How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Examples & Tips

You might be wondering about how to write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper. It may seem like your readers should understand your main arguments by the end, so there is no need for it. However, there are several aspects that prove the importance of a conclusion section in research.

Its first and primary function is, of course, a summary of all the main ideas and evidence in the paper. Sometimes research can be quite lengthy so putting all the thoughts you want to share in one place is very handy. Moreover, the conclusion shows how important your work is and suggests new ways of looking at the problem.

Our guide and research paper conclusion example are here to help you with your assignment!

❗ Importance of a Conclusion in a Research Paper

A conclusion intends to remind the readers about the main arguments and findings of the whole paper. However, it also highlights the significance of the work. Both these functions help create a long-lasting, memorable impression from your research paper, so always include this part and try to think of the ways to make it even more effective.

Since having a strong concluding paragraph is so crucial for the overall success, you might want to check out a step-by-step guide on writing it. It can assure you don’t miss any vital moments. Moreover, you need to find out what conclusion type would be the best!

πŸ‘£ How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper Step by Step

Below are only a few simple steps that can allow you to write the most persuasive research paper.

Remind about the topic
The trick is to make the statement as coherent and short as possible. In only one sentence, there should be information about your topic and its importance.
Restate your thesis
Do you remember that last sentence of your introduction? Here, you need to paraphrase it so that it is not identical to the original thesis statement.
Sum up
It’s time to summarize the main arguments of your research paper. It would be easier if you reread your work and highlight only the most important ideas and evidence. Remember that conclusion is not the place for new information. Therefore, focus only on the points you present in the main body of your paper. The purpose of this brief summary is to remind your readers about the importance of the topic you work on.
Highlight the significance
Here, you can actually drop a few words about how significant your arguments are. If you explain it elsewhere in your writing, there is no need to go into detail in conclusion. Therefore, a short but meaningful sentence can do its job correctly. You might also try and bring a broader perspective here. For instance, describe how your findings make a difference in a particular field. If there is any confusion, it might help if you try to answer the question: “So what?”
Call to action
Note that, just like the previous point, this one is optional. If you think it would be appropriate, comment on the need for further research on the topic. Usually, papers addressing scientific and public issues are the most suitable choices for calling readers to action. Moreover, it’s a great place to leave a comment on the unanswered question in the main body if there is any.

πŸ“‘ Types & Examples of Research Paper Conclusions

You may be assigned to write a persuasive or argumentative paper. Or your professor might ask you to develop an analytical or comparative research paper.

Should you write their conclusions in the same way? The answer is β€œNo”. When you write different types of assignments, you need different conclusions.

Argumentative Research Paper Conclusion

To write an excellent argumentative paper conclusion, you need to highlight the most persuasive and strong arguments you have β€” no need to add many details. In addition, don’t forget you should include the essential components of the conclusion, such as paraphrasing your thesis statement, which points out your opinion on the chosen topic. If you used a strong thesis statement generator, it won’t be hard to do.

Argumentative Research Paper Conclusion Example


Right now, Earth is facing the issue of the sixth extinction, which causes numerous species to fade every day. There are at least three ideas people might use to prevent their total extinction in the next fifty years. More ways of recycling, new approaches to plastic production, and conservation of species could be life-saving.

Analytical Research Paper Conclusion

First, you should restate your thesis statement and summarize the critical points of your arguments. The main difference between the analytical research paper conclusion and other types is that there should definitely be a highlight of a broader context. It means you can add some meaning to the findings.

Analytical Research Paper Conclusion Example


Elon Musk has made a revolution in the way we pay, drive, and even fly. His ideas come only from the desire to make things easier, but eventually, they change the world. Musk first thought about PayPal when he was a student, and now it’s one of the most popular online payment systems. The same with Tesla cars.

Comparative Research Paper Conclusion

An effective comparative paper conclusion requires some analytical skills. You need to be very careful in looking through facts to clearly formulate your findings. Moreover, the sources need to be trustworthy. And, as usual, you need to add a paraphrased thesis statement and a few words about the importance of your study research.

Comparative Research Paper Conclusion Example


Electric cars are proven to be more efficient and effective than gas cars. Not only do they produce fewer emissions, but the drivers reach their destination point faster. Moreover, gas cars are more expensive to maintain. It all derives from the specifics of the electric cars’ engines, which are much simpler.

❌ Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you ready to pass your writing? Wait! Have you checked it for the most common mistakes? If no, below are several general errors you should avoid.

❌WEAK CONCLUSIONA weak conclusion leaves your readers unsatisfied and disappointed. When you write uncertain concluding sentences for essays, it also reduces your arguments’ ability to convey its primary thesis and lessens the quality of the paper.
❌ABRUPT CONCLUSIONYour essay should make an expression of finished writing, not just a part. So make sure that you expressed your thoughts entirely.
❌NEW INFORMATIONA conclusion should only summarize your research. Include all your findings and arguments in body paragraphs.
❌LACK OF FOCUSA conclusion should be focused and concise. Don’t end an essay with inappropriate or extraneous information.
❌LACK OF LENGTHSome students tend to finish a paper with a single or a few sentences. Moreover, closing sentences for essays merely attempt to revisit the paper’s thesis simplistically or crudely. If you make this mistake, you will give your readers a sense of laziness. Don’t do that! You need a reasonable conclusion, don’t you? Write at least one comprehensive paragraph.

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