209 Sports Topics: Argumentative Essay & Persuasive Speech Ideas

Persuasive speech is the art of convincing the audience to understand and trust your opinion. Are you ready to persuade someone in your view? Our list of sports persuasive speech topics will help you find a position to take and defend. If you need more options quick, apart from contents of this article, try a speech topic generator for school.

Argumentative essays, on the contrary, dwell upon two possible opinions. You can make them balanced or defend one, contradicting the other. If you are unsure which perspective you should adhere to, sports argumentative essay topics are here for you.

Choose one of the following informative sports topics to develop your viewpoint. Plus, you can contact Custom-writing.org experts if you need any help with this or any other assignment.

🔝 Top 10 Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Athletes are overpaid.
  2. Sport bets are not ethical.
  3. Cheerleading is not a sport.
  4. Extreme sports should be banned.
  5. Colleges spend too much money on sports.
  1. Olympic Games are not relevant anymore.
  2. Women sports need to be promoted better.
  3. Cybersport is as important as other sports.
  4. Men coaches shouldn’t work with women athletes.
  5. Children shouldn’t be allowed in competitions.

🏈 Great Persuasive Football Topics

When we say football, we mean American football. If you need soccer debate topics, then keep on scrolling! The football speech topics are controversial, so some research may be required to succeed.

  1. Football is too violent to be played by children. Should we forbid underage children to play it? Or could we make a “lighter” version for them? Can we say that it teaches kids to show aggression?
  2. In certain parts of the US (Texas and some others), football appears to be a religion. Do you agree with this statement? Does it relate anyhow to the theory of the exceptionalism of the US?
  3. Does football culture praise self-sacrifice for the benefit of the team and playing despite severe pain? Do you think it gives the game the essence of unity and involvement? Can the spectators feel empathy with individual players, or are they concerned with the outcome more?
  4. Are non-contact variants of American football played only by amateurs? Discuss touch football and flag football (or Canadian football). Are these games less fascinating? Should schools adopt them to prevent injuries of children?
  5. Is racism still present in football? Is there a grain of truth in the statement that football players are mostly black while spectators are mainly white? If no, argument your opinion. If yes, how could it be changed for more equality?
  6. Concussion rules in the NFL: do they spoil the game?
  7. What should be done about offensive team names in football?
  8. Deflategate: what does the US judicial system have to do with sports matters?
  1. Should players’ jerseys display ads?
  2. Is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback of our era?
  3. Would making a safer helmet encourage the teams to use more violence during the game?
  4. Do you think that real American football can only be played in America?
  5. If tackling in football was forbidden, the game would lose its interest for spectators.
  6. Playing football by children under 14 years old can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other health problems.
  7. Does football popularity suffer because of “nomadic” players who regularly change their teams, depending on who pays more?
  8. When should you start playing football if you would like to become a professional player?
  9. Is it a frustrating experience for students that some schools discontinue their football programs?
  10. Should young athletes get paid for winning a football competition between schools?
  11. Why does the NFL decide in which team a former school player is going to act, and is that fair?
  12. Does dedication to football make childhood less fun?
  13. College football competitions have enormous charitable potential, yet unexplored.
  14. How could football players keep up with practice during the lockdown?
  15. What personality features matter in professional football?
  16. Does football promote mannish aggression?
  17. Is the methodology of the Bowl Championship Series subjective and unfair?
  18. Are college football playoffs better than BCS?
  19. Could women be allowed to play for the NFL?
  20. Is there any difference between football and rugby?
  21. Is Thanksgiving football the best family-building tradition?
  22. A team can play only 16 games in the NFL regular season, and it only stirs up interest.

⚽ Best Soccer Persuasive Speech Topics

The game of soccer offers some good topics for motivational sporting speeches. Just see for yourself:

  1. Goal-line technology and some other innovations have added fairness to soccer. Which state-of-art technologies could make the game even more spectacular? Or do you support the conservative approach? Is the human eye enough to control the results?
  2. Is it reasonable to hire players from other countries to national teams? Previously, the national team consisted of players from the specific area. But now the word “local” is just nominal. More than often, national teams consist of multinational players.
  3. Soccer matches can raise violent confrontation among the spectators. What are the possible measures to avoid aggression and vandalism? Does it depend on the host country?
  4. Why is women’s soccer less popular than its male variant? Women tend to play more gentle, is it the cause? Are there more male spectators who prefer watching men playing soccer?
  5. Is the short career of a soccer player worth the long years of training? Typically, players’ careers last for 15 years. After that, they can work as coaches or fulfill their potential in another activity. Is it enough to be satisfied with one’s life?
  6. Bayern Munich is only a good team because of its excessive funding: the issue of financing in soccer.
  7. FIFA is too corrupt to function and should undergo a major overhaul.
  8. Association football is experiencing a match-fixing crisis.
  9. World Cups produce devastating effects on the countries that host them.
  10. The World Cup bidding process is flawed and encourages human rights violations.
  11. Who is the greatest legend of football: Ronaldo or Messi?
  12. Does soccer need instant replay?
  13. The US population is concerned with soccer during the World Cup only.
  14. Can two good teams have a boring game?
  15. Usually, the same teams win the cup, with minor variations. Is it their merit or a tradition?
  16. Are soccer players’ salaries unreasonably high?
  17. Normally, the same teams win the cup, with minor variations. Is it their merit or a tradition?
  18. Why do soccer games last only 90 minutes?
  19. Should we refuse from extra time, and why?
  20. Goalposts are too thin and should be made thicker. How would it influence the game?
  21. Clubs that buy famous players are criticized. Should they develop their young players instead?
  22. How will technologies transform soccer in the next decades?
  23. The visibility of soccer in America depends on the success of the US team.
  24. Does soccer require more stamina than coordination?
  25. What is the best soccer player of all time?
  26. Does a local club preserve its local specifics if the majority of its players proceed from other countries?
  27. Clubs are increasingly more concerned with selling their players than with earning by vivid performance.
  28. Why do many secondary players become prominent coaches, but only a few famous players become good coaches?
  29. How do natives of African countries become rich and famous soccer players, if their homeland has poor soccer infrastructure?
  30. Is the contemporary FIFA rating methodology fair?

🏀 Basketball Persuasive Speech Topics

As the world’s third most popular sport, basketball naturally draws a lot of attention. Which basketball-related questions can you discuss in a speech on sports?

  1. Do we need to raise the basketball rim? In the last century, basketball players have become considerably higher than their predecessors. Would this change favor the game? Or would basketball grow less impressive?
  2. Should complicated goals earn more points? Free throw across the field requires much skill, and it should be rewarded. Thus the written rules would become more complicated, and games would become more interesting for the public.
  3. Current NBA games are more gentle than they used to be a decade ago. Do you agree with the statement? Would today’s legends succeed in the basketball championships of the past?
  4. Think of the psychology of competing in the NBA for many years, yet never gaining any ring. Does it discourage the players? Famous players keep on earning goals while their less prominent teammates are lagging. What could be done for their motivation?
  5. Why is personal contact forbidden in basketball? If it did not constitute a personal foul, like in American football, how would the game be transformed? Would the players require to wear helmets and other protection?
  6. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time.
  7. The NBA should implement a stricter dress code.
  8. Beyond football: the issue of Native American mascots in basketball.
  9. Should NBA teams be allowed to relocate at will?
  10. What is an acceptable age range for basketball players?
  11. Was Michael Olowokandi the most unsuccessful NBA player?
  12. Michael Jordan was the idol of the 90’s, leaving many other top players without proper attention.
  13. Why did Kevin Durant leave the Oklahoma City Thunder?
  14. Is it a good idea to conduct a second championship among the teams that failed the league?
  15. Who was the most infamous draft bust ever?
  16. Is it possible to make mixed basketball teams of men and women in equal proportion?
  17. How do advanced metrics help the teams to develop their playing strategies?
  18. Are basketball championships a legitimate way to measure the players’ proficiency?
  19. Is basketball the most “athletic” kind of sport?
  20. Does the draft lottery in the NFL make the championship less competitive?
  21. Should college basketball players be paid?
  22. What was the most prominent NBA team ever?
  23. What is the difference between the playing methods of Michael Jordan and LeBron?
  24. Why did the NBA become the most famous league?
  25. Why do basketball rules differ in the US and Europe?
  26. How does the 24-second clock impact the game?
  27. What makes a good basketball player: height, speed, or tactics?
  28. Why is it forbidden to pick up a ball thrown out of play?
  29. What are the common and different features between basketball and streetball?
  30. Why shouldn’t you pick up a dead ball to renew the attack?

⚾ Sports Topics on Baseball

Is baseball your favorite sport? Then research it in more detail by using some of these great ideas of baseball speech topics:

  1. Is designated hitter rule useless? Does it help the weak fielders and players with past injuries to keep up the career? If all players become hitters from time to time, would the outcome get worse for the team?
  2. Can we say that individual baseball players are inherently talented? Imagine that teams are made of players depending on their success, rather than their nationality. For every goal, a player receives a personal point. After gaining enough points, they go to a better team. Would it add more competitiveness to baseball?
  3. What if the best college team be preserved for playing in MLB? In-team relationships and mutual understanding are essential for success. After college, players go to different teams. How does it impact their career?
  4. The most complicated thing to do in all kinds of sports is undoubtedly hitting a baseball. It requires precision and strength. Are these two skills hardly compatible?
  5. Why are steroids one of the most controversial sports topics in baseball? Barry Bonds should have been at the top of the Hall of Fame, but steroid use impeded him. Still, he is a perfect player and deserves such merit. What other debatable examples do you know?
  6. In pitching, control is less critical than command.
  7. The RBI (runs batted in) statistic should not be given so much weight because it is meaningless.
  8. Instant replays should be used in baseball.
  9. Should Major League Baseball implement a salary cap instead of a luxury tax?
  10. Should the designated hitter rule be eliminated?
  11. Does the voting for the Hall of Fame need a reformation?
  12. Will Major League Baseball ever accept steroid use for the Hall of Fame?
  13. When a team wins a baseball championship, it is more about luck than we would like to think.
  14. How did the extended playoff system worsen the game?
  15. Is the 90 feet distance fair, or should it be decreased?
  16. Is it easier to win as a defense team?
  17. Does an excellent offensive system require a better run or a secure pass?
  18. Pitching grants more success in playoffs than hitting.
  19. Why is it dangerous to throw a curveball?
  20. Is it correct to use Wiffle ball for training purposes?
  21. What is the most breathtaking baseball movie?
  22. Which hitter is the best in MLB?
  23. Why is spring training so necessary in baseball, while other kinds of sport have no such widespread practice?
  24. Spring training was canceled because of the 2020 pandemic. What will be the effect?
  25. Does fantasy baseball have something in common with sports?
  26. Should baseball players be trained as universal players, so that they could replace any team member?
  27. Which baseball record will never be surpassed?
  28. Would you choose the best player in the draft, regardless of age, or opt for a college youth?
  29. Would Derek Jeter be a famous baseball player if he wasn’t a shortstop?
  30. Baseball is all about the rivalry between the pitcher and the hitter.

🏒 Hockey Sports Topics

  1. Was Wayne Gretzky the best hockey player of all time?
  2. Does video goal judge make the game fairer, or should debatable goals be dismissed?
  3. In hockey, penalties are easier to score than in soccer.
  4. Think of the drawbacks of playing hockey for a living.
  5. Hockey is the kind of sport that causes the most severe injuries.
  6. What are the most valuable skills and personal traits for a hockey player?
  7. Penalties make the game more exciting. But Is it fair to decide if a team won based on a penalty score?
  8. Players should be severely punished for fights during hockey games.
  9. What makes the outcome of a hockey game?
  10. Would a prominent ice hockey player be a good field hockey player?
  11. What is the most controversial rule in hockey?
  12. If a goaltender violates the rules, another team member is punished. Why is it different from soccer where the goalkeeper is replaced?
  13. Why are the Canadians more concerned with defeating the US than any other national team of the world?
  14. Why are multi-year contracts with players a detrimental practice for a club?
  15. Will the human factor of referees ever be eliminated?
  16. Does NHL need expansion to more teams?
  17. Are 4 on 4 playoffs an excellent way to know the winner?
  18. Hockey has the highest risk of injuries among all kinds of sports.
  19. Hockey is a full-contact sport. Is this the reason for frequent fights, despite that they are prohibited?
  20. Why do women in Canada prefer ringette to ice hockey?

✨ Sports Debate Topics

  1. College athletes can be smart—don’t fall prey to stereotypes.
  2. Student athletes drink Red Bull to get wings, but get health problems instead.
  3. Cheerleading is a sport and should be regarded as such.
  4. Colleges waste too much money on sports programs.
  5. Students should receive money for playing sports.
  6. Animal sports (bullfighting, horse racing, etc.) should be banned.
  7. Hunting in all forms should be prohibited by law.
  8. Extreme activities for entertainment should be banned.
  9. Tobacco and alcohol ads during TV sports events should be outlawed.
  10. All forms of betting on sporting events should be prohibited.

🏟️ General Sports Topics to Talk about

  1. Sports is the best stress reliever and reducer of obesity.
  2. Should athletes be regarded as role models for children?
  3. Instead of being prohibited, the use of steroids should be legalized and monetized.
  4. Should sports fans be somehow censored?
  5. Press conferences should be made mandatory for athletes.
  6. Are gloves helpful for fighting? Hockey players take them off, but boxers put them on.
  7. Every tennis tournament should give a separate award for the loudest player.
  8. Sports management: a more lucrative degree than business administration.
  9. We should have a separate radio station for sports chants so we can always listen to them.

🤼 Controversial Sports Topics

  1. Cybersport: can experienced gamers be considered professional athletes? The speech can revolve around most prominent examples of cyber-sportsmen and their lives.
  2. Should athletes use sports as a platform to promote their political views? Consider focusing on the ethical side of the problem.
  3. The influence of sports on the development of eating disorders in female athletes. In this speech, you can present multiple examples of anorexia and bulimia in female athletes and discuss how disorders affect their lives.
  4. Should gambling be legalized as professional sports across all states? Discuss the legalization of gambling in some countries and elaborate whether other states could use this experience.

🏅 Other Sports Topics

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Coaching

  1. Not all great sportsmen can become good coaches.
  2. All’s fair in love and war, but not in sports. Coaches must care for athletes’ health.
  3. Athletes’ inborn talents are more important than the skills of their coaches.
  4. Even good coaches can lose their self-control.
  5. Women coaches should work with women athletes.

Sports Topics to Talk About: Women’s Rights

  1. Bodybuilding is inappropriate for women.
  2. Women’s boxing is less popular than men’s boxing because of stereotypes.
  3. Female tennis players can compete in the men’s league.
  4. Female and male athletes should not get equal salaries in the same sports.
  5. Women athletes are more likely to have injuries than men.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Mind Sports

  1. The first move advantage in chess can help only a good player.
  2. Chess is not a waste of time and intelligence.
  3. Poker players should be allowed to wear headphones during live events.
  4. Chess is not a sport.
  5. The winners of the World Memory Championships should work in international councils.

Sports Topics: Importance of Games

  1. Benefits that daily exercise and sports bring to adolescents with physical or emotional challenges. Discuss how different types of activity (fitness, swimming, running, etc.) influence adolescents’ mood.
  2. How does sport affect human cognitive skills and can it prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s? Focus on some examples from research to prove your point and create a unique speech topic
  3. Regular exercises at a GYM do not only improve one’s health but also positively influence social skills. You might want to present examples from personal life and research, as well as focus on a life of sports stars.
  4. Games can improve children’s fine and gross motor skills. In your speech about this topic, you should focus on typical games used in kindergarten and primary school (for example, sketching and coloring).
  5. Sports and games can become great tools for creating and sustaining strong community ties. During the speech, you can discuss how communities are improved by local championships conducted annually.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Injuries

  1. Increased risk of traumas in young athletes whose bodies are still developing. Talk about prevention methods that coaches and parents can learn and use.
  2. How can a professional athlete prevent most common sports injuries? Review the most common ways of prevention that discussed in media and research.
  3. Psychological issues such as depression and anxiety can increase the risk of getting injured during exercise. The speech can include both personal and professional opinions.
  4. Both men and women need psychological rehabilitation after an injury. To prove it, use recent research on mental illnesses in professional athletes.
  5. Traumas in young athletes can lead to severe long-term outcomes. In this speech, you can focus on the influence of sports on adolescents’ skeletal development.
  6. Sports injuries can negatively impact stress management of athletes. This discussion can revolve around stress management strategies that athletes use in their professional and personal life.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Student Life

  1. Are sports admission essays necessary? Elaborate how and why such admission essays demonstrate student’s awareness of the topic.
  2. Colleges should support the integration of less popular sports such as swimming, fencing, handball, etc. You can engage your classmates in a heated discussion about the pros and cons of less popular sports disciplines.
  3. Sports can positively affect student’s self-perception and confidence. This speech should base on recent research, as well as independently conducted surveys (if possible)
  4. Sports can lead to underperformance in class. Discuss the stereotype that college athletes are less successful in studying than their peers.
  5. High school sports fans and their perceptions of alcohol and drug use. Use recent examples from media that illustrate how drugs and alcohol affect fans and colleges in general.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Health

  1. Overtraining syndrome should not be overlooked in professional athletes. Elaborate how perfectionism negatively affects professionals.
  2. Fitness can help individuals with mental illnesses improve their psychological well-being. Use examples from research to indicate how fitness regulates mood swings and reduces anxiety.
  3. Green exercise and environment as essential aspects of healthy training. The speech needs to focus on the new trend of green activity and the importance of environment and nature for effective exercise.
  4. Sports is not about competitiveness; it is about participation and cooperation. Talk about cooperative games and their impact on social ties of individuals.
  5. Changes in lifestyle can prevent the development of physical and psychological diseases. Present examples of exercise used for the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes type II, obesity, etc.

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