Google: “What is an informative speech?” – and, believe the custom writing experts, this is something you’ll definitely need some professional help in.

Informative speaking is a speech on a completely new issue. Tell your audience something they never knew!

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is informative speaking?,” it’s time to check out a great informative essay topics list – review the modern concerns and issues to deal with!

And remember to check your speech draft for vocabulary and grammar mistakes.

1.  👨‍⚕️  A List of Informative Speech Topics: Healthcare and Medicine

First of all, consider informative essay topic ideas on health – it’s the hottest ticket this season!

  1. The variety of healthy lifestyle choices: it is time to take care of yourself
  2. The connection between health and happiness: playing the “glad” game
  3. Modern health care: new issues, approaches, and technologies
  4. Healthy eating vs. eating disorders: what causes anorexia and bulimia and how to fight both
  5. Healthy habits and how to acquire them: be careful what you eat
  6. Healthy child development: new trends and theories
  7. Germs: health risks related to the lack of hygiene. Discuss the most common adverse outcomes of the lacking sanitation and what disorders it can cause.
  8. Natural remedies for cold and cough: safe for adults and children. Focus on common treatments used to treat cold: honey, herbal tea, chicken soup, etc.
  9. Birth control: types of emergency contraception. Talk about various forms of emergency contraception and its influence on the reproductive system.
  10. Practice daily kindness to improve your psychological well-being: develop a grateful approach toward others. Elaborate how gratefulness and acceptance build compassion and enhance our perception of the world.

Mother Teresa quote

  1. Dehydration: a simple speech about the role of water in our lives. The speech will help the audience understand why fresh water is crucial for our health and emphasize the importance of being always hydrated.
  2. Older adults and depression: symptoms, risks, and prevention. Discuss what symptoms (e.g., mood swings, irritation) indicate a potential depression and how they can be handled (through conversations, counseling, etc.).
  3. Chronic neck and back pain: what actions should be taken and when you need to see your doctor. Consider using your speech to present different types of neck and back pain and prove that prolonged pain almost always requires professional treatment.
  4. Informative speaking about heatstroke: first aid, potential risks, and outcomes. Elaborate why heatstrokes are dangerous and how they can affect movement and coordination if untreated.

Hold on – there’s a bunch of other topics for informative essay ahead!

2.  👩‍🏫  A List of Informative Speech Topics: Teaching and Education Issues

In case you’re looking for a couple of informative topics for a presentation on an educational issue, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Education in America vs. education in Europe: differences and similarities
  2. What makes education important: the praise of literacy
  3. Education and unemployment: the reasonability of studying
  4. The difference between education and personality development
  5. Technological advances in promoting a better quality of education
  6. Current issues in education and the means to solve them
  7. Education for groups of ESL speakers: challenges and solutions
  8. Education and poverty: how poverty influences children’s health, performance, and social skills. Using the examples of poor districts and communities, discuss the performance and mental illness of students from these areas.
  9. Inclusive education: current breakthroughs and challenges. Elaborate how new inclusion techniques that help the student to integrate into the classroom are implemented, using the examples of the USA and Canada.
  10. Project-based learning to improve student’s grades and efforts. Focus your speech on classroom projects and their ability to enhance social skills of students.
  11. Common Core standards: a 5-minute speech about goals and objectives. Provide a short lecture about the most known CC standards and how local teachers achieve the goals presented there.
The Common Core State Standards Initiative
Source: Corestandards.org
  1. Humorous education: how a good sense of humor can affect the learning environment. Using the examples from professional literature, make a short presentation about teachers who base their instructions and lessons on jokes and wit.
  2. We are all different, but equal: diversity in education. Explain how students from different ethnic backgrounds affect others’ perception of their culture and what teachers can do to help them.
  3. Online learning: a science topic about web-based education. Talk about online testing and the gamification of the learning experience.
  4. Testing is not scary: standard and creative assessment methods for your class. Explain how testing should be modified to improve student’s performance and self-perception.

With these informative presentation topics, you’ll always be on top!

3.  💃  A List of Informative Speech Topics: In the Rhythm of Waltz

Among the most popular informative speaking topics, the ones concerning music must be really exciting. So why don’t you try some of these ideas:

  1. Musical instruments and character peculiarities: the melancholic prefer violins
  2. The role of music in society: a means to spur creativity or calm people down?
  3. Music therapy and its effects: another panacea for humankind
  4. Music as a mixture of art and industry: 21st century pop culture
  5. Musical theater as the most unforgettable experience: something you never knew
  6. The most notable person in music history: changing the world in a moment
  7. Tendencies in musical genre development in the 21st century
  8. Musical expression: definition and the modern interpretation
  9. Babies and music: informative speech about the influence of music on psychological response of infants. Center you discourse around the use of classical and modern music during pregnancy.
  10. Everybody hurts: how listening to sad music can enhance mood. Present different examples from the media that illustrate why sad music is helpful to our well-being.
  11. A persuasive speech about music, musicians, and brain plasticity. Use recent research on brain plasticity to discuss why early musical training can be beneficial.
  12. Music is not entertainment but a tool for empowerment. Discuss how punk and other genres became tools of self-expression for marginalized groups.
Punks age are 19 years old and under
Source: NYmag.com
  1. Prolonged exposure to music via earphones can cause tinnitus and other adverse effects: a speech topic for students. Using various examples, explain how earphones affect hearing acuity in adolescents and adults.
  2. Getting scientific: what EEG tells us about our brains during music listening. Explain what EEG is and present research that uses it to study human perception of music.
  3. Music for stroke or brain trauma rehabilitation. With the help of media and research, illustrate how music used in patients undergoing recovery after stroke.
  4. Classics, pop, and metal: how different types of music affect our mood. Elaborate whether the stereotype about “angry metalheads” is true; don’t forget to discuss pop as a “girly genre” as well.

4.  🌊  A List of Informative Speech Topics: What Makes Your Mouth Water

In case you’re looking for essay topics and ideas concerning nutrition, there’s plenty of wonderful speeches for you to choose:

  1. The most exotic food ever: a snapshot of world culture
  2. Food additives, their effects, and threats: be careful what you eat
  3. Food chains: mechanisms, efficiency, and revenue
  4. Providing food security: learning what meals consist of
  5. Food habits in different countries: learning the peculiarities of etiquette
  6. Food and nutrition: differences and similarities
  7. Food resources in impoverished countries: solving the problem
  8. Steak vs. Salad: how we should reach balance in the daily food intake. Discuss the pros and cons of vegetarian dieting or too frequent consumption of meat.
  9. Junk food: persuasive speech about advantages, risks, and relation to obesity. Talk about the influence of junk food, soda drinks, and sweets on the epidemic of obesity in the USA.
  10. How corporations shape our food preferences. Explain why branding and marketing are important for shaping our perception of food as “quality”.
  11. Undereating and overeating: how children and adults acquire eating disorders and what needs to be done to overcome them. Using research, discuss the prevalence of bulimia and anorexia in different demographic groups.
Dying by eating disorder fact
Source: Eatingdisordercoalition.org
  1. Cereals and soda: our favorite food can directly contribute to unstoppable obesity epidemic. In this speech, you can focus on the current obesity epidemic in the USA and explain how junk food affects our food preferences and health.
  2. Mediterranean diet: an easy speech topic focusing on its advantages and disadvantages. Prepare a short speech topic about the Mediterranean diet, its history, and research.
  3. Going green: how climate change affects food supply and global hunger. During this speech, you should talk to your audience about food shortages and famine caused by natural disasters.
  4. Food allergies: types, causes, and actions to prevent adverse effects. Indicate different types of food allergies and outline their outcomes on individual health.

Follow these informative writing prompts, and you’ll create incredible essay writing topics!

5.  📃  A List of Informative Speech Topics: Essay and Thesis Samples

When writing an essay, you’ll need a thesis– it’s one of the most important elements, so take a glance at the thesis statement examples below:

Thesis Statement #1

Because of the increasing impact that the R&B and Indie genres have on the audience, it can be suggested that the main tendency of 21st century music is going to be a cross between the two.

Thesis Statement #2

Despite the abundance of information concerning the threat of environmental pollution, it is not pollution but a lack of resources that is likely to threaten humankind.

Finally, check out this excerpt — one of the best informative essay examples you can ever come across!

[…] In the 21st century, there is hardly a single sci-fi idea that has not been turned into reality yet. Even the craziest idea ever, the concept of invisibility, was finally put into practice. However, despite the numerous achievements of humankind, the ability to turn people or things transparent is yet a dream. However, with the help of recent developments, the dream is likely to turn into reality in the near future.

The first issue that needs clarifying is the difference between invisibility and transparency. […]

Congratulations – now you’re ready to write the informative speech of your dreams!

6.  🗣️  How to Choose an Informative Speech Topic

Have to present a speech in front of a live audience and find it too challenging? Have no idea how to choose the topic for your informative presentation? Are you looking for interesting and informative speech presentation ideas to impress your audience?

Seven effective methods to open a speech

Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Think of what topic would be interesting to your target audience. When you are trying to find a topic for an informative speech, think of yourself as a teacher who will instruct the audience about something they don’t know. The informative speech topic should be new and relevant to your audience. In this way, you can be sure that your audience will listen carefully and learn from the information you deliver.
  2. Choose an informative speech topic you are interested in. It should be something you really care about so that you can convey your enthusiasm to your audience.
  3. A good idea is to choose a topic that you know a lot about. You will not have to do much research, and the informative speech writing process will be much easier.
  4. But the best choice of all? Select a topic that is totally new to you! You will need to read and research a lot to gather the necessary information, but you’ll learn a lot from the process.
  5. You will probably be given a small amount of time to deliver your speech, so avoid topics that are too complex. You will not have enough time to tackle all the relevant issues if your topic is too broad.

The Ocean Poet Barron Piligrim

  1. After selecting your topic, brainstorm the subject of your informative speech presentation to be sure you know enough to deliver an impressive speech.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of material available for you to research. If there is not enough information on your topic, choose another one.
  3. Keep in mind the three P’s of success in informative speaking: perseverance, preparation, and practice.
  4. Another good P? Have a positive attitude when you’re delivering your speech!
  5. Some topics always provide good material for informative speaking, like history, medicine, health, education, law, and science.
  6. Get help from the internet. You can find many lists of interesting, informative speech topics on the web.

If you still feel that you lack the necessary skills to write a perfect informative essay, look for professional writing help online.

This might be interesting for you:

✏️  Informative Speech Topics FAQ

To pick an appropriate speech topic, decide on the type of your speech first. The subject depends on whether it is a persuasive, informative, inspiring speech, etc. A good topic would correspond to the aim of the presentation. Moreover, it should fascinate you personally.
An informative speech aims to present some facts and do it understandably and excitingly. It might tell about a place, a person, sometimes even about yourself. To make sure that you have a coherent and structured speech, start with an outline.
A great Introduction is key to catch your listeners’ attention. Make sure to start off your presentation in a positive and upbeat manner. The best way to grab attention might be to begin with a (rhetoric) question. Another right way is a joke or an anecdote.
Your informative speech should be exciting to listen to. Naturally, it would be annoying to listen to something too specific and technical, which your audience is not acquainted with. So the best way to find an interesting topic is to think about the interests of your potential audience.

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