Human Trafficking Essay for College: Topics and Examples [2022]

“People for sale,” by the way, is a kind of hint for you on how to create a title for an essay on human trafficking. You are going to talk about a very serious problem. So, an attention-grabbing title for your human trafficking essay is absolutely necessary.

What are some particular aspects of the problem that you may focus on in your essay on human trafficking? If you have not decided yet, we are glad to help you and provide you with some tips below.

❓ What is Human Trafficking?

The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime determines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, harboring or receipt of persons, for the purpose of sexual slavery, sexual exploitation, forced labor, organs removal, etc.

It also can take the form of forced marriage or beg, children selling, involving children in war conflicts as soldiers, and so on.

According to the recent reports of the Council of Europe, human trafficking has reached its epidemic proportions. Billions of people are being trafficked for different reasons, mostly for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and even some forms of slavery. Women and children are the primary victims of human trafficking, which makes the problem really acute.

The last Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2016 states that more than 500 different trafficking flows were detected during the previous few years. 51% of victims are women, 21% are men, and 20% and 8% are girls and boys accordingly. And one of the most worrying factors that directly impact on trafficking increase is the growth of refugees and migrants number. It’s the largest seen since the WWII and intensified during the last years.

🙍 Human Trafficking: From History to Nowadays

Actually, if we turn back to the history, we can see that human trafficking existed since ancient times. It’s a well-known fact that during the wars of conquest in ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece, the enslaved peoples were slaves, their children were brought up for military service, and women were either sent to slavery or forced to prostitute.

In the Middle Ages, slavery and human trafficking took several different forms. Even though after the Christianization of Europe, the church tried to reduce the practice of working, In the Islamic world, the slave trade flourished.

Trafficking laws vary from state to state with victims often being arrested and treated like criminals, reinforcing their belief that the police can’t be trusted.

Church bans did not prevent Christian slavers from engaging in human trafficking from non-Christianized countries and territories to Asian, African and Muslim Spain.

The beginning of America’s colonization also contributed to the growth of human trafficking and the intensification of the slave trade.

Unfortunately, these two phenomena still exist. If you think that slavery and human trafficking only concern non-wealthy countries or countries in a state of war, you are wrong. In its report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime demonstrated that human trafficking flourishes even in North America, Western Europe, and Australia.

“Use a slave to catch slaves” meaning
Source: Skinner, E. Benjamin. A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery. New York, NY: Free Press, 2008

The United Nation General Assembly has established the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30. This was made to raise awareness of the situation and to promote and protect a victim’s rights.

Actually, the resolution A/RES/68/192 addresses the ‘trafficking in persons’ issues in two ways:

Criminalising human trafficking in all its forms: from traffickers and recruiters to final consumers

Engaging the private sector in fighting against human trafficking. The Assembly offers to focus on the demand that supports all forms of exploitation and trafficking and ban the services and goods that are produced as a result of slavery, exploitation, and trafficking.

Since human trafficking became a pandemic during the last decades and tended to grow, a combined effort requires people to work together to overcome this phenomenon.

📑 Crucial Aspects to Consider in Your Human Trafficking Essay

Well, it’s time to reveal some aspects you should examine when writing human trafficking issues essay:

  • Aspect #1
    It seems to be logical to start your human trafficking essay with the causes of the problem: unemployment, social discrimination, political instability, armed conflicts, etc.
  • Aspect #2
    Tell about the leading regions in the world and particular countries that are considered the main trafficking sources: Asia (Thailand, Philippines), Africa (Togo, Benin), and Europe (Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and some others).
  • Aspect #3
    Sexual exploitation is one of the major reasons for human trafficking, and too much attention is paid to it. Meanwhile, there are some other forms of human trafficking like agricultural or domestic trafficking. These are also serious problems. Thus, give more details about them in your essay on human trafficking.

📰 Human Trafficking Essay Topics

Do you need some human trafficking essay ideas? Then keep reading! Below you will find ten topics that will come in handy for your assignment:

  1. Human trafficking awareness. Show how it is important to be aware of possible dangers.
  2. Human trafficking background. Investigate, what background have both victims and criminals. What are the prerequisites for this phenomenon?
  3. Human trafficking effects. You can explore this issue from different points of view. Economic: what impact does human trafficking have on the economies of states? Psychological: how do such cases hurt the victims and why it happens? Moral: why does the demand remain high?
  4. Globalisation and human trafficking. Explore human trafficking as a global problem in the essay.
  5. Human trafficking history. Find out more about historical facts of slavery and provide your readers with some evidence.
  6. Human trafficking vs. human rights.Explain which human rights are violated and what crimes are committed by traffickers.
  7. Human trafficking and kidnapping. Each year more and more boys and girls are being involved in human trafficking. What should be done to prevent this?
  8. Human trafficking legislation. Investigate, how do governments prevent human trafficking and slavery trade? Provide your suggestions.
  9. Human trafficking books. Go to the library and make a list of books and novels on human trafficking that you think everyone should read. Explain why.
  10. Human trafficking by country. Investigate what countries are most involved in trafficking and slavery trade and why.

Do not forget to introduce statistics in your essay on human trafficking, which is available on numerous websites of governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with the problem.

Definitely, human trafficking is inextricably linked to other terrible crimes against human rights, for example, slavery, prostitution, illegal organ harvesting, and so on. And the eradication of this phenomenon depends on both governments and ordinary citizens.

Commercial sex industry.

You may ask…

What can I do? It’s simple: here are some simple tips that can help:

  1. in each country, there are hotlines where you can report on a known case of human trafficking or an attempt at recruiting.
  2. Be attentive to various kinds of controversial proposals and promises of a better life.
  3. Try to avoid bad companies.

Yes, you hear these recommendations from childhood. Nevertheless, following them, you can avoid unpleasant situations or help others.

You can find more ideas for your paper in our articles about a child labor essay and an essay on slavery.

Share your thoughts about human trafficking with us! Why do you think slavery is still in demand? If you were a politician, what would you do to prevent it? Tell us your suggestion in comments below!

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✏️ Human Trafficking Essay FAQ

❓ Why is human trafficking an important topic?

Essays often deal with acute problems and possible solutions to them. Facts prove that human trafficking is a topical issue in society. Writing on that topic helps understand why it is happening, how to stop it, how to avoid becoming a victim of it.

❓ What are the causes of human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a very complex phenomenon driven by various economic, social, cultural, and other causes. Some “symptoms” of a high human trafficking risk are poverty, social instability, and exclusion, lack of education and awareness (e.g., in South Africa).

❓ What are the dangers of human trafficking?

Pretty much every fact connected with human trafficking is horrifying. Nearly everything about this phenomenon can be considered a danger. As human trafficking is a form of slavery, it would be naive to presume there are any positive effects whatsoever.

❓ How to write an article on human trafficking?

As human trafficking is a serious problem, you should be able to express your opinion on it. It can be done in the form of an argumentative essay, for example. It is vital to avoid using too emotionally charged words. Remember to stay objective, provide facts and examples.

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