Nationalism Essay: An Ultimate Guide and Topics [+Examples]

Nationalism is a subject of numerous discussions and various scientific analyses. No wonder, that students often receive an assignment to write a nationalism essay.

At first, it may seem like an undoable task to complete.

However, if you carefully follow the instructions given in this article, you will manage to complete this task successfully (or just visit to see more information on how to ace your grades).

📰 Nationalism: Definition

Before you start writing your paper, you should conduct thorough research and find out what the nationalism is, what are the main drawbacks and merits, etc.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, nationalism is the identification with nation and support for its interests. This means that the citizens of a particular state should express loyalty to their country and nation. Nationalism is a combination of the nation’s culture, traditions, religion, language, and even territory.

So, nationalism essay should describe the broad nature of this term, reflecting the role of the nation in the development of the state.

You may be wondering…

Is nationalism a synonym to patriotism? And the answer is “No.”

The main difference lies in the attitude towards other nations. Patriotism denies the superiority of the titular nation over others. As a rule, this term is used to refer to the approach to the ideals, values, and culture of the state. In this case, a patriot of a particular country can be a representative of any nation, regardless of origin. Nationalism, on the contrary, is most often based on ethnic or racial supremacy.

✔️ Nationalism: Merits and Drawbacks

If you have to write “why nationalism is good” essay, here are some key benefits you should consider:

  1. Nationalism and the nation’s development. First of all, nationalism emphasizes collective identity. That stimulates people to strengthen their nation while working together on their profits. Nationalism considers the particular state as a unit, which must support cooperation between social groups using its social hierarchy. It’s easier to implement programs in care for infrastructure items when people are united under a specific big idea.
Nationalist uprisings in Poland against the Russians.
  1. Nationalism and a person’s success. Have you ever heard about American nationalism called the American Dream? It’s an idea that anyone may come to the United States and achieve what they want. Nationalism inspires people to succeed.
  2. Nationalism helps communities become stronger. During 19th and 20th centuries, a strong sense of nationalism helped to many colonies grow free and swipe away the colonialism.
Example of Nationalism.
  1. Nationalism encourages countries to win wars. For example, let’s look at Ukraine and Russian aggression on the East of Ukraine. In 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula, and its troops invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian forces were worse armed and weak. Nevertheless, thanks to a strong sense of national identity, the invasion was stopped, and the fighting was limited to separate areas of the two regions. And despite the military actions, Ukraine has achieved significant success in reforming the economy and solving many internal problems.
Nationalism symbols.

You may ask:

What about the drawbacks of nationalism? Well, here are some of them:

  1. Nationalism can lead to separation. When nationalism takes its aggressive form, the focus is on the nation first. And it may lead to restrictions on export or import. Example: Barack Obama’s bill that urges “Buy American.” On the one side it stimulates the production of countries goods, but on the other hand, trade wars lead to export markets loss. Moreover, some products cannot be made without external equipment.
  2. Aggressive nationalism can lead to racism and socioeconomic groups. Nationalism can lead to the separation of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, wealth, etc. And here are some examples: Aryan race in Hitler’s Germany, Brexit, racial supremacy in Mussolini’s Italia.
  3. Extreme forms of nationalism can lead to terrorism and even war. When the community focuses on nationalism ideals it may head to the feeling of own supremacy or sense like their principles and values are under attack, and lead to the war. Hitler invaded Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and France, and USSR. Mussolini invaded Ethiopia. We all know the result—The World War II. Other examples: Russian invaders to Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014. The main reason for the invasion was allegedly the infringement of the Russian-speaking population’s rights.
The Nationalism and unity of the Soviets led their country to collapse after the Cold War.
  1. Nationalism leads to imperialism and colonialism. Many European nations opened new markets for their products, conquered many countries to expand their empires: English, Dutch, French, Russians, Japanese, Germans, Italians, and Spanish. That led to this led to the mass extermination and slavery of many people.

As you can see, nationalism can lead both to prosperity and destruction. Now you know, why keeping the balance is crucial to the nation’s well-being. Think about it when you will write your nationalism argumentative essay.

📜 Nationalism Essay Structure

And now let’s take a closer look at the essay structure:

  1. Introduction of a nationalism essay. Your introduction should emphasize the importance of discussion of nationalism as one of the phenomena of the twenty-first century. It would be a good idea to show the distinction or even constant confrontation between state and nation. Thesis idea should be connected somehow with these two subjects, and the relationship between them.
  2. Body of a nationalism essay. Good nationalism essay should be developed on the basis of the strong arguments. Historical sources can be of great help to you because nationalism is tightly tied to the history of humanity. As an example –German and Italian societies are greatly influenced by the phenomena of nationalism, which gave an impulse to the start of Revolutions in both countries. Another interesting idea for your nationalism essay is to compare globalization with nationalism, the proportionate balance between these two terms. So, referring to the history or international issues is almost required while writing a nationalism essay.
Notes on nationalism an essay by George Orwell.
  1. Conclusion of a nationalism essay. You should not only show a clear understanding of the word “nationalism” in your paper but also state your own position in conclusion. While writing a conclusion, try to outline and reemphasize your thesis idea, adding your own thoughts and views on this issue.

So, was it not as hard as you expected?! It is true that nationalism essay requires a little bit more time, and research than other types of essays do, but you can only benefit from this experience.

If you still don’t know which essay topic you should choose, you may try one of the ideas below:

  • Arab nationalism and its influence on the world economy
  • Nationalism vs. liberalism
  • German nationalism and World War perquisites
  • Economic nationalism: pros and cons
  • European nationalism in the 20th century
  • Globalism vs. nationalism
  • Jewish nationalism and its influence on the formation of the Israeli state
  • Nationalism and religion
  • French revolutions: how nationalism ideas influenced the political system change
  • Is nationalism good or bad?
  • Nationalism, internationalism, and globalism: the difference and similarity
  • Russian nationalism in the 21st century and its impact on the world political system
  • Nationalism and World Wars
  • Liberal nationalism and radical nationalism: merits and demerits

Now you have everything to write an excellent nationalism essay. However, if you struggle with it, you may always contact Custom Writing team and get an outstanding help with your assignments.

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✏️ Nationalism Essay FAQ

❓ What is nationalism, and why is it important?

Oxford Dictionaries define nationalism as “the identification with nation and support for its interests.” A country needs to have it to be strong and independent. The importance of nationalism and its examples are presented in essays, films, and even in music.

❓ What are the three forms of nationalism?

Most specialists highlight religious, political, and ethnic nationalism. Different classifications suggest various types of nationalism. It can be “good” and “bad,” militant, extreme, etc. The phenomenon is complex and multidimensional. It can be identified in most societies.

❓ How to write about nationalism?

Nationalism is a complex phenomenon. It has positive and negative sides. One should be moderate and objective in writing. Still, it is especially important while dealing with such topics. Any text on nationalism should provide relevant arguments and data.

❓ What is a nationalism essay?

It’s a text about nationalism. It focuses on the principles, advantages, disadvantages of nationalism, etc. There are numerous articles and essays online and in books. Beware of copying sentences from such papers. Only use them as a source of inspiration.

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