Environment vs. Development Essay: Tips & Topics [2024]

Environment vs. development is a multifaceted present days’ dilemma. On the one hand, environmental problems are increasing year after year. We have more polluted areas on our planet, more polluted rivers, fewer trees that produce oxygen. On the other hand, can we stop development and progress in various fields?

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Is there some solution to the dilemma? You will have to discuss this in your environment and development essay.

In the article, you’ll find the following:

  • The arguments that can help you to build a comprehensive discussion.
  • Tips on writing your environment vs. development essay.
  • Topics to nail your paper with successful examples.

Our writers gathered the ideas and recommendations for you to excel at your assignment. So, consider these tips for writing effective essays on environment vs. development.

📌 6 Arguments Environment vs. Development Essay

In this section, we will present several arguments for essays on environment and development topics. These arguments might serve as a great help for writing your essay.

  1. Taking care of poverty worldwide is a more critical issue than taking care of natural resources. Natural resources are renewable. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the people in need. However, humans already wasted enough natural resources, so wasting more will put the Earth at risk.
  2. Economic growth is needed to meet the basic needs of the growing population in developing countries. In case developing countries do not industrialize, the government has to put restrictions on population growth. Yet, population growth is one of the main reasons for environmental issues.
  3. Industrialization might not put much pressure on the environment. Scientific progress can have less harmful effects on Earth. Yet, some historical accidents show that rapid industrialization might create an actual natural disaster.
  4. Developing countries should not tell poorer countries to engage in conservation. Developing countries should not tell poorer countries to make conservation their priority, as it will be hypocritical from their side. However, more developed countries should look after more fragile countries.
  5. Green Revolution” helped double the amount of harvest. A more considerable amount of crop helps feed a growing population. However, the modified seeds might eventually replace the native sources.
  6. Green issues hold back developing countries. They are perceived as interference in the affairs of developing countries. However, it is an economic process that will help many people.

Find more arguments in an essay example below:

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Rapid Progress Causing Environmental Issues
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📍 3 Tips for Environment vs. Development Essay

After reviewing the arguments for your essay, you can start writing. But still, we suggest that you first read our tips. They will help you balance your ideas and thoughtfully put them into the essay.

✔️ Tip 1: Research

Start with collecting information about environmental issues and the opinions of environmentalists. Find out the essential parts of the discussion:

  1. What, from their point of view, are the biggest threats to the environment these days?
  2. What are their suggestions as to the solutions to environmental problems?

Make necessary notes with arguments to use in your paper. As you’re writing academic work, you have to cite your sources. So, pick the most credible books or articles on the matter to reference in your essay on environment vs. development.

Another vital thing is:

Find out what citation style is required in your institution or by your instructor. You have to follow its guidelines to reference correctly, so examine MLA, APA, or Chicago guides.

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✔️ Tip 2: Take a Stand

Since you are dealing with kind of a controversial issue, you have to examine both sides of the debate. It seems to be logical to write a persuasive or an argumentative essay on environment vs. development with good argumentation.

You have two options regarding your position:

  1. Taking a neutral approach, revealing the arguments of both sides without a stance.
  2. Arguing in favor of one position, maybe even providing a solution.

The best way for you is to investigate all the data and take a stand that feels more sound for you. Then, you should do the following:

  • Introduce a specific position on the problem. The first part of an argumentative essay is to pick a side and present an exact position on the topic. It needs to be clear from the thesis statement in the introduction.
  • Collect evidence to support it. Think about the counterargument someone might have to your argument and research both sides. The more you research, the more developed your proof will be.
  • Then, investigate what the opposing side says. What are their arguments in favor of further progress? What do they say about preserving our planet and environment? What solutions do they have?
  • Draft and outline your essay. Organizing your paper ahead will make it easier for you to present the arguments. A clear structure will help you distribute the information concisely and logically.
  • Write with empathy. Three factors make up a strong argument: ethos (ethical reasoning), logos (logical reasoning), and pathos (emotional reasoning). You need to present your point in a logical, concise, non-manipulative, and compelling way.

✔️ Tip 3: Express Your Opinion

In concluding an essay, you have to sum up what you’ve argued and come to a closure. Usually, it’s where writers add their opinion or insight. You can still take a neutral position, seeing no reason to solve everything at once if you do not feel strongly about the topic or have doubts.

Yet, try to think about your personal position on the problem that you have presented. Do you have any ideas on how to solve it? Do you have any suggestions regarding the issue?

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If you have, express them!

Don’t be afraid to draw conclusions from your writing. You should strive to leave an impact on your reader. So any new idea or insight that comes directly from your environment and development essay is welcomed. Check the example below to see how it can be done:

The Importance of the Environment in the Development of Society
Download the free essay example

Tips for writing rainforest essays and an essay on environmental issues can also be used for preparing your paper on environment vs. development.

✨41 Topics for an Essay

If you’re struggling to come with a topic for your essay, we have prepared ten options to choose from. Take a look and select the one you like!

  1. Water Pollution. Industrialization is necessary for employment opportunities, innovations, and better utilization of resources. However, it is responsible for water pollution, which contaminates marine life and negatively affects health.
  2. Air Pollution. Just like water pollution, air pollution is an inevitable part of the industrialization process. Due to the problem, animals and humans are at risk of developing health issues.
  3. Global Warming. It is one of the most significant environmental issues nowadays. However, some people speculate that the whole climate change idea is a political scheme.
  4. Eco-friendly movement. The importance of environmental issues is getting more recognition these days. Eco-friendly movement: a helpful way to raise awareness about environmental issues or another mainstream movement?
  5. Nature vs. Nurture. When talking about the environment vs. development, it is necessary to discuss the idea of nature and nurture. What plays a bigger role in shaping a human’s character: the influence of heredity or environmental influences?
  6. Deforestation. Is it a necessary sacrifice made by people to survive? For instance, the use of fuelwood dominates in rural households. Or is it more dangerous and harmful to the environment than helpful?
  7. Sustainable Development Goals. Analyze the list published by the United Nations. Do the goals presented in the list capture the complexity of sustainable development? Why yes/no?
  8. Population Growth. Population growth might have adverse effects on various economic and environmental aspects. However, the rapid growth of the population can increase the labor market.
  9. Carbon Emissions. Greenhouse gases are dangerous. Should there be a tax on carbon emissions? Provide your opinion, and list the carbon tax’s pros and cons.
  10. Transportation. People these days possess more and more cars. Provide your position on whether they should use cars more or not. Support by evidence.
  11. Should we ban consumable plastics to save the nature?
  12. Compare the climate difference of the 20th and 21st century and its impact on the wildlife.
  13. Discuss the sources of air pollution and its impact on human health.
  14. Relation between environment and development changes in society.
  15. Analyze the relationship between climate change and greenhouse gases emission.
  16. Environmental effects of e-waste and proposed solutions.
  17. Describe the effect of climate change on tourism.
  18. The connection between the environment and development.
  19. Examine the role of waste management in the prevention of environmental pollution.
  20. Analyze the causes of indoor and outdoor pollution.
  21. The central idea of It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and Individual Moral Obligations by Sinnott-Armstrong.
  22. Discuss the role of environmental organizations in reducing fresh water pollution.
  23. Analyze the relation between overpopulation and environmental disaster.
  24. How can we reduce climate change?
  25. Explain the importance of environmental law and its impact on businesses.
  26. Describe the main aspects of environmental protection and their connection with the global economy.
  27. Explore how environmental problems influence children’s health.
  28. Economic development and environmental protection of the Amazon forest.
  29. Rapid increasing in industrialization and globalization and environmental concerns.
  30. The influence of noise level on environmental public health.
  31. Why environmental plastic pollution is one of the most pressing contemporary issues.
  32. Discuss the importance of water recycling.
  33. Analyze the issue of consumption and production and its impact on the environment.
  34. Examine the impact of mining on nature.
  35. Reasons to use renewable energy more.
  36. Describe the role of Go-Green programs for the environmental protection.
  37. Explore the bottled water industry and its impact on the environment.
  38. Analyze the pros and cons of environmental activism.
  39. Overpopulation is a threat to the environmental wellbeing.
  40. Analyze the effect of microplastics on the marine life.
  41. Explain why an indiscriminate deforestation is a global concern that should not be ignored.

For more variety, you can find more topics in other articles.

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