Dengue fever is a quite dangerous febrile disease that can even cause death. Nowadays, this disease can be found in the tropics and Africa. Do not think that it is only thick forests where dengue fever can be found. The urban areas of many developed countries like Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and India are also vulnerable to this disease.

Dengue fever is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also transmits such diseases as Chikungunya and yellow fever.

So, you have to write an essay on dengue fever. What could the main purpose of such an essay be? Usually, the main goal of writing an essay on dengue fever to tell about the ways to prevent this disease and to introduce some new methods of treatment.

1.  💡  Hints on Writing Essays on Dengue Fever

Here are some hints on writing essays on dengue fever (for expert help with your essays in any subject, just look over here).

  • Essays on dengue fever have to describe the symptoms of the disease first of all. Dengue fever is an infectious disease, and many people confuse it with malaria. Thus, the symptoms should definitely be presented in your essay on dengue fever. They are a severe headache, pain in the muscles and joints, and a rash that can be described as small red spots. Some patients experience gastritis, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • In your essays on dengue fever, you should note that the diagnosis of the disease is made clinically in most cases. Thus, if a person has the above-described symptoms, he/she must go to the hospital immediately.
  • Tell about the methods of treatment in your essay on dengue fever. The treatment is mostly based on a supportive therapy. In cases when a patient is suspected to have melena, which is a sign of inner gastrointestinal bleeding, platelet transfusion may be necessary.
  • Your essay on dengue fever should describe the methods of disease prevention. Nowadays, the most reliable method is to control the mosquitoes that transmit the disease. Scientists are also trying to invent a vaccine against dengue fever, but the research is only in the experimental stage now.

So, these are the main points that necessarily should be introduced in essays on dengue fever.

2.  🚀  Dengue Fever: Facts You Should Know Before You Start Writing an Essay

  1. Dengue fever is a potentially lethal disease that affects 50 million people a year. This disease can be found in sub-tropical and tropical regions around the world.
  2. The first registered epidemic of dengue fever happened in 1779-1780 across Asia, Africa, and North America.
  3. A global pandemic of dengue fever began in Southeast Asia after World War II.
  4. Most cases of dengue fever occur in urban areas.
  5. Infected mosquitoes pass on the dengue fever virus for the rest of their lives.
  6. Only female mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever.
  7. There are four different strains of the virus that causes dengue fever.
  8. The Aedes mosquito that transmits dengue fever is most active in the day time, especially around dawn and dusk. However, you should remember that this mosquito can bite any time of day or night.
  9. There is no specific treatment for dengue fever.
  10. Patients who have dengue fever should never take aspirin because it can intensify the bleeding. Instead, they should take paracetamol to relieve pain.
  11. Between 2015 and 2016, the first dengue vaccine was licensed in several countries.
  12. In most cases, dengue fever symptoms include muscle pain, skin rash, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands, and a disintegration of blood vessels, leading to heavy bleeding.

Keep these interesting facts in mind as you write your essay on dengue fever.

3.  ✍️  How to Write a Dengue Fever Essay

Learning to write good essays takes time and experience. If you have never written an English essay before, or if you just want to improve your essay writing skills, you should go through several steps in a dengue fever essay writing process.

To write a good essay on any topic you should:

  • Decide what kind of essay you will write
  • Brainstorm your essay topic
  • Do thorough research
  • Develop a strong thesis
  • Outline your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Edit your essay for content, organization, spelling, and grammar

Let’s break each of these steps down.

4.  🗃  Types of Essays

Your first step in writing a dengue fever essay is to decide what kind of essay to write.

There are five major types of essays:

  1. Narrative essays: Tell a story or impart information in an orderly manner.
  2. Descriptive essays: Focus on describing the details of what is going on.
  3. Persuasive essays: Convince your reader of some point of view.
  4. Comparative essays: Compare two or more things.
  5. Expository essays: Explain to your reader how to do some process.

5.  🧱  Structure You Essay in the Best Possible Way

Once you have decided what kind of essay you are going to write, you can structure your essay in the best possible way.

5.1.  🤯  Brainstorming

It’s a simple fact. You cannot write your essay unless you have a good idea of what to write about. During the brainstorming phase, think of as many ideas as you can, writing down anything that comes to mind. After you have a long list of ideas, choose the best or most interesting one.

5.2.  🔎  Researching

Doing research is an important step if you want to write an interesting essay about dengue fever. Go to the library or find the necessary information on the internet.

5.3.  🏗️  Developing a Thesis

The thesis is the central idea of your essay. It should clearly outline the main point that you hope to express in your essay. Include your thesis at the end of your introductory paragraph.

5.4.  📜  Outlining Your Essay

Writing an outline can help ensure that your essay is logical and well organized. You should start by writing the thesis at the top and then writing a topic sentence for each paragraph. Fill in facts from your research under each paragraph. Feel free to move supporting facts around and change your outline until you have a clear and strong organization.

Infographic Dengue Fever

5.5.  ✒  Writing Your Essay

Start writing from the outline itself. Develop your body paragraphs by giving plenty of detailed information and examples. Write the conclusion to provide reinforcement of your thesis.

5.6.  ✏  Reviewing and Editing Your Essay

Read your essay on dengue fever again to see if it makes sense. Revise it for clarity, consistency, and structure. Make sure everything you have written flows together. During this stage, also revise your essay for technical errors. Check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Congratulations! By following these easy steps, you have just written an excellent essay.

Use these tips to write a great essay about dengue fever that will impress your readers. No doubt, if you work hard, you will succeed in essay writing and get the good grades you deserve.

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