233 Hottest Global Warming Essay Topics & Research Ideas 

Global warming has been a major issue for almost half a century. Today, it remains a topical problem on which the future of humanity depends. Despite a halt between 1998 and 2013, world temperatures continue to rise, and the situation is expected to get worse in the future.

Statistics showing how much the temperature has increased since 1880.

When it comes to essay topics, there’s nothing more eye-catching than the global warming-related issue. If you’re looking for one, look no further! This article includes 233 fresh global warming essay topics and many helpful writing tips from our custom-writing experts.

🔝 Top 12 Global Warming Essay Topics

  1. The history of global warming
  2. Why are glaciers disappearing?
  3. The effect of sea level change
  4. Modeling of climate fluctuations
  5. Positive aspects of climate change
  6. The prospects of the Kyoto Protocol
  7. Can electric cars stop global warming?
  8. What could cause the Earth to reflect less light?
  9. The greenhouse effect as a scientific problem
  10. The impact of globalization on climate change
  11. Promising ideas on global warming prevention
  12. Prospects for the thermal energy development

🐢 Best Global Warming Essay Topics

High School Topics on Global Warming

  1. What long-term consequences may global warming have for humanity?
  2. What is the difference between global warming and climate change?
  3. How are rising temperatures related to industrialization?
  4. When was global warming estimated to start?
  5. What factors may affect the Earth’s temperature?
  6. How dangerous is the progressing climate change?
  7. What is the safe level of steady-state concentration of CO2?
  8. Which territories are affected by global warming the most?
  9. What natural disasters may result from global warming?
  10. What are the social consequences of rising temperatures?
  11. Global warming and human life: radical changes ahead
  12. Human activity as the leading cause of global warming
  13. The growth of population and increase of carbon footprint
  14. Causes of drinking water scarcity
  15. Reasons for the growing number of dead zones on the planet
  16. Technologies that can slow down global warming
  17. Environmentally friendly ways of working heavy industry
  18. Review the most manageable ways to restore ecosystems
  19. Approaches to rapid landscaping of large land areas
  20. The impact of global warming on plants
  21. Will the use of renewable energy prevent climate change?
  22. Solar cell performance and CO2 emissions
  23. Primary sources of carbon dioxide on the planet
  24. How does the greenhouse effect work?
  25. What are the basic mechanisms behind greenhouse gases?
  26. Volcanic activity and global warming
  27. How much carbon dioxide is emitted from different sources per year?
  28. Temperature rise at the surface of the ocean: consequences
  29. Global warming’s impact on the oceans
  30. Visible and non-obvious results of melting permafrost
  31. The consequences of global warming for the soil
  32. The effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the urban atmosphere
  33. Ways of reducing corporate carbon footprint
  34. Why is the rise in sea level dangerous?
  35. Anthropogenic factors of climate change
  36. How are solar radiation and global warming connected?
  37. Natural and enhanced background of the greenhouse effect
  38. How does the carbon cycle work in the atmosphere?
  39. The greenhouse gases: methane
  40. Radiative forcing and its role in climate change
  41. Surface-level ozone’s distortions and their impact on ecology
  42. Nitrous oxides’ effect on the wildlife, air, and water
  43. The impact of fluorinated gases on ecosystems
  44. Tree planting as a way to tackle global warming
  45. Suggest ways to reduce industrial emissions
  46. People’s role in preventing global warming: alternative energy sources
  47. Assess the effect of solar panel use on CO2 emissions
  48. Aerosol production and its impact on air temperatures
  49. Sulfate aerosol as the source of the negative forcing
  50. Why is smog dangerous for the climate?
  51. Sulfate-nitrate aerosols and solar radiation as global warming precursors
  52. Rational land use as the global warming prevention method
  53. Deforestation: one of the most dangerous processes
  54. Natural forces that can cause the greenhouse effect
  55. How solar output is related to global warming
  56. What is solar irradiance, and how can it accelerate global warming?
  57. The connection between the Earth’s rotation and rising air temperatures
  58. What measurements of greenhouse gases exist today?
  59. Why are theoretical climate models vital to understanding climate change?

Global Warming Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Is global warming linked to the activities of large companies?
  2. Does climate change pose a severe threat to human health?
  3. What are the main future threats of global warming?
  4. Simple answers to complex climate questions
  5. How does global warming affect everyone and everything?
  6. Global warming—a future, present, or past problem?
  7. Does global warming go along with point cooling?
  8. How is global warming driving the Atlantic fish north?
  9. Is global warming just a whim of nature?
  10. How global warming will affect the countries of Northern Europe
  11. Carbon tax: an ambitious new policy or a fraud?
  12. How can clouds amplify global warming, and can we change it?
  13. What will global warming bring in the coming decades?
  14. Global warming will gnaw at most European forests soon
  15. Global warming is the most significant current issue of humankind
  16. Is global warming a myth or truth: neutral opinion
  17. Global warming’s impact on Arctic permafrost
  18. How will global warming affect pets and other domesticated animals?
  19. What natural factors drive global warming?
  20. Climate change: a view from the 19th century
  21. Is global warming a threat to Greenland?
  22. How Canadian polar bears may become extinct due to global warming
  23. Rising temperatures: what else is to blame besides humans?
  24. Why is it essential to protect our planet?
  25. Global warming could lead to mass extinction
  26. How to prevent further climate change in Central Asian countries
  27. How does global warming influence oil prices?
  28. Effects of global warming on marine wildlife
  29. Why does global warming seem like science fiction?
  30. People are the only ones to blame for global warming
  31. Global warming: what everyone should know
  32. Results of the last century’s climate change
  33. Global warming: manufactured disaster or a natural process?
  34. Can individual action help reduce climate change?
"Global warming isn't a prediction. It is happening." - James Hansen.
  1. Greenhouse effect: causes and consequences
  2. Research greenhouse gases and their impact
  3. The difference between global warming and the greenhouse effect
  4. Climate change and politics: carbon footprint
  5. Greenhouse effect: how will emission monitoring help?
  6. Why, due to global warming, people are sleeping less
  7. Study snow evidence of global warming
  8. Does global warming threaten all life on Earth?
  9. Global warming will melt the world economy
  10. Is the Earth’s climate controlled by the sun or by humans?
  11. Global warming: alarming temperature records
  12. Problems of climate modeling and its challenges
  13. How the flowering season is extended due to global warming
  14. Global warming is making rich countries even richer
  15. Earth’s climate in the past, present, and future
  16. Global warming resurrects dangerous viruses
  17. Look into global warming and methods of its research
  18. Why the American media keep questioning global warming

Global Warming Argument Topics

  1. Global warming is a problem for future generations, not current ones
  2. International cooperation is essential for addressing the issue of global warming
  3. The pros and cons of carbon dioxide removal in global warming
  4. Is the current period of global warming a normal phenomenon?
  5. Global warming today is different from past warming episodes
  6. How well can we predict the effects of climate change?
  7. The humankind has already missed the opportunity to slow down global warming
  8. The fight against climate change can affect the global economy
  9. The possible economic consequences of cutting down all carbon emissions
  10. Climate migration will have catastrophic consequences for humanity
  11. Can global warming have any positive effects?
  12. Ocean level rise in our era is a normal natural process
  13. Is carbon dioxide the main culprit of global warming?
  14. Human activities are the main factors of global warming today
  15. Oceans’ warming can affect the lives of people in coastal zones
  16. Influence of ocean temperatures on the warming of Earth’s climate
  17. Changes in the ice cover of Earth in the Anthropocene
  18. The process of melting glaciers is happening at catastrophic rates
  19. Rising temperatures are accelerating the extinction of plants and animals
  20. Global warming can adversely affect human health
  21. Only the united efforts of developed countries can stop global warming
  22. What countries contribute the most to global warming—developed or developing?
  23. Atlantic Meridian Overturning Circulation could exacerbate global warming
  24. Is modern agricultural practices to blame for global warming?
  25. The need for stricter policy control of global warming
  26. Global warming affects the composition of flora and fauna
  27. Contrasting views of politicians and scientists on global warming
  28. Reducing overconsumption and overproduction can slow down global warming
  29. People and corporations: whose contribution to climate change is more significant?
  30. Widespread vegetarianism can help slow global warming
  31. The growing number of people influences the acceleration of climate change
  32. The development of alternative energy sources doesn’t slow down global warming
  33. Global warming can exacerbate political crises and social stratification
  34. One person’s actions can contribute to stopping global warming
  35. Does waste sorting in private households affect climate change?
  36. Current generations have enough time to slow down global warming
  37. Are climate initiatives too expensive for the worldwide economy?
  38. Global warming at this stage can no longer be stopped
  39. Can global warming worsen the situation with hunger?
  40. Developing countries will suffer the most from climate change
  41. Private households are making a negative contribution to global warming
  42. Is the threat of global warming overestimated?
  43. How can melting glaciers affect everyone on the planet?
  44. Global warming may cause an increase in new infectious diseases
  45. Could slower industrial growth reduce the rate of global warming?
  46. Rising sea levels threaten Western European countries
  47. Why does carbon dioxide accumulate in the atmosphere?
  48. Ecological benefits of reducing waste in manufacturing
  49. Is conscious consumption an effective way to counter global warming?
  50. Politicians’ intervention in global warming problems only worsens the situation
  51. We should change the approach to manufacturing to fight global warming
  52. Nature is adaptable enough to withstand rising temperatures
  53. Could reducing food intake help fight global warming?
  54. Actions against climate change: effective measures or populism?
  55. Only well-planned government intervention can help stop global warming
  56. Pros and cons of non-intervention in the climate processes
  57. The effectiveness of sustainable initiatives for combating global warming

‍🔬 Global Warming Research Topics

  1. What theoretical models can be used to research global warming?
  2. What are the key features of climate theories?
  3. Energy balance model and climate change investments
  4. Effects of water vapor on the global warming
  5. Interactive representations of the Earth’s biosphere
  6. Key components of the climate in three-dimensional theories
  7. What is the purpose of dividing the Earth into cells in climate research?
  8. The multidisciplinary intersection in climate theories
  9. Detention studies and global warming
  10. The importance of climate variables reconstruction
  11. Climate model simulations and their drawbacks
  12. Dependence of climate theories on the simulations
  13. Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) and their impact on climate
  14. What are the critical assumptions of RCP regarding industrial production?
  15. What distinguishes global warming from the greenhouse effect?
  16. Why is it essential to study greenhouse gases?
  17. Ozone depletion and climate change
  18. Relevance of the UN Kyoto Protocol
  19. Influence of environmental research on global warming
  20. Car emissions’ effect on climate change
  21. Arctic warming and its relevance to global warming
  22. Climate change and chemical pollution
  23. Greenhouse gases and the chemical industry
  24. Physical aspects of climate change processes
  25. Greenhouse gases and the process of absorption
  26. Global warming effect on the American communities
  27. The global warming impact on social change
  28. Carbon emissions’ effects and global warming laws
  29. Climate change caused by energy resource substitution
  30. Global warming in North America
  31. Nuclear energy effects on climate patterns
  32. Hydropower usage and its role in halting climate change
  33. Climate change: ethical issues
  34. Environmental concerns in the tourism sector
  35. Pollution of the atmosphere in relation to global warming
  36. Global warming and fossil fuels
  37. The effects of global warming on underrepresented groups
  38. Global warming and the survival of endangered species
  39. Americans’ stance on halting global warming
  40. Global warming’s implications for future climate policies
  41. The effects of ongoing climate change on plant diversity
  42. Climate change and its effects on North America
  43. The impact of pollution on the marine ecology
  44. US agricultural problems: crop production and climate change
  45. Electricity demand and global warming in California
  46. Carbon markets and climate change
  47. Effects of climate change and global warming throughout the last 50 years
  48. What biological repercussions does global warming have?
  49. What are the effects of urbanization on global warming in cities?
  50. How may global warming bring on infectious diseases?
  51. Physical processes involved in global warming
  52. Climate and non-climatic stresses and global warming
  53. Socioeconomic consequences of global warming
Fact stating that global warming negatively impacts human mortality, crime rates, agriculture, and labor.

💡 Outline for Global Warming Essays

Now, let’s see how to write the perfect essay on global warming. In this section, we are going to give you many valuable tips and tricks that you can follow to receive a high grade.

Global Warming Essay Introduction

An introduction to an essay on global warming should begin with some background and an attention getter. You may present an interesting fact or add scary statistics as a hook for your reader. Also, make sure to indicate that the issue of global warming is urgent and important.

Check out this example for inspiration: 

📌 Hook


Humanity has seen many crises. People conquered the plague, prevented a nuclear catastrophe, and now are looking for a way to solve another major issue. It is a problem of global warming that has taken over the minds of politicians and scientists worldwide.

📌 Background info


The famous inventor and owner of the Tesla Company, Elon Musk, claims that the problem of global warming can be solved by refusing to use gasoline and flammable fuel. For that reason, he presented the first electric car to the masses in 2008.

You can also use our AI-based introduction maker to create inspiring examples of opening paragraphs.

Global Warming Thesis

The thesis statement is the key part of your introduction. It should briefly summarize your paper’s key idea, preferably in a single sentence.

To formulate it, analyze the topic you’ve chosen and construct a sentence that will indicate the main objective of your essay. You might also present your thesis in the form of a debate, listing all the pros and cons.

Here’s an example:

📌 Thesis


Although electronic cars have many advantages, they are still not perfect. This essay will cover the pros and cons of switching to electric vehicles as a way of resolving the global warming issue.

You can also use our free thesis statement generator to streamline the writing process even further.

Global Warming Topic Sentences & Body Paragraphs

The main body of your essay is where you discuss your topical problem. The first sentence of the body paragraph is called the topic sentence. It represents the summary of the whole section.

For every paragraph, you can choose one point of view or a specific approach to resolving the climate issue. Don’t forget to support your argumentation with evidence!

Check out this example to get a better idea: 

📌 Main body


On the one hand, it cannot be denied that by using electric cars, we will be able to preserve the ozone layer of our planet. Electric vehicles do not pollute the air with carbon dioxide and other waste. This helps prevent the human-enhanced greenhouse effect, which is partially caused by wastes thrown into the atmosphere. In addition, owning an electric car is cheaper than regularly paying for gasoline.

On the other hand, cars that run on electricity also have many drawbacks. They are less powerful and cannot drive as fast as gasoline ones. They require frequent recharging, which can be very inconvenient. Also, cars running on gas are still much more popular and practical than their electrical counterparts. Many drivers rely on them because they still need to become more accustomed to electric vehicles. In addition, not everyone can afford to own such expensive technology. All of that leads to one major drawback: in order to have a positive effect on the climate, a lot more people have to use electric cars. Unless the majority of the population uses electric vehicles, they will not be able to make any significant change in resolving the global warming issue.

Despite all the odds, Tesla and other companies are inventing new technologies that make their cars more desirable. Statistics assume that by 2030, half of the car market will be taken over by electric vehicles. Their popularity will grow even higher over time, and soon there will be a serious confrontation between environmentally-hazardous fuel and eco-friendly electricity.

Essay on Global Warming: Conclusion

In your essay’s conclusion, you’ll need to summarize everything you’ve said before.

The conclusion should include a rephrased thesis. It’s also a good idea to add a brief suggestion of the possible problem solutions and a personal opinion on the topic. Just make sure not to introduce any new information in this essay part.

Here’s an example:

📌 Conclusion


Electric vehicles are a valuable asset in resolving the problem of global warming. They have many positive aspects, and it’s only a matter of time before their drawbacks will vanish due to the unstoppable process of adding adjustments and upgrades. Electric cars can be one of those tools that will help us preserve our ozone layer and avoid climate change in the next generation.

And that is how you write an essay on global warming. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. To make it even easier for you, we’ve collected a bunch of excellent essay examples. Check them out below!

📑 Global Warming Essay Examples

  1. The History of Climate Change and Global Warming Issue
  2. Worldwide Effects of Global Warming
  3. Climate Change and Global Warming Awareness
  4. Global Warming and Business Ethics
  5. Global Warming Effects on the Environment and Animals
  6. Fast Fashion and Its Impacts on Global Warming
  7. Global Warming and Economics Discussion
  8. Examining the Potential of Digital Earth Services in Connection to Global Warming
  9. Global Warming in Relation to Human Population Size
  10. Iron Fertilization: Solving Global Warming
  11. How Car Emissions Affect Global Warming
  12. Economic Model for Global Warming
  13. Global Warming From a Social Studies Perspective
  14. Climate and Social Change in Global Warming Crisis
  15. It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and Moral Responsibility

Use the knowledge that this article gave you and find a topic to your liking! If you want even more creative topics for your essay, you should definitely check out our free essay topic generator. It can generate many creative topics, not only on the theme of global warming. Good luck to you!

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