142 Car Topics & Tips for Writing a College Essay about Cars

Let’s say you received a task to write an essay about cars. The topic might be interesting for you, but you may still have no idea how to organize your paper. Well, this article is for you.

Below, we talk in more detail about:

  • Tips on how to write an essay on cars.
  • Examples and prompts for different types of essays.
  • Topics ideas for consideration and inspiration.

Our experts have tried to draw only the best advice for a car essay. Take a look at them, use them, and good luck!

⭐ Best Topics about Cars in 2024

  1. The future of electric and hybrid cars.
  2. The impact of self-driving cars on employment. 
  3. Ferrari’s influence on exotic car culture and design.
  4. Artificial intelligence in car design and engineering.
  5. 3D printing in automotive manufacturing.
  6. Future trends in car-sharing and ride-hailing services.
  7. Conserving classic cars for future generations.
  8. The expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  9. Electric trucks and commercial vehicles.
  10. The art of car customization.
  11. The impact of Tesla on the electric vehicle market.
  12. The role of car manufacturers in promoting road safety.

🚘 Types of Car Essays

There are several different types of essays. This section will talk more about what paper about cars you can write.

  • Descriptive essays. In such a paper you can describe your first car or the car of your dream. In descriptive essays on cars, you can give any details that you like. Still, you should try to mix them with purely technical characteristics.
  • Personal essays. Here you can tell about any experience of yours related to vehicles. For instance, speak about the first time you have driven a car or the first time you had an accident. In this kind of essay about cars, you have all the chances to show your creativity.
  • Compare and contrast essays. In such a paper, you might compare two types of cars. For instance, talk more about gas cars and electric cars. Write about which car is faster or more expensive.
  • Advantages and disadvantages essays. In this paper, talk about the pros and cons of cars. For example, you can mention the convenience of cars and how comfortable you feel in your vehicle compared to public transport. However, tell about an increased risk of getting into an accident. In this type of essay, back up your arguments with evidence.
  • Persuasive essays. Here you’ll need to take a position and persuade a reader to accept it, as well. For example, you might write about the harmful effect of cars on the environment. Therefore, more and more people must start using public transport.

🏁 50 Car Topics to Write about

After reading our tips, you may still be unsure about what exactly to write your essay about. Well, don’t worry. Here we have provided car essay topics that will help you get started or give you enough inspiration to write.

  1. How will cars look in the future? Write an essay about cars in the future. Mention whether everyone will have cars, how the cars will look, how much will they cost. Will there be flying cars? You have room for imagination. 
  2. Reasons why car accidents happen. Mention all the common reasons for car accidents to occur. If possible, give examples of accidents that occurred due to those reasons. 
  3. Car or public transport: an ongoing debate. Write a persuasive essay about what is better to use: car or public transport. Mention the convenience and the environmental effect of both types of transportation.
  4. Self-driving cars: has the future already come? In this essay, explain the concept of self-driving cars. Mention the role of Tesla in the construction of self-driving cars. 
  5. The story of my first car. Write a personal narrative essay about the first car you ever had. Share the story of getting the vehicle and the emotions you’ve experienced. Provide additional details.
  6. My dream car. Let your imagination run free. Give any details you’d like. Still, don’t go overboard!
  7. The pros and cons of driverless cars. What are the benefits and downfalls of using driverless vehicles? Research the topic and write the essay.
  8. An analysis of the automotive industry. nalyze the importance of the automotive industry. Additionally, mention its issues.
  9. Electric vehicles: their effect on the environment and society. Write about the pros and cons of electric transportation. Focus more on the electric vehicles’ influence on ecology.
  10. The impact of automobile use on pollution. Write about the kinds of pollution vehicle use might cause. Do all vehicles have the same influence on the environment?
  11. My favorite toy. In case your beloved toy in childhood was any type of vehicle, share your story. Write about how you got it and what emotions you experienced. Do you still have that toy? 
  12. Why should you use automobiles? Write a persuasive essay on the advantages of cars and why people should use them.
  13. Car safety: what you shouldn’t do while driving. Write about activities that are not encouraged to do while at the wheel (eating, texting, talking on the phone). Mention how those actions are related to car accidents. 
  14. The controversial issue of flying cars.
  15. Difference between hybrid cars and traditional cars.
  16. Analyze the dangers of distracted driving.
  17. Explain why regular changing of the oil in your car is crucial for safe driving.
  18. Examine the dangerous habits of drivers and explain how to overcome them.  
  19. What should you do to avoid motor vehicle accidents?
  20. Compare electric and gasoline-powered cars and explain which are better in your opinion.
  21. Benefits of Honda Pilot car. 
  22. Describe the shortcomings of autonomous vehicles.
  23. Are speed limits important for safe driving?  
  24. Analyze the necessity of buying energy efficient cars.
  25. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid vehicles.
  26. Explore the evolution of automobile industry in the US, its opportunities and challenges.
  27. How to change the oil in your car.
  28. Explain why lack of parking in big cities is one of the most urgent problems for car owners.
  29. Can we call electric cars the future of automobile industry?
  30. Analyze the market demand for alternative vehicles.  
  31. Describe the specifics of electric vehicles manufacturing in the UK.
  32. Compare gasoline and electric cars.
  33. How to wash car like a pro.
  34. What are the drawbacks of electric cars?
  35. Examine the peculiarities of different trucks.  
  36. Is it possible to survive without a car in the modern world?
  37. Analyze the difficulties and expenses connected with owning a private car.
  38. Does the concept of automated cars have future?
  39. Discuss if switching to electric cars will help to reduce the environmental problems.
  40. Explore the impact car emission has on global warming and suggest the ways to reduce it.
  41. Describe the environmentally friendly cars and why they are important.
  42. Discuss the peculiarities of the fuel cell vehicles.
  43. Examine the ways cars are presented in popular culture.
  44. Explain why people choose to buy luxury cars.
  45. Analyze how automobiles influenced the transformation of American culture.  
  46. What are the reasons of American car industry success?
  47. Describe the specifics of Volkswagen cars.
  48. Disadvantages of cars.
  49. Do you think using cellphones while driving should be banned?
  50. Examine the impact human factor has on automobile industry development.

🚗 Interesting Car Topics

  1. The legacy of the Nissan GT-R from the Fast and Furious franchise.
  2. Study the representation of automobiles in modern art.
  3. The evolution of Lamborghini from tractors to supercars.
  4. The iconic status of the DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future.
  5. What are the causes and consequences of aggressive driving behavior?
  6. The Ectomobile as a symbol of cultural iconography in the Ghostbusters franchise.
  7. The timeless appeal of James Bond’s Aston Martin.
  8. How our choice of vehicle reflects who we are.
  9. An analysis of the emotional connection between humans and cars.
  10. How do aesthetics and functionality shape our perception of automobiles?
  11. The role of cars as extensions of characters’ identity in Mad Max: Fury Road.
  12. The evolution of the Batmobile in the Batman franchise.
  13. Study the therapeutic benefits of driving for mental health.
  14. What are the stereotypes and realities of men and women drivers?
  15. The significance of automobiles in coming-of-age literature.
  16. Research the psychological effects of fast driving and adrenaline rush.
  17. The influence of advertising on car purchases.
  18. Pixar’s Cars and the representation of American car culture.
  19. Trace the evolution of car chases from classic Hollywood to modern blockbusters.
  20. The shift in attitudes toward car ownership in large cities. 

🚦 Argumentative Essay Topics about Cars

  1. Will electric cars fully replace traditional combustion engine vehicles?
  2. Should stricter regulations be enforced on car manufacturers?
  3. Does owning a vehicle provide a sense of independence?
  4. Which brand offers the best value for money, BMW or Mercedes-Benz?
  5. Should governments provide more incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles?
  6. Are autonomous vehicles truly safer than human drivers?
  7. Are luxury car brands overpriced, or do they offer superior quality and features? 
  8. Classic cars: a good investment or overvalued collectibles?
  9. Are electric cars more affordable than traditional vehicles in the long term?
  10. Will alternative modes of travel replace cars in the coming decades?
  11. Should vintage vehicles be preserved for future generations?
  12. Which iconic muscle car reigns supreme, the Dodge Challenger or Ford Mustang?
  13. Do vehicle choices reflect personal values and beliefs?
  14. Are vehicles a financial burden or investment for individuals and families?
  15. Does traffic congestion influence drivers’ mental health? 
  16. Are higher speeds on highways safer or more dangerous for drivers?
  17. Do luxury vehicles symbolize success or excessive consumption?
  18. Will car-sharing services replace traditional ownership models?
  19. Will Uber lead to a decline in personal vehicle ownership?
  20. Who is responsible in the event of an accident – the driver or the manufacturer?

🚚 Automotive Essay Topics

  1. The electric vehicles’ impact on the automotive industry.
  2. Green initiatives and practices in the automotive industry.
  3. The role of artificial intelligence in car manufacturing and design. 
  4. Diversity and inclusion in the automotive workforce. 
  5. The impact of trade wars and tariffs on the global automotive market.
  6. Opportunities for growth in emerging markets for automotive sales.
  7. The role of big data and analytics in improving vehicle performance and customer experience.
  8. Consumer trust issues in autonomous vehicles. 
  9. The influence of consumer preferences on car design and features.
  10. Opportunities for collaboration between automakers and tech companies.
  11. The rise of subscription-based models for car ownership and leasing. 
  12. Challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled labor in the automotive industry. 
  13. The impact of COVID-19 on the automotive supply chain and production.
  14. Sustainability and the use of recyclable materials in automotive design.
  15. How government regulations are shaping the future of the automotive industry.
  16. The potential of 3D printing in automotive manufacturing and prototyping.
  17. Assess the benefits of using virtual showrooms in automotive retail. 
  18. Challenges in implementing sustainable practices in dealerships and service centers.
  19. The role of design thinking in creating user-centric automotive experiences. 
  20. How autonomous vehicles are transforming public transportation systems.

🛣️ Car Related Topics

  1. The hidden stories behind famous car logos and emblems.
  2. Explain the phenomenon of car brand loyalty and why people stick with a particular brand.
  3. What’s psychology of road rage and aggressive driving?
  4. The influence of personal memories on emotional connections to vehicles.
  5. Study the iconic status of the Le Mans 24-hour race.
  6. How influence of technology innovations on Formula 1.
  7. Explore the cultural significance of cars in American society.
  8. The design and engineering process behind creating a concept car.
  9. The evolution of taxi services from horse-drawn carriages to app-based platforms. 
  10. Are microcars a viable solution for congested cities? 
  11. The influence of car culture on music, fashion, and lifestyle trends.
  12. Study the psychological and cultural implications of car color choices.
  13. Are flying cars a realistic vision or science fiction? 
  14. The history of women in the automotive industry.
  15. Unconventional uses of vehicles in art installations and performances.
  16. The role of historic car restoration in preserving cultural heritage. 
  17. The influence of drive-in restaurants on contemporary dining habits.
  18. The role of cars in shaping cultural identities and national pride. 
  19. How do road trips impact mental health and well-being? 
  20. Car rituals and traditions around the world.

⚙️ College Essay about Cars: Useful Tips

Preparing for composting an essay about a car, you may wonder where to start and how to handle it. In this section, we will introduce some helpful tips. See what you should include and elaborate on in your car essay.

  1. Get creative. Some students may think that essays on cars are not the right place for creativity. Writing about cars should be full of some specific terms and descriptions of various car details. However, it is a mistake. Essays on cars can omit such issues but remain informative and catchy.
  2. Keep your opinion to yourself. You don’t have to present a positive or negative conclusion about cars. You are not required to have an unequivocal statement when you write about such a difficult topic. In order to fulfill this requirement, you can even use a thesis statement creator to come up with unbiased foundation for your content.
  3. Don’t try to say everything at once. Your essay has a word limit, so you’re better to find one topic to talk about. Focus on one aspect of the issue, such as environmental impact, and state your position with evidence.
  4. Change an angle. If you are not interested in a topic but need to write about cars, look at the subject from the other side. If you are not willing to elaborate on ecological impact, write about races. If you don’t want to talk about sports, write about the invention of the first car. The subject is extensive, so everyone will find something of their own, especially if you were not given a topic in advance.

Thus, writing essays about cars can also be exciting. If you think for a while, you will find ways of writing your paper creatively.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope that you found it useful. If that is the case, don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment.

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