You have heard about reflective essays. However, reflexive essays you face for the first time. By the way, if you have experience in completing reflective essays, preparing a reflexive essay will not be a problem for you. These assignments are very similar.

Anyway, you want to know how to write a reflexive essay. And here, at, we are ready to provide basic guidelines. Yet, before that, look in the mirror for a while.

What do you see? Certainly, you see yourself. Is there something you can see behind this image? Can you describe your feelings? Answer these questions before you get down to completing your reflexive essay. It will inspire you a bit.

Guidelines for Writing Reflexive Essays

  1. Why did we ask you to think about your reflection in the mirror? What you see in the mirror will actually be the main idea of your reflexive essay. Particularly, you will have to focus on yourself, your experiences, etc. Let us give you an example of a reflexive essay topic: You have recently completed research and need to tell about this experience.
  2. Do not confuse reflexive essays with informative essays. Reflexive essays should not contain too many details about what you did. You do not need to tell how something happened or why it happened. Reflexive essays are about evaluation. You need to assess your knowledge and experience.
  3. Whether you like it or not, but you will have to stick to all writing instructions specified by your tutor when completing this reflexive essay.
  4. Do not forget to edit and proofread your reflexive essay once it is written. This will help you eliminate minor mistakes that can spoil your hard work.

Besides, read our tips for writing objective essays.

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