Gun Control Essay: How-to Guide + 10 Argumentative Topics [2020]

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After the recent heartbreaking mass shootings, the gun control debate has reached its boiling point.

Do we need gun control laws? Should everyone own a gun for self-defense? You have the opportunity to air your opinion in a gun control essay.
Below, you’ll find everything you need to write a great paper in no time – weighty arguments, catchy titles, and the latest sources on the topic.

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Take a stand in the gun control debateTake a stand in the gun control debate

Did you know that 33 people are killed with guns every day in America?
This is one of the numbers you can use in your essay on gun control. Are you ready to learn more reasons both for and against gun control? Here they are, in a nutshell:

Arguments for gun control Arguments against gun control
  • Guns make it easy to kill or injure a person, or even many people, in a short timeframe.
  • When owing a gun, there is a 43 times higher likelihood of killing a family member, friend, or neighbor than an intruder.
  • The prevalence of suicide is 5 times higher in homes having guns.
  • “Guns don’t kill, people do.”
  • Self-defense, hunting, and collecting are all legitimate purposes for owning a gun.
  • Criminals can continue to hurt others even without legally owning guns.

Have you chosen your standpoint? Great! Now you sound like you know all the sides of the issue.

The courses above will help you to write an outstanding essay on gun control. Moreover, you can easily to proofread it by Grammarly and avoid common grammar mistakes.

10 catchy titles and fresh ideas for essays on gun control10 catchy titles and fresh ideas for essays on gun control

Do you know what’s another step toward your A+ gun control essay? It’s a catchy title that emotionally expresses your standpoint and grabs your readers’ interest.

Here are some examples.

Pro-gun control papers:

  1. More guns – more violence
  2. Stop the wrong people from getting guns
  3. Revision of the Second Amendment to prevent human tragedies
  4. The Second Amendment and gun control can co-exist
  5. The thin line between self-defense and deadly force

Anti-gun control papers:

  1. Gun control is not the answer – education is
  2. Gun culture propaganda starts with cartoons
  3. Mass media is to blame: murder is an easy route to fame
  4. Gun control: why not ban everything that poses a potential threat?
  5. Criminals don’t obey gun control laws

5 latest resources for gun control essays5 latest resources for gun control essays

Got a catchy title and weighty arguments for your paper?
Good, but don’t go away so fast, please. We’ve got one more pleasant bonus for you. Don’t forget to include citations from authoritative sources in your papers:

  1. Stephen King’s ‘Guns’.
  2. The Case for Gun Policy Reforms in America’ Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  3. 10 Myths about Gun Control’
  4. Don Kates and Gary Mauser ‘Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?’ Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
  5. The National Rifle Association

Need more information to start writing your gun control essay? Keep reading.

Pros and Cons of Gun ControlPros and Cons of Gun Control

Gun control pros and cons have been discussed and thoroughly analyzed in gun control debates innumerable times, but both advocates and opponents of gun control have stuck to their positions, leaving the issue unresolved. Here are a few important gun control pros and cons.

Points made in support of gun control (pros)

  1. Gun control statistics reveal that although the United States accounts for only 5% of the world’s population, U.S. residents own 50% of guns in the world.
  2. When gun deaths statistics for different countries were expressed as the number of gun deaths in a population of a million people, the United States was ranked below South Africa.

Points against gun control (cons)

  1. The very idea of gun control goes against the principle of democracy that allows people the right to safeguard their lives. People need guns to defend themselves when being attacked by others. In fact, gun crime statistics show that uncontrolled gun ownership will lead to more gun crime and ultimately to anarchy. And the objective of gun control is to prevent anarchy, not gun ownership. That’s why this argument does not carry much weight.
  2. Since gun ownership is a right sanctioned by the Second Amendment, it should not be restricted. However, we should take into account the fact that 99% of this amendment was based on information provided by people with no college education, let alone any legal education. Plus, it is unreasonable to think that this right cannot be restricted. In fact, any law can be modified, restricted, or even removed by a subsequent law. So if we take into consideration the above mentioned facts, it appears that gun control pros are stronger.

3 steps in writing a gun control essay3 steps in writing a gun control essay

Writing an impressive essay on gun control can be a bit difficult without proper organization. No matter what type of essay you are going to write—a persuasive gun control essay, a compare and contract essay on gun control, a cause and effect gun control essay, or a narrative essay on gun control (n case you have a good imagination)—you’ll need some detailed planning and thorough research.

Follow these three steps to write a perfect gun control essay.

  1. Whether you are writing an argumentative, expository, research, or any other type of gun control paper, the first thing to do is to define what gun control is. Use the definitions that are most appropriate for your essay. For example, you might start with a dictionary definition and then add some general facts about types of firearms. Next, you might give statistics on gun control such as ownership and reason for ownership.
  2. In the body of your essay, you should present other important facts and issues on the topic of gun control.
  • You can use studies conducted on gun control over the years for some additional gun control statistics.
  • If you are writing a pro-gun control essay, you can use studies or statistics on how guns owned by private citizens have killed innocent people. You can also cite cases when students have used their parents’ guns to commit violent crimes in school.
  • If you are writing an against gun control essay, cite studies proving that private gun ownership saves lives or other research revealing the positive effect of gun ownership.

John McGinnis

Of course, the content and organization all depend on your particular essay. The facts remain the same, but it is the way that you arrange and present the facts in your gun control essay that will create a concrete argument. That’s why you should make sure you do an outline to properly arrange the facts in your essay.

  1. Finally, write a strong conclusion to your essay on gun control. In the conclusion, you should summarize the essay and reiterate the most important facts. Then you should give your conclusion, a strong statement based on the facts in your essay. If it’s not an argumentative essay, present your findings and suggestions about the issue.

As you can see, writing an impressive gun control essay takes time and effort, and it requires deep research. If you’re finding this task too challenging, you can order a custom written essay from our custom writing service. We provide 100% original custom written papers at reasonable prices.

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