Human Trafficking Essay Topics, Outline, & Example [2024]

“People for sale” is a phrase that describes exactly what human trafficking is. It also makes for an attention-grabbing title for an essay on this subject. You are going to talk about a severe problem, so it’s crucial to hook the reader from the get-go.

A human trafficking essay is an assignment where you discuss causes, effects, or potential solutions to the problem of modern slavery. A well-written essay can help raise awareness of this complicated issue.

In this article by our custom writing experts, you will find:

  • 220 human trafficking essay topics;
  • a writing guide;
  • an essay sample;
  • helpful info on human trafficking.

🔝 Top 10 Human Trafficking Essay Topics

  1. History of slavery.
  2. Slavery in literature.
  3. Human trafficking awareness.
  4. Modern slavery: legislation.
  5. Cultural background of traffickers.
  6. Globalization and human trafficking.
  7. Human trafficking vs. human rights.
  8. Modern slavery and kidnapping.
  9. Human trafficking rates by country.
  10. Human trafficking effects on the economy.

❓ What Is Human Trafficking?

The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime determines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of persons for the purpose of sexual slavery, exploitation, forced labor, organs removal, etc.

The picture shows the definition of human trafficking.

According to the recent reports of the Council of Europe, human trafficking rates have reached epidemic proportions. Millions of people are being trafficked for different reasons, primarily for sexual exploitation and forced labor. Women and children are the primary victims of human trafficking, which makes the problem especially acute.

One of the most worrying factors that directly impact the increase in trafficking rates is the growing number of refugees and migrants. It’s the largest seen since WWII, and it has intensified during the last years.

Types of Human Trafficking

Before you start writing your essay, it’s essential to review the forms of human trafficking. Knowing them will help you see the bigger picture. Here are the most common ones.

Slavery The status of a person who is considered the property of someone else.
Forced labor Involuntary servitude usually maintained by the use of force or threats.
Sex trafficking A situation in which one is forced to perform commercial sex acts.
Domestic servitude The form of servitude which usually occurs in private households.
Forced marriage Marriages arranged without one’s consent, often for material gain.
Servile marriage A situation in which one is sold into marriage as a slave.
Organ trafficking Harvesting of one’s organs, such as the kidney, to sell them.
Debt bondage A form of servitude in which one is forced to work to pay for one’s debt.

Additionally, victims of human smuggling and child trafficking are often involved in various kinds of labor. While sexual exploitation is one of the major reasons for trafficking, it’s not the only one. These are also serious problems that you can focus on in your essay.

According to Polaris Project, there are 25 types of modern slavery. Among them are:

  • Manufacturing in sweatshops;
  • Agricultural work;
  • Food and cleaning services;
  • Beauty and massage salons.

Note that each of these practices has unique traits. It means there are specific methods of recruitment and control associated with them. Make sure to take all essential features of human trafficking into account when writing your essay.

The History of Human Trafficking

If we go back in time, we can see that human trafficking has a long history. Here are some of its milestones:

Ancient times During the wars of conquest in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, the defeated peoples were made slaves. Their children were brought up for military service, and women were either sent to slavery or forced to prostitute.
Medieval times In the Middle Ages, slavery and human trafficking took several different forms. After the Christianization of Europe, the church tried to stop this practice. However, it still flourished in the Islamic world.
Age of Exploration Church bans didn’t stop Christian slavers. They engaged in human trafficking from non-Christianized countries to African and Muslim Spain. The beginning of America’s colonization also contributed to the slave trade.
Modern times Unfortunately, these phenomena still exist. If you think that slavery only concerns developing countries, you are wrong. In its report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime demonstrated that human trafficking flourishes everywhere. It’s true even for the most progressive countries of North America, Western Europe, and Australia.

As you now know, human trafficking is inextricably linked to other crimes against human rights. And the eradication of this phenomenon depends on both governments and ordinary citizens.

What Is Being Done to Stop Human Trafficking

In recent decades, a lot has been done to curb slavery. The United Nations General Assembly has established the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30. It was done to raise awareness of the situation and promote and protect victims’ rights.

One of the essential frameworks used to combat human trafficking is the 3P: prosecution, protection, and prevention.

P Prosecution Criminalization of all human trafficking forms. Holding traffickers accountable by imposing prison sentences.
P Protection Identification of victims. Provision of support and safety to victims and their families.
P Prevention Protection of at-risk populations. Engaging the private sector in fighting against human trafficking.

Sometimes “partnership” is added as the fourth P. Since human trafficking became a pandemic, it requires a combined effort of people working together to overcome this problem. You can learn more about the 3P paradigm from this article by the US Department of State.

You may ask, “What can I do?” Here are some ways in which anyone can help fight human trafficking:

  1. In each country, there is a hotline where you can report on a known case of human trafficking or an attempt at recruiting.
  2. Be attentive to various kinds of controversial proposals and promises of a better life.
  3. Try to avoid bad company.

These recommendations may seem simple, but they can help you stay away from danger, spread awareness, and even save lives.

Before you start writing a human trafficking essay, you need to find a compelling topic. Check out the following list of topics and prompts and choose a subject that interests you.

✍️ Human Trafficking Topics for Any Essay Type

Human Trafficking Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. We should let survivors inform the public about the dangers of trafficking.
  2. State laws should protect the rights of trafficking survivors.
  3. Victim behavior is not the reason for the actions of criminals.
  4. Present medical facts about the ability of humans to survive a trauma.
  5. What psychological techniques do criminals use to lure victims?
  6. School is a safe haven for children from disadvantaged families.
  7. High social status is not a guarantee of protection against traffickers.
  8. Deception as a tool for controlling victims of modern slavery.
  9. Family can provide significant support to a victim of human trafficking.
  10. Physical violence and threats are the chief tools for controlling traffickers.
  11. Health workers should follow safety rules when rescuing trafficking victims.
  12. Countries providing financial advantages for anonymous economic activities should be held accountable.
  13. Psychologists should comply with ethical standards when assisting victims of trafficking.
  14. Countries with high trafficking rates should develop maps showing hotspots.
  15. Victims of modern slavery are not to blame: justification from the criminal perspective.
  16. Whom should we hold responsible for what happens to the victims in captivity?
  17. Will economic support for vulnerable groups help reduce the level of human trafficking?
  18. Prolonged captivity reduces the chances of adaptation after release.
  19. Exercise and physical activity help victims of trafficking to overcome trauma.
  20. Medication alone is ineffective in combating PTSD among trafficking victims.

Human Trafficking Argumentative Essay Prompts & Tips

  1. Who is responsible for human trafficking—the government, police, or society? There is no sufficient progress in stopping human trafficking. This is mainly due to the absence of an unequivocal opinion about who is responsible for the situation. Give your own ideas in this essay.
  2. The need to inform the public about human trafficking. Demonstrate the necessity to convey this information to the masses. You can also suggest ways of doing it.
  3. Immediate assistance for the victims of modern slavery. Show why it is important to provide psychological aid to rescued victims. What is the role of nurses and community organizations in it?
  4. Psychological help to victims of human trafficking: group therapy. Group therapy is based on awareness and acceptance of trauma. These actions are the basis of PTSD treatment. Decide whether it’s the optimal solution for victims’ psychological rehabilitation.
  5. Countries with widespread human trafficking should develop appropriate laws. Legislation changes are a crucial element of an integrated approach. In this essay, provide a list of existing laws and possible new regulations.
  6. The devastating impact of modern slavery. Describe the disastrous consequences that victims of human trafficking face. Find stories describing their lives in various media. How did they become victims? What happened to them after release from captivity?
  7. Tightening police measures as a way to stop human trafficking. Women and children are especially vulnerable targets for traffickers. Demonstrate the need to enable the police to protect them better.
  8. The high rate of trafficking indicates a high crime rate in a country. Determine which countries have the highest human trafficking rates. What are the related crimes observed there? Is there a correlation?
  9. The use of technology to catch criminals and traffickers. In this essay, discuss technologies that can help officials stop traffickers. For instance, satellite imagery allows identifying places of victims’ detention.
  10. International financial law is one of the best ways to stop human trafficking. Would the right to disclose anonymous bank accounts help reduce such crimes? What new laws and agreements are required to allow this?

For an argumentative essay, you need to conduct extensive research and present evidence to support your claim (check out our argumentative essay guide to learn more.) Here are the main steps:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic. Identify the sides of the argument.
✔️ Thesis statement State which side you support and why.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Provide evidence and give reasons why your claim is correct. Additionally, present an opposing viewpoint. Show its drawbacks as well as aspects that you agree with.
✔️ Conclusion Restate your thesis and mention that other viewpoints are also valid.

Human Trafficking Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. An anti-trafficking tax will help decrease the modern slavery rates.
  2. Is preventing new cases of slavery more critical than saving victims?
  3. Modern slavery is a serious problem that the CIA should address.
  4. Ignoring human trafficking is the same as neglecting Nazism.
  5. Forced labor is an economic problem as it is caused by poverty.
  6. Border control no longer solves the problem of forced labor.
  7. Should producers of weapons pay an anti-trafficking tax?
  8. Imprisonment for paying for escort services will stop human trafficking.
  9. Will stricter gun control laws help stop human trafficking?
  10. Victims of human trafficking should receive lifetime financial compensation.
  11. Human trafficking is a national problem that requires coordination of efforts.
  12. Treatment of human trafficking victims is a responsibility of society as well as psychologists.
  13. Two-year state-funded hospital treatment will help survivors to cope with the trauma.
  14. Are social networks a determining factor in the spread of human trafficking?
  15. Assess gender disparity in using the labor of human trafficking victims.
  16. Did the political polarization of society lead to an increase in people smuggling?
  17. Immigration laws are an effective means of combating modern slavery.
  18. Human traffickers’ family members capable of domestic violence should share responsibility with criminals.
  19. Civil and human rights protection laws do not sufficiently address human trafficking.
  20. People smuggling is not a crime from the criminals’ perspective: is this statement true?

Tips & Persuasive Essay Prompts Related to Human Trafficking

  1. The President must take personal responsibility. The problem of human trafficking is more acute than ever. It requires the immediate intervention of the President and Vice President. For example, they can declare the upcoming year the year of the fight against human trafficking.
  2. Criminals guilty of human trafficking should be kept in special prisons. The government should create special jails for rapists and human traffickers with a stricter regime. Moreover, we should prevent these criminals from becoming part of society again. Is this proposal fair?
  3. Trafficking should be punished with life imprisonment. Today, life imprisonment is mainly reserved for murder. Should human trafficking be penalized to the fullest extent?
  4. Can self-defense lessons help to avoid the risk of being captured by traffickers? Do you agree that schools should introduce a martial arts training system?
  5. State laws should permit surveillance in regions with high trafficking rates. Debate whether security is more important than the right to anonymity. Should the government allow the police to access people’s data?
  6. Public organizations that help the survivors should take official responsibility. If non-governmental associations take it, they can receive financial support. It will help them cooperate more effectively with the police. Do you agree?
  7. The existence of human trafficking in a country: deontology, utilitarianism and egoism. The United States is officially a democracy. However, the human trafficking rates show that America is close to a feudal society. Criminal ties among the upper class also enforce it.
  8. Fines as a way to motivate social workers and patrol officers to fight human trafficking. Many activists and police officers work in areas with high human trafficking rates. Do you agree that governments should fine them? Would a system of moderate fines motivate them to be more responsible?
  9. People who cannot pay rent are easy targets for traffickers. The government should prevent homelessness to combat human trafficking. For instance, it can compensate for the rent of vulnerable demographics.
  10. Homelessness as the main reason for being captured by traffickers.Homelessness deprives a person of protection. States with the highest human trafficking rates should start building shelters for the homeless. The state should provide them with food, clothing, jobs, and education. This way, traffickers won’t capture them into slavery.

A persuasive essay aims to convince the reader to share your opinion. You can do it by citing facts and statistics (check out our persuasive essay guide for more info.) Here’s how to write it:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic. State which side you’re on.
✔️ Thesis statement Summarize your claim in one sentence. Say why the readers should agree with your viewpoint.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Give reasons why your claim is correct. Make use of facts as well as emotions.
✔️ Conclusion Restate your thesis and finish your essay with a statement appealing to readers’ feelings.

Human Trafficking Informative Essay Topics

  1. How do international organizations fight modern slavery?
  2. Human trafficking in developed African countries.
  3. Outline the demography of human trafficking in the US.
  4. How does society stigmatize trafficking survivors?
  5. Fair trade as a way to combat modern slavery.
  6. Sex trafficking from a feminist perspective.
  7. The role of photography in the fight against forced labor.
  8. Fighting human trafficking on the dark web.
  9. Media coverage of human trafficking: ethical aspects.
  10. Review how anyone can help combat human trafficking.
  11. Association of human trafficking with social insecurity.
  12. How can medical institutions provide safety to victims of trafficking?
  13. Review the political and economic effects of human trafficking in the US.
  14. What lessons can the US learn from the trafficking situation in Eastern Europe?
  15. Forced labor and higher education in the US: programs for survivors.
  16. What US laws protect victims of slavery and define criminal activities?
  17. Review government statistics on forced labor in the US over the last five years.
  18. Which American states have the highest human trafficking rates?
  19. Modern slavery in the Arab world: from ancient times to modern days.
  20. Using technology to combat forced labor: the latest solutions.

Tips & Informative Writing Prompts for Human Trafficking Essays

  1. Measures that governments can take to reduce human trafficking. Review legal and informative measures to combat modern slavery. You can base this essay on reports from official government agencies.
  2. Human trafficking: types, symptoms, and effects. For this essay, present the kinds of trafficking according to the official categorization. It includes divisions according to age, gender, and type of forced labor. You can also describe the symptoms commonly found in victims.
  3. The history of human trafficking: from ancient times to the 21st century. Start by describing ancient cultures that used forced labor. Alternatively, you may focus on the history of slavery in the US. Include the latest statistics on reported cases of human trafficking.
  4. Human trafficking and fundamental humanistic values. Outline humanistic values that are violated by forced labor. Back it up with arguments drawn from the works of famous humanists.
  5. What are the consequences of human trafficking for victims? Describe the trauma that people develop while in captivity. Use reports from national and global organizations. What physiological symptoms are associated with adaptation after release?
  6. How does the US deal with the problem of reporting on forced labor? Present ways of communicating the risks of human trafficking. Base this essay on government anti-trafficking reports. Include a list of trafficker indicators and other red flags.
  7. Environments that put a person in danger of becoming a victim of human trafficking. These include unemployment, homelessness, and the absence of immigration status. You can base this essay on data from governmental reports.
  8. Informing the population as means of reducing human trafficking rates. Does informing people actually reduce the number of potential victims? Review the best informing strategies used by community organizations.
  9. Why are migrants the most vulnerable population group in terms of human trafficking? In this essay, provide information on migrants’ life circumstances. Mention the aspects that make them the most vulnerable demographic. Examples include unemployment and insecurity before the law. You can also present the most common schemes by which traffickers capture migrants.
  10. New approaches to mitigating the effects of modern slavery in psychotherapy. Describe what methods therapists use to help slavery victims. You can present a list of optimal practices for restoring the integrity of survivors’ personalities. For this essay on human trafficking, use scientific articles and reports from practicing therapists.

An informative essay should educate the reader on something they didn’t know before. Have a look at this outline:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic.
✔️ Thesis statement Explain your topic in one sentence.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Present facts, statistics, and other evidence necessary to explain the topic in detail. Don’t include your personal opinion.
✔️ Conclusion Synthesize your essay’s main points.

Topics for an Expository Essay on Human Trafficking

  1. Assess social adaptation methods for victims of sexual slavery.
  2. Social adaptation of men who worked for traffickers in captivity.
  3. Police memo: evidence sufficient to detain a trafficker.
  4. Describe how to identify a trafficker based on 7 criteria.
  5. Power of the image: photo reports on human trafficking.
  6. Anonymous story of a sexual slavery survivor.
  7. Present a psychological and demographic portrait of a trafficker.
  8. Describe the conditions of human traffickers’ detention.
  9. Dealing with trauma in children who have been in labor slavery.
  10. Human trafficking in the Southern and Northern states.
  11. How to restore citizenship and documents after release from captivity.
  12. How can human trafficking survivors get free medical care?
  13. Who is more effective in stopping human trafficking: government agencies or community organizations?
  14. Being in captivity during the war, in forced labor, or sexual slavery: psychological consequences.
  15. Gender differences in human trafficking victims’ labor.
  16. Modern slavery’s connection to the criminal underworld in the Northern states.
  17. Enumerate the reasons why homeless people can end up in captivity.
  18. How many years does adaptation take for human trafficking survivors?
  19. Explore the modern meaning of the word “slavery.”
  20. Discuss ways of psychological support for the families of slavery victims.

Modern Day Slavery Writing Prompts & Tips for Expository Essays

  1. Human trafficking and modern slavery: real stories told by the media. Review several articles about falling into slavery. You can focus on press coverage from the 2010s. The stories of survivors will speak for themselves.
  2. Non-governmental organizations of the USA assisting victims: the power of community. Present five influential organizations from California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Nevada. Assess the personal contributions of staff. What is the role of local communities?
  3. How to help a friend if they’ve become a victim of human trafficking. In this essay, list tactics and strategies for assisting forced labor victims. Pay particular attention to compliance with safety regulations.
  4. What is it like to be a forced labor victim? A more creative task is to describe the situation from the inside. Can victims try to escape and free themselves from slavery? What is the role of psychological pressure from traffickers? How can an ordinary person cope with such a monstrous challenge?
  5. Prostitution, forced labor, and organ trafficking: a comparison. In addition, describe what forms of modern slavery prevail in different countries.
  6. Therapy methods in human trafficking survivors. Review what therapy practices are the most suitable for working with the survivors.
  7. An overview of common human trafficking schemes. These often involve vulnerable demographics, including illegal immigrants and adolescents from underprivileged communities.
  8. In what conditions do human trafficking victims live? In this paper, explain how life in captivity affects one’s mental health. Determine the connections between trauma and the body’s response to it.
  9. Ways of integration of human trafficking survivors. Review the best strategies for their adaptation to everyday life. Give examples of social adaptation that include education and employment.
  10. Human trafficking in the Southern and Border States. Study the situation in Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. Then, describe how to solve the problem. Don’t forget to emphasize the role of social work with illegal migrants.

An expository essay includes a thesis statement, evidence, and a logical conclusion. You can also use elements of creative writing in your paper (feel free to read our expository essay guide for more info.) Here are the main steps:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic.
✔️ Thesis statement Identify the main problem or points of comparison that you will discuss in your essay.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Present statistics, facts, and other evidence necessary to describe the main issue, its causes, effects, or solutions.
✔️ Conclusion Synthesize your essay’s main points.

Human Trafficking Research Paper Topics

  1. Survival in an unfamiliar city: is an escape from slavery possible?
  2. What prevents citizens from recognizing victims of human trafficking?
  3. Are monthly payments for human trafficking survivors justified?
  4. Dietary adaptation for malnourished forced labor survivors.
  5. How do the police investigate slavery markets?
  6. Economic levers to combat human trafficking: practical approaches.
  7. Describe global criminal connections that lead to modern slavery.
  8. Being in captivity leads to psychological trauma inherited by victims’ children.
  9. The use of figureheads on social media is a successful tactic against traffickers.
  10. Five app projects that will help avoid becoming a human trafficking victim.
  11. We should ban goods produced by forced labor worldwide.
  12. Human trafficking transportation problems as an opportunity to catch criminals.
  13. Research the use of symbolic language in informing victims of human trafficking.
  14. Funding for the installation of video surveillance systems to catch traffickers.
  15. People from what socio-economic background are the most vulnerable to child labour and exploitation?
  16. How can we combat human trafficking during a pandemic?
  17. Ethics of business and economic relations as a way to combat slavery.
  18. Informing vulnerable groups about human trafficking and attracting them to cooperation.
  19. Coordinated interaction of police departments is the key to success in combating people smuggling.

Human Trafficking Research Paper Prompts & Tips

  1. Deficiencies in US law determine success or failure in the fight against human trafficking. US legislation on human trafficking includes several rules. International acts and agreements also guide it. Nonetheless, the US laws, especially in the leading states, require urgent revision.
  2. Human trafficking as modern slavery: history repeating itself. Draw analogies between the trends and schemes from the past and the present. What historical practices can be effective in combating slavery? In particular, this concerns the anti-slavery movement and public awareness.
  3. Domestic human trafficking in the US shows increasing tendencies. Here, analyze the growth of domestic human trafficking cases. Demonstrate the need to create new approaches to catch criminals.
  4. Technology companies can stop human trafficking. The luring of victims often occurs on social media. Should social networking companies be penalized for failing to act against criminals?
  5. Can social media campaigns help protect potential victims? It’s necessary to create a program that will inform users about the dangers of trafficking. This method of targeted communication can be very effective.
  6. City officials should be ready to engage in the fight against modern slavery. Provide examples of American cities that are actively fighting human trafficking. What approaches and practices can be adopted throughout the US?
  7. Medical institutions are the main asset in combating human trafficking. More than three-quarters of victims receive medical care while in captivity. Health workers have the legal right to place a patient in a hospital and protect them from contact with criminals. This approach has been successful in many states.
  8. The police have insufficient funding to combat human trafficking. The police are conducting successful investigations, and there are many cases of solved human trafficking crimes. The state can grant more money to the police to uncover more trafficking schemes. It will allow using more advanced technologies in search of criminals.
The picture shows a fact about trafficking laws in different states.
  1. Hotlines should be more accessible to victims of trafficking. Hotlines are highly effective in combating human trafficking. They are easy to find on the Internet, but captive victims rarely have access to the network. How can we improve this situation?
  2. Families of trafficking victims and their participation in the search. Demonstrate the need to establish a format for families’ closer cooperation with the police. Would it help to conduct police investigations more effectively? Should we allow families to conduct their own investigations?
  3. The US is responsible for the success of international cooperation against human trafficking.

To write a research paper, you study the available information, analyze it, and make conclusions. Here’s a human trafficking research paper outline:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic. Define the terms that you will use throughout the paper.
✔️ Thesis statement State the main focus and purpose of your research.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Analyze the sources and evaluate them. Present your own findings and back them up with evidence.
✔️ Conclusion Synthesize your paper’s main arguments. State whether further research is needed.

Causes of Human Trafficking Essay Topics

  1. Discuss psychological factors of human trafficking.
  2. What personal reasons make people become traffickers?
  3. Greed as a major reason for human trafficking.
  4. What are the major causes of sex trafficking?
  5. Substantial profit as one of the human trafficking root causes.
  6. Explore the reasons for forced marriages.
  7. How does social media promote people trafficking?
  8. Commercialized sex and its contribution to human trafficking.
  9. Does authoritarianism promote human trafficking?
  10. Compare the cases of human trafficking in the United States and Thailand.
  11. Explore the court cases of traffickers. Does the judicial system cope with its duties?
  12. Why are weak anti-trafficking policies the primary cause of people’s exploitation?
  13. Discuss the role of government in human trafficking.
  14. Investigate the reforms on human trafficking. How effective are these measures?
  15. Lack of relevant laws leads to more trafficking cases. Do you agree?
  16. Should legal punishments apply to victims as well as traffickers?
  17. Why is ethnicity one of the main factors of people trafficking?
  18. Explore the connection between drug addiction and slavery.
  19. Violent force and threats as major leverages of traffickers.
  20. Naivety leads to becoming a victim of traffickers. Provide your arguments.

Causes of Human Trafficking Essay Prompts & Tips

  1. What are the leading causes of human trafficking? Your essay may start with the definition of people trafficking. Think about social and economic factors. Dig into history to find the reasons. Most importantly, look at this issue from various angles.
  2. Explore poverty as one of the reasons for human trafficking. How does poverty influence people? Can it force them to behave illegally? What are people ready to do for money?
  3. Migration: is it a cause or a consequence of human trafficking? Some people are so eager to immigrate to developed countries that they can do anything. They are even ready to sell their children to get money or sell themselves into slavery. At the same time, others become traffickers to move to another country.
  4. Discuss the connection between human trafficking and education. Think about the following: If a person lacks education, they lack knowledge about their rights. They can be deluded more easily. Following this logic, these individuals can become desired prey for traffickers.
  5. What is the role of war in human trafficking? Do armed conflicts provoke or prevent the spread of slavery? How do they facilitate the development of this problem? Is smuggling flourishing in countries that are at war? These are excellent questions to start with.
  6. What are the effects of cheap labor demand? Supply and demand are two pillars of economics. If there were no need for a cheap working force, traffickers wouldn’t exploit people so easily. They force their victims to work almost for free while selling the goods at a high price.
  7. Investigate institutional racism as a root cause of people trafficking. Who is the most vulnerable social class? Naturally, these are marginalized groups. They lack protection at a constitutional level. That’s why they can become victims of traffickers.
  8. Cultural and social causes of human trafficking. For some nations, selling children, slavery, smuggling, and bonded labor are commonplace. In some countries, such as Uzbekistan, people are forced to work in the cotton fields by the authorities. If you do research, you will see many similar examples worldwide.
  9. How do natural disasters facilitate human trafficking? The consequences of some natural disasters force people to migrate and find alternative ways to earn money. Some of them have no other option but to let themselves be exploited. 
  10. How does the absence of safe migration conditions assist people trafficking? Many people from developing countries want to move to the United States to achieve their American Dream. Traffickers delude fortune seekers, promising well-paid jobs and help in crossing the border.

Discussing human trafficking in a cause-and-effect essay is an excellent way to investigate this issue in detail. You can learn how to write it from our article on cause-and-effect essays. Here’s a recap:

✔️ Introduction Give some background information regarding your topic.
✔️ Thesis statement Point out one or several causes of the issue in question.
✔️ Main body paragraphs In each paragraph, show how different phenomena affect one another. Or, enumerate the causes first and then discuss the effects.
✔️ Conclusion Synthesize your paper’s main points.

Solutions to Human Trafficking Essay Topics

  1. How can employers help stop human trafficking?
  2. Producing films about slavery: is it a problem solution?
  3. How can we stop human trafficking by learning the indicators?
  4. How can people protect themselves from traffickers when going abroad?
  5. Why should employers stop using cheap labor?
  6. Compare and contrast solutions to labor and sex trafficking.
  7. The role of parents and caregivers in preventing forced labor.
  8. How can civic awareness stop human trafficking?
  9. What is more important: to persecute traffickers or to protect victims?
  10. In what ways can attorneys help stop people smuggling? 
  11. Can creating a reliable online platform for job searching help reduce slavery?
  12. Educational curriculum: should students be taught how to indicate and prevent human trafficking?
  13. Investigate the list of goods produced by child exploitation as a form of human trafficking. How does this information influence people’s choices?
  14. Forewarned is forearmed: discuss the effectiveness of anti-trafficking non-profit websites.
  15. How can stricter validity checks on job-searching websites solve the issue of modern slavery?
  16. Can the implementation of severe punishments for human trafficking help to curb the problem?
  17. Legalization of prostitution as a way of preventing sex trafficking.
  18. How can timely identification of human trafficking indicators save the lives of the victims?
  19. Fighting against poverty and unemployment as a means of preventing people smuggling.
  20. Watching documentaries about modern slavery as a problem solution.

Solutions to Human Trafficking Essay Prompts & Tips

  1. What are the primary solutions to human trafficking? Think about the following: How can this problem be solved on personal and national levels? It’s crucial to mention self-awareness, education, volunteering, and the role of charity organizations. You may also address the necessity to change the law.
  2. Human trafficking: an international approach. The issue of modern slavery is a global problem. That’s why it should be dealt with at the international level. The authorities all over the world should unite to fight against people trafficking.
  3. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of volunteering and adopting new policies. On the one hand, volunteers attract public attention to the issue of human trafficking. On the other hand, we should protect marginalized groups at the constitutional level. Otherwise, human trafficking will remain flourishing in the future.
  4. Coverage of human trafficking cases in social media. Is it a good idea for the victims to share their stories on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? How can it help prevent this issue? Could it lead to the stigmatization of these people by others? You can start by brainstorming these ideas.
  5. Discuss whether fundraising is an effective solution to human trafficking. Ponder on how holding a fundraiser helps bring awareness to the problem of modern slavery. What are some other benefits of fundraising, such as financial assistance?
  6. Donations help prevent human trafficking. Do you agree? Every person can donate some money, clothes, or even shelter for the victims of human trafficking. Business owners may ensure employment opportunities, giving these people a chance for a better future. Focus on the importance of psychological and legal assistance.
  7. How does the media help prevent human trafficking? The media attracts people’s attention to the problem. They become more aware and careful. The cases of victims are widely discussed, leading to more fundraising and volunteering.
  8. Explore the anti-trafficking legislation in the United States. Discuss its strengths and drawbacks. What could be changed or done better? Is it effective? How are the rights of marginalized groups protected? These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Education opportunities for disadvantaged groups as a way of preventing human trafficking. Should the government provide marginalized people with free education? How can it affect human trafficking? Discuss it in your essay.  
  10. Why is a boycott an effective way of preventing human trafficking? If others start rejecting the goods produced by the victims of human trafficking, traffickers won’t get such huge profits. Everyone can make their contribution to the fight against this issue.

A problem-solution essay is particularly suitable for discussing modern slavery. Explore the facts and suggest how to stop this inhumane practice. Here’s how to write about problems and their solutions:

✔️ Introduction Describe the problem that needs to be solved. Show why your topic is important.
✔️ Thesis statement Introduce a solution to the problem.
✔️ Main body paragraphs Use evidence to illustrate the solution’s effectiveness.
✔️ Conclusion Synthesize your paper’s main points. Show what would happen if your proposed solution is implemented.

If you haven’t found a suitable topic, feel free to use our topic generator.

📝 Human Trafficking Essay Outline

Before you start writing, let’s have a look at some aspects to consider in your college essay on human trafficking. Here’s the basic template:

The picture shows the outline of a human trafficking essay.

Human Trafficking Essay Introduction: How to Write

The most important part of an essay introduction is a hook. A perfect attention grabber for a human trafficking paper would demonstrate the seriousness of the problem right away. It, in turn, would make your audience eager to read on.

Have a look at some of the ideas for your essay’s hook:

  • Cite statistical data related to the current situation with human trafficking.
  • Start with a stirring quote to appeal to readers’ emotions.
  • Pose a question related to your essay’s topic. Make the reader want to learn the answer.

Besides the hook, it’s logical to start your essay with some background information. This way, even an unprepared reader will understand your essay’s thesis. Think of what your audience may not know about your topic. It will help you determine what to include in this part of the introduction.

Here are some strategies:

  • Tell about the countries and regions with the highest trafficking rates—for example, Thailand, the Philippines, India, South Africa, and Eastern Europe.
  • Mention reasons behind this problem: unemployment, social discrimination, political instability, armed conflicts, etc.
  • Give a solid definition of human trafficking or its specific type. It’s better to formulate your own one rather than take it from a dictionary.

It’s important to notice that your hook and background information should be relevant to your topic. Make sure these elements help to further the understanding of your essay’s main point.

Human Trafficking Essay Thesis

A thesis statement is your essay’s main point formulated in one sentence. It outlines the paper’s direction and provides an answer to the problem stated in the title. You place it at the end of the introduction.

A good thesis statement for a human trafficking essay usually presents the solution to a problem. However, the thesis’ contents depend on your essay’s type. For example, in an informative essay, you don’t need to prove or suggest anything. Instead, you say what you’re going to explain and how you’ll do it.

Once you’ve written the thesis statement, how do you determine whether it’s strong? Well, one way is to answer the questions from the following checklist.

✔️ Is your thesis specific enough? Make sure it’s not too vague or broad. Alternatively, if it’s too narrow, try clarifying it.
✔️ Does your thesis answer the topic question? Even if the title is phrased as a statement, it still implies a question that you should answer.
✔️ Is it possible to challenge your position? A good thesis statement makes an argument that can be challenged.

If your answer to all three questions is “yes,” you can be sure of your thesis’s effectiveness.

Finally, don’t forget that the rest of your essay should support your thesis. If necessary, you can rework your statement to better suit the body paragraphs, or vice versa.

Human Trafficking Essay: Main Body

How do you make your essay on human trafficking credible and persuasive? Naturally, you want to add evidence. Here’s how to incorporate it into your paper:

  • It’s better to start collecting your evidence before you start writing. Once you’ve found all the necessary information, it will be easier for you to structure the paragraphs. The point is to focus each section on a single aspect.
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence. It should present the main idea that you will then support with evidence. Ideally, your audience should be able to follow your logic by reading the topic sentences alone.
  • Finally, add your evidence. It can be statistics, facts from scholarly articles, quotes, or even anecdotes. Follow it with your explanation of this information. Say how it relates to the topic and supports your thesis.

Human Trafficking Essay Conclusion: Dos & Don’ts

A strong conclusion is a crucial part of any writing. In this final part, you synthesize your essay in a few sentences while adding a twist to it. If a conclusion is done right, it can leave a lasting impression on your readers.

This dos and don’ts list will help you write a perfect conclusion for a human trafficking essay. Check it out:

✔️ Finish up with an emotionally stirring statement. It will inspire your readers and may even prompt them to take action. However, avoid making it sound too sentimental compared with the rest of your essay.
✔️ Point out a course of action to solve the main issue. For example, you can give some advice on how anyone can help fight human trafficking.
✔️ Demonstrate your topic’s broader implications. For example, in the case of human trafficking, you can point out how fighting it will help solve global human rights problems.
Don’t finish your essay with a simple summary. Instead, show how everything you’ve written fits together.
Don’t introduce new information in your conclusion. Discuss all the critical points in the body paragraphs.
Don’t use phrases such as “in conclusion” or “to sum up.” Clichés such as these make your writing trite.

Don’t forget to introduce statistics in your essay on human trafficking. It’s available on numerous websites of governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with the problem. You can find more ideas for your paper in our article about writing a child labor essay.

📑 Human Trafficking Essay Examples

We’ve prepared an outstanding sample essay on human trafficking that you can use as inspiration. You’re welcome to download the PDF file below:


Human trafficking is a global problem. It deprives millions worldwide of their freedom and dignity. Traffickers use various tactics to lure children, men, and women into the trap. For that reason, precaution measures should be taken. It is crucial to educate as many people as possible on the issue to ensure everyone’s safety.

How to Identify a Trafficker
Download the free sample

Share your thoughts about human trafficking with us! Why do you think slavery is still in demand? If you were a politician, what would you do to prevent it? Tell us your suggestion in comments below!

Learn more on this topic:

✏️  Human Trafficking Essay FAQ

Why is human trafficking an important topic?

Human trafficking is a topical issue in society because it’s an inhumane practice that affects millions of people worldwide. Writing on that topic helps understand why it is happening and what can be done about it.

What are the causes of human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a very complex phenomenon driven by various economic, social, cultural, and other causes. Factors of a high human trafficking risk are poverty, social instability, exclusion, and lack of education and awareness (e.g., in South Africa.)

What are the dangers of human trafficking?

Pretty much every fact connected with human trafficking is horrifying. Nearly everything about this phenomenon can be considered a danger. As human trafficking is a form of slavery, it would be naive to presume there are any positive effects whatsoever.

How do you write an article on human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a serious problem, and you should be able to express your opinion on it. For example, it can be done in the form of an argumentative essay. It is vital to avoid using too many emotionally charged words. Remember to stay objective and provide facts and examples.

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