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If you’re a student, you must be familiar with the difficulties of following a style guideline. Even creating a title page becomes a challenge on its own. From first sight, it is a common and well-known task. However, there are plenty of aspects to consider, and you might get confused.

That is why you should try an instrument that will make your life easier – our free title page generator. The tool will create the front page for your paper in the format you need.

What else is here?

Our experts gathered answers to the most pressing questions. For what types of assignments should you write a title page? How to format it? What information to include? Find out in the following sections.

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Wondering why our title page generator is worth using? Check the reasons below! Learn why this online tool is useful and stop doubting your choice.

This title page generator obtains the following qualities:

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🔎 Title Page Generator: Where to Use It

Does your paper require a title page or not? Generally, it is a vital element of a thesis and dissertation. Some essays or research papers may need a title page, but some might not. Anyways, if you are doubting, better double-check. You can ask your professor or look at the instructions on the university website.

Yet, there are some cases when the title page is always required. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. APA Style:

    All the papers written in APA 7th edition require a title page. There are two versions of the title page: student and professional. While at university, you are supposed to use the student version unless your professor asks you to apply a professional format.

  2. MLA Style:

    An MLA-formatted paper does not need a title page (unless your professor requires it). But if it is a group project, you should include one. List the name of all the writers on the MLA title page of your paper.

  3. Chicago Style:

    Scientific or social papers in this style always require a title page. According to The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), a Chicago title page should be created using the font Times New Roman, size 12.

    Note: Turabian style = a simplified version of Chicago style.

  4. Harvard Style:

    If you are using this writing format, your essay should contain a title page. Include all the information the reader needs to know about you (the author) and your topic.

  5. ASA Style:

    All the papers written in this style require a title page. A distinctive feature of the ASA title page is that it might include an abstract. The author can choose to write it on the first page, under the title.

🗝️ Generating a Title Page: the Key Components

Every title page is supposed to contain specific information about the author and the work itself. The formatting depends on the required writing style. But you don’t need to worry about that! Our online generator will format your title page for you.

Wondering how to do a title page and what data to include? Check out the following section to figure that out.

So, every title page, regardless of the writing style, should include:

  • The title of your paper.
  • The author’s name.
  • The author’s educational institution (school, college, or university name).
  • The running head (a shortened title of the paper – up to 50 characters).

Besides, some additional elements might be required:

  • The due date of the paper (or the date of creation).
  • Author’s notes.
  • Your professor’s name.
  • The course name.
  • The page number.

Alternatively, you can write a header instead of creating a separate title page. This practice is prevalent for the MLA writing style.

What should a page header contain?

  • Author’s name (Jonatan Wheels).
  • Professor’s name (Professor Cox).
  • Course code and name (LIT 114 Introduction to Literature).
  • Due date (14 November 2020).

💫 Creative Titles for Your Paper

No wonder the most significant element of the title page is the title itself. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration while naming your paper:

  • The title format (font style and size, spacing, capitalization).
  • The word count of the caption.
  • The location of the title on the title page.

Yet, the most critical aspect is your creativity. Here is where even our title page generator won’t help you since you must name your paper yourself.

So, how to do a title that will impress the reader? Read the following sections get some tips.

✂️ How to Create One?

Have you ever wondered how does an outstanding title look like? First and foremost, it should be catchy. The title page of your work should grab the readers’ attention and intrigue them. No doubt, the first impression is the most lasting. So, take our advice on how to name your paper creatively.

  1. Define and include the keywords.

    A dynamic title’s success relies on the properly chosen keywords. They highlight the paper’s core idea and help the readers focus on the information you are delivering.

  2. Use a colon.

    To connect two ideas on one title, use a colon. This strategy helps to make the title concise and informative. To make your caption dynamic, insert a creative phrase or a quotation before the colon. Add its explanation after it.

  3. Relate the title to the assignment’s type.

    Do you need to analyze something? Name your paper An Analysis of… Are you supposed to make a summary? Title your work A Summary of… This trick will make your reader concentrate on your initial goal.

  4. Use questions.

    It is a common but effective way of naming a paper. It will make your reader intrigued from the very beginning.

  5. Avoid cliché and common phrases.

    Get creative! Nobody is interested in reading the same phrases for the 100th time. Think of how to change the wording and the structure to make your title unique and catchy.

📌 Creative Titles Examples

It’s time to check some examples of creative titles. Look through our ideas, get inspiration, and create your unique paper caption.

Let your title page be flawless!

  • “I Hate the Moor”: The Theme of Racial Prejudice in Shakespeare’s Play Othello.
  • An Analysis of Social Media Advertisements’ Influence on Children and Adults.
  • The USA Presidential Elections 2020: Trump’s Nightmare, Biden’s Dream.
  • How Lack of Proper Sleep Affect Human Lifespan?
  • The Inside Look at the Outsiders: to what Psychological Disorders Are the Outsiders Predisposed?
  • MarijuaNO: to Legalize or Not to Legalize?
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies – a Key to Businesses’ Survival in the Highly-Competitive Market Environment.

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