An Impressive Persuasive Speech Outline: Examples & Guide

Eating a delicacy, watching a good movie, and proving a point to an audience are the three things that make life seem better. Today, you’ll deal with the last one. You’re about to become a professional at public speaking and attention grabbing. Here, you can learn how to write a persuasive speech outline and see great examples.

But first… what is a persuasive speech, after all?  

A persuasive speech is a speech that convinces people of certain ideas, values, and beliefs. As its specific purpose is proving a point, it relies on one successful format. You’ll see it here in our persuasive speech outline examples prepared by our experts.

1. 🖊️ Persuasive Speech Outline Format: Make the Creative Process Flow prepared this guide on how to develop a perfect persuasive speech outline for you:

  • Pick a certain problematic issue you’d like to talk about;
  • Think of an unusual way to introduce it to the audience;
  • Use an approach grip the readers’ attention;
  • Structure your argument to make it a logical sequence;
  • Follow the traditional intro – arguments – discussion – conclusion outline;
  • Use your imagination and creativity!

2. ✍🏻 The Components of Ideal Writing

Hush! You’re about to learn a secret:

There IS a perfect formula for a format for persuasive speech outline!

Check this:

Persuasive speech outline format
  1. The Introduction Section:
  • Attention-Getter;
  • Taking by Storm;
  • Building Bonds of Trust.
  1. The Speech Body: 1st Paragraph:
  • The Case in Point;
  • The Evidence;
  • The Supportive Ideas;
  • The Case for the Changes.
  1. Reasoning #1:
  • The Claim;
  • The Evidence;
  • The Supportive Ideas;
  • The Case for the Changes.
  1. Reasoning #2:
  • The Claim;
  • The Evidence;
  • The Supportive Ideas;
  • The Case for the Changes;
  1. Reasoning #3:
  • The Claim;
  • The Evidence;
  • The Supportive Ideas;
  • The Case for the Changes;
  • The Conclusion

With such an outline, you’ll get a persuasive speech a student can only dream of!
All in all, your persuasive speech outline should look the following way:

3. ✔️ Check This Unique Template

Do you want to create the perfect outline for your speech? Follow these tips:

  1. Think of an unusual and controversial issue;
  2. Develop your own idea of the issue in question;
  3. Give credit to opposite opinions;
  4. Structure an argument on the issue;
  5. Remember about the AIDA principle;
  6. Offer a unique solution and draw a conclusion.

That’ll take care of your speech.

All in all, your persuasive speech should answer the question whether something should or should not take place and why.

4. 🔮 Check Five Fantastic Topics!

Do you know the secret formula of perfect persuasive speeches?

Perfect wording + perfect logics + speech topics + sense of humor = perfect persuasive speech.

You won’t have problems with the sense of humor, that’s quite clear.

What you need though, is a couple of good persuasive speech ideas.

So, read these Top 5 Best Topics for Writing an Unbelievable Persuasive Speech:

  1. 2012: Why People Should not Fear the Catastrophe Coming;
  2. Being an Individual while Remaining also Part of the Group: The Mechanics of Social Behavior;
  3. Should Parents Control Their Children’s Online Pastime? The Threat of ‘Adult’ Content;
  4. Alien Life Forms: Further Searches for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Should Be Encouraged;
  5. Paranormal Phenomena: A Piece of Evidence Worth Trusting or Another Make-Believe?

These persuasive topics will definitely get you an excellent grade! What’s more, they’ll help you create your own topics for persuasive speech!

5. 📙 Read a Masterpiece of Writing!

It’s time to see some examples of persuasive speech writing. Write as professionals do!

A Persuasive Speech on Family Values

Family photo

In the modern world, the importance of family values has been downshifted by the need to build a career. Busy with climbing up the career ladder, people forget about the essence of the family. And everyone who has ever heard their parents saying, “Not now, darling, Daddy’s busy,” or saw their mothers working late after they went to bed knows how big the problem is.

It is obvious that career development and promotion have become the essence of modern people’s lives. Unfortunately, according to the statistics, in most cases relatives suffer. As reports say (Smith 2011, p. 111), in 60% of the cases, working parents know very little about their children’s social life.

It cannot be argued, however, that a stable career and salary are not the crucial elements of modern life. Without a stable source of money and a career, one is most likely to feel insecure; moreover, the family can suffer financially. Hence, it is obvious that the career must not be forgotten either.

Therefore, it can be suggested that a balance between these two aspects of everyday life must be maintained. According to Johnson (2000, p. 98), 10% of families manage to both lead a happy family life and succeed in their work. Hence, a specific plan is required to remain both a good employee and a good parent.

Among the possible solutions for the situation, splitting responsibilities can do the trick. When scheduling their lives, parents can spend more time with their children and each other. Moreover, work efficiency will increase when following an established plan.

That’s what they call a speech example! Now you’re fully equipped to create the persuasive speech of the decade – so start the writing process!

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