267 Hottest Fashion Topics to Write About in 2024

In today’s world, fashion has become one of the most significant aspects of our lives. It influences everything from clothing and furniture to language and etiquette. It propels the economy, shapes people’s personal tastes, defines individuals and communities, and satisfies all possible desires and needs.

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In 2023, the global apparel market revenue equaled 1.74 trillion dollars.

In this article, Custom-Writing.org experts will present 267 unique fashion topics, discussion ideas, and fast fashion questions worth investigating. We will also help you figure out what the structure of an essay on fashion may look like.

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🔝 Top 12 Fashion Topics to Write About

  1. Goth fashion: origin and history
  2. Fashion industry and marketing
  3. Anti-fashion trends of the 2000s
  4. The impact of fashion on nature
  5. The rise of new fashion brands
  6. The disadvantages of fast fashion
  7. The use of child labor in fashion
  8. Fashion as a way to express oneself
  9. Key principles of eco-friendly fashion trends
  10. Why do teenagers want to be fashionable?
  11. What are the benefits of sustainable fashion?
  12. The role of fashion influencers in setting trends

✍️ Fashion Topics for Essays

Fashion Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Fashion is a lifestyle
  2. Freedom from stereotypes as a feature of unisex clothes
  3. Aesthetics of Y2K as the height of futuristic fashion
  4. Sportswear can be a staple in a man’s wardrobe
  5. Wearing ethnic headdresses is cultural appropriation
  6. How fashion photography revolutionized the art form
  7. Fashion psychology is a necessary field of science
  8. Reasons for Parisian style’s enduring appeal
  9. What is Athleisure, and why is it popular?
  10. Modern clothing is less concerned with the body type
  11. Liberating effects of mixing business and casual clothes
  12. Why is the classic fashion style timeless?
  13. Minimalist style is an alternative to consumerism
  14. Sportswear is an empowering choice for girls
  15. Clothing styles: from avant-garde to classic, from grunge to glamour
  16. Radically changing one’s style of clothing can be a healing experience
  17. Opting for thrift-store clothing is beneficial for the environment
  18. From classic to outrageous: what makes a fabulous Red Carpet look
  19. Dress code is the key element of the corporate culture
  20. How fashion serves as the armor to survive the reality of everyday life
  21. AI-generated designs are the future of fashion
  22. Office clothes for the heatwave: new solutions within the dress code
  23. Fashion shows as activism platforms
  24. What’s the purpose of motivational prints?
  25. The psychology of vibrant prints
  26. Is vegetable-tanned leather superior to artificial leather?
  27. Wearing leather pants is not for everyone
  28. Explore the connection between men’s fashion and changing gender roles
  29. Relationship between fashion and consumerism in the 1960s culture
  30. We must stop the practice of whitewashing POC fashion models
  31. Can a face mask be fashionable?
  32. Marketing practices for male jewelry need to be changed
  33. Are skinny sunnies useless?
  34. National identity is constructed through fashion
  35. Does male fashion need more variety?
  36. Fighting for environmental justice with fashion
  37. The best version of yourself: can sportswear inspire you to work out?
  38. Expert thoughts are more important than amateur fashion criticism
  39. Assess the impact of women’s fashion on society in 1901-1945
  40. The role of appearance in consumers’ fashion habits
  41. Can a fashion trend last longer than a year?
  42. Construction of body types through definitions of “ideal
  43. Examine masculinity and femininity in fashion through a historical lens
  44. Fashion is political: power dynamics and global exchange
  45. Stay warm, stay beautiful: benefits of eco-fur coats
  46. Optical illusions in clothes: tacky or not?
  47. How did the BLM movement influence fashion?
  48. The ethics of miniskirts
  49. Health benefits of linen clothes

To write an argumentative essay about fashion, you’ll need to research a topic by gathering and assessing data and establishing a coherent viewpoint on the subject. Feel free to use our topics for inspiration! 

Informative Fashion Topics to Write About

  1. Representation of gender roles in fashion during the Industrial Revolution
  2. Branding strategies for the luxury fashion line extensions
  3. Challenges faced by the fashion industry in Ghana
  4. Entrepreneurship opportunities in Africa’s burgeoning fashion sector
  5. Gender distinctions in fashion during the Industrial Revolution
  6. Compare Elizabethan and Jacobian fashion styles
  7. Fashion trends and social movements during the Second World War
  8. Harmful results of the fashion industry’s reliance on ultra-thin models
  9. Using fashion to embrace differences within subcultures across the world
  10. Victorian Era fashion for upper-class women
  11. Evolution of women’s fashion and social roles over the 20th century
  12. Consumer decision-making processes in the fashion industry
  13. Influence of Western fashion on Islamic outwear
  14. Diversification of the fashion industry and runway shows
  15. Effects of AI technology on fashion photography
  16. How to travel safely with expensive jewelry
  17. Combining several prints the right way
  18. Compare Barbie doll outfits with traditional children’s fashion
  19. Hats off: how to wear a bucket hat in autumn
  20. Women’s fashion and social movements in the past century
  21. How to care for white sneakers in winter
  22. Compatibility of ethical fashion purchases
  23. Ways to wear high heels without harm to feet and veins
  24. Fashion professionals’ inspiration from history and culture
  25. Harder, faster, stronger: the most comfortable cross-fit shoes
  26. Where to find trendy socks and what to combine them with?
  27. Evolution of women’s clothing throughout history
  28. Women’s fashion trends between 20th and 21st centuries
  29. Not a penny more: how to resist impulsive purchases
  30. Influence of the Elizabethan era on modern fashion
  31. Strategies for creating teenage fashion trends
  32. Evolution of fashion and its appearance throughout history
  33. Role of fashion in the social construction of gender
  34. The connection between style and the construction of social identities
  35. People’s engagement with fashion as consumers and designers
  36. Who can be called the “father of fashion”?
  37. Impact of celebrity fashion on teenagers’ self-image
  38. Madeleine Chéruit: one of the first woman designers
  39. The location of the first Fashion Week event and its significance

An informative essay on fashion can focus on trends, practices, textiles, brands, and even the history of fashion. Our topics will definitely help you write an excellent paper. 

👒 Fashion Research Topics

  1. Dressing standards in contemporary democracies
  2. Impact of buy-back on fashion sub-sourcing
  3. How much does music affect what people wear?
  4. Suggest ways of communicating the concept of green fashion across different cultures
  5. How to manage the supply networks of the Chinese fashion apparel industry
  6. Explain how to apply theoretical perspectives to fashion case studies
  7. Vertical integration in the fashion apparel industry
  8. The impact of AI technology on fashion design and production
  9. Research the influence of brand and quality on clothing price
  10. Why is pale skin the standard for beauty?
  11. Contrast rural and urban approaches to fashion
  12. Todd Fields’ Tar and its influence on menswear trends
  13. The cultural and social influences on fashion trends
  14. How much does globalization influence style?
  15. Does today’s fashion promote a positive body image?
  16. How have ballgowns changed over the years?
  17. The role of storytelling in modern branding and design
  18. The idea behind school uniforms and their design
  19. Analyze the phenomenon of nostalgia in contemporary art and fashion
  20. The influence of cultural identity on fashion design
  21. Is formal attire dwindling in popularity in offices?
  22. Sustainable fashion: is it succeeding in making a change?
  23. Write a chronological study of the development of above-knee-length skirts
  24. Does globalization have an impact on garment design?
  25. Is it immoral to wear uncomfortable clothing?
  26. Social media “hauls” in fashion marketing
  27. Evaluate the use alternate and sustainable materials in the fashion industry
  28. How contemporary social issues are reflected in fashion design
  29. The influence of celebrities on international fashion trends
  30. How does gender identity influence fashion choices?
  31. The role of fashion and design in ancient societies
  32. The development of the American fashion industry
  33. How fashion trends of the 2020s embraced femininity
  34. The role of body positivity in fashion design
  35. How does fashion affect political discourse?
  36. Explain how to read luxury fashion advertisements
  37. How Western fashion influences the rest of the world
  38. Evaluate the effect of street style on high fashion trends
  39. Education in fashion entrepreneurship
  40. Role of social media influencers in shaping consumer behavior
  41. The intersection of art and fashion in contemporary design
  42. The evolution of costume design in film and theater
  43. What’s the role of diversity and inclusivity in fashion?
  44. The use of virtual reality in the fashion industry
  45. Best ways of storing suede clothes and accessories
  46. How does body positivity impact fashion marketing?

Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation, from the creation of machines for sewing to the rise of e-commerce. Fashion technology is evolving at a greater rate than ever before. Our research topics will help you look into the most exciting aspects of the fashion industry. 

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❓ Fast Fashion Research Questions

  1. How does fast fashion relate to economic cycles?
  2. How do fast fashion brands copy runway designs?
  3. What factors led to the emergence of fast fashion?
  4. What tactics do fast fashion brands use for promotion?
  5. Why does fast fashion contribute so much to landfills?
  6. Do fast fashion brands do anything to minimize their negative impact?
  7. How can we question the ethics of fast fashion brands?
  8. What revealing information do models provide regarding fast fashion?
  9. What influences the formation of new trends in the fast fashion industry?
  10. What are the biggest mistakes of fast fashion companies and their consequences?
  11. What’s the importance of public coverage in the fast fashion industry?
  12. What are the leading supply chain management strategies in fast fashion?
  13. What characterizes consumer behavior in the fast fashion sector?
  14. How do the production and transportation of fast fashion garments contribute to CO2 levels?
The price of clothing has gone down by 8.5% since 1992.
  1. How are fast fashion factory workers systematically mistreated?
  2. Shein fast fashion brand: what’s the price of its success?
  3. Why is disposable fashion popular among low-income customers?
  4. Why we’re buying more clothes than ever but wearing them less?
  5. What are the most effective ways of boycotting fast fashion brands?
  6. How can you determine which brands are using greenwashing?
  7. Why is the fashion industry the world’s second-largest polluter?
  8. What are the implications of physical and sexual abuse among H&M workers?

Fast fashion refers to the massive production of inexpensive garments. This approach makes clothes more affordable but has severe ethical and environmental implications. You can explore them in your paper with the help of our research questions about fast fashion.

👜 Fashion Article Topics to Write About

  1. The role of public opinion in choosing clothes
  2. Do fashion brand newsletters affect sales?
  3. The influence of Instagram on the fashion industry
  4. How to create lookbooks for brands
  5. Tacky is the new stylish: why are Y2K fashion choices back in style?
  6. How to care for white sneakers in winter
  7. Eco trend: three great brands will give your jeans a second life
  8. Warm and fluffy fleece: what it is and how to wear it
  9. The fashion blogging sphere and its subdivisions
  10. Evaluate the impact of politics on fashion
  11. Review the principles of news coverage of prestigious fashion shows
  12. How bloggers can promote daring fashion designs
  13. The evolution of fashion blogging over the past ten years
  14. Latest critical events in the fashion media space
  15. The enduring appeal of fashion magazines
  16. What affects the share of television news in fashion shows?
  17. The impact of activism on fashion trends
  18. How can we bring revolutionary ideas to sustainable fashion?
  19. The effect of influencer promotion on emerging brands
  20. What are the required qualifications for a fashion news reporter?
  21. Tips and tricks for beginner fashion photographers
  22. Ways of creating trends by ignoring specific rules in fashion
  23. Fashion blogging as a way of self-expression
  24. International relations in fashion companies
  25. Clothing as a way to express political views
  26. Opportunities to create a trendy blog space
  27. How to accumulate knowledge about fashion
  28. The difference between Grunge and Biker styles
  29. How to overcome a crisis in personal style
  30. Methods of collecting information for a feature story about fashion
  31. How online blogging is replacing printed fashion publications
  32. Best ways to make fashion photography more inclusive
  33. The rise of Barbiecore: femininity and nostalgia
  34. Cycles in fashion and future trends
  35. Opportunities for networking with fashion brands
  36. Personal style as a factor in self-realization
  37. Assess the prevalence of fake reviews in the fashion industry
  38. Old trends returning: is it the essence of fashion?

The fashion industry is a vast spectrum that includes countless sub-fields and trends. The popularity of articles and blog posts on fashion is on the rise. Write one yourself with the help of our topics!

🗣️ Fashion Topics to Discuss

  1. The legacy of Elsa Schiaparelli
  2. What makes a good brand logo?
  3. The history of the Oxford shoes
  4. Reflection of feminist trends in clothing
  5. The impact of French fashion on global trends
  6. Implementation of modern technologies in fashion using 3D printers
  7. How fashion designers’ personalities are reflected in their designs
  8. Individual styles of Giorgio Armani and Versace: comparative aspect
  9. Contemporary trends in established fashion brands: Chanel case study
  10. The problem of the inconsistency of new fashion trends
  11. Features of fashion design during the coronavirus pandemic
  12. Military style as the romanticization of war
  13. Elements of Classic Hollywood’s clothing and makeup
  14. The individual style in the fashion of Ilaria Urbinati
  15. Explore the aspects of harmony between clothes and accessories
  16. Features and the instrumentation of theatrical costumes
  17. Compare the characteristics of fashion trends in France
  18. How Native Americans’ national dress contributed to fashion
  19. How fashion brands choose their muses and ambassadors
  20. Features of mass production in garment manufacturing
  21. Jewelry design as an essential component of modern fashion
  22. What are the characteristics of a collaboration between hairdressers and stylists?
  23. Features of popularization of plus size clothing in America
  24. The main trends in Asian fashion: China and Japan
  25. Evaluate the importance of marketing research for clothing stores
  26. Advantages of the mass market in developing countries
  27. The origin of second-hands in Eastern Europe
  28. Modern trends of men’s suits for business meetings
  29. Design of sports uniforms at the 2022 World Cup
  30. Differences in casual style in different states of America
  31. Advantages of boat shoes and moccasins: comparative aspect
  32. Stereotypes and benefits of sustainable fashion
  33. Research market monopolization of eyewear styles by Ray-Ban
  34. The problem of mindlessly following the latest trends
  35. Inclusive trends in the underwear design
  36. The impact of subcultures on modern fashion
  37. How pop culture influences fashion
  38. Features of ethical fashion in Australia
  39. The transition from sophistication to comfort in fashion
  40. The no-bra movement as part of the feminist concept
  41. Elements of mask fashion during the COVID-19 pandemic
  42. Gender-neutral clothing as a symbol of the gender revolution
  43. Fashion as a character in Quentin Tarantino’s movies

Fashion reflects people’s thoughts, identities, and cultures. It can influence and shape lives because of its close connection to all things surrounding us. That is why there are still a lot of controversial discussion topics. If you’re looking for good fashion topics to talk about, feel free to pick any of the ideas above.

💡 Fashion Essay Prompts

Fast Fashion Essay Prompt

Fast fashion refers to clothing designs that travel swiftly from the runway to stores to capitalize on trends. The collections are frequently inspired by styles seen during Fashion Week or worn by celebrities. Fast fashion allows mainstream consumers to get the hottest new look or the next great thing at a reasonable cost, but it also has its drawbacks.

Can’t find good fast fashion topics? Get inspired with the following questions:

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  • What does the term “fast fashion” mean? In your essay, you can explain the definition of the term and explore its history.
  • Who are the fast fashion leaders in the market? Here, you can analyze the current mass-market clothing companies, such as Zara, H&M, and others. What strategies do they use? What makes them popular?
  • What are the benefits of fast fashion? Fast fashion contributes to the economy, lets low-income individuals wear stylish clothes, and leads to the overall democratization of fashionable clothing. You can discuss some of these points in your paper.
  • What are the drawbacks of fast fashion? Although it has many benefits, fast fashion is seen as a primarily negative phenomenon. It promotes consumerism, contributes to pollution, and exploits underpaid workers.
  • How does fast fashion pollute the environment? One of the main disadvantages of fast fashion is the pollution it causes. It contributes to greenhouse emissions and pollutes the oceans through the use of harmful chemicals.

Fashion and Identity Essay Prompts

Fashion is important because it contributes to the formation of people’s identities. It creates a sense of belonging to a specific group through what we wear. How we utilize fashion also helps us express our personalities.

Since fashion is an especially relevant topic for students, it can be a great college essay topic. Here are some ideas you can discuss:

  • Your opinion on modern trends. Here, you can discuss the trends you like or dislike and the reasons for that.
  • Connection with peers through style. You can analyze how clothing style reflects one’s personality and tastes and if it helps bond with others.
  • Fashion as a way to reflect social status. In your essay, you can explore how fashion and clothing choices can create an illusion of a higher social status and class.
  • Fashionable ways to reflect your authentic self. Here, you may focus on how clothing style can also serve as a tool for self-expression and be a crucial element for creating the right impression.
  • Fashion methods to boost confidence. Analyze how wearing proper clothes can also make one more confident.

Sustainable Fashion Essay Prompt 

Few industries brag about their commitment to sustainability more than the fashion industry. Items ranging from swimwear to wedding dresses are advertised as carbon-positive, organic, or vegan. Sadly, the fashion industry’s experimentations over the last 25 years have failed to reduce its environmental impact. Here are the themes you can focus on in your essay:

  • The importance of sustainable fashion. Start by discussing the fashion industry’s influence on the environment and climate change. Then, turn your attention to the new safe models of the fashion business.
  • The contribution of eco-friendly fashion brands. Analyze approaches of brands willing to make sustainable fashion affordable. How will they aid in decreasing environmental damage and providing new bio-based textiles in manufacturing?
List of environmental problems caused by the fashion inductry.

Prompt for an Essay on Fashion and Style

Style and fashion play a major role in reflecting modern society’s values, norms, and cultural trends. This makes them excellent topics for essays. Your paper on fashion and style may raise the following questions: 

  • How do changes in fashion reflect transformations in broader social and economic structures? For this topic, you should explore fashion history to analyze the correlation between fashion trends and social situations.
  • How did the mainstreaming of streetwear affect its role as a subcultural style? Fashion has always played an essential role in subcultures. Streetwear is particularly important for numerous subcultures, from hip-hop to the skate scene. What does the popularization of streetwear and its elements mean for their unique identity?
  • How has the rise of digital platforms impacted our relationship with fashion and style? In your essay, you can discuss how social networks help quickly spread new trends. What are the pros and cons of this phenomenon?
  • Can fashion be truly inclusive and accepting, or are attempts of representation simply performative? You may focus on a particular brand’s strategy or cover the issue in general.
  • How can consumers make better aesthetic choices when making fashion purchases? Here, you can suggest your ideas for keeping up with the trends without compromising one’s personal style.

✅ Fashion Essay Writing Tips

Need some assistance with structuring your fashion essay? Check out our handy guide with helpful advice! We’ve also included examples you can use for inspiration.

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Fashion Essay Introduction

To write a great introduction for your paper on fashion, do the following: 

  1. Write a hook. Introduce your topic in a catchy opening sentence to make your reader invested in your essay. It can be an interesting fact, a quotation, or an intriguing question.
    Fashion and sociology may seem like they have nothing in common, but are they really so different? 
  2. Give some background. Provide enough information to familiarize the reader with the topic.
    Throughout history, fashion has impacted society and reflected its cultural and economic changes. Additionally, this impact has evolved to be recognized psychologically, with people identifying mentally and emotionally with fashion to interpret visual information. 
  3. Explain unknown words. You may be using terms that are essential to understanding the essay but are unfamiliar to your readers. Make sure to define them as early as possible.
    Basque is an extension below the waistline of a fitted bodice or jacket. 
  4. Find interesting information for your introduction. For example, you can look up a piece of statistics demonstrating the scope of the issue you intend to address. 
    The U.S. fashion market is estimated to be worth $343.70 billion. 

Thesis Statement about Fashion

There are 3 key characteristics of a good thesis statement:

  1. Providing a clear and concise claim that needs to be clarified and supported by additional discussion. 
  2. Demonstrating your main idea and arguments. 
  3. Showing your understanding of challenges and conflicts. 

Here’s what it can look like:


Despite all the fierce advertising and promotion, it is our own likes, dislikes, and emotions that impact what we wear.

You can also check out our free thesis statement generator. It will help make your essay even better!

Fashion Essay: Main Body

A good body paragraph has a clear structure with 3 key elements: 

  • A topic sentence is the opening statement of a paragraph that expresses its key idea. 
  • Supporting evidence bolsters your core idea after the topic sentence. 
  • Concluding sentences can express an opinion, forecast events, or serve as a transition. 


Fashion encourages us to unleash our creativity. Combining different pieces of textiles and jewelry allows anyone to stay fashionable and dress creatively. All of these things have the potential to foster our ingenuity and creativity. Also, fashion provides us with experiences to evaluate our innovative selves.

Fashion Essay Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize your essay’s main ideas. To write it, take the following steps: 

  1. Reflect on the topic of your paper in the restated thesis.
  2. Inform the reader of how your supporting evidence helped strengthen your main claim. 
  3. Give a few final ideas regarding the significance of your topic. 
  4. Avoid introducing any new information.
  5. Summarize all the essential points. 

Check out what a conclusion may look like:


Whether we like to admit it or not, fashion significantly impacts most people’s lives. It aids in reflecting a country’s culture, expressing ourselves, or inspiring creativity. That is precisely why we should not judge the fashion industry but rather embrace it as a part of everyday life.

We hope our 269 unique fashion topics will inspire you to write a great paper! We’ll be happy if you leave a comment below or share this page with your friends you may need inspiration.

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