380 Powerful Women’s Rights & Feminism Topics [2024]

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Some people think all feminists hate men. It couldn’t be further from the truth! Feminists are people of all genders who believe that they are socially and politically equal. Thanks to their achievements, women’s rights around the world are progressing.

If you want to contribute to the discussion, this article has what you need. Here, our custom writing experts compiled:

  • Creative feminism topics for your paper,
  • Tips to help you pick the perfect topic.

Let’s dive right in!

🔝 Top 10 Feminism Essay Topics

  1. The 4 waves of feminism
  2. Liberal vs. radical feminism
  3. What is feminist psychology?
  4. Feminist views on trans rights
  5. Why ecofeminism is important
  6. How has feminism changed culture?
  7. Feminism interactions with socialism
  8. The effects of liberal feminism on the society
  9. Civil rights movement’s influence on feminism
  10. The main proponents of feminist standpoint theory

✅ How to Choose a Feminism Topic

Picking the right topic is a crucial first step for any assignment. Check out these tips for a little starting help:

  • Formulate your topic as a question, such as “What makes Alice Schwarzer a controversial feminist figure?” This trick will help you clearly determine what your essay will be about.
  • Compile a keyword list. Once you have a general idea of what you want to work on, think of related words and phrases. For example, if our area of interest is Feminism in America, some of our keywords might be women’s suffrage movement, Fifteenth Amendment, birth control. You can use them to outline your research.
  • A concept map can be a helpful brainstorming tool to organize your ideas. Put your area of interest (for instance, women empowerment) in a circle in the middle. Write all related concepts around it, and connect them with lines.
  • Stay clear from overused themes. Writing on popular subjects might be tempting. But can you offer a unique perspective on the issue? Choose such topics only if your answer is “yes.”
  • Make sure there is enough information available. Sure, an essay on the role of women in 17th century Tongan culture sounds exciting. Unfortunately, finding good sources on this topic might prove difficult. You can refer to subjects of this kind if you’re researching a thesis or a dissertation.

Now you’re ready to find your perfect topic. Keep reading and let one of our exciting suggestions inspire you.

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⚖️ Top 10 Women’s Rights Essay Topics

  1. Gender bias in driving
  2. Girls’ education in Afghanistan
  3. Women’s political rights in Syria
  4. Women’s land ownership rights
  5. Overincarceration of women in the US
  6. Resettlement of women refugees: risks
  7. Abortion rights in conservative countries
  8. Reproductive rights and HIV among women
  9. Honor killings as women’s rights violation
  10. Access to cervical cancer prevention for women of color

🔬 Top 10 Feminism Research Topics

  1. Gender equity vs. gender equality
  2. Adverse effects of child marriage
  3. #Metoo movement’s impact on society
  4. Environmental crisis as a feminist issue
  5. The importance of women’s education
  6. Is gender equality a social justice issue?
  7. Why is teen pregnancy dangerous?
  8. How can gender biases be lessened?
  9. Ethics of artificial reproductive technologies
  10. Legacy of women’s suffrage movement

📜 History of Women’s Rights Topics

The history of women’s rights in America is long and full of struggles. The US is still far from having achieved complete equality. And in many developing countries, the situation is even worse. If you’re interested in the feminist movements and activists who paved the way thus far, this section is for you.

  1. The role of women in the first American settlements.
  2. Why weren’t women allowed to serve in combat positions in the US army until 2013?
  3. What happened at the Seneca Falls Convention?
  4. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Women’s Suffrage in America.
  5. Discuss the impact of Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I a Woman? speech.
  6. Explore gender equality in 20th century Britain.
  7. Trace the timeline of events that led to the 19th amendment.
  8. Why was the invention of the pill a milestone in the fight for equal rights?
  9. The legacy of Amelia Earhart.
  10. What was The Bitch Manifesto?
  11. Outline the history of women in American politics.
  12. The role of women in the Civil Rights Movement.
  13. How did the Comstock Laws affect the struggle for women’s rights?
  14. How did Ruth Bader Ginsburg fight against gender discrimination in the US?
  15. In what ways did the introduction of Islamic law improve women’s rights in Arabia?
  16. Artemisia Gentileschi: forerunner of feminism.
  17. In 2016, the first female president was nominated by a major US party. Why did it take so long?
  18. Explore the origins of witch trials in Europe.
  19. What did Molly Dewson achieve?
  20. The history of women’s rights in Russia vs. England.
  21. How did WWI influence the fight for equal rights?
  22. What were the goals of the Women’s Trade Union League?
  23. The effects of the Equal Pay Act.
Cheris Kramarae quote.
  1. Study the connection between women’s health and rights throughout history. 
  2. When did women receive the right to own property in America? Why was it important? 
  3. Debate the role of women in history of theater. 
  4. In the past, Russia was one of the first European countries to introduce women’s suffrage. In 2016, it decriminalized domestic violence. What led to this change? 
  5. Women in the workforce: the long road towards workplace equality
  6. Minna Canth: the history of women’s rights activism in Finland. 
  7. Who were “The Famous Five”? 
  8. Why was Japan quicker to enact equality laws than its European counterparts? 
  9. The role and visibility of women writers in the 19th century. 
  10. What problems did the National Organization for Women face? 
  11. Discuss the foundation and impact of the Redstockings. Did they reflect the general attitude of women towards liberation at the time? 
  12. Who or what was responsible for the failure of the ERA
  13. The role of women in Ancient Greek communities. 
  14. Alice Paul and the Silent Sentinels: how did they contribute to establishing the right to vote for women? 
  15. Why was Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique critical to the progress of feminism in the 20th century? 
  16. The presidential candidacy of Victoria Woodhull. 
  17. What was the purpose of the Hull House? How did it advance women’s rights? 
  18. Why did Elizabeth Cady Stanton oppose the Fifteenth Amendment? 
  19. Lucy Stone’s influence on the abolitionist and women’s rights movements
  20. Discuss the significance of literature for the success of the suffragist movement in America. 
  21. Slavery: compare women’s and men’s narratives. 
  22. How Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s speeches and poetry changed the world. 
  23. Emmeline Pankhurst as the central figure of the UK’s suffragette movement. 
  24. Why did it take so long for suffragette movements around the globe to gain traction? 
  25. From a historical perspective, why weren’t women’s rights the same as human rights? 
  26. Trace the development of women liberation in Morocco. 
  27. Investigate the founding of women’s day. 

👩👍 Feminism Topics to Research

Feminism is a global phenomenon. That’s why it’s not surprising that the term has many definitions. What to consider sexism? What can we do about it? How important is the concept of gender? Those are central questions feminists around the world seek to answer. Feminism’s areas of study include politics, sociology, and economics.

  1. Compare feminist issues on a global scale.
  2. What distinguishes radical feminists from liberal ones?
  3. Black feminism: is it a separate movement?
  4. When does “being a gentleman” become sexist?
  5. Is feminism always anti-racist?
  6. What do we need gender concepts for?
  7. Feminism oppression in Islamic countries.
  8. How do gender stereotypes form in children?
  9. Why are societies around the globe still struggling to achieve full equality?
  10. The effects of gender-oriented politics.
  11. Can men be feminists? (Consider Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists)
  12. How did the patriarchy develop?
  13. Would a matriarchal society be more peaceful than a patriarchal one? Draw your conclusions from real-life examples.
  14. Compare and contrast Judith Butler and Alice Schwarzer.
  15. Effectiveness of provocative methods in feminism.
  16. What’s the problem with unisex bathrooms in restaurants and bars?
  17. Discuss the prejudice transgender people face. What should we do about it?
  18. Why are reproductive rights a crucial issue on the way to equality?
  19. Describe various types of feminism.
  20. How can hairstyle function as a political statement?
  21. Which feminist movements are most prevalent in Asia?
  22. Trace the history of feminist ethics.
  23. What’s the “pink tax,” and why should it be abolished?
  24. Discuss Audre Lorde’s feminism.
  25. How does feminist research methodology influence education?
  26. Sexism in advertising: why is it still a problem?
  27. What are the goals of Girls Who Code?
  28. The role of literacy politics in achieving gender equality.
  29. Stay at home moms: are they a step back on the feminist agenda?
  30. Explore the origins of color-coding pink and blue as girl and boy colors, respectively.
  31. Are beauty pageants harmful to women’s positive body image?
  32. The problem of ableism in intersectional feminist movements.
  33. What is identity politics, and why is it important?
  34. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, recently introduced her new cabinet. Of the 20 people who serve in it, eight are women, five Maori, three belong to the minority Pasifika, and three are queer. Is it what all future cabinets should strive for?
  35. What makes racism a feminist issue?
  36. Describe how objectification works and why it is harmful.
  37. A history of women inventors who didn’t get credit for their innovations.
  38. Female circumcision as an example of women’s oppression disguised as a cultural tradition.
  39. The infantilization of women: origins and effects.
Infantilization of women.
  1. Define how feminism influences science.
  2. How does one avoid gender bias when raising a child?
  3. What popular ideas about feminism are myths?
  4. Gender inequality in politics of India and Iran.
  5. What is the definition of ecofeminism? Describe its merits.
  6. How do men benefit from feminism?
  7. Why do we need gender equality in language?
  8. Problems of reconciling religion and the LGBTQ community.
  9. More and more fitness clubs introduce “women’s hours.” Some bars are only open for women. They claim to do this to create safe spaces. What’s your position on this development?
  10. Anti-feminism: is it a movement for the far-right?
  11. The impact of #metoo on work culture.

📚 Feminist Theory Topics to Look Into

Feminist theory criticizes how culture perpetuates misogyny. The best way to look at it is to divide feminism into three waves:

  • First-wave feminism (the late 1700s – early 1900s). It includes the women’s suffrage movement.
  • Second-wave feminism (the 1960s – ’70s.) Key points are equal working conditions and feminist political activism.
  • Third-wave feminism (1990s – today). It encompasses not only women but all marginalized groups.

Take a look at culture from a feminist perspective with our topics:

  1. Discuss the concept of feminism in Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy.
  2. Explain the success of Gillian Armstrong’s Little Women.
  3. What inequalities between men and women does Mary Wollstonecraft mention in A Vindication of the Rights of Women?
  4. Masculinity and femininity in William Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage.
  5. An existentialist view: how Simone de Beauvoir influenced the feminist discourse.
  6. The role of women in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah.
  7. Discuss the power dynamics between men and women in the Terminator series.
  8. How does rap music perpetuate traditional concepts of masculinity?
  9. Daisy’s character in The Great Gatsby through a feminist lens.
  10. Write about the depiction of women and the patriarchy in Mad Men.
  11. What distinguishes the third wave of feminism from the other two?
  12. Women’s history and media in Susan Douglas’ Where the Girls Are.
  13. What is the goal of gynocriticism?
  14. Possibilities of sisterhood in Hulu’s TV show A Handmaid’s Tale.
  15. Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar: where does Esther Greenwood see her place in society?
  16. Early feminist perspectives in Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own.
  17. Compare and contrast how the characters in Mulan react to the protagonist as a woman vs. a man.
  18. Life stages of women in Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma.
  19. Why were feminists unhappy about Prado’s exhibition Uninvited Guests?
  20. Sexuality and society in Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire.
  21. Gender expectations in The Little Mermaid.
  22. Feminist concepts and issues in Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why.
  23. Challenging traditional femininity: independence and rebellion in Thelma and Louise.
  24. The target audience of Mad Max: Fury Road is stated as male. Yet, the central character of the film Furiosa is a strong rebel woman. Does this make it a feminist movie?
  25. Persepolis: what it means to grow up as a liberal woman in Iran.
  26. Blockbuster movies have an enormous reach. Does it obligate them to support feminist issues?
  27. Marjorie Liu’s Monstress: what does it tell us about feminism?
  28. The Berlin Film Festival announced that they would no longer crown the best actor and actress. Instead, they honor the best performance in either a leading or supporting role. What are the consequences of this?
  29. What does it mean to criticize an art piece from a feminist point of view?
  30. Compare and contrast the portrayal of female characters in horror genre throughout the years.
  31. Analyze Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto. Why does the author use the cyborg metaphor? What arguments does it help bring across?
  32. How do black women characters in Toni Morrison’s novels experience society?
  33. What makes various awards an important instrument of feminism?
  34. Analyze Katniss Everdeen archetype in Hunger Games.
  35. Many classic children’s stories include outdated depictions of women and people of color. Because of this, some people are demanding to ban or censor them. Do you think this is the right way to tackle the problem?
  36. What does the term “male gaze” mean, and why is it a problem?
  37. The role of the body in feminist aesthetics.
  38. Discuss the impact of women philosophers on renowned male scholars of their time.
  39. What distinguishes feminist art from other art forms?
  40. Debate the political dimension of using women in body art.
  41. Does the message in Lemonade make Beyoncé a feminist icon?
  42. Why are misogynist song lyrics still widely accepted?
  43. How did Aretha Franklin’s music impact the Civil Rights Movement in America?
  44. Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray from a queer theoretical perspective.
  45. Objectification in film: analyzing Rachel’s character in The Dark Knight.
  46. Investigate the Star Wars’ representation problem. How did the franchise develop into a battleground for diversity?
  47. Misogynist vs. psycho: feminist aspects of David Fincher’s Gone Girl.
  48. Was the diversity in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a good thing?
  49. The cultural significance of strong female characters.
  50. Examine the concept of femininity in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

👩‍💻 Women Empowerment Topics to Write About

Women were excluded from crucial work areas such as the military and politics for a long time. This situation is changing now. Empowerment programs encourage women to seek professions in typically male-dominated areas. Do you want to research ways of increasing women’s control over their choices? Check out the following topics:

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  1. Joan of Arc as a leadership idol.
  2. The role of She Should Run in encouraging women to run for political positions.
  3. What should we do about higher education barriers for African American women?
  4. Examine current trends in female empowerment.
  5. Importance of the women’s empowerment principles.
Virginia Woolf quote.
  1. How can businesses use the Gender Gap Analysis Tool to promote equality in their companies?
  2. Why is there such a big gap between committing to advancing equality and corporate efforts to implement women’s empowerment programs?
  3. What business practices need to change so that men and women benefit from work programs equally?
  4. Analyse the reasons behind poor body image among young women.
  5. How does the transition from cash to digital payrolls help empower women in developing countries?
  6. What challenges do large companies face when it comes to gender equality?
  7. How does making fashion a circular economy impact women?
  8. Discuss what everyone can do to empower the women in their community.
  9. Why is it important to demand fair pay?
  10. The impact of Reese Witherspoon’s media company Hello Sunshine.
  11. What does it mean to be empowered?
  12. The influence of climate change on gender equality.
  13. Women in leadership positions: the rhetoric and the reality.
  14. Social stigma and family planning: the work of HER project in Kenya.
  15. CARE: why providing women with access to clean water is crucial for empowerment.
  16. How do you teach a girl that she can make a difference?
  17. Achievements of the global Women Deliver Conferences.
  18. How does Pro-Mujer help underprivileged women in Latin America?
  19. Why is workplace health a particular concern for women empowerment?
  20. What can businesses do to bridge the financial inclusion gender gap?
  21. Debate how strengthening women’s social position helps fight discrimination against all kinds of marginalized groups.
  22. Analyze the various benefits of women empowerment.
  23. Fighting gender stereotypes in the 21st century.
  24. The connection between a lack of women in politics and missing programs to support marginalized groups.
  25. What are patriarchal taboos that keep women from seeking power?
  26. How can a gender perspective on resilience activities assist businesses in finding ways to combat climate change?
  27. What methods does the #WithHer movement use to raise awareness of violence against women?
  28. The Spotlight Initiative: training sex workers to escape violence in Haiti.
  29. Define the gender digital divide.
  30. What’s the problem with the female gendering of AI assistants?
  31. Criticize the Gender Empowerment Measure.
  32. What role does the internet play in empowering girls?
  33. Compare the Gender Parity Index in the US and South Africa.
  34. How is Every Mother Counts working to decrease deaths related to pregnancies?
  35. Debate the reliability of the Gender Development Index.
  36. Child Marriage: the impact of Girls Not Brides.
  37. What are the political and social constraints that hamper women’s empowerment in Nigeria?
  38. How can you encourage women to give public speeches?
  39. How does e-learning help women worldwide gain independence?
  40. Explore the influence of the women’s rights movement on anti-descrimination activities.
  41. Challenges of women business in Mauritius.
  42. Labibah Hashim as an inspirational figure for women empowerment in Lebanon.
  43. How did Malaka Saad’s magazine al-Jens al-Latif inspire women to educate themselves in the Arab world?
  44. The development of sexual harassment policies in East Africa.
  45. How does microfinance in South America help women to start businesses?

👩‍🎓 Interesting Women’s Studies Topics for an Essay

Women’s or gender studies is an interdisciplinary science. It combines research from many fields, such as economics, psychology, and the natural sciences. Key aspects are women’s experiences and cultural as well as social constructs surrounding gender.

  1. What is velvet rope discrimination?
  2. The IT sphere is comparatively modern. Why does it still have such a gender gap problem?
  3. Is paid maternity/paternity leave a fundamental right for workers?
  4. How do we break the glass ceiling in today’s society?
  5. Discussing social taboos: postnatal depression.
  6. Women in religion: why shouldn’t women be priestesses?
  7. The queer of color critique: history and theory.
  8. Should feminists be against supporting care policies?
  9. Does foreign aid benefit women entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  10. Gender bias in criminal justice.
  11. What does legalized prostitution mean for sex workers?
  12. Does “stealthing” make otherwise consensual sex nonconsensual? Should this practice have legal consequences?
  13. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: a gendered analysis.
  14. Rojava: give an overview of the egalitarian feminist society.
  15. The role of women in modern nation-building processes.
  16. How do we include transgender athletes into sex-segregated competitive sports?
  17. Discuss the significance of gender in the euthanasia debate.
  18. Chivalry and capital punishment: why are women who commit murders less likely to be sentenced to death?
  19. Why do men have less confidence in women’s abilities than in men’s?
  20. Are hijabs always a symbol of oppression?
  21. Write about the role of feminism in international relations.
  22. Universal basic income: changing perspectives for women.
  23. Gamergate: what does it tell us about some men’s view on the video game industry?
  24. Discuss the social construction of gender roles.
  25. What is benevolent sexism, and why is it a problem?
  26. The military seems to be especially notorious when it comes to discriminating against LGBT people. Where might this originate from?
  27. Many army officers don’t hide that they don’t want women to serve. Why do women still do it? Why should they?
  28. The Eurovision Song Contest gave drag queen Conchita Wurst an enormous audience. How did she use this opportunity?
  29. Why are men who wear typically female clothing stigmatized?
  30. How have The Guerilla Girls shaped the art world in the past 30 years?
  31. Healthcare: what challenges do transgender patients face?
  32. Femme invisibility: discrimination inside the LGBT community.
  33. How did the idea develop that gay men and lesbians have to act and look a certain way to be considered queer?
  34. The history of sodomy laws in the US.
  35. “The Squad” as an example of the current success of left-wing women in politics.
  36. Should women use their attractiveness to get what they want?
  37. Are the careers of women scientists more affected by turmoil than those of their male counterparts?
Some of the most important female scientists.
  1. Do children’s toys restrict gender criteria?
  2. Many drugs are only tested on male subjects. How does this affect women?
  3. Enumerate some qualities that are seen as positive in men and negative in women. Why do you think this happens?
  4. Discuss the significance of the “Transgender Tipping Point.”
  5. The meaning of “home” and home spaces for women over the centuries.
  6. How do gender issues influence lawmaking?
  7. Analyze queer narratives from post-soviet states. How do gender norms in these countries differ from those in your community?
  8. Transgender representation in media: views of Viviane Namaste and Julia Serano.
  9. Nuclear power between politics and culture: a feminist perspective.
  10. Women guards in national socialist concentration camps.
  11. What reasons do women have for sex tourism?
  12. The problem of eurocentrism in European education.
  13. Explore the connection between citizenship and race.

🏥 Abortion Topics to Research

For some, abortion is a fundamental healthcare right. Others view it as a criminal act. Many conservative governments continue to restrict the access to this procedure. Because of this discrepancy, abortion remains a fiercely debated topic all around the globe. Consider one of these thought-provoking ideas:

  1. Why was Roe v. Wade such a landmark decision?
  2. Discuss why some CEOs step up against abortion bans.
  3. Abortion in transgender and intersex people.
  4. From a biological point of view, when does life begin?
  5. What signs should indicate that it is too late to terminate the pregnancy?
  6. Who influenced the abortion debate before Roe v. Wade?
  7. Is abortion morally wrong? If so, does that mean it’s always impermissible?
  8. Under what circumstances is terminating a life justified?
  9. Who or what defines if a being has the right to life or not?
  10. Analyse the access to abortion clinics as a policy issue.
  11. Reproductive rights and medical access in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  12. People terminate pregnancies, whether it’s illegal or not. Why would one still outlaw abortions?
  13. Investigate the occurrence of forced abortions during China’s one-child policy.
  14. Is the fetus’ right to life more important than the mother’s right to have control over her body?
  15. What rights are more essential than the right to life?
  16. Discuss women’s health as their integral right.
  17. Should there be restrictions on abortions?
  18. Can better access to contraceptives reduce the number of abortions?
  19. At what point does a fetus become a human being?
  20. Is selective abortion ethical?
  21. Germany’s paragraph 219a prohibits the display of information on abortion services. In 2019, the government decided to revise it, and now patients can consult a list provided by the department for health education. Is this compromise enough?
  22. What is the moral status of a human embryo?
  23. Should pregnancy terminations be free for low-income women?
  24. Is the criminalization of abortion discrimination?
  25. The social and psychological impact of pregnancy terminations on families.
  26. Should the man have a say in whether the woman has an abortion or not?
  27. What non-religious persuasive arguments against abortion are there?
  28. Are there good and bad reasons for ending a pregnancy?
  29. Should it be required for teenagers to have their parents’ consent for the abortion procedure?
  30. Examine the arguments of pro-life movement.
  31. Analyze how the public’s attitude towards abortion has changed over the past 50 years.
  32. Is withholding access to abortions a violation of human rights?
  33. After week-long strikes, the Polish government has delayed its proposed abortion ban. Is this a victory for the local feminist movement?
  34. Compare and contrast the various legal abortion methods.
  35. Analyze A Defense of Abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson.
  36. How is abortion viewed in Eastern vs. Western countries?
  37. Describe potential health issues surrounding late-term pregnancy terminations.
  38. How can we prevent unsafe abortions?
  39. What complications can occur during the abortion process?
  40. Debate the impact of the March for Life.
  41. Discuss whether women should have an abortion if diagnostics show fetal abnirmalities.
  42. What does Planned Parenthood do, and why is the organization important?
  43. Should Helms Amendment be repealed?
  44. How does the Hyde Amendment impact women of color in particular?
  45. Is forcing a woman to carry out an undesired pregnancy morally permissible?
  46. Mexican newspaper coverage on issues surrounding abortions.
  47. What are the possible health consequences of an abortion?
  48. Reproductive justice and women of color: the history of SisterSong.
  49. Compare organizations that offer information on abortions.
  50. How is the topic of abortion approached in Jason Reitman’s film Juno?

🙅‍♀️ Domestic Violence Topics for a Paper

Domestic violence comes in many shapes, and it’s not always directed against women. It traumatizes not only the victim but the whole family. The long-term impacts on the victims are catastrophic, too. If you want to write a research paper on this topic, be sure to steel yourself before starting your reading.

  1. How did the COVID-19 lockdowns influence domestic violence cases?
  2. Domestic violence in closed religious communities.
  3. Does the type of abuse differ if the perpetrator is a man or a woman?
  4. Compare the problem of spousal abuse in the US, Asia, and Africa.
  5. Why do many victims choose not to report their cases of domestic violence?
  6. From a psychological perspective, why does domestic violence happen?
  7. Domestic violence prevention: the role of parental communication.
  8. Should a person with a history of abuse have custody over their child?
  9. Why are men more likely to resort to violence than women?
  10. Identify risk factors that can lead to elder abuse.
  11. Trace how the frequency of reports on domestic violence has changed in your community over the past 30 years.
Domestic abuse is characterized by the following pattern.
  1. Why do some victims choose to stay with their abusive partners?
  2. What actions would you classify as domestic abuse?
  3. Domestic violence and feminism in Bell Hooks’ theory.
  4. Cultural perspectives on domestic violence: Saudi Arabia vs. Japan.
  5. What do different religions say about IPV?
  6. If a victim kills its abuser to escape the violence, what legal consequences should they face?
  7. Examine the legislature of different states concerning marital rape.
  8. The social and legal concept of consent in marriage.
  9. Domestic violence and integrity among women of color.
  10. Abuse in teenage relationships.
  11. Common psychological characteristics of a person who commits parricide.
  12. Effects of emotional neglect on a child’s mental development.
  13. Discuss the effectiveness of art therapy for victims of domestic violence.
  14. The significance of Oregon v. Rideout.
  15. Explore the link between spousal and animal abuse.
  16. What is the Battered Woman Syndrome?
  17. Analyze different forms of domestic violence using case studies.
  18. Study the psychology behind victim blaming.
  19. How do mental illnesses and domestic violence affect each other?
  20. What are the signs of coercive control? How can one get out of it?
  21. The problem of control in gay relationships.
  22. How does one develop Stockholm Syndrome, and what does it entail?
  23. Analyze the discourse surrounding domestic violence in Hong Kong.
  24. The pseudo-family as a sociological concept.
  25. Compare cases of domestic violence in military and religious families.
  26. What is compassionate homicide, and how does the law deal with it?
  27. If a juvenile delinquent was abused as a child, should that lessen their sentence?
  28. Parental abduction: why do parents feel the need to kidnap their children?
  29. Domestic violence: new solutions.
  30. Is one sibling bullying the other a form of domestic abuse?
  31. How do communities typically respond to domestic violence?
  32. Explore the link between women’s suicide and abuse.
  33. What can healthcare specialists do to identify victims of violence more effectively?
  34. What are the economic and social consequences of leaving an abusive relationship?
  35. How does Netflix’s show You portray the relationship between a stalker and his victim?
  36. Treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence.
  37. Why do some people repeatedly end up in relationships with IPV?
  38. What are the main motives for femicides?
  39. Discuss the psychological aggression men and women suffer during separation processes.

With all these great ideas in mind, you’re ready to ace your assignment. Good luck!

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