How to Write an Opinion Essay: Examples, Structure, & Tips

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing which presents the author’s point of view on a particular subject supported by reasoning and examples. The opposing viewpoint is also suggested, but it is followed by arguments that show its inconsistency. Take a look at the guide prepared by Custom-writing experts to learn how to write a perfect opinion essay!

🔤 Writing an Opinion Essay: Basics

You may be wondering: How do I write an opinion essay? How is it different from a persuasive, an argumentative, or a pros and cons essay?

It’s simple: When you write an argumentative or persuasive essay, you should provide counterpoints and describe the essay topic from different perspectives. In an opinion paper, you don’t have to focus on the advantages and disadvantages in comparison. Instead, focus only on your opinion about the issue.

What Is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay, sometimes called “argumentative” or “persuasive,” presents the author’s perception of a subject and supporting arguments. It is written in a standard essay format. In such essays, authors usually try to persuade readers that their opinion is correct.

You may say: “I’m afraid to take a stand,” or “I don’t know what to say.”
Relax. There’s nothing to worry about if your arguments are based on well-researched data. Speaking about opinion essay topics, some students find it difficult enough to choose the perfect one. But it’s not so hard: Think about something that engages you and that you feel strongly about.

Do you still have no clues about what to write? Check our 100 free ideas for an argumentative or persuasive essay and choose the topic that you have a strong opinion on. Then pick up a few reasons supporting your point of view and gather the facts that you’ll use as evidence.

📑 Opinion Essay Structure

The next step is to write an opinion essay outline. First of all, it will help you to overcome the fear of the blank page. Second, you’ll have a broken-down list of ideas and an organized place for your random thoughts. This will help you write an assignment faster.

Here’s an example of an opinion paper outline:


  • An introduction. Write a thesis statement and the reasons that support your opinion. Give your readers a hook to engage them with the topic
  • The main body. Break it into several paragraphs where you provide arguments and supporting examples, statements, and facts.
  • A conclusion. When ending a paper, restate the main thesis and summarize the central points of the essay.

Develop an outline while you’re researching the topic and place the pieces of evidence where they make the most sense. You don’t have to write the whole assignment at a time. Just put stand-alone examples and facts in the places where they should go.

A well-prepared outline for an opinion essay is almost 70 percent of the work. All you’ll need to do is simply join your arguments by bridging the language.

🖊️ Opinion Essay Format

Now that you’re familiar with the basic opinion essay structure, let’s see how exactly you should format each part of your paper.

Opinion Essay Introduction

Start your writing with a hook sentence that grabs the reader’s interest. You can use a surprising fact, a provocative question, or a relevant quote as a hook.


Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that social media has on our lives and society as a whole?

Then, provide background information and a thesis statement. It should present your opinion on the topic and the main arguments that support your point of view.


The rise of social media platforms has had detrimental effects on teenagers’ mental health due to increased feelings of loneliness, heightened levels of anxiety, and the negative impact on self-esteem.

Opinion Essay Body

In the body paragraphs, you need to explain your arguments and provide evidence to support them. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that introduces the point you are discussing.


The constant exposure to idealized and unrealistic images on social media platforms can contribute to insecurities and anxiety among teenagers, affecting their mental well-being.

Then, provide specific examples, facts, or statistics to support your reason. You may also include personal experiences or anecdotes to make your points more convincing.


According to The Mental Health Foundation’s survey in 2019, four in ten teenagers (40%) admitted that posts on social media had caused them to worry about body image. This statistic highlights the concerning impact of social media on teenagers’ mental well-being.

Opinion Essay Conclusion

The last paragraph of your opinion essay is the conclusion. Here, you restate your thesis and summarize the main points from the body paragraphs.


Social media platforms have negatively impacted teenagers’ mental well-being through the feelings of isolation, increased depression levels, and detrimental effects on the body image.

  • Finally, you should end with a strong and memorable closing statement or a call to action. This will help you leave a lasting impression on the reader.


If all people work together raising awareness and advocating for change, we will eventually build a healthier online environment.

Opinion Essay Format

Correct formattion is another essential aspect of essay writing. Here are helpful guidelines you can use:

  • Stick to a readable 12-point font, such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Set 1-inch margins on all sides of the document.
  • Double-space the entire essay, including the title and headings.
  • Properly cite any sources used in your essay according to your required citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.)

If you are unsure about any specific formatting requirements for your opinion essay, we recommend consulting your school’s writing guidelines or asking your professor for clarification.

💬 How to Start an Opinion Essay – 30 Ideas

When it comes to opinion writing, a lot of students can’t explain their point of view. This shows a lack of critical thinking skills and leads to low grades. Even the perfect opinion essay format won’t save the situation in this case.

If you need a quick fix for your assignment, check our list of transition words and phrases to help you start putting your opinions:

  1. As far as I am concerned, …
  2. I am (not) convinced that …
  3. In my opinion/view …
  4. My opinion is that …
  5. I (firmly)believe that …
  6. I (definitely) feel/think that …
  7. I am inclined to believe that …
  8. Personally, I believe that…
  9. It is clear that…
  10. It seems to me that…
  11. In my mind…
  12. As I see it…
  13. My principal reason is…
  14. Another reason is…
  15. It is widely known that…
  16. It could be argued that…
  17. The well-known fact is…
  18. Research has shown that…
  19. For instance/for example…
  20. This suggests that…
  21. It would seem that…
  22. This proves that…
  23. This supports the …
  24. Even though / Although…
  25. In contrast…
  26. Despite the fact that…
  27. In spite of…
  28. In order to…
  29. To sum up…
  30. In conclusion…

And don’t forget to use nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, or make your own phrases.

✅ Opinion Essay Rules

Writing an opinion essay may seem challenging, but if you keep the following dos and don’ts in mind, you will easily craft a compelling and well-structured essay. Check out the opinion essay rules we’ve collected for you below.

This image shows opinion essay rules.

Opinion Essay Dos

  • Use formal style. When writing an opinion essay, you should use a formal style, avoiding slang and colloquial language. It means using proper grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary suitable for an academic setting.
  • Choose a side on the issue. You should take a clear stance on a particular topic in your essay. For instance, if the prompt is “Should school uniforms be mandatory?” you would need to choose whether you are for or against the idea and prove your position.
  • Arrange your supporting points in emphatic order. Start with the weakest argument and end with the strongest. It will help to persuade the reader and leave a lasting impression.
  • Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. This way, your readers will understand the point you are trying to make from the very beginning.
  • Provide support for your arguments. It is essential to back up your opinions with evidence, examples, and reasoning. You can include statistics, research findings, or expert opinions.
  • Stay on topic. It is crucial to remain focused on the main issue or question throughout your paper. Be careful not to go off on a tangent or discuss irrelevant topics that do not directly support your argument.
  • Use a diplomatic and professional tone. It means avoiding personal attacks, derogatory language, or overly emotional statements. Instead, present your ideas and respond to opposing viewpoints calmly and respectfully.

Opinion Essay Don’ts

  • Don’t use informal language. Avoid using colloquial expressions, slang, jargon, or contractions. Instead, use formal language and non-abbreviated word forms.
  • Don’t use emotive vocabulary. Emotive vocabulary includes words that provoke strong emotions or bias, such as “amazing,” “horrible,” or “disgusting.” In an opinion essay, it’s essential to use neutral language.
  • Don’t overgeneralize. Avoid making broad statements that assume something is true for everyone or everything. Instead, be specific.
  • Don’t use sources without proper referencing. When including information from other sources in your opinion essay, it’s crucial to provide appropriate citations and references. This way, you’ll show that you have done a thorough research and give credit to the original author.
  • Don’t rely on personal examples. While personal anecdotes can sometimes strengthen an argument, it’s important not to rely solely on them. Instead, try to use different types of evidence, including statistics, expert opinions, and studies.
  • Don’t address your readers. Directly addressing the reader by using “you” is considered informal and should be avoided in an opinion essay. Instead, it’s better to present the arguments and evidence without involving the reader directly.

👌 Opinion Essay Examples

Do you want to better understand what an opinion essay is? You are welcome to use our opinion essay examples! Reading them will help you gain an insight into this form of academic writing.

Opinion Essay Example #1


The USA is a multinational and multicultural country that is advanced in many areas, including healthcare, medicine, and science in general. However, some of the experiments, such as the syphilis studies discussed in this paper, show that the country is still in the process of overcoming intolerance, racial segregation, and social inequality. Talking about these studies aloud brings the question of research ethics to the forefront. In particular, people who participated in those scientific experiments were misled and misinformed about their health. The research group observed how the participants suffered from the disease’s symptoms until death (Brandt, 24). There are a number of diseases and conditions that have not been researched enough. The experience gained during the studies in Tuskegee and Guatemala should be used to eliminate the possibility of unethical conduct and ensure transparency in all the activities.

Opinion Essay: Syphilis Studies in Guatemala and Tuskegee (MLA)
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Opinion Essay Example #2


To confront cyberbullying effectively, it is vital to know how to identify what it is and spread this awareness among the children who may unwarily become participants. The tendency to raise this issue in the scientific and public spheres has positive dynamics. As there is legal protection for cyberbullying victims in the USA, it is vital to detect harassment cases. For this purpose, parents and teachers should cooperate to create trustworthy relationships so the child can ask for help from adults. That is why a high level of emotional support from parents and peers is necessary to combat bullying before it has occurred.

Opinion Essay: Cyberbullying at Schools in the USA (MLA)
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Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Your personal view on money and expenditures.
  2. Analyze your attitude towards obesity as a public health problem.
  3. Give your opinion on the importance of container deposit legislation.
  4. What do you think of different belief systems? 
  5. Discuss your point of view on The Scream by Edvard Munch.
  6. Describe your opinion on the climate change issue.
  7. What do you think of the media’s influence on people’s views?
  8. Your opinion on the film Argo directed by Affleck.
  9. Express your opinion on diets and weight loss programs.
  10. Analyze the impact of war on society and present your opinion.
  11. Present your opinion on the question of gay marriage.  
  12. Describe your attitude towards gender stereotypes.
  13. Do you support the Biblical point of view on divorce?  
  14. Explain what you think about racism in employment.
  15. Discuss your attitude to photography. 
  16. Describe what love is, in your opinion.  
  17. Give your opinion on genetic engineering.
  18. Analyze the necessity of vaccination for public school students and present your opinion.
  19. Express your views on the death penalty.
  20. Discuss your views on aging changes.
  21. Do you like the music of a Classical Era?
  22. Is it ethical to use animals in research, in your opinion?
  23. Do you think the government should increase the minimum wage?
  24. Explain whether you agree that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.
  25. Do you think the Internet plays an important role in your life?
  26. Describe your point of view on the controversial topic of human cloning.
  27. Present your opinion on tattoos as a form of art.  
  28. What does the ideal social meeting place look like?
  29. How do you think bullies should be punished?
  30. Do you support the opinion that celebrities should be positive role models?
  31. Is remote work more convenient than working in an office?  
  32. Describe your attitude towards social networks.
  33. What is justice, in your opinion?  
  34. Give your opinion on American football.  
  35. What do you think about classical music? 
  36. Is the government monitoring its citizens justified by safety concerns?  
  37. Explain what you think about steroid use in competitive sports.
  38. Discuss the necessity to ban violent computer games.
  39. Your personal opinion on using cell phones while driving.  
  40. Do you think the government should interfere with the contents of TV shows?
  41. Express your opinion on net neutrality.  
  42. Describe your views on online dating.  
  43. Is protectionism necessary for saving a country’s economy? 
  44. What do you think of a vegan lifestyle?
  45. Present your attitude towards physician-assisted suicide.
  46. Do you support the opinion that college athletes should be paid?
  47. Your point of view on cigarette smoking and suggestion to ban it.
  48. Explain whether you think that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free.
  49. How do you understand responsibility?
  50. Express your opinion on canceling grades at schools.

💡 Opinion Essay Tips for an A+ Paper

Want to make your essay truly outstanding? Follow the pro tips below:

  • Read the question carefully. Take time to fully understand what you are asked to write about. It will help you stay on topic and ensure your essay addresses it effectively.
  • Plan your ideas before you start writing. Before beginning the writing process, take time to brainstorm and outline your ideas. Then, evaluate and select the strongest arguments or points to include in your essay.
  • Show an understanding of both sides of the argument. Acknowledging different perspectives demonstrates a well-rounded view and can strengthen your position by addressing counterarguments.
  • Make use of linking words and phrases. Transitions such as “however,” “in addition,” and “on the other hand” help create a smooth flow between paragraphs and make your essay easier to read. Our transition words generator can assist you with it.
  • Don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion. In the last paragraph, summarize your main points and restate your thesis without bringing up new information that wasn’t discussed in the body of your essay.

🏁 Concluding Remarks

Thank you for reading! Our free tips will help you get through any kind of essay. Still, if you’re stuck with your essay, you can always count on professional writers’ tips and recommendations!

With the help of the tips above, you’ll be able to create the most unbelievable papers in a blink of an eye. Now that you know the secrets of professional writers, try writing your opinion essay!

The final piece of advice: Don’t forget to proofread your paper. Revise your content, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc. Make sure that your essay answers the main question. Check if the evidence you provided is accurate and up-to-date.

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