Library research papers are one of the possible assignments students can get. In order to create good library research papers, it is necessary to decide on a course of an investigation. If you deal with writing library research papers, you should know about the format to follow.

As all academic writing papers, library research papers have their certain structure and peculiarities.

In order to present perfect library research papers, you should know about each part of this work (or simply visit our homepage here and our experts will help you with any type of assignment).

1.  📔  Library Research Paper: Title Page

The title of library research papers should be capitalized, centralized and placed on the first line. Under the title the name of the author takes place. Also, you should not forget about the date.

2.  📃  Abstract

The abstract of library research papers contains not more than two paragraphs and presents a brief summary of the work itself.

3.  🗞️  Introduction

This part describes the object of your work. Also, you should present in this part the reasons for choosing this very research paper topic and issue under consideration.

4.  📚  Literature Review

This chapter tells about possible works, which are connected to the chosen one. Try to present the works that not only support your research, but also contradict it.

5.  📝  Methodology

The Methodology will present the methods and materials used in this paper. Also, this part serves to disclose the essence of the work, so it may be called the main body.

6.  ✍️  Conclusion

This part points out the results, which were achieved in the process of writing – information should be formulated simply and clearly.

7.  📓  Bibliography

This section presents a list of the sources, which were used in the process of writing. It shows that your work is not plagiarized.

Even though this kind of work is quite similar to other types of academic writings, while writing library research papers you can use only the sources from the libraries. That is all.

Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!

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