309 Human Rights Research Topics & Essay Ideas

Human rights are moral norms and behavior standards towards all people that are protected by national and international law. They represent fundamental principles on which our society is founded.

Human rights are a crucial safeguard for every person in the world. That’s why teachers often assign students to research and write essays on this topic.

List of the rights and freedoms that are included in human rights.

In this article, our custom-writing experts will present 309 human rights research topics, essay ideas, and prompts that will surely inspire an excellent paper. We will also share valuable writing tips and examples.

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🔝 Top 12 Human Rights Research Topics

  1. Can torture be justified?
  2. Global trade and labor rights
  3. How can we fight police brutality?
  4. Political corruption and human rights
  5. Can lawmakers violate civil liberties?
  6. Globalization’s effect on human rights
  7. Threats to equality around the world
  8. How does social media impact civil rights?
  9. What strategies work best for fighting racism?
  10. Should men’s and women’s rights be different?
  11. Does capital punishment violate human rights?
  12. How do criminal procedure measures relate to human rights?

💡 Human Rights Essay Topics

Human Rights Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What did the American human rights movement accomplish throughout its history?
  2. The necessity of a balance between liberty and equality
  3. Civil rights movement’s impact on modern African Americans’ life
  4. History of the right to educational equity
  5. Does mental health treatment infringe on human rights?
  6. Are human rights changing together with society?
  7. The civil rights movement’s impact on gender
  8. Compare civil rights with Aristotle’s artistic appeals
  9. How the civil rights movement has changed the US
  10. Study the contribution of grassroots activists to civil rights
  11. How Rosa Parks’ leadership style changed history
  12. Protection of human rights of immigrants
  13. Social media influence on stigmatization, discrimination, and human rights worldwide
  14. The impact of civil liberties on globalization
  15. What makes the idea of universal human rights challenging?
  16. Confucianism and its influence on human rights development
  17. How did the civil rights movement influence the world outside the US?
  18. Is the civil rights movement still going strong today?
  19. Study the challenge of human rights and cultural diversity
  20. Evaluate the role of non-state actors in the monitoring of human rights
  21. Are environmental rights more critical than constitutional ones?
  22. How did human rights affect the social systems worldwide?
  23. Should men and women have equal human rights?
  24. Can adherence to human rights be observed during early childhood?
  25. What is the role of the National Human Rights Commission?
  26. How does political corruption lead to violation of human rights?
  27. Who practices rights-based development?
  28. Study the objectives of women in the international community
  29. When do religious beliefs overpower human rights?
  30. Do new democracies better reinforce human rights?
  31. Does the Human Rights Act of 1998 promote or hinder democracy?
  32. Suggest effective practices for promoting human rights
  33. Continuing limitation of people of color’s fundamental civil liberties
  34. Human rights protection and international investment law
  35. Human rights as part of social structure
  36. The Human Rights Act and its effect on parliamentary supremacy
  37. Impact of the revolution on the rights of American citizens
  38. Balance of community values and individual rights
  39. Role of civil society in the realization of human rights
  40. Forms of discrimination and human rights violations
  41. The outcomes of the civil rights movement for Black segregationists
  42. Explain the meaning of “Black Power” in the human rights fight
  43. Look into the reason why the civil rights movement has become so fragmented
  44. Did civil rights activists achieve a deal in the 1950s?
  45. How did Mahatma Gandhi influence the civil rights movement?
  46. Was the civil rights movement truly successful?
  47. How did the civil rights movement use civil disobedience?
  48. Responsibility of corporations in the field of human rights
  49. Was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights successful?

An argumentative essay on human rights may convince the readers of the importance of fighting the pervasive social inequality that still exists in many countries. Also, such type of essay uses evidence and facts to support the author’s claim. Our human rights argumentative essay topics will inspire you to write an A+ paper!

Civil Rights Topics for Essays

  1. Women’s role in the civil rights movement’s milestones
  2. Civil rights’ effect on social integration of African Americans
  3. When did the American civil rights movement start?
  4. The key events of the American civil rights movement
  5. Martin Luther King’s role in the development of the civil rights movement
  6. Explain how news media were shaping the civil rights movement’s history
  7. Rosa Parks: the mother of the civil rights movement
  8. Civil rights movement and the actual state of human rights
  9. Social and personal responsibility in the leadership of Martin Luther King
  10. Civil rights movement’s goals, ideas, and impact on society
  11. Affirmative action programs and the human rights movement
  12. Evaluate the role of the abolitionism concept in human rights
  13. Review the history of civil rights in the US
  14. Gender inequality during the civil rights movement
  15. Write about prominent personalities behind the human rights establishment
  16. The implications of the non-violence approach of the civil rights activists
  17. Industrial workers’ movements in a fight for human rights
  18. How has feminism influenced the civil rights movement?
  19. Struggles of Native Americans during the civil rights movement
  20. Biblical oppression as a part of the rights revolution
  21. The civil rights movement and African American discrimination
  22. Reconstruction era in terms of the civil rights movement
  23. How has the meaning of human rights changed over time?
  24. What was the reason for the civil rights movement’s emergence?
  25. How did American minorities fight for their rights during the 1950s?
  26. Did the press usher the civil rights movement?
  27. Study the development of anti-racist tendencies in the United States
  28. Review the characteristics of the generation before the civil rights movement
  29. Did the Black Lives Matter movement descend from the civil rights movement?
  30. National identity crisis during the civil rights movement
  31. Brown vs. Board of Education influence on human rights
  32. The Negro National League’s role in the civil rights movement
  33. Racial profiling against African Americans in different states
  34. How did the Emmett Till case influence the civil rights movement?
  35. Human rights’ role in the post-war America
  36. New jazz’s influence on the evolution of human rights
  37. Research the impact of literature on equality
  38. Assess the role of Abraham Lincoln in the civil rights battle
  39. Compare the civil rights movement with the suffragette movement
  40. 20th-century freedom movements in the United States
  41. How did music influence the civil rights movement’s identity?
  42. What was the purpose of the March on Washington?
  43. Why did Malcolm X join the human rights movement?
  44. School protests during the civil rights movement
  45. Civil rights in relation to same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships
  46. Police brutality towards protesters in the US
  47. Civil rights in connection with the freedom of speech
  48. How can equality be achieved using non-violence?
  49. Black churches and the struggle for civil rights

The civil rights movement was a fight of African Americans for social justice in the 1950s and 1960s. The movement compelled the federal government to repeal segregation laws, restore African-American voting rights, and prohibit legal discrimination in housing, education, and employment. You can write an excellent essay about it with the help of the topics above.

List of the civil rights movement's achievements.

🔬 Human Rights Topics for Research Papers

  1. Does globalization affect human rights in any positive way?
  2. Assess the role of the United Nations in promoting and protecting human rights
  3. Does the media promote or undermine human rights?
  4. Study the establishment of regional systems of human rights law
  5. How do international criminal tribunals prosecute human rights violations?
  6. Is there a correlation between human rights and natural rights?
  7. The human rights implications of surveillance and privacy violation
  8. How are human rights abused in the context of armed conflicts?
  9. The fundamental nature of human rights
  10. How can we properly recognize the rights of Indigenous people?
  11. Children and youth: a human rights perspective
  12. The role of social and political movements in the development of human rights law
  13. Disability rights in the modern world
  14. Review the challenges and successes of implementing human rights protections
  15. LGBTQ+ rights: progress and challenges
  16. The intersection of human rights and social justice
  17. International organizations and human rights protection
  18. The connection between human rights and democracy
  19. Climate change and human rights
  20. Write about the role of human rights in promoting global peace and security
  21. Development and human rights: trade-offs and synergies
  22. Analyze the relationship between human rights and cultural diversity
  23. Study the intersection of disability and age in human rights
  24. Animal rights and human rights: similarities and differences
  25. What is the role of human rights in promoting global economic development?
  26. The right to health: a human rights perspective
  27. Elderly rights in a changing world
  28. Prisoner rights and the justice system
  29. Poverty and human rights: challenges and solutions
  30. Intersex rights: recognition and protection
  31. The impact of nationalism and self-determination on human rights
  32. Disability and the right to inclusive education
  33. The emergence and influence of transnational civil society and human rights organizations
  34. The proliferation of human rights: teaching and research
  35. How do large UN conferences impact human rights?
  36. The limitations of international human rights law
  37. How does neoliberalism shape the enforcement of human rights?
  38. Corporate accountability for human rights violations
  39. Study the dangers of overbearing corporate power to human rights values and capabilities
  40. Evaluate the need for state and market regulation of the economy in the protection of human rights
  41. What are the complexities of contemporary challenges to the advancement of human rights?
  42. Provide your take on the debate over the definition of human rights
  43. Write a cultural-relativist critique of the universality of human rights
  44. What is the role of customs and traditions in shaping the understanding of human rights?
  45. Why are representation and inclusion important in human rights decision-making processes?
  46. Review the challenges and barriers to effective participation and representation in human rights forums
  47. Assess the role of grassroots and community-based organizations in promoting and protecting human rights
  48. The rights of people living in areas with limited access to healthcare or medical services
  49. Security companies and private military and human rights obligations in conflict situations
  50. Disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action

Human rights research papers are similar to other types of academic writing. They are aimed at establishing facts and finding evidence for their claims. That includes analyzing different perspectives, statistics on human rights violations, international laws that protect those being discriminated against, and so on.

Human Rights Research Questions

  1. Study the intersection of the rights of racial minorities and LGBTQ+
  2. What are the specifics of fighting for reproductive rights in marginalized communities?
  3. What is the intersection of religion and human rights for minority believers?
  4. How does gentrification affect the human rights of low-income communities?
  5. Are class, race, and gender the barriers to equal education?
  6. Is the right to self-determination a human right?
  7. Can international terrorism justify military intervention and war crimes?
  8. Why are media exposés on human rights abuse important?
  9. Is militarism a detriment to children’s rights?
  10. What is the role of women in peacemaking missions in African countries?
  11. Is the United Nations an effective protector of human rights?
  12. What is an example of selectively protected human rights?
  13. Is globalization a driving force of human rights oppression?
  14. How do Indigenous people fight for recognition and justice?
  15. What is the impact of colonialist oppression on human rights in Ireland?
  16. How does colonialism impact human rights in India?
  17. What is the impact of slavery abolition on human rights in the United States?
  18. How does the LGBTQ+ rights movement operate in Eastern Europe?
  19. Was the building of Burj Khalifa an exploitation of workers’ rights?
  20. Should the punishment for human rights violations be more severe?
  21. How have the evolving human rights affected the marrying law and religious authority?
  22. How are religion and gender minorities’ rights being suppressed in Islamic states?
  23. How does religion justify censorship and suppression of dissent?
  24. How are religion and human rights related to terrorism?
  25. Is current international law against human trafficking effective?
  26. Do Paralympics succeed in raising disability rights awareness?
  27. What is the role of activism and advocacy in advancing transgender rights in sports?
  28. How can we fight homophobia and transphobia in Catholic communities?
  29. Does corporate transparency help promote human rights in the business world?
  30. What are consumer activism tactics for addressing human rights violations?
  31. Is it possible to solve the trolley problem of human rights vs. profits in the business world?
  32. How are human rights abused in the supply chains of multinational corporations?
  33. Do government regulations protect human rights in the business sector?
  34. What is the role of international associations in the evolution of human rights?
  35. Do grassroots movements contribute to human rights promotion?
  36. Are there any ongoing effects of political oppression in Latin America?
  37. Can an EU membership lead to human rights reinforcement in Eastern Europe?
  38. How serious are media censorship and civil rights suppression in Belarus?
  39. How were human rights oppressed during the Cold War?
  40. What is the correlation between human rights violations and political propaganda in authoritarian regimes?
  41. What is the history of propaganda and contemporary human rights issues?
  42. How were the migrant workers’ rights abused in the COVID-19pandemic?
  43. Does the rise of digital surveillance lead to violating the right to privacy?
  44. How does police militarization impact human rights violations?
  45. What makes police brutality against immigrant communities a human rights issue?
  46. Does gun ownership impact women’s rights and gender-based violence?
  47. Are unions efficient in protecting workers’ rights and preventing employee abuse?
  48. What makes child labor a human rights violation and economic injustice?
  49. What is a human rights perspective on linking wage inequality and social mobility?

Human rights are required to protect and preserve each individual’s humanity. They are ensuring that each person can live a life of dignity and worth as a human being. Our human rights research topics will help to find answers to the most inquiring queries and increase people’s awareness of discrimination and racism.

Women’s Rights Essay Topics

  1. Why involve women in politics?
  2. What platform can women use for cohesion?
  3. Can the women’s rights movement gain universal recognition?
  4. Explain whether a partnership between women and men in politics is possible
  5. Does performing the ritual of female circumcision violate human rights?
  6. Why women’s rights should be protected on a constitutional basis?
  7. What is the relationship between women’s suffrage and labor movements?
  8. Are feminist riots doing their part to protect women’s rights?
  9. The status of gender equality around the world
  10. Is there freedom for women in social life?
  11. Point out the gaps in sexual reproductive health research
  12. How strong are gender stereotypes in developed countries?
  13. The need for research in sexual liberation and women’s oppression
  14. What is spiritual feminism?
  15. The basic principles of gender equality
  16. Main trends of feminism in Muslim communities
  17. Write about the obstacles women face in developing their careers
  18. How has CEDAW impacted women’s empowerment?
  19. Which women’s rights actions have the most impact?
  20. How much does equitable female representation influence democratic governance?
  21. What is the relevance of feminism today?
  22. Has feminism as a movement helped women in various communities?
  23. Is there a future for global feminism?
  24. Argue whether feminism is a threat to the status quo
  25. What is the anti-feminist movement?
  26. Explain the role of domestic violence in enhancing the feminist movement
  27. Research the role of women in the entrepreneurial world
  28. Has the development of social media influenced feminism?
  29. In what ways does feminism define sex and gender differences?
  30. Did the #MeToo movement help establish feminism?
  31. Does modern feminism equal men’s hatred?
  32. Are men a threat to feminism?
  33. How the media has influenced the understanding of feminism and inequality
List of the main goals of feminism.
  1. Does feminism violate human rights?
  2. Has feminism been able to reconstruct gender roles?
  3. What are the main arguments that the critics of feminism have?
  4. Can the patriarchy withstand the rise of feminist activism?
  5. Is sexism unrelated to feminism?
  6. Does feminism exist in sports?
  7. Research the influence of feminism on modern fashion
  8. Explore the common misconceptions about feminism
  9. What can be done about the underrepresentation of women in politics?
  10. How does patriarchy prevent the emancipation of women?
  11. How does feminism contribute to traditional ideologies of gender roles?
  12. Has feminism been used to promote equal rights aggressively?
  13. A universal theory on feminism
  14. Is feminism all about fighting male dominance?
  15. Have feminist challenges influenced national politics?
  16. Have other movements absorbed feminism?
  17. Explore how feminist activists fought for the Black Lives Matter movement

Feminism is the belief in gender equality on social, economic, and political levels. Although it originated primarily in the West, feminism has spread worldwide and is represented by various organizations dedicated to advancing women’s rights and interests. Our topics will help you study this phenomenon from various perspectives.

🗣️ Human Rights Speech Topics

  1. Human rights: history and development
  2. The main conventions aimed at human rights protection
  3. Main international mechanisms of human rights protection
  4. Human rights monitoring in dictatorships
  5. The role of the European Court of Human Rights in advancing civil liberties
  6. Non-governmental human rights organizations
  7. Country-specific procedures of human rights monitoring
  8. The role of the UN Charter in the formation of human rights
  9. Research the use of human trafficking by terrorists
  10. How does the international community combat human trafficking?
  11. Talk about the influence of the refugee crisis on European politics
  12. Research personal stories of refugees who escaped from armed conflicts and dictatorships
  13. Violation of workers’ rights in Middle Eastern countries
  14. Study the promotion of gender equality by transnational corporations
  15. Give examples of gender inequality in Muslim countries
  16. LGBTQ+ rights in the regions with conservative values
  17. International human rights treaties and conventions on LGBTQ+ rights
  18. Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing as an act of human rights protection
  19. Discuss the enforcement of the American Convention on Human Rights
  20. European Enlightenment as the origin of modern human rights
  21. Regimes in India and China as a challenge to the human rights establishment
  22. Talk about the violations of human rights in Russia
  23. Freedom of speech vs. traditional values
  24. Attacks on journalists: how to improve the protection of free speech
  25. The environmental challenge to the conventional human rights
  26. Suggest strategies to increase the effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Council
  27. Methods of childcare deinstitutionalization in developing countries
  28. Research the deterioration of human rights protection after the COVID-19 pandemic
  29. The Charlie Hebdo case: lessons for human rights paradigm
  30. How to force autocrats to protect human rights
  31. Impediments for UN Commissions to investigate countries with bad human rights record
  32. Autocratic solidarity against monitoring of human rights enforcement 
  33. Human trafficking and the attempts to stop it
  34. Do “illegal people” exist: right populism and refugee rights
  35. The rise of right-wing populism in Europe: may it cause human rights deterioration?
  36. Nationalistic alt-right movement in the US and its perception of human rights
  37. The voice of feminist scholars in the human rights paradigm
  38. What may postcolonial studies say about human rights?
  39. Discuss the spread of misinformation during military actions as a violation of human rights
  40. International Criminal Court: a brief history and activity overview
  41. Are there examples of authoritarian states respecting human rights?
  42. Discuss human rights protection on the African continent
  43. Research channels of disseminating human rights standards
  44. Describe the lessons regarding human rights learned after World War II
  45. Review strategies to eliminate prison tortures in closed regimes
  46. Human rights and modern neoliberal economy: are there discrepancies?
  47. The hypocrisy of transnational corporation: the case of cobalt mining in Congo
  48. Review the situation with labor rights in Congo
  49. Expensive climate change policies and people’s right to a decent life
  50. Human rights agenda as the method to manipulate voters

The 2020s decade continues to be tough for human rights. Increasing public knowledge of various violations and social justice problems through speeches is an important task today. Feel free to use one of our topic ideas for your human rights speech.

🏆 Human Rights Essay Prompts

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Essay Prompt

Many women and girls around the world continue to experience discrimination. Gender inequality is at the root of many issues that disproportionately affect women, including domestic and sexual violence, low wages, limited access to education, and inadequate healthcare.

You can raise the following questions in your essay to research the problem of women’s rights violations:

  • What are today’s women fighting for? You can dive deeper into the issues modern women face and discuss why standing up for their rights is vital.
  • How are women’s rights being violated around the world? Analyze the most common causes of women’s rights violations and how international law protects them.
  • What does it mean to be a feminist? You can share your personal experience or ask about someone else’s.

Violations of Human Rights Essay Prompt

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights lists the rights to which everyone is entitled, including the right to asylum, freedom from torture, and the right to free speech. When these rights are not protected or respected, they are violated.

To draw readers’ attention to human rights violations, find the answers to the questions below: 

  • What forms of violations of human rights exist in the modern world? Your paper can explore particular cases and how they were addressed.
  • Who is in charge of stopping human rights violations and dealing with them? Discuss the organizations that monitor the methods by which people are deprived of their civil liberties.
  • What examples of human rights violations have you faced in your everyday life? Consider sharing your experience of facing or witnessing injustice.
"To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." - Nelson Mandela.

Death Penalty Violates Human Rights Essay Prompt

The death penalty has plenty of serious implications regarding human rights. It’s a challenging topic because people tend to have radically different attitudes towards capital punishment. To make an informed argument, consider the following questions:

  • Is the death penalty morally justifiable? Think about the human rights it violates and make your conclusion.
  • How do different countries approach capital punishment? Look into the international human rights standards and treaties and see how these approaches comply with them.
  • Are there disparities in death penalty rates regarding race or socioeconomic factors? Draw broader parallels regarding the attitudes towards the rights of minorities.

Slavery: Human Rights Essay Prompt

Slavery is one of the most prominent examples of human rights violations. Despite how far we’ve come regarding its abolition, slavery still exists today in many forms. Here are the key questions you can explore in an essay on this topic:

  • What international agreements were made to condemn slavery? Examples include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other similar treaties.
  • How does slavery infringe on personal liberty? To answer this question, study the phenomenon of slavery from the perspective of the right to freedom.
  • How does slavery dehumanize people? Look into the conditions in which enslaved individuals live and the treatment they receive.

Climate Change and Human Rights Essay Prompt

Did you know that the issue of climate change has direct implications for human rights? Changes in ecosystems affect communities on large and small scales, violating people’s rights. Here are some aspects to research:

  • How does global warming affect the livelihood of vulnerable populations? Pay particular attention to extreme weather conditions like droughts and floods.
  • How does climate change affect the right to live? Think about the dangers that heatwaves, air pollution, and other factors pose to human health.
  • What are the implications of reduced access to clean water and food? Focus on vulnerable populations and the role of these resources in their livelihood.

Are Human Rights Universal: Essay Prompt

Should human rights be universal, or should they vary from culture to culture? This is another highly divisive question you can look into. To provide an informed answer, you’ll need to delve into the philosophical, cultural, and practical dimensions of human rights. The following questions will help you with this task:

  • What is the best definition of human rights? Research how various cultures interpret personal liberties and analyze the pros and cons of these definitions.
  • How does the cultural relativist perspective differ from the universalist view of human rights? Study the arguments from both viewpoints and point out the main differences.
  • What philosophical ideas influenced the universal view of human rights? Pay attention to the works of John Locke, Immanuel Kant, and John Rawls.

What Can One Person Do to Defend Human Rights: Essay Prompt

International Human Rights Day, celebrated on December 10th, is a time to honor and promote freedom, dignity, and fundamental human rights. People from all over the world are uniting to protect human rights and take action for a better future. In your essay, you can concentrate on what each person should do to protect human rights. For instance:

  • Supporting the efforts of global organizations. It may be volunteering, donating, or any other type of help.
  • Standing up against discrimination. You can discuss the harmful effects of prejudice and what we can do to prevent it.
  • Remaining in touch with social movements. In your paper, you can explore the importance of social movements. You can focus on a particular one or social movements in general.

Immigration and Human Rights Essay Prompt

Defending immigrants’ rights may be the most effective strategy to strengthen state sovereignty in a globalized society. Migrants are susceptible to human rights abuses since they often lack legal citizenship in their host countries and tend to have difficult living conditions due to their status. In the essay on immigration and human rights, you can highlight the following aspects: 

  • Are migration management laws efficient? Analyze the pros and cons of current regulations. You can also suggest your ideas for improvement.
  • What are the challenges migrants face? You can discuss the common problems and how immigrants’ rights are protected.
  • How is the migration of workers managed? What are the laws protecting them?

✍️ Human Rights Essay Writing Tips

Writing about human rights is an essential skill you will need, whether you are studying this subject or pursuing a career in this field. We have prepared a mini guide with helpful tips and examples to aid you in structuring your human rights essay. 

Human Rights Essay Introduction

The introduction to an essay is its most significant part since it’s the first thing your readers will see. The structure of the introduction may look the following way:

  1. An attention grabber to make the reader interested. 
  2. Some background information on the topic. 
  3. A brief explanation of the problem you will look into. 
  4. Information on what to expect from the rest of the essay. 

Check out an example of what an introduction may look like:


Each of us is entitled to human rights. These include freedom from violence and discrimination, the best possible physical and mental health level, and the right to an education. But across the globe, many people still endure discrimination based on gender, race, color, and religion.

Feel free to use our introduction writer tool to get additional customized examples.

Human Rights Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence that sums up the points you will make in your essay. Follow the steps below to construct an argumentative thesis statement for your human rights essay: 

  1. Provide your main statement regarding the issue.
  2. State an argument that supports your central concept.
  3. Add a counterargument to your main point if possible.

Here’s what the resulting thesis statement may look like:


Human rights must be respected and upheld to achieve equality among all people.

You can also use our free thesis statement generator to save time formulating this part of an introduction.

Human Rights Essay: Main Body

The main body of your essay is where you expand on your argument. Each body paragraph should include four following components: 

  1. A transition sentence from a previous paragraph to ensure easy reading. 
  2. A topic sentence that informs the reader about what the section will be about. 
  3. Detailed evidence and analysis that backs up your argument presented in the thesis statement. 
  4. A brief summary that explains how and why this information supports your paper’s thesis. 

And here’s what a body paragraph can look like:


Civil and political human rights violations are not always tied to specific conflicts and can occur anytime. Human trafficking is currently one of the world’s gravest epidemics, with millions of men, women, and children forced into hard labor and sexual exploitation. Religious discrimination is also prevalent in many parts of the world. These infractions frequently occur due to the state’s failure to protect vulnerable groups.

Human Rights Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the final paragraph your reader will see of your written work. It usually accounts for around 5% of your essay’s word count.

In an effective conclusion, you must paraphrase the thesis from your introduction, summarize your supporting evidence, and conclude with a final thought.

Here’s an example:


All in all, discrimination creeps up on us in places we never expected to find it. And the most essential thing any of us can do is speak up. When we have one other’s support, we are more empowered to confront workplace or classroom inequalities.

📑 Human Rights Essay Examples

Want some more inspiration? Check out these examples of essays on human rights-related topics!

  • African American Civil Rights Movements: Lessons Learned
  • The Civil Rights Movement Overview
  • Civil Rights Movement Analysis
  • The Civil Rights Movement’s Success
  • The Civil Rights Movement’s Causes and Effects
  • Civil Rights Movement & Modern Afro-American Life
  • Are Human Rights Universal?
  • Business Practices and Human Rights
  • Modern World Politics and the Cause of Human Rights
  • Human Rights, Globalization and Economic Development
  • The Nature of Human Rights

We hope that our 309 human rights essay topics, research questions, and speech ideas will be helpful for you! Make sure to check out our random topic generator for essays. We’d love to know what you think, so you’re welcome to leave a comment with your impression of the article below.

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