Top 100 Research Topics & Titles about Food & TVL

When you look for a good research paper topic, you can easily become the severest critic of any proposed idea. Some topics do not interest you at the very least, while others might shock your teachers. Where is the golden mean?

Check out this list of top 100 research paper questions and you will definitely find among them a captivating and inspiring idea for you. And remember to ask your friends to review your paper or proofread it by Grammarly.

⚒️ Practical Topics for TVL Students

If you think that going to college is a waste of time, then you’re in the right place! Here you can start your TVL journey without any effort!

TVL is a technical-vocational livelihood. Here, you can find the best quantitative research topics for TVL students possible. With the help of the TVL track, you can start working and earning just after graduating high school. Let’s see how it is possible.

For example, most students finishing college don’t even know how to apply all the knowledge they gained over three to five years of studying. Some of them don’t also remember topics for practical research papers they wrote…

It creates a problem of too many graduates without practical skills. It takes them years of unpaid internships to finally start meeting the employers’ requirements. Then (maybe) they can begin earning the minimum wage. Later on, they find themselves stuck on the job they don’t like, “waiting for something better.”

TVL stands.

But there is another option! And if you’re reading this, you decided to choose a TVL track! Dive deep and pick up a research topic about TVL strand to start your journey. It will provide you with real skills that are 100% relevant at all times! You can go for using a topic maker, too. Not a bad option.

Working on practical qualitative research topics for TVL students is the first step. You can find a list of interesting research titles about TVL strand below.

🍲 60 TVL Research Topics on Food & Design

  1. Dressmaking: the development of wedding dress models
  2. What are the most popular techniques of drafting in dressmaking?
  3. The most efficient pattern-making methods in dressmaking
  4. Fashion designers that changed the dressmaking forever
  5. Where do tailors and dressmakers seek for inspiration?
  6. How is computer modeling applied in the dressmaking process?
  7. The process of creating corsets that fit: a historical analysis
  8. The newest technologies in dressmaking: equipment you can’t miss
  9. The best methods of organizing working space to make dressmaking more efficient
  10. The development of the sewing machines up to modern times
  11. How does it fit and everything about sewing patterns?
  12. How have indie designers changed the fashion industry?
  13. The most common issues with the incorrectly chosen fabric
  14. The tricks to check the quality of the fabric and pick the best one
  15. Dressmaking as a creating culture: interviewing fashion designers
Eating people characters restaurant staff
  1. Aerodynamics issues: designing a perfect Formula One racing car
  2. Car engineering: how is mileage improved in hybrid cars?
  3. What are the safest types of airbags in cars?
  4. Creating a robot car: what technologies are used?
  5. How to optimize the solar car: overcoming limitations?
  6. Modern cars and the benefits of automatic transmission
  7. How would hypercars improve the transportation experience?
  8. Challenges autonomous cars need to overcome
  9. What is the role of car engineers during the creation of autonomous cars?
  10. Car engineering: the future of using cryogenic fuels in cars
  11. Hydraulic linkages in the concept of the hy-wire cars
  12. Fuel cell system issues in the hy-wire cars: analyzing hydrogen properties
  13. Can air-powered cars be a solution for a zero-pollution future?
  14. Car designing: the role of rearward bias and its connection to aerodynamics
  15. The development of steam cars: a historical analysis
  16. How can you make crops immune to diseases?
  17. Agriculture: the aspects that affect the health of crops
  18. How does temperature affect the irrigation levels?
  19. The role GMO in agriculture: a case study of the US fields
  20. Possible ways to apply artificial intelligence in agriculture
  21. How do farmers use apps to foresee pest infections?
  22. Why should farmers keep an eye on export and import details?
  23. The methods of defining your prices: tracking the crops ratios
  24. What are the latest improvements in the gestational crates?
  25. The US regulations regarding the chemicals and pesticides
  26. Why should farmers be informed about all the changes in the policies?
  27. The methods of managing and adjusting the livestock population
  28. Is it better to start an organic farm rather than a conventional plane farming?
  29. The size matters: the reasons why new generations prefer smaller farms
  30. Why has hemp become such a popular crop recently?
  31. Fitting crops to the region: saving water and increasing profits
  32. How can optimizing tillage reduce the water use for farmers?
  33. What are the benefits of indoor vertical farming?
  34. Can covered crops help with controlling weeds?
  35. Analyzing sustainability of the crops: soil conservation
  36. Cookery: the benefits of pea protein over whey protein
  37. Younger generation stops drinking: the future of alcohol
  38. The rise of fast-food breakfast: overviewing the trends
  39. The impact of Italian cuisine on American food culture
  40. Why has intermittent fasting become so popular recently?
  41. Charcuterie as a part of the daily diet: pros and cons
  42. The development of a ghost kitchen concept: a case study of the US
  43. Why is being a flexitarian better than vegetarian?
  44. Low-sugar vs. stevia: contrast and compare the dietary benefits
  45. Adaptogens in everyday food: how takeaway can reduce your stress levels?

🌳 Good Research Paper Topics Do Not Grow on Trees

Surely, it is easier to find a good research paper topic, than to think of one from scratch. However, it might not be that easy to find topics – truly good research questions do not grow on trees. So don’t miss this opportunity and choose your topic from these great ideas (or ask us for professional writing help-all you have to do is just send a message):

  1. Are cell phones bad for your health?
  2. Is homosexuality genetic?
  3. Advertising: information vs. manipulation.
  4. Should businesses be ethical?
  5. Is it possible to replace animal testing with other types of testing?
  6. How to throw away our “throw-away” lifestyles?
  7. Should developed countries help Africa?
  8. Who is to blame for the European debt crisis?
  9. Is the arms race over now?
  10. Is China a new superpower?
  11. Should students receive salaries during their studies?
  12. Can standard tests measure something meaningful, apart from students’ short-term memory?
  13. Does access to condoms in high schools encourage teen sex?
  14. Are social networks good or bad for teens?
  15. Does Internet need censorship?
  16. Is there a glass ceiling in today’s society?
  17. Should prostitutes have their own labor unions?
  18. Is it possible to eliminate the black market?
  19. What is the solution to the problem of human trafficking?
  20. Online banking: pros and cons.

⚡ Good Topics for Research Papers to Grab Everyone’s Attention

Do you want to grab everyone’s attention? Discover even more good research paper questions below:

  1. Are fast-food restaurants or fast food eaters to blame for obesity?
  2. Is food labeling effective in controlling one’s calorie intake?
  3. Should parents punish their children for disobedience?
  4. Should spanking be outlawed?
  5. Isn’t the gap year between high school and college a waste of time?
  6. Has the “American dream” changed over the last decades?
  7. Can religious beliefs justify terrorism?
  8. Do people need a single world religion?
  9. Can racial profiling be useful?
  10. Islamophobia after 9/11.
  11. Emotional difficulties and eating disorders.
  12. Ways to encourage organ donation.
  13. Should mothers of Siamese twins have an abortion?
  14. The problem of personal identity in twins.
  15. Does their parents’ divorce have long-term consequences for children?
  16. Gender roles or gender stereotypes: where is the line?
  17. Is too much competition harmful to students?
  18. Do men need protection against feminists?
  19. What should be done about noise pollution?
  20. Should people study body language?

Impress your teachers by using any of these fresh and truly good research project ideas. Writing good research papers does not need to be difficult. Now that you have a brilliant idea, you are halfway to your stunning success.

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