Murder Essay: Examples, Topics, and Killer Tips [2024]

Probably, a murder essay is not a fascinating assignment to complete. Talking about people’s deaths or crazy murderers can be depressing. However, all assignments are different, and you are supposed to work on every task hard.

So, how are you going to deal with a murder essay? You can make it engaging, especially if you can choose exciting ways to get the paper done.

In the article, we’ll show you:

  • The ways to approach your murder essay.
  • Examples of successful papers on the subject.
  • Murder essay topics and prompts to start writing.

Our website‘s writers are ready to share some short killing ideas so that you could write an outstanding argumentative essay about murders!

🤔 How to Approach Your Murder Essay

There are several options on how to approach and how to start writing an essay on murder. These depend on what interests you and what kind of person you are. We have collected several ideas for different students. Try to approach writing a paper on one of them and check the murder essay examples.

📗 Essays on Murder: Idea 1

If you are a peaceful person who cannot stand anything bloody and cruel, this will be a brilliant option for writing your murder essay. Do you know how many synonyms the word “murder” has? Some of them are homicide, assassination, slaying, parricide, mariticide, thuggee, etc. In your murder essay, you can explain each word’s meaning and briefly tell about their history.

🚔 Essays on Murder: Idea 2

If you are not that sensitive and want to write an earnest and killing essay on murder, we suggest you write about mass killings of people called massacres. There are numerous notorious massacres in human history that you can mention in your essay on murder:

  • the Nanking massacre,
  • Babi Yar massacre,
  • Katyn massacre,
  • St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, and some others.

🕵️ Essays on Murder: Idea 3

Another “gory” way to get your murder essay done is to write about infamous and the most gruesome American murderers of the 20th century. The following people can be the main “characters” of your paper: Edward Gein, Charles Manson, Mary Bell, Andrea Yates.

⚖️ Essay on Murder: Idea 4

If you are into moral riddles, then you might consider writing an essay about capital punishment, or shortly, the death penalty. In your paper, discuss whether it is ethical and whether humans deserve it. Also, you can list current methods of capital punishment and discuss their moral aspects.

👮 Essay on Murder: Idea 5

Wondering whether gender influences the severity of the punishment? Maybe, there is an increase in the involvement in the crime? If the gender distribution among criminals interests you, then go ahead, and write about it. Compare and contrast the punishment men and women get for the same crimes. Is it different or similar?

👩‍⚖️ Murder Essay Topics

Coming up with eye-catching titles for your papers can be complicated. That is why we have prepared some topic ideas for your essay on murder.

  1. Is euthanasia murder? Should people who help with euthanasia be convicted of criminal homicide? Write several paragraphs of the argumentative essay supporting your point.
  2. OJ Simpson’s trial: a killer or a victim? Write an argumentative essay about the murder that happened 25 years ago.
  3. The serial killer story. Such stories are often surrounded by mystery. Write about Zodiac, a serial killer whose identity remains unknown. What makes his persona mysterious?
  4. A homicide close to home. Write an essay on the murder case that resonated in your country.
  5. Does extrajudicial killing equal to murder? Present your point on the argument supported by evidence. 
  6. Explain the role and effectiveness of the law commission. What are the pros and cons of the law reform conducted by an independent body?
  7. An unsolved crime. Write an essay about a murder that has never been explained. Think about why detectives were never able to solve the case.
  8. Are people born serial killers, or do environmental factors make them? Write a five-paragraph essay, where you’ll present your opinion supported by evidence.
  9. The psychological portrait of a serial killer. Think among the traits shared among serial killers. What are they? Do you think these traits are acquired or inherited?
  10. The intention in criminal law. Can it be direct and indirect? Explain the definition of murder intention in your essay. Provide examples of famous murders.
  11. Causes of murders and school shootings.
  12. What are the causes of mass murders?
  13. The history and medical diagnoses of Menéndez brothers.
  14. Discuss how mental disorders of Richard Kuklinski induced him to become a contract killer.
  15. How John Wayne Gacy became a serial killer. 
  16. Analyze the factors that influenced the Chessboard Killer Alexander Pichushkin.  
  17. Examine the issues discussed in the documentary Meeting With a Killer.  
  18. Does death penalty help to lower crime rates?
  19. Explore how Dave Grossman describes psychology of the killer in his book On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society.  
  20. Socioecomonic forces impact on serial killers.
  21. Describe the factors that allow to define a case as attempted murder.  
  22. Discuss the use of technology in solving murder cases.  
  23. Explain why Kitty Genovese’s murder is the primary illustration of the Bystander Effect.
  24. Three elements of murder in mass shootings in Atlanta.
  25. The role of DNA profiles in solving murder cases.
  26. What causes murder and homicide?
  27. Examine the history of the serial killer Albert Fish.  
  28. Analyze the ways media portrays the serial killers.
  29. Can murder in revenge be justified?
  30. Pros and cons of trying children as adults for murder.
  31. The murder of Paul Broussard as an example of a hate crime.
  32. The role of media in Casey Anthony murder trial.  
  33. The mystery of Meriwether Lewis death.
  34. Analyze Bruce Chadwick’s attempt to throw light on the murder of George Wythe in his book I Am Murdered.
  35. Cognitive biases and their detrimental effect on the investigation of Robin Adams’ murder case.  
  36. Discuss the role of racial prejudices in Emmett Till murder case.  
  37. Examine the peculiarities of the trial and punishment for a police officer murder.
  38. Social behavior of Ted Bundy. 
  39. Explore the religious motives in terrorism cases.
  40. The specifics of investigative techniques applied to terrorism cases.
  41. Analyze the controversial depiction of murderers in Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter and Glaspell’s A Jury of Her Peers
  42. Discuss the philosophy of John Locke applied to capital punishment.
  43. The history and different types of homicide.  
  44. The reasons for people’s fascination with fictional serial killers. 
  45. Examine the criminal situation and homicide rates in Puerto Rico.  
  46. Explain the importance of forensic evidence in homicide investigation.

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I am a college student and I have to write an argumentative essay and I curious how could I make a cold case into an argumentative topic.


Hi, I’m a grade 11 student, and I need to make a persuasive essay about a murder case. I should convince the judge that I am not the killer. I hope you can help me. Thank you!


Hi there
I’m a grade 11 pupil, and I need to write an essay on murder.. I just need a few ideas to write about, I’m thinking about this for my intro. The blood on. My hands almost had a pulse on its own. I stand over a girls body. I don’t know whose blood it is because we both are covered in blood. Please help me with ideas 🙂

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As to your essay – be creative=) Why not to make an unexpected ending for your paper? Describe all the terrifying thoughts going through your mind as you’re looking at the ‘blood’ on your hands… and then write that all of a sudden you understand that it was only grape juice. The situation is really disappointing, as you’ll have to drink lemonade now=)
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