224 Research Topics on Technology & Computer Science

Are you new to the world of technology? Do you need topics related to technology to write about? No worries, Custom-writing.org experts are here to help! In this article, we offer you a multitude of creative and interesting technology topics from various research areas, including information technology and computer science. So, let’s start!

🔝 Top 10 Technology Topics

  1. The difference between VR and AR
  2. Is genetic engineering ethical?
  3. Can digital books replace print ones?
  4. The impact of virtual reality on education
  5. 5 major fields of robotics
  6. The risks and dangers of biometrics
  7. Nanotechnology in medicine
  8. Digital technology’s impact on globalization
  9. Is proprietary software less secure than open-source?
  10. The difference between deep learning and machine learning

👋 Introduction

Is it a good thing that technologies and computer science are developing so fast? No one knows for sure. There are too many different opinions, and some of them are quite radical! However, we know that technologies have changed our world once and forever. Computer science affects every single area of people’s lives.

Just think about Netflix. Can you imagine that 24 years ago it didn’t exist? How did people live without it? Well, in 2024, the entertainment field has gone so far that you can travel anywhere while sitting in your room. All you would have to do is just order a VR (virtual reality) headset. Moreover, personal computers give an unlimited flow of information, which has changed the entire education system.

Every day, technologies become smarter and smaller. A smartphone in your pocket may be as powerful as your laptop. No doubt, the development of computer science builds our future. It is hard to count how many research areas in technologies and computer science are there. But it is not hard to name the most important of them.

Artificial intelligence tops the charts, of course. However, engineering and biotechnology are not far behind. Communications and media are developing super fast as well. The research is also done in areas that make our lives better and more comfortable. The list of them includes transport, food and energy, medical, and pharmaceutical areas.

So check out our list of 204 most relevant computer science research topics below. Maybe one of them will inspire you to do revolutionary research!

💾 Top 10 Computer Science Research Topics

💽3 branches of computation theory.
🤖Imperative programming: pros and cons.
🌐Main goals of artificial neural networks.
💡Applied computing vs. computer science
📁Why is functional programming popular?
🔐Disadvantages of asymmetric encryption.
🆚Difference between coding and programming.
🎨Is computer graphics an enabling technology?
🔗Can ecommerce benefit from hybrid blockchain?
💬The communication between robots and humans.

💡 Technologies & Computer Science: Research Ideas

⚙ Artificial Intelligence

Many people probably picture robots from the movie “I, Robot” when they hear about artificial intelligence. However, it is far from the truth.

AI is meant to be as close to a rational way of thinking as possible. It uses binary logic (just like computers) to help solve problems in many areas. Applied AI is only aimed at one task. A generalized AI branch is looking into a human-like machine that can learn to do anything.

Applied AI already helps researchers in quantum physics and medicine. You deal with AI every day when online shops suggest some items based on your previous purchases. Siri and self-driving cars are also examples of applied AI.

Generalized AI is supposed to be a copy of multitasking human intelligence. However, it is still in the stage of development. Computer technology has yet to reach the level necessary for its creation.

One of the latest trends in this area is improving healthcare management. It is done through the digitalization of all the information in hospitals and even helping diagnose the patients.

Also, privacy issues and facial recognition technologies are being researched. For example, some governments collect biometric data to reduce and even predict crime.

Research Topics on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Since AI development is exceptionally relevant nowadays, it would be smart to invest your time and effort into researching it. Here are some ideas on artificial intelligence research topics that you can look into:

  1. What areas of life machine learning are the most influential?
  2. How to choose the right algorithm for machine learning?
  3. Supervised vs. unsupervised machine learning: compare & contrast
  4. Reinforcement machine learning algorithms
  5. Deep learning as a subset of machine learning
  6. Deep learning & artificial neural networks
  7. How do artificial neural networks work?
  8. A comparison of model-free & model-based reinforcement learning algorithms
  9. Reinforcement learning: single vs. multi-agent
  10. How do social robots interact with humans?
  11. Robotics in NASA
  12. Natural language processing: chatbots
  13. How does natural language processing produce natural language?
  14. Natural language processing vs. machine learning
  15. Artificial intelligence in computer vision
  1. Computer vision application: autonomous vehicles
  2. Recommender systems’ approaches
  3. Recommender systems: content-based recommendation vs. collaborative filtering
  4. Internet of things & artificial intelligence: the interconnection
  5. How much data do the Internet of things devices generate?

💉 Biotechnology

Biotechnology uses living organisms to modify different products. Even the simple thing as baking bread is a process of biotechnology. However, nowadays, this area went as far as changing the organisms’ DNA. Genetics and biochemistry are also a part of the biotechnology area.

The development of this area allows people to cure diseases with the help of new medicines. In agriculture, more and more research is done on biological treatment and modifying plants. Biotechnology is even involved in the production of our groceries, household chemicals, and textiles.

Trends in biotechnology.

There are many exciting trends in biotechnology now that carry the potential of changing our world! For example, scientists are working on creating personalized drugs. This is feasible once they apply computer science to analyze people’s DNA.

Also, thanks to using new technologies, doctors can collect exact data and provide the patients with correct diagnosis and treatment. Now, you don’t even need to leave your place to get a doctor’s check-up. Just use telehealth!

Data management is developing in the biotechnology area as well. Thanks to that, doctors and scientists can store and access a tremendous amount of information.

The most exciting is the fact that new technology enables specialists to assess genetic information to treat and prevent illnesses! It may solve the problem of some diseases that were considered untreatable before.

Research Topics on Biotechnology

You can use the following examples of research questions on biotechnology for presentation or even a PhD paper! Here is a wide range of topics on biotechnology and its relation to agriculture, nanotechnology, and many more:

  1. Self-sufficient protein supply and biotechnology in farming
  2. Evaporation vs. evapotranspiration
  3. DNA cloning and a southern blot
  4. Pharmacogenetics & personalized drugs
  5. Is cloning “playing God”?
  6. Pharmacogenetics: cancer medicines
  7. How much can we control our genetics, at what point do we cease to be human?
  8. Bio ethics and stem cell research
  9. Genetic engineering: gene therapy
  10. The potential benefits of genetic engineering
  11. Genetic engineering: dangers and opportunities
  12. Mycobacterium tuberculosis: counting the proteins
  13. Plant genetic enhancement: developing resistance to scarcity
  14. Y-chromosome genotyping: the case of South Africa
  15. Agricultural biotechnology: GMO crops
  16. How are new vaccines developed?
  17. Nanotechnology in treating HIV
  18. Allergenic potential & biotechnology
  19. Whole-genome sequencing in biotechnology
  20. Genes in heavy metal tolerance: an overview
  21. Food biotechnology & food-borne illnesses
  22. How to eliminate heat-resistant microorganisms with ultraviolet?
  23. High-throughput screening & biotechnology
  24. How do new food processing technologies affect bacteria related to Aspalathus Linearis?
  25. Is sweet sorghum suitable for the production of bioethanol in Africa?
  26. How can pesticides help to diagnose cancer?
  27. How is embelin used to prevent cancer?

📡 Communications and Media

One of the first areas that technologies affected was communications and media. People from the last century couldn’t have imagined how easy it would be to get connected with anyone! Internet connection starts appearing even in the most remote places.

Nowadays, media is used not only for social interaction but for business development and educational purposes as well. You can now start an entirely online business or use special tools to promote the existing one. Also, many leading universities offer online degrees.

In communications and media, AI has been playing the role of enhancement recently. The technology helps create personalized content for always demanding consumers.

Developing media also create numerous job opportunities. For instance, recently, an influencer has become a trending career. Influencers always use the most relevant communication tools available. At the moment, live videos and podcasting are on the top.

Now, you just need to reach your smartphone to access all the opportunities mentioned above! You can apply for a college, find a job, or reach out to all your followers online. It is hard to imagine how far communication and media can go…

Communications and Media Technology Research Topics

There are quite a few simple yet exciting ideas for media and communications technology research topics. Hopefully, you will find THE ONE amongst these Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research proposal topics:

  1. New media: the importance of ethics in the process of communication
  2. The development of computer-based communication over the last decade
  3. How have social media changed communication?
  4. Media during the disasters: increasing panic or helping reduce it?
  5. Authorities’ media representations in different countries: compare & contrast
  6. Do people start preferring newspapers to new media again?
  7. How has the Internet changed media?
  8. Communication networks
  9. The impact of social media on super bowl ads
  10. Communications: technology and personal contact
  11. New content marketing ideas
  12. Media exposure and its influence on adolescents
  13. The impact of mass media on personal socialization
  14. Internet and interactive media as an advertising tool
  15. Music marketing in a digital world
  16. How do people use hype in the media?
  17. Psychology of videoblog communication
  18. Media & the freedom of speech
  19. Is it possible to build trustful relationships in virtual communication?
  20. How to maintain privacy in social media?
  21. Communication technologies & cyberbullying
  22. How has the interpersonal communication changed with the invention of computers?
  23. The future of the communication technologies
  24. Yellow journalism in new media
  25. How enterprises use ICT to get a competitive advantage?
  26. Healthcare and ICT
  27. Can we live without mass media?
  28. Mass media and morality in the 21st century

💻 Computer Science & Engineering

If you have ever wondered how computers work, you better ask a professional in computer science and engineering. This major combines two different, yet interconnected, worlds of machines.

Computer science takes care of the computer’s brain. It usually includes areas of study, such as programming languages and algorithms. Scientists also recognize three paradigms in terms of the computer science field.

For the rationalist paradigm, computer science is a part of math. The technocratic paradigm is focused on software engineering, while the scientific one is all about natural sciences. Interestingly enough, the latter can also be found in the area of artificial intelligence!

Stephen Hawking quote.

On the other hand, computer engineering maintains a computer’s body – hardware and software. It relies quite heavily on electrical engineering. And only the combination of computer science and engineering gives a full understanding of the machine.

If talking about trends and innovations, artificial intelligence development is probably the main one in the area of computer science technology. Big data is the field that has been extremely popular in recent years.

Cybersecurity is and will be one of the leading research fields in our Information Age. The latest trend in computer science and engineering is also virtual reality.

Computer Science Research Topics

If you want to find a good idea for your thesis or you are just preparing for a speech, check out this list of research topics in computer science and engineering:

  1. How are virtual reality & human perception connected?
  2. The future of computer-assisted education
  3. Computer science & high-dimensional data modeling
  4. Computer science: imperative vs. declarative languages
  5. The use of blockchain and AI for algorithmic regulations
  6. Banking industry & blockchain technology
  7. How does the machine architecture affect the efficiency of code?
  8. Languages for parallel computing
  9. How is mesh generation used for computational domains?
  10. Ways of persistent data structure optimization
  11. Sensor networks vs. cyber-physical system
  12. The development of computer graphics: non-photorealistic rendering case
  13. The development of the systems programming languages
  14. Game theory & network economics
  15. How can computational thinking affect science?
  16. Theoretical computer science in functional analysis
  17. The most efficient cryptographic protocols
  18. Software security types: an overview
  19. Is it possible to eliminate phishing?
  20. Floating point & programming language

🔋 Energy & Power Technologies

Without energy, no technological progress is possible. Scientists are continually working on improving energy and power technologies. Recently, efforts have been aimed at three main areas.

Developing new batteries and fuel types helps create less expensive ways of storing energy. For example, fuel cells can be used for passenger buses. They need to be connected to a source of fuel to work. However, it guarantees the constant production of electricity as long as they have fuel.

One of the potential trends of the next years is hydrogen energy storage. This method is still in the stage of development. It would allow the use of hydrogen instead of electricity.

Trends in energy technologies.

A smart grid is another area that uses information technology for the most efficient use of energy. For instance, the first-generation smart grid tracks the movement of electric energy on the go and sends the information back. It is a great way to correct the consumption of energy in real-time.

More development is also done on the issue of electricity generation. It aims at technologies that can produce power from the sources that haven’t been used. The trends in this area include second-generation biofuels and photovoltaic glass.

Energy Technologies Research Topics

Since humanity cannot be using fossil fuels forever, the research in the area of energy can be extremely fruitful. The following list of energy and power technology research paper topics can give you an idea of where to dig:

  1. How can fuel cells be used for stationary power generation?
  2. Lithium-ion vs. lithium-air batteries: energy density
  3. Are lithium-air batteries better than gasoline?
  4. Renewable energy usage: advantages and disadvantages
  5. The nuclear power usage in the UAE
  6. India’s solar installations
  7. Gas price increasing and alternative energy sources
  8. How can methods of energy transformation be applied with hydrogen energy?
  9. Is hydrogen energy our future?
  10. Thermal storage & AC systems
  11. How to load balance using smart grid?
  12. Distributed energy generation to optimize power waste
  13. Is the smart energy network a solution to climate change?
  14. The future of the tidal power
  15. The possibility of 3D printing of micro stirling engines
  16. How can robots be used to adjust solar panels to weather?
  17. Advanced biofuels & algae
  18. Can photovoltaic glass be fully transparent?
  19. Third-generation biofuels: algae vs. crop-based
  20. Space-based solar power: myth or reality of the future?
  21. Can smaller nuclear reactors be more efficient?
  22. Inertial confinement fusion & creal energy
  23. Renewable energy technologies: an overview
  24. How can thorium change the nuclear power field?

🍗 Food Technology

The way we get our food has changed drastically with the technological development. Manufacturers look for ways to feed 7.5 billion people more efficiently. And the demand is growing every year. Now technology is not only used for packaging, but for producing and processing food as well.

Introducing robots into the process of manufacturing brings multiple benefits to the producer. Not only do they make it more cost-efficient, but they also reduce safety problems.

Surprisingly enough, you can print food on the 3D printer now! This technology is applied to produce soft food for people who can’t chew. NASA decided to use it for fun as well and printed a pizza!

Drones now help farmers to keep an eye on crops from above. It helps them see the full picture and analyze the current state of the fields. For example, a drone can spot a starting disease and save the crop.

The newest eco trends push companies to become more environmentally aware. They use technologies to create safer packaging. The issue of food waste is also getting more and more relevant. Consumers want to know that nothing is wasted. Thanks to the new technologies, the excess food is now used more wisely.

Food Technology Research Topics

If you are looking for qualitative research topics about technology in the food industry, here is a list of ideas you don’t want to miss:

  1. What machines are used in the food industry?
  2. How do robots improve safety in butchery?
  3. Food industry & 3D printing
  4. 3D printed food – a solution to help people with swallowing disorder?
  5. Drones & precision agriculture
  6. How is robotics used to create eco-friendly food packaging?
  7. Is micro packaging our future?
  8. The development of edible cling film
  9. Technology & food waste: what are the solutions? 
  10. Additives and preservatives & human gut microbiome 
  11. The effect of citric acid on the orange juice: physicochemical level 
  12. Vegetable oils in mass production: compare & contrast 
  13. Time-temperature indicators & food industry 
  14. Conventional vs. hydroponic farming 
  15. Food safety: a policy issue in agriculture today
  16. How to improve the detection of parasites in food? 
  17. What are the newest technologies in the baking industry? 
  18. Eliminating byproducts in edible oils production 
  19. Cold plasma & biofilms 
  20. How good are the antioxidant peptides derived from plants? 
  21. Electronic nose in food industry and agriculture 
  22. The harm of polyphenols in food 

😷 Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Why does the life expectancy of people get higher and higher every year? One of the main aspects of it is the promotion of innovation in the medical area. For example, the development of equipment helps medical professionals to save many lives.

Thanks to information technology, the work is much more structured now in the medical area. The hospitals use tablets and the method of electronic medical records. It helps them to access and share the data more efficiently.

If talking about medical devices, emerging technologies save more lives than ever! For instance, operations done by robots are getting more and more popular. Don’t worry! Doctors are still in charge; they just control the robots from the other room. It allows operations to be less invasive and precise.

Moreover, science not only helps treat diseases but also prevent them! The medical research aims for the development of vaccines against deadly illnesses like malaria.

Some of the projects even sound more like crazy ideas from the future. But it is all happening right now! Scientists are working on the creation of artificial organs and the best robotic prosthetics.

All the technologies mentioned above are critical for successful healthcare management.

Medical Technology Research Topics

If you feel like saving lives is the purpose of your life, then technological research topics in the medical area are for you! These topics would also suit for your research paper:

  1. How effective are robotic surgeries?
  2. Smart inhalers as the new solution for asthma treatment
  3. Genetic counseling – a new way of preventing diseases?
  4. The benefits of the electronic medical records
  5. Erythrocytapheresis to treat sickle cell disease
  6. Defibrillator & cardiac resynchronization therapy
  7. Why do drug-eluting stents fail?
  8. Dissolvable brain sensors: an overview
  9. 3D printing for medical purposes
  10. How soon will we be able to create artificial organs?
  11. Wearable technologies & healthcare
  12. Precision medicine based on genetics
  13. Virtual reality devices for educational purposes in medical schools
  14. The development of telemedicine
  15. Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats as the way of treating diseases
  16. Nanotechnology & cancer treatment
  17. How safe is genome editing?
  18. The trends in electronic diagnostic tools development
  19. The future of the brain-machine interface
  20. How does wireless communication help medical professionals in hospitals?

💊 Pharmaceutical Technologies

In the past years, technologies have been drastically changing the pharmaceutical industry. Now, a lot of processes are optimized with the help of information technology. The ways of prescribing and distributing medications are much more efficient today. Moreover, the production of medicines itself has changed.

For instance, electronic prior authorization is now applied by more than half of the pharmacies. It makes the process of acquiring prior authorization much faster and easier.

The high price of medicines is the number one reason why patients stop using prescriptions. Real-time pharmacy benefit may be the solution! It is a system that gives another perspective for the prescribers. While working with individual patients, they will be able to consider multiple factors with the help of data provided.

The pharmaceutical industry also adopts some new technologies to compete on the international level. They apply advanced data analytics to optimize their work.

Companies try to reduce the cost and boost the effectiveness of the medicines. That is why they look into technologies that help avoid failures in the final clinical trials.

The constant research in the area of pharma is paying off. New specialty drugs and therapies arrive to treat chronic diseases. However, there are still enough opportunities for development.

Pharmaceutical Technologies Research Topics

Following the latest trends in the pharmaceutical area, this list offers a wide range of creative research topics on pharmaceutical technologies:

  1. Electronic prior authorization as a pharmacy technological trend
  2. The effectiveness of medication therapy management
  3. Medication therapy management & health information exchanges
  4. Electronic prescribing of controlled substances as a solution for drug abuse issue
  5. Do prescription drug monitoring programs really work?
  6. How can pharmacists help with meaningful use?
  7. NCPDP script standard for specialty pharmacies
  8. Pharmaceutical technologies & specialty medications
  9. What is the patient’s interest in the real-time pharmacy?
  10. The development of the vaccines for AIDS
  11. Phenotypic screening in pharmaceutical researches
  12. How does cloud ERP help pharmaceutical companies with analytics?
  13. Data security & pharmaceutical technologies
  14. An overview of the DNA-encoded library technology
  15. Pharmaceutical technologies: antibiotics vs. superbugs
  16. Personalized medicine: body-on-a-chip approach
  17. The future of cannabidiol medication in pain management
  18. How is cloud technology beneficial for small pharmaceutical companies?
  19. A new perspective on treatment: medicines from plants
  20. Anticancer nanomedicine: a pharmaceutical hope

🚈 Transportation Technologies

We used to be focused on making transportation more convenient. However, nowadays, the focus is slowly switching to ecological issues.

It doesn’t mean that vehicles can’t be comfortable at the same time. That is why the development of electric and self-driving cars is on the peak.

Transportation technologies also address the issues of safety and traffic jams. There are quite many solutions suggested. However, it would be hard for big cities to switch to the other systems fast.

One of the solutions is using shared vehicle phone applications. It allows reducing the number of private cars on the roads. On the other hand, if more people start preferring private vehicles, it may cause even more traffic issues.

Transportation technologies.

The most innovative cities even start looking for more eco-friendly solutions for public transport. Buses are being replaced by electric ones. At the same time, the latest trend is using private electric vehicles such as scooters and bikes.

So that people use public transport more, it should be more accessible and comfortable. That is why the payment systems are also being updated. Now, all you would need is to download an app and buy a ticket in one click!

Transportation Technologies Research Topics

Here you can find the best information technology research topics related to transportation technologies:

  1. How safe are self-driving cars?
  2. Electric vs. hybrid cars: compare & contrast
  3. How to save your smart car from being hijacked?
  4. How do next-generation GPS devices adjust the route for traffic?
  5. Transportation technologies: personal transportation pods
  6. High-speed rail networks in Japan
  7. Cell phones during driving: threats and solutions
  8. Transportation: electric cars effects
  9. Teleportation: physics of the impossible
  10. How soon we will see Elon Musk’s Hyperloop?
  11. Gyroscopes as a solution for convenient public transportation
  12. Electric trucks: the effect on logistics
  13. Why were electric scooters banned in some cities in 2018?
  14. Carbon fiber as an optional material for unit load devices
  15. What are the benefits of the advanced transportation management systems?
  16. How to make solar roadways more cost-effective?
  17. How is blockchain applied in the transportation industry
  18. Transportation technologies: an overview of the freight check-in
  19. How do delivery companies use artificial intelligence?
  20. Water-fueled cars: the technology of future or fantasy?
  21. What can monitoring systems be used to manage curb space?
  22. Inclusivity and accessibility in public transport: an overview
  23. The development of the mobility-as-a-service

✋ Conclusion

All in all, this article is a compilation of the 204 most interesting research topics on technology and computer science. It is a perfect source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in doing research in this area.

We have divided the topics by specific areas, which makes it easier for you to find your favorite one. There are 20 topics in each category, along with a short explanation of the most recent trends in the area.

You can choose one topic from artificial intelligence research topics and start working on it right away! There is also a wide selection of questions on biotechnology and engineering that are waiting to be answered.

Since media and communications are present in our everyday life and develop very fast, you should look into this area. But if you want to make a real change, you can’t miss on researching medical and pharmaceutical, food and energy, and transportation areas.

Of course, you are welcome to customize the topic you choose! The more creativity, the better! Maybe your research has the power to change something! Good luck, and have fun!

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