French Essay: Topics, Tips, and Examples [2024 Updated]

Nowadays, knowing several foreign languages is no longer surprising. For example, learning French is common for English-speaking countries. So, getting an assignment on this subject won’t be a surprise for a student.

Writing a French essay, you can dwell into:

  • the history of the French language;
  • various dialects;
  • its grammatical features;
  • similarities between French and English (or another language);
  • the distribution of the language around the globe.

One studying the language may penetrate the rich French culture and comprehend the nation itself. Besides, writing a French essay can develop the author’s writing skills and broaden their outlook. And even if you make mistakes doing so, it’s not the end of the world. The fact that you’re able to recognize them is already good enough, and you can fix complex errors using a free essay rewriter.

Our writers prepared French essay topics and tips for you to nail your task. See the examples below for better understanding.

📯 French Essay Topics

Are you one of those who are assigned to write French essays? Then we suggest you pick out some of the following problems to investigate:

  • History of the French language;
  • Dialects of the French language;
  • French phonology;
  • French orthography;
  • French grammar;
  • French alphabet.

The suggested topics are too vague and need narrowing. You may single out some aspects and analyze it in your paper. An excellent French essay topic should be:

  1. Broad for you to have enough room to develop your arguments;
  2. Narrow enough for you to be able to concentrate on one or several points;
  3. It should also be creative and original. You want people to enjoy reading it, right?
  4. Most importantly, the topic should be interesting for you.

If the essay topics seem too formal to you, study, for example, your progress in analyzing the French language. Alternatively, you can state what attracts you in the language and explain why. You may also do a comparative analysis of French and some other languages. Comparing French with English may turn out to be a fascinating task to cope with. Both languages will benefit from your French essay writing.

Here are some topics and French essay examples you can consider writing about:

  1. Your progress in learning the French language. Here you can write about your personal experience learning the French language. What techniques do you apply, and what motivates you personally? You can explain why you have to learn how to speak French.
  2. How are the French language and culture in Southern France different from Parisian? In this essay, you can compare the Southern French dialect and culture with the one in Paris. What are some of the critical phonetic, grammar, and linguistic characteristics of Southern French?
  3. Parisian dialect as a standard of French. When people think about the French language, the Parisian variant immediately comes to mind. In this essay, you can analyze why Parisian French became the standard version.
  4. Why do you enjoy learning French? This essay focuses on your personal preferences and likes in the process of learning.
  1. What makes it fun and enjoyable? Is it French movies, French literature, or understanding French written work documents?
  2. French influence on English. Although English is a Germanic language, it looks and sounds a lot like French. The influence which French had on English is significant. Look at some historical reasons (the Norman invasion in particular) and why English benefited from it.
  3. French language in 19th century Russia. Not everyone knows that French was the official language of the Russian elite in the 19th century. Discuss the reasons why and what influence French culture had on Russian literature, music, and language.
  4. The effect of the French language on the development of English writing. More than 10,000 French words came into the English language. Not only did the vocabulary of English get more prosperous, but the French way of spelling and letter convention influenced English orthography.
  5. What caused French to become an aristocratic language in Europe? The reasons why the French language became so dominant throughout Europe are broad. In this essay, you can focus on economic grounds, cultural or political reasons.
  6. An analysis of Canadian French. This essay can be a comparative analysis of Canadian and European French. What are the main differences? What are some similarities between the two variants?
  7. Is there any similarity between French and German? All of the languages in the Indo-European language family have some similarities. Therefore, French and German are not exceptions. You can focus on sentence structure, word order, pronunciation, or phonetics.
  8. The popular strategies in English-French translation.
  9. Describe the challenges of French language acquisition.
  10. Analyze the peculiarities of French vowel pronunciation.
  11. Cultural events and their traditions in French-speaking countries.
  12. Discuss the advantages of learning French.
  13. Examine the semantic peculiarities of the French language.
  14. Explore the role of watching movies in the French language learning process.
  15. Comparison of language education theories.
  16. Analyze the impact of French language learning on your personality.  
  1. Describe the methods you’ve used to improve your French language fluency and which turned out to be the most effective.
  2. Similarities and differences between realism and naturalism in Spanish and French literature.
  3. What is the role of the French language in the modern world?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of knowledge of multiple languages.
  5. Discuss the role of the French language in the United States.
  6. The specifics of learning French in early childhood.
  7. Compare the grammar peculiarities of English and French languages.
  8. How is the concept of friendship interpreted in American and French cultures?
  9. Analyze the correlation between the history of France and French language development.
  10. Explore the origin of the French language.
  11. Verbal and non-verbal communication in French culture.
  12. Examine the crucial role of French literature in learning French.
  13. Describe the relationship between French culture and language.
  14. Is it a good idea to integrate bilingual programs in early childhood education?
  15. Discuss the best ways to prepare for the speaking exam in French.
  16. The role of audiovisual materials in learning French.
  17. What difficulties did you face when learning to write in French?
  18. The essential role of sociocultural context when translating from French.
  19. Compare the customs of French, Chinese, and Hispanic cultures.
  20. The best methods of learning the second language.
  21. Describe the best ways of promoting language development for French language learners.
  22. Analyze the methods of French word formation.
  23. Would you like to become a French language teacher?
  24. Analysis of the food words in English and other European languages.
  25. Examine the specifics of the French language in former French colonies.

Do not treat your French essay as an ordinary task to undertake. Make it as creative as possible!

🖋️ How to Write a French Essay

Note that writing on some language problems requires more than your knowledge of the subject matter. It also tests your abilities to present them in terms of academic writing.

Special care should be taken concerning the following:

  1. The structural organization of your French essay.

Mostly, it is similar to any other academic essay:

  • It should start with a hook. In simple terms, it is the opening sentence or two of your writing. It can be a quote, a short story, or a catchy statement that grabs the reader’s attention.

Here’s an example of from the sample essay:


Every language is a mirror of society, a living organism that exists and changes under the influence of historical, political, and social conditions.

  • The next part of your essay is a thesis statement. Typically, it should be placed at the end of the first paragraph. The thesis statement’s purpose is to state the central idea in one or two phrases.

Here is a thesis statement from our French essay example:


Today, it is common to study English as a foreign language, as an international means of communication. However, this does not diminish the importance of learning other foreign language like French.

  • After that, the body of the essay should start. This part of the composition usually has three separate paragraphs. These paragraphs can include research, supporting evidence, and arguments that prove the point of view.
  • The conclusion brings together all the points of the essay. It goes back to the thesis statement and explains the broader importance of the topic. It is the last chance to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Here is an example form our French essay sample:


To conclude, the above discussion provides evidence and arguments that maintain the position according to which learning French is a necessity nowadays. The crucial points are as follows; first, French has a long tradition of international language; second, French is spoken around the globe; third, it is a language of international relationships. The opposing position that English is sufficient for appropriate global communication was claimed unreasonable – an emphasis in this regard was on the essence of cultural and language diversity.

  1. The logical organization of your French essay.

There are some ways in which you can coherently write your essay. The following three aspects can guide you when organizing your French essay:

  • Topic sentence: you should mind linking elements within the paragraphs and between them. First of all, each section should include a topic sentence. It aims to identify the central idea and express an overall direction in which the writer will develop the paragraph.


The demand for knowledge of a language has changed in recent years.

  • Concluding sentence: each paragraph should also include a concluding sentence. It asserts the main idea of the section and sums up all the information said in it.


It may be claimed that in a period of rather an aggressive introduction of the Anglo-American language in the world, the French need to persistently and resolutely defend their language, their national interests, and calls on other nations to preserve linguistic diversity.

  • Linking words: it is crucial to use linking words in your essay. Linking words show relationships between ideas. It can be used to build sentences together to develop a cohesive paragraph.

To see the full essay sample, check the link below:

French Essay: Necessity to Learn French Today
Download the free sample
  1. Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

The last step in writing an A+ French essay is proofreading and editing. Before submitting your academic paper, make sure to pay attention to grammar, spelling, and vocabulary mistakes. Without proofreading, your writing can contain typos and errors that will not leave a good impression.

Good luck with your French essay writing! We hope the article was helpful. If so, share it with your peers and leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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