Nowadays, people are so absorbed to be in fashion. Mostly, it concerns teenagers who know a lot about fashion, but not always follow it in the right way.

Smoking is one of such fashion things. Many students start smoking, since they think that it is cool and fashionable. Do not you think that you might be wrong sometimes?

In order to know more about smoking effect and harm, professors prefer to give different written assignments to their students, which may disclose this very topic. So, now you have one more interesting task – to write a teen smoking essay and writers are here to help you!

Teen smoking custom essays are such pieces of work, which help students understand the essence of smoking and its results. While writing your teen smoking essays, you try to find interesting facts or just use your own experience.

In fact, you have a lot of ways of creating wonderful teen smoking essays. You should just turn around and gather material. Sometimes it lies near your foot.

To smoke or not to smoke? – This is the question!
You should decide what is for you:
To be yourself or follow the fashion!
It is not difficult to do!

Ideas for Writing Teen Smoking Essays

  • In your teen smoking essays you may present information on smoking in different countries: compare the age limitations for smoking, attitude to smoking in America and Europe, for example. Where the situation is worst, weather the government tries to fight against this, etc…
  • In your teen smoking essays you can write about the distribution of cigarettes and other types of tobacco. Is it good that tobacco machines are available all over the world (especially in Europe)? Any child can buy a cigarette and start smoking! You should investigate this problem in your teen smoking essays.
  • In your teen smoking essays you might present your own ideas and attitude to smoking: weather you like to see people smoking around you, or you cannot stand when people are gazing at you while you are smoking…
  • In your teen smoking essays you can investigate how media influences our decision-making. When a teen sees his favorite hero getting unbelievable pleasure from smoking, he\she wants to check it. It is a good reason to start smoking!? Thus, is it worth all this? A good idea for your teen smoking essays!

If you want to amaze everyone with your teen smoking essays and you have enough time to complete this assignment, it is possible to consult some interesting sources: magazines, catalogues, forums. Even some past teen smoking essays can help you. Interesting ideas, unpredictable development and catchy material may inspire you to write your own teen smoking essays.

I want to warn you: it is unacceptable if you try to smoke in order to write a teen smoking essay! YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT! It is not necessary and useless anyways. If you think that it will be easy for you to give up smoking, do not be so sure.

This can be one more idea for your teen smoking essays: whether giving up smoking is as easy as starting it? The question is almost obvious, still some doubts take place. Your teen smoking essays are a good chance to develop this topic. What can make you give up smoking: pregnancy, sickness, personal desire or friends’ influence? Think about it in your teen smoking essays. I think that the work will be great, since a lot of useful information might be presented here.

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