Your mood leaves much to be desired… Everything around is getting on your nerves… It seems that this will last forever and there are no changes for better to wait for. But still, there’s one thing that may save you. This is your favorite music.

How many times did you turn on your near and dear song and it gave you a hand of help in your troubles!

Why not write about this in your music essay? Note, that you were fortunate to be given this very topic, the one that appeals to you, the one that tends to lift the curtain over your most cherished dreams.

But before we guide you through the essay writing on music, don’t forget to bookmark where you can find helpful college essay tips in articles like this.

1.  ❓  How to Write an Impressive Music Essay

If you were lucky enough to pick the topick for your essay on music, you’d probably select the one that is the most thrilling and exciting for you.

However, choosing music essay topic for students may be a challenging task.

  • How music affects your life? Think about your music background: do you play an instrument? Are you a singer? Do you love listening to the music?
  • How does music influence your daily life? You hear music on TV and radio, fashion runway shows, everywhere. Think about dance styles and their connection to music or how it affects human’s mental health. Don’t forget to narrow the topic and find proper evidence.
  • How do music styles and genres develop? Consider some historical facts and events and their connection to the social life.
  • What is the role of music in your life? Is it a simply organized sound or much more?
  • Turn to the history of music. It’s also a large field for investigation.

Douglas Adams Quote

Take a closer look at different kinds of music. There are lots of them, and every can produce its unique effect on the listener. Compare, for example, the influence made on you by rap or classical music in your music essay. Your rich imagination is at your service here.

  • Study the origin of primary musical terms – tone, consonance, dissonance, rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, contrast, etc. These words can say a lot about the music itself. Try and decipher its codes.

Before you move on to the bonus section with music essay topics, let’s explore the paper structure more detailed.

2.  📃  Music Essay Writing: The Structure

Writing an assignment about music, as well as other papers, require thorough research, assessment of relevant sources, and a proper essay outline which will guide you through the writing.

To write good music essay, you should know the type of a paper: argumentative, discursive, persuasive, or descriptive. In case you’re assigned to for and against essay, you have to gather and evaluate the evidence supporting both points of view of the paper topic.


The typical structure remains the same:

2.1  The Music Essay Introduction

This is the section where you come up with a brief explanation of the topic. You may start your intro with a quotation, definition or short thesis statement that leads your reader to the essay subject. Remember: write your introduction with clear and coherent sentences.

Woman with guitar in front of bed.

2.2  Body for an Essay on Music

The body of an essay is the most significant part of your writing. Here you will provide the evidence and data explaining or contradicting your thesis statement. Each paragraph about music should argue different viewpoints and ideas.

The typical body paragraph structure includes:

  • A topic sentence, explaining the argument for a particular paragraph
  • An introduction to the evidence you gathered to support an argument
  • Quotes and facts (don’t forget about proper citation!)
  • An explanation for the quotations and facts
  • The connection this evidence to the essay topic
  • Paragraph transitions leading your reader to the next section

Bottom line?

The paragraph should be around 7-8 sentences length.

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” - Pablo Casals

2.3  The Music Essay Conclusion

When writing a conclusion, you must provide a persuasive argument about the topic. Review the key points of the music essay. Summarize all arguments presented above.

Here’s the typical closing paragraph structure:

  • Summarize the essay thesis in few sentences (typically 1-2 sentences)
  • Review key points of your paper (1-2 sentences)
  • Recap your findings.

3.  🎵  Writing About Music: Features

When writing about music, you don’t have to be a professional musician. All you need is to be able to listen, understand, evaluate the music and provide your interpretation and opinion about it.

Your paper on music should be a combination of compelling and entertaining primary argument, clear structure, and appropriate style. If you strive to write an outstanding assignment about music, include a mixture of metaphor and attention to musical detail. Here are some music essay writing features:

Leonard Ayres fact about the influence of music on speed

3.1  Using Technical vs. Plain Language

Think about your audience. Is your writing for professionals or not? If you’re the neophyte in music or writing for an audience, unfamiliar with the music, avoid technical language. Present your evidence in general words.

In another case, using professional language may be useful to clarify music’s subtleties precisely.

3.2  Using Metaphorical Language

What can reveal the nature if a musical passage better than using a metaphorical language? Well-chosen metaphor allows underlining the passionate quality and meaning of a musical work better than specific technical terms.

Be careful when choosing analogy because wrong metaphor may draw away your efforts to get across the piece of music.

3.3  Writing an Immanent Critique

When writing a music essay, your professor may ask you to assess only one piece of music, argument or text. Yes, you have only one source for your paper. To cope with this task, you should evaluate internal tensions, deviations, or slippages of a composition or a text.

4.  💡  Bonus: 10 Topics for a Short Essay on Music

Here you are welcome to find various topics to write about music. We hope these ideas will help you to develop professional music essays:

  1. The power of music to influence human mind. Think, why marketers use music in advertising and how it impacts customers behavior.
  2. The sound of music: a Robert Wise’s movie. Evaluate the movie’s lyrical and musical impact on the film’s atmosphere.
  3. The impact of music on the human brain. Examine the latest research in the mental health field and how music therapy affects the depression treatment.
  4. Music as the lifestyle. Assess how does the favorite music genre influences our daily life, clothing style, behavior, etc.
  5. The history of music. A throwback to the six periods of music and evaluate how its development affected modern music.
  6. The nuts and bolts of the music industry. Assess how the contemporary audio technology and fast pace of life affect musicians.
  1. The psychology of music. Examine what the favorite music genre can tell about someone’s personality and why.
  2. The music and television. Evaluate how the music of TV shows and movies impact the audience’s feelings and behavior.
  3. Musical education: the sound of success? Does anyone need a musical background?
  4. Should music be free for download? Think about ethical and legal sides of this issue.

Let your music essay impress someone as much as your favorite music awes you!

What music genre is your favorite and why? Tell us in comments below!

Further reading:

✏️  Music Essay FAQ

“Music” is a vast topic. An essay might deal with anything from trends in the 1950s, the best guitarists of all time, introduction to certain music styles, or Imagine dragons, for example. In any case, the paper should have a definite structure, logic, cohesion, and all other essay attributes.
The topic “music” can be interpreted in various ways. If you are getting a degree in this field, you might want to write something more specific and “technical.” If your essay or an article is aimed at just informing and entertaining, write about your favorite music style, band, etc.
Writing about music does not necessarily require any specific skills. If you are not familiar with the theory of music and can’t even play any instrument, no worries. Here are some topic ideas: favorite music band, style, or even about your perception of music. Provide examples!
If you are writing an essay for school or college, a good choice would be an expository essay. It does not require any specific knowledge of the music industry. Title suggestions might be: “My perception of music,” “My favorite music band,” “Why music can change the world,” etc.

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